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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Antique French Gold Multi Gem Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Bernard Instone Silver Enamel Round Box - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Vintage Dubarry Compact with enamelling by Bernard Instone - Accessoriesin Accessories
Large Silver and Red Bead Berries - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
My Goodies From Croatia and Montenegro Last Year - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Real Coral Beads? Or Fake - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jessie Marion King? Necklace - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Bernard Instone? Bracelet - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Sybil Dunlop? Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Kate Eadie Silver Enamel and Aquamarine Necklace - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts


  1. Love Newcastle.
  2. Hi Sue, yes that is why I was attracted to the ring, I love the colour combo. Has I said in the write I think it’s a French Harem ring based on the ottoman design. Thanks for your comment. Waiting for...
  3. Hi Karen, I think the stones are old cut not a 100 percent, it is suppose to be Victorian. I’m in the North of England, I was spending a month with family then flying back on the 19th of April to Spai...
  4. Yes it certainly is lol. Thank you Trey, for your comment they always appreciate.
  5. Many thanks Vynil33rpm MALKEY fortapache Newfld freiheit Broochman vetraio RichmondLori Watchseacher Manikin Hollyhocks aura kyra SEAN
  6. Hi Scott, I hope your well. Such a sweet story of your mum’s ring nice heirloom, it seems you come from a large family, wow 7 sisters how did you cope. I only had the one brother but we argued like ca...
  7. Many thanks MALKEY fortapache Newfld Vynil33rpm freiheit Broochman Brunswick vetraio Watchseacher Ben aura kyra Hunter plain-air-painter jscott
  8. Thank you Newfld for your comment. I agree with you on the design the colour of the stones stand out. I’ve had a look at a few French harem rings and they look very large and chunky not the spaces bet...
  9. Thank you MALKEY, I hope all is well for you. Yes the colours do have that bling effect on the eye. Keep safe.
  10. Wow it’s beautiful, and has Kevin says Rhoda Wager. That opal is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Sue you are very lucky to have this outstanding piece well done you have a good eye. One question, from...
  11. Hi Sue, I’d never heard of Jackson Pollock so had to google him. Yes I think your right the enamelling is very similar to his style of painting, I’m pleased that you gave me that information, I always...
  12. Awww thank you Vynil33rpm.
  13. Thank you Jenni, to be honest I don’t think I’ve seen this type of mosaic colouring on Bernard Instone pieces, the enamelling is usually blue very much like turquiose. Your comment is much appreciat...
  14. Come to think of it MALKEY it does have a clarice Cliff look about it. It always amazes me what people look at when seeing the same piece, usually you get different answers. Thanks for popping bye.
  15. Awww thanks MALKEY, yes it the vibrant colours cheers you up. Really appreciate your lovely comment. I suppose the weather in Newcastle is windy and cloudy not forgetting cold. Keep safe Jean.
  16. Many thanks Newfld MALKEY watchsearcher Manikin vetraio aura dlpetersen valentino fortapache Broochman Hollyhocks kwqd Hel1 KinkiPlz Vynil33rpm racer
  17. Thank you Sue, yes I also thought it read 375. I would Like Ivan to come onto CW he knows all the silver marks From Eastern Europe.
  18. Cute little bunny.
  19. Hi shareurpassion, I think the markings are 375 which would be a higher grade silver to 325. Yes that would make sense replacing the original beads, I’m not sure what they are in the write Up it menti...
  20. Awwww thanks you Manikin.
  21. Thank you Newfld, definitely the floral and the size of the ring bought it to my attention. I did think it was from the UK with its style, but the marking are definitely from another country, if I ha...
  22. Beautiful
  23. Many thanks Daisy1000
  24. Many thanks MALKEY Hel1 Newfld Ben Parrotbeak vetraio Broochman dlpetersen Hollyhocks valentino fortapache AnythingObscure plein-air-painter aura kyra Daisy Trey
  25. Do they look like these leaves.
  26. Also a photo of the back please.
  27. Could it be possible to have a good look at them silver leaves, Sue.
  28. Many thanks Watchsearcher
  29. Thanks for posting photos of the back, it looks to me that it has a look of Austrian Hungarian look to it. It could be Zoltan White somehow I don’t think it is, I could be wrong. Zoltan white was born...
  30. Very pretty, can you put a photo of the back, Sue.
  31. The coloured enamelling is Very vibrant, lovely,
  32. Thanks Mary for your comment. I have to say my favourite are the earrings has I said to MALKEY above, they look nicer in person, I thought they would be very heavy to wear but they are very comfortabl...
  33. Sue, you have done well, willing to research and learn it’s a great start. I’ll be looking forward to your B.I pieces and your art & craft jewellery. :-))
  34. Yes Mary, I would love to see your coral creation/ obsessions. The links that Pascale put on are very interesting, I’d never heard of white coral so I’ve learned something today. Thank for your partic...
  35. Nice brooch definitely old the stones have a moonstone look to them, not sure about the metal, I don’t think it’s gold, could be pinchbeck.
  36. Hi Pascale, it looks as if I’ve got the same problem with coral has with jade lol. The wikiwand article is very interesting especially about the ego system. As it says on the site they know very ...
  37. Thank you MALKY, the earrings are amazing I wear them with a Michael Allen Bolton celtic style torque necklace. I hope your well in the North East I’ve heard you and the all country has had terrible w...
  38. The back.
  39. The shape is similar to this one.
  40. From the photos I would say that this brooch would be a good attribution for Bernard Instone. The flowers the leaves and the lay out of the citrine and amethyst stones which he used a lot would defini...
  41. Opps earrings.
  42. Thank you valentino for your expertise I wouldn’t have had a clue I suppose I was looking at the the shape of the beads. When I was in Croatia and Montenegro there were shops selling coral, would the...
  43. Thank you for your comment flasharue, it’s much appreciated.
  44. Hello Sue, I’m still looking to see if I come across them leaves, they are very distinctive. I know I’ve seen them before, typical I haven’t come across them, but I bet when I’m looking For something...
  45. Hello Tilly, you gorgeous girl. xxxx
  46. Hi Hollyhocks, the back is certainly well made a bit like Instone’s work, for me it’s the swirls and them leaves which makes me believe it’s not Instone. I’ve been looking online trying to find a simi...
  47. Hi Hollyhocks, This brooch is definitely not Bernard Instone sorry to be the bearer of bad new. I have seen these type of leaves before, could I suggest you put a photo of the back has you can tell a...
  48. Hi Jewels1900, Thanks for the reply. The weather is up the creek has we say in the north of England. We were all rooting for you, it was terrible watching the wildlife the trees the fireman and ...
  49. Many thanks Broochman
  50. Many thanks wpj
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