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  1. Very nice bowl
  2. razzyjazzy I know what you mean. I never paid much attention in the past but now when I see items like the lighter I think of George and The Jetsons. Watching the cartoon as a kid I never imagined ...
  3. Those where the days Padit
  4. Thank You razzjazzy and Padit You're both right about the style reminiscent of the 50s. I like how you compared it to car fenders and rockets. I guess this is what they call naustalgias.
  5. AVON. Ahhhhhhhh memories
  6. I love these fun finds. ;)
  7. COLOUR made me stop and look :-) wow
  8. You have the cutest Bugs:)
  9. Really nice piece.
  10. You can't just LIKE these beauty :)
  11. Thank you again OlofZ For solving my mystery:)
  12. Wow Thank you so much OlofZ I'm so excited now to show them to my Armenian friends and to do more research. Thanks again Bess
  13. Wow That was fast. Thank you so much Dizzydave
  14. OMG I thought it was real at first. Stunning work
  15. What stunning pieces
  16. Always nice to see treasures from the past landing in good hands.
  17. Thank you so much Phil. I appreciate this info. It's nice to know why they were made and when. Makes the piece more special. Bess
  18. That takes a lot of smarts and patients. Wonderful work
  19. Beautiful, stunning play of colour
  20. Kyratango Now I'm really impressed. They are so precious side by side.
  21. Thank you Ivan49 I hadn't found these. I'm also curious to know why and when he commissioned to make this brooch?
  22. What a little Love Bug A true treasure You did a great job
  23. Thank you Gruff I appreciate it
  24. What a beautiful piece of furniture and at an unbelievable price. Lucky lady
  25. Nixon So True:)
  26. That's so funny. I saw the same thing but didn't mention it cause I thought it was just me. Thank you for seeing it too.
  27. Thank you :)
  28. I agree with you Kyratango The brilliant cut stones stand out like a sore thumb, it will take some time to find similar cut diamonds but it will be worth it in the end. I also went to real or repo, ...
  29. Thank you Martika and Kyratango I love it too Bzzzzzzz
  30. Thank you Peasejean I have a feeling it might be 15 k
  31. Judging from your pictures, the colour of gold seems to match. It's a beautiful ring.
  32. Wow What a beauty,,,,
  33. Little animal treasures.
  34. I agree with you Rose. This one makes me feel like going to the moon.
  35. Thanks Michael the year helps, I'll keep researching.
  36. Thanks everyone You have led me on a good path????
  37. Wow Thanks , I'll try and find them on facebook
  38. Thank you so much for the info. I never thought of children painting this but looking at it again it makes sense.
  39. Wow wow wow Both to the ring and the photographer
  40. Thank You I'm going there now :)
  41. Do I see the face of a little animal in the 1st picture.? The eyes the ears the mouth? Or is it just my imagination? It's a lovely piece.
  42. What a precious jewel???? Happy Holiday to All
  43. You have a wonderful Spirit of Christmas. God Bless
  44. Lots of patients, and the results are stunning. The necklace reminds me of rain drops.
  45. Love your pieces, You have great taste in jewellery
  46. Good morning Kyratango. What a fast reply. Thank you so much for the info.
  47. Thank you verretcheque I had put this away and forgotten about them I'll look into the German silver part. Thanx again
  48. The colours look like a dream. Love them
  49. No it's SLG and because of the image of the Saint on the inside of the ring I feel it's more of a religious ring than a school ring. I just have to find the SLG .
  50. I've been to every site. The closest I got was the English crown, but the shape is not right. I'll keep trying Thanks
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