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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Antique Jugendstil Silver Necklace - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Dorrie Nossiter? Silver and Citrine Earrings  - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Michael Allen Bolton Torque choker.  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Zoltan White Bracelet. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sybil Dunlop Silver Caddy Spoon. - Silverin Silver
Moshe Oved Marabou Stork Ring. - Animalsin Animals
Sybil Dunlop Pendant/Neckace and Earrings. - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Henri-Victor Miault 18ct Gold Necklace - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Bernard Instone Necklace. - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Piel Freres Art Nouveau Necklace - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Yes definitely Bernard Instone. I’ve seen a couple of these brooches without the enamel, the enamel is fantastic isn’t it. Well done :-)))))
  2. Lol, you never know.
  3. Hi Lindacullum, if you want to add a photo you have to do it on your own post, I would love to see it.
  4. Hi Karen, great question. In his silver work maybe he would use semi precious stones like Amethyst or Citrine or maybe synthetic or glass stones. I’ve looked at some of Instone’s enamel fish and he u...
  5. Your welcome Ray.
  6. Hiya Ray, looking at your brooch it is marked sterling silver, make in England and also B.I that is the makers mark of Bernard Instone. I’ve seen fish brooches by Bernard Instone before, this One is...
  7. Hi Ray, yes of course I will have a look at your brooch :-))))
  8. Lovely.
  9. Many thanks Watchseacher Hel1 aura TreasureHunter Broochman vetraio Newfld fortapache Manikin RichmondLori
  10. Many thanks Broochman aura Watchseacher vetraio Newfld fortapache RichmondLori
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  13. Many thanks TreasureHunter fortapache RichmondLori Hel1 aura vetraio kyra
  14. Many thanks aura Broochman TreasureHunter fortapache RichmondLori Newfld Hel1 glassiegirl Manikin vetraio Watchseacher MALKEY Hollyhocks kyra Mrstyndall
  15. Many thanks Hel1 vetraio kiwipaul Broochman
  16. Many thanks Newfld, your comment is much appreciated:-)))
  17. Awww, thank you Broochman. I always try take photo’s outside either in Spain or in the UK.
  18. Thank you for your comment Watchsearcher, its much appreciated.
  19. Thank you Pascale.
  20. Thank you Pascale.
  21. Hi Sue, if your lucky these bracelets do come up and if your really lucky you can get them for a good price. I have one more bracelet I need to put on CW which I’ve had for ages put never got around t...
  22. I mean stay safe, that goes for everybody on CW. These are troubled times for us all.
  23. Yes It is Pascale, so you was watching it. I couldn’t resist putting an offer in I don’t normally do that but this ring was a exception. I hope your well in France, I’m back in the UK, I can’t see mys...
  25. Hi RichmondLori, thank you for your comment. Yes they are interesting rings and he made many, over the years they’ve been lost so their are not many around these days. I’ve seen one more which someon...
  29. Many thanks kyra Radegunder mcheoni Lisa MALKEY Manikin shareurpassion
  30. Many thanks shareurpassion, the colours are one of the reasons I bought it, they blend in so well together. The enamelling on this pendant is amazing and the peacock eye between the 2 Ibis birds just ...
  31. Thank you Mankin :-)))
  32. Many thanks aura Manikin Brunswick fortapache Newfld AnythingObscure Hel1 plain-air-painter billretirecoll MALKEY TreasureHunter vetraio Mrstyndall kyra Hollyhocks
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  34. Many thanks Manikin aura fortapache billretirecoll MALKEY Hel1 TreasureHunter vetraio Mrstyndall kiwipaul Broochman kyra Hollyhocks
  35. Hi Sue, I love Amy she did some great silver Work. This necklace is absolutely gorgeous, I do have a few pieces by her. I Have to admit I was eyeing this necklace up, I’m glad it’s gone to a Good home...
  36. It’s definitely different from the other jewellery from Bernard Instone I have Pascale. To be honest if wasn’t for the distinctive leaves, I would have had second thoughts I have never seen work with ...
  37. Hi Sue, I see what you mean about a Catherine Wheel, I remembered them on Guy Fawkes night or bonfire night. I loved that night when I was a kid with jacket potatoes and treacle toffee. When I lived i...
  38. Thank you Pascale, it’s definitely a statement piece.
  39. Hi Pascale, there are markings on the front but I can’t make the marks out. I must admit I don’t know his work, I bought the necklace because I fell in love with it, the necklace is very delicate and ...
  40. Many thanks Steptoe1 Trey
  41. Many thanks RichmondLori Trey
  42. Many thanks Trey
  43. Many thanks Trey
  44. Thank you Mrstyndall, your comment is much appreciated.
  45. Thank you billretirecoll, I do have quite a lot of Instone pieces that I haven’t put on CW. We are in lock down in the UK so I have plenty of time to list them. You stay safe also, these are bleak tim...
  46. Thank you Jenni, it’s certainly a little bit different from Bernard Instone. As billretirecoll says they are butterfly wings, but I had to look twice before realising they were butterfly wings, at fir...
  47. Thank you Manikin:-)))
  48. Hi billretirecoll, thanks for stopping by. As I said in my write up I’ve been waiting for a long time to find some work by Sybil Dunlop, I do have the odd pieces but nothing like this. It’s interesti...
  49. Thank you Mankin, I really appreciate you stopping by.
  50. Hi Elisabethan, It does have a look of Jakob Bengel.
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Bernard Instone? MOP Gold Wash Silver Bracelet