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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Neo Renaissance Ring? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
French Limoges panels - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
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Sea Mist in Andalusia Southern Spain. - Photographsin Photographs
Dorrie Nossiter Brooch and Earrings? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
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  1. Awww sweet little fellow.
  3. I found this, similar shaped ring.
  4. Hi Elisabethan, there are a couple of other people I will show the ring to, but personally I wouldn’t know anybody who would definitely know from which time frame this ring is from. I enjoyed seeing ...
  5. Hi Scott, thank you for your lovely comment.
  6. My new photo’s. I took this ring up to my local jeweller, I asked him if he had any idea of its origin. He told me it was very difficult to determine if it was Renaissance or Neo Renaissance, he sa...
  7. Awww, thank you Manikin.
  8. Many thanks Watchseacher Vynil33rpm raven Plein-air-painter fortapache vetraio inky Manikin vintagelamp dav2no1 aura ehunt
  9. Lovely find Elisabethan, pretty Ikora beads.
  11. Interesting article about Bressen jewellery.
  12. Yes I agree with Jewels1900. I wondering if I should turn them into earrings they would look very pretty. Thanks for your comment:-))
  13. I’ve added a 4th photo which shows earrings with a similar pattern to these panels.
  14. Lovely necklace, I don’t think it’s Bernard Instone. A few other names to throw in the pot, Sybil Dunlop, Dorrie Nossiter and Amy Sandheim. I wish you well with your research.
  15. Oops sorry you put that in your title.
  16. Gorgeous, the design I would say is Victorian.
  17. Hi Jewels1900, thank you for your very interesting information. I don’t know why I didn’t pick on Kate Eadie, I have a wonderful necklace on CW of her’s. When you mentioned Kate Eadie I realized strai...
  18. Many thanks vintagelamp valentino Daisy aura AnythingObscure Manikin Vynil33rpm
  19. Many thanks Trey kyra Daisy vintagelamp aura Vynil33rpm AnythingObscure fortapache vetraio blunderbuss Cisum
  20. Thank you Trey.
  21. Many thanks WillyWanka racer Daisy Trey kyra antiquerose vetraio vintagelamp aura AnythingObscuse Watchseacher fortapache Vynil33rpm
  22. Many thanks vintagelamp tharless Daisy blunderbuss valentino fortapache Mrstyndall vetraio Vynil33rpm Cisum
  23. Many thanks Dawnlady raven kiwipaul Mrstyndall racer valentino kyra Daisy vintagelamp aura Watchseacher
  24. Thank you Jewels1900 for solving this mystery. I’m pleased has punch that it’s Kate Eadie.
  25. Thanks Jewels1900, that’s great news. Thanks for pointing it out to me, I see now its Kate Eadie ????
  26. Hi Pascale, yep Jessie King I was thinking, your reading my mind. I did look online and didn’t see any Oak leaves unfortunately. Another name that comes to mind, Mary Thew, I’m not sure if she did en...
  27. Thank you for your comment Mrstyndall.
  28. Your welcome.
  29. This is the same design.
  30. This a Norman Grant brooch, I’ve put a link above.
  31. St Bernard’s are lovely dogs, I’ve had three of them.
  32. Hello Paul, yes I was lucky with these, they are scare. I haven’t seen any decent pieces of the Art and Craft movement recently in my price bracket. I hope you and your family are well in these troub...
  33. Thank you Pascale, I’ve only got one complaint at moment the weather is very warm and humid, three weekends ago the temperature hit 45, roll on September. I hope you and your family are well.
  34. I’m afraid so antiquerose, it’s the only noise around here, it leaves you with a ringing sound in your hears, the bells ????. Thank you for your comment.
  35. Thank you vintagelamp.
  36. Here are my photo's
  37. Many thanks Vynil33rpm vetraio Newfld Searching1 plain-air-painter
  38. Thank you Newfld, yes the stone colours are definitely Autumn hues.
  39. Many thanks Cisum blunderbuss vetraio fortapache AnythingObscure
  40. Thank you Manikin and Newfld, yes it is a peaceful place, sometimes to peaceful but I wouldn’t swap it.
  41. A new photo of the same pendant with Pearl instead of Amethyst. I’m finally convinced my pendant is Edgar Simpson, it’s taken along time, I got there in the end.
  42. Here is a link with more information on Dorrie Nossiter, enjoy.
  44. No it's not from the Olympics, it's the Isle of Man.
  45. Thank you for your comment Mary, I have to agree with you on the 2 metal pieces they might have been put there because of the curve on the mount.
  46. A nice pendant locket, I think it is Victorian the metal could be silver gilt.
  47. Hi AnythingObscure, I’m really not sure what this was originally, I haven’t seen a brooch like this by Bernard Instone. I agree with you if you can give a new least of life why not. I might change th...
  48. Looking at the back of the mount, I would think it was originally a brooch.
  49. Hi Paul, thank you for your links they are very interesting. I didn’t know anything of his back ground, it must have been very tough for him being a German Jew in Nazi Germany. I see he survived and t...
  50. Thank you rhineisfine, I really appreciate your comment.
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