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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Art and Craft Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Hans Rudi Hofer Ring - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Scandinavian Earrings and Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Ring? - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Earrings - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Silver Art And Craft Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Antique Enamel Necklace Grand Tour Memento - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Bernard Instone or Sybil Dunlop Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
2 Bernard Instone rings - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Antique Silver  Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  2. No it's not from the Olympics, it's the Isle of Man.
  3. Thank you for your comment Mary, I have to agree with you on the 2 metal pieces they might have been put there because of the curve on the mount.
  4. A nice pendant locket, I think it is Victorian the metal could be silver gilt.
  5. Hi AnythingObscure, I’m really not sure what this was originally, I haven’t seen a brooch like this by Bernard Instone. I agree with you if you can give a new least of life why not. I might change th...
  6. Looking at the back of the mount, I would think it was originally a brooch.
  7. Hi Paul, thank you for your links they are very interesting. I didn’t know anything of his back ground, it must have been very tough for him being a German Jew in Nazi Germany. I see he survived and t...
  8. Thank you rhineisfine, I really appreciate your comment.
  9. Here are some new photos which show the ring clearly. I'm still not sure about the adaption.
  10. Many thanks fortapache Scott Newfld vetraio rhineisfine kwqd mikelv
  11. Hi rhineisfine, has you may know I am a collector of Bernard Instone. I agree with you that in some cases especially if there as been some damage you can adapt pieces. I’m not sure if I like the ad...
  12. Many thanks mikelv Scott FreshAir fortapache Newfld dav2no1 vetraio aura Daisy1000 AnythingObscure kyra racer Manikin valentino kwqd
  13. Many thanks Newfld Scott mikelv aura Watchseacher Vynil33rpm dav2no1 fortapache AnythingObscure vetraio MarmorealMaiden racer kyra valentino kwqd
  14. Many thanks Scott Vynil33rpm mikelv aura Watchseacher dav2no1 AnythingObscure kwqd fortapache Newfld FreshAir vetraio MarmorealMaiden racer kyra
  15. Lovely pendant, the enamel is gorgeous. I have looked at Nelson and Edith Dawson and Ernestine Mill pieces, I'm not sure if it's either of their work. The Dawson's seem to have used enamelled flower...
  16. Hi Gillian, yes it would have been great if he would have had some information about Hans Rudi Hofer, I did ask him. Really appreciate your comment
  17. Hi Kevin, thank you for your comment.
  18. Hi Gillian, thanks for your links, I did buy this ring from John several years ago. I have bought many other pieces from him and he’s a great person to buy jewellery from.
  19. A cute kitty with lovely blue eyes.
  20. Yes, the brooch is lovely the detail is very fine, I love the orange enamelling. The brooch looks tiny compared to the earrings. Thank you Scott, has always your comments is much appreciated.
  21. Gorgeous.
  22. Many thanks Vynil33rpm fortapache Watchseacher Newfld FreshAir dav2no1 jscott vetraio mikelv Silvermachine aura Nordicman
  23. Awwww, thank you Newfld. :-)))
  24. Hi Scott, terrific article on your collection in the link above.
  25. Thank you Scott, I have to say I’ve only seen one brooch with MOP and enamel work.
  26. I can’t help you, it’s a interesting box. It looks to me to be Chinese, I hope someone on CW can help you. I’ll be watching this post with interest.
  27. Very nice Scott.
  28. Many thanks mrcolorz fortapache Manikin Ben valentino kiwipaul katherinescollections vetraio aura BelleEpoque Jade kyra raven
  29. Many thanks mrcolorz EZa Brunswick racer fortapache da2no1 kwqd LOUMANAL kiwipaul katherinescollections MarmorealMaiden vetraio blunderbuss aura
  30. Many thanks mrcolorz racer Efesgirl fortapache Manikin Ben Watchseacher kiwipaul katherinescollections vetraio aura kwqd Daisy BellaEpoque Plain-air-painter kyra raven
  31. Many thanks mrcolorz racer plain-air-painter Efesgirl fortapache valentino Watchseacher kiwipaul MarmorealMaiden freiheit aura katherinescollections kwqd RichmondLori worthi...
  32. Awww, thank you Elizabethan.
  33. Many thanks Watchseacher fortapache AnythingObscure Manikin jscott valentino aura RichmondLori ho2cultcha Theonlyone Vynil33rpm Ms.CrystalShip mrcolorz kyra raven
  34. Hi ho2cultcha, sorry for the late response to your comment. I still have no idea where this pendant originates from. It could be from India or the Middle-East. Thanks for passing by, it’s much apprec...
  35. Many thanks kwqd Watchseacher dav2no1 jscott FreshAir Vynil33rpm aura vetraio raven RichmondLori Mrstyndall fortapache SEAN MarmorealMaiden kyra Silvermachine Manikin
  36. Many thanks MarmorealMaiden Watchseacher Gillian dav2no1 jscott aura vetraio Mrstyndall fortapache kyra valentino Manikin kiwipaul RichmondLori
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  38. Many thanks mikelv Newfld aura RichmondLori raven vetraio FreshAir dav2no1 Watchseacher jscott fortapache MarmorealMaiden Mankin AnythingObscure
  39. Thank you, Manikin.
  40. Awww, thank you Manikin.
  41. Hi Scott, I’m glad you like it. I’m trying to cut down on buying jewellery this did catch my eye so I went for it. It those heart shape leaves that interest me because I’ve seen them on many pieces of...
  42. Thank you RichmondLori, The photo’s are my friends has I’m currently residing in Spain. I will let him know he’s doing a good job :-))))
  43. Thank you Newfld, if it wasn’t for the heart leaves I would have thought the maker was B.I I think the other leaves could be B I. and the flowers definitely B. I On the all an interesting brooch.
  44. Oops, I’d forgotten I’d put 2 rings on. I would go 1930s for both.
  45. Hi Silvermachine, personally I would say 1930s, saying I that Could be wrong, but I would still go for 30s. Nice hear from you, I hope your keeping safe. Jean
  46. A Dachshund, has we say in UK sausage dog. It’s lovely Scott.
  47. My Aunt had a little Scotty called Bruce, when we were kids, I loved that dog, he was a cheeky chappy.
  48. This is a interesting area of jewellery and other item around the world .
  49. I’m not sure this will help with the grand tour, it’s the only thing I could find of interest on the subject.
  50. New photo of this necklace. I was also fortunate that the seller gave me some earrings to compliment this necklace. On each panel their is the same bird engraved in different coloured enamelled on of...
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Bernard Instone? MOP Gold Wash Silver Bracelet