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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Bernard Instone cornelian collection - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Earrings - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Rings - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone pieces - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Art and Craft Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
For Ray. Bernard Instone Enamel Fish - Silverin Silver
Interesting Silver Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Jugendstil Silver Necklace - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Dorrie Nossiter? Silver and Citrine Earrings  - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Michael Allen Bolton Torque choker.  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Hi Sue, I’m travelling at the moment so haven’t seen your post until now. I think the poppy brooch is probably British because of Poppy Day in the UK and probably Australia, New Zealand and Canad...
  2. I agree with Karen.
  3. The combination of the Amethyst and the green stones are marvellous. Can you tell me what the green stones are, could they be green garnets?
  4. Oh wow, you have every reason to gloat Sue, this is stunning.
  5. Lovely nature.
  6. Many thanks Six-O-one Newfld Weandocin54 Watchseacher aura valentino vetraio racer fortapache Alan2310 RichmondLori kiwipaul Silvermachine Manikin Vynil33rpm kyra Hollyhock...
  7. Many thanks Newfld valentino MALKEY aura Manikin vetraio Watchseacher kwqd dipetersen fortapache Silvermachine kyra
  8. Hi Jewels1900, I know their is information within his family, it would be great to find out more.
  9. Many thanks Newfld billretirecoll valentino MALKEY aura Manikin vetraio dipetersen AnythingObscure fortapache kwqd kyra
  10. Right Jewels1900, I’ll do that. I think that is why Karen throught it was different to the other rings?
  11. Many thanks valentino aura MALKEY Manikin vetraio dipetersen fortapache racer Newfld Silvermachine kyra
  12. Many thanks Valentino MALKEY aura Manikin vetraio dipetersen fortapache racer Newfld Silvermachine kiwipaul Hollocks kyra
  13. I’ve just bought a brooch which will be added to this collection.
  14. Yep them moonstones are quality, I love the blue hue on them. Thanks for dropping by.
  15. Hiya Jewels1900, I’ve put the link above which I based my theory that the ring in this post is similar to the gold o...
  16. Hi Jewels1900, I completely agree with you on the bracelet which is marked for Shipton & Co the ring is probably S&C. If I remember correctly we did think their was a connection between Bernard Ins...
  17. Awww, thank you Karen.
  18. Hi Sue, it is great when you get a set, I’m always on the look out for a ring etc to complete another set.
  19. Thank you Karen :-))
  20. This is the ring, I still love it.
  21. Hello Sue, it took me quite a while to find any of these drop earrings at a reasonable price, they are expensive. The stud earrings are around at good prices, good luck. I will put the piece that set ...
  22. Thank you Karen, I particularly like the drop pendant, them leaves are lovely. I have only ever seen large drop pendants, never seen a small one has this.
  23. Hi Sue, it’s nice looking my Instone collection, also it gives me a headache trying to remember where everything is, I need to get the collection together and catalogue everything which will be a feat...
  24. Hi Karen, it Is interesting you mentioned the silver moonstone ring, yes I do see what you mean. It is completely different to the others for sure. The reason I know about this ring is I saw the same...
  25. Hi Sue, I’ve had these rings for a while. I’ve just bought another ring, similar to the silver two leaved Cornelian and Green Agate ring. I was lucky you can pick them up reasonably cheap, you just h...
  26. Yes them drops are great, aren’t they MALKEY. How are things in Newcastle? I’m currently in Lancashire.
  27. Hi Newfld, lovely to hear from you. The stone I think comes from Ireland, also I think Scotland, I might be wrong about that. I’ve had the necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings for sometime. I saw the...
  28. Awww thank you billretirecoll for your comment, it’s lovely to hear from you. We do live in difficult times.
  29. Pink Floyd, I love this album. I think I might have this on vinyl, my husband was a collector in the early 80s. He would tape the album and the vinyl was put away.
  30. Thank you Ivan for your comment, the box itself came with the ring, Im not sure of its history. It's because of the 2 diamonds in this ring I throught it might be Toi et Moi from France. Maybe I shou...
  31. I’ve been doing some research and I came across some French Toi et Moi rings. I think after 6 yrs I’ve finally solved the mystery of this ring, what do you this?
  32. Oops the link above is Edith Linnell.
  33. Another piece with similar leaves.
  34. Hi Sue, I came across this brooch which has similar leave work and in my opinion construction. Bernard Instone did do work for for Sybil Dunlop, she stopped her campany in 1939...
  35. Hi Sue, that is part of the fun researching and learning. Looking forward to your next posting.
  36. Hi Jewels1900, thanks for the farther information. I would really love to see that ring, then maybe I could have a comparison. Yes I’ll leave it alone, as you say it has history and somebody went to ...
  37. Great research Sue, lovely Instone brooch. I don’t think I have any Instone pieces with the same leaves has these, they are very distinctive.
  38. Hi Jewels1900, it’s great to hear from you, I hope you and your family are well. I’m still in the UK, I’m hoping to go back to Spain soon. It’s interesting that you say this, my first reaction was B...
  39. Many thanks MALKEY
  40. Hi Silvermachine, Has you see from my posts I’m a complete fan of Bernard Instone and the Art and Craft movement in general. This fish is as I said before unfamiliar to me, I’d never seen one befor...
  41. Hi Sue, it’s nice to see you. I see you have looked at your post of the brooch, it’s weird when you are looking for something else you come across these past pieces that have been posted. Yes I see ...
  42. We all live and learn valentino, I had no idea it was a marriage. Somebody took a great deal and thought of saving a hopefully treasured Gem. I would still love to know who was the designer/maker of t...
  43. Awww, thank you Manikin, I’m also very partial to Opals, these are radiant in colour, I love them.
  44. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment, I’ve just visited my local antique jeweller who gave me some really interesting information. He thinks that the top was originally part of a clasp or a small brooc...
  45. Awww, thanks Congcu. I'm taking the ring to my local antique jewellery shop. If you look at the photo from the back you can clearly see the mark silver with lots of horrible soldiering marks. Looking ...
  46. Hi Valentino, if the ring is Instone or Edith Linnell I would expect the ring to be circa 1930s. Its definitely Arts and Crafts. On the first photo the opal on the left you can see a chip on the dome ...
  47. Thank you Congcu, I thought they were Crystal Opals, they have wonderful colour, its nice that they are solid. Yet again I appreciate your help.
  48. Beautiful
  49. Wow, I’ve never seen this wonderful tree before, I love it.
  50. Many thanks aura vetraio Manikin fortapache valentino
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Bernard Instone? MOP Gold Wash Silver Bracelet