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  1. Happy Holidays, Nutsabotas6. Thank you for your help!!! I was able to find a similar necklace on eBay..your awesome!! Have a wonderful new year!! Thanks again for your help!!
  2. Happy Holidays...Vetraio50!!! Have a wonderful new year!!
  3. Efesgirl....thank you so much for your expertise! Have a great holiday! Aloha.
  4. Thanks for the love, Efesgirl. You should see all the jewelry that was in these bags...I have so much fun looking through them and categorizing them. Have a great day!
  5. Awesome brooch!!
  6. Beautiful necklace!
  7. Awesome!!!!
  8. Beautiful brooches!
  9. Great find!
  10. Aloha, Efesgirl. Thanks for your expertise! The stones appear to be glass..very deep red. The faux diamonds are yellow. Thanks..
  11. Lovely piece!
  12. Wonderful necklace!
  13. Love your brooch!
  14. Great find..I need to hit thrift shops more often!
  15. Love your cat brooch!! Great find!!
  16. Beautiful ring!!! You have great taste in jewelry!
  17. Beautiful bracelet!
  18. Lovely brooch!! Great find!
  19. Very nice brooch!
  20. Beautiful ring!!
  21. Beautiful set!! Great find!!
  22. Beautiful necklace...thanks for information about your, " Negligee" necklace. I'm learning soon much ( thanks for your expertise). Great find!!
  23. Good day, Racer4four. Thanks for the great comment, your expertise is much appreciated! Be great if the set was Juliana! Have a great evening!!
  24. Aloha, Shareurpassion. Thanks for the wonderful comment! The set looks for the stones, I think they are glass. Actually, I have no! Have a great day!
  25. Good evening, Efesgirl. Thanks for the nice comment! I appreciate all your help! Have a great day!
  26. Hello, Nutsabotas6. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Too bad I can't wear! Thanks have a great day!!
  27. Beautiful the deep green rhinestone!
  28. Beautiful set..great find!!
  29. Juliana (Delizza & Elster) brooches also have the characteristics of open-back navettes. Hope this helps.
  30. Beautiful bracelet!
  31. Beautiful brooch!
  32. Awesome brooch!
  33. Beautiful!
  34. Beautiful necklace! You should wear it.
  35. Beautiful necklace!!
  36. Beautiful piece!
  37. Wonderful brooch!!!!
  38. Happy Aloha Friday, Valentino97. Thank you taking the time to look at my post and helping with this mystery!! I'm not so good at identifying semi-precious stones/art glass. So more homework for me (i...
  39. Aloha Friday, Efesgirl. What a great idea...I have several beaded necklaces that I could use to fill several brandy snifters. It's funny you should mention snifters..I bought 6 snifters from the 60's ...
  40. Aloha, Efesgirl. I remember your post....2,000 lbs. will be heck to carry! Thanks for the info on the glass necklace..not sure what I'm going to do with's You are the bes...
  41. Good day, Efesgirl. Thanks again for all your help. The bracelet came with one bad the other was lost. Have a great week!
  42. Good afternoon, Freiheit. Thanks for getting back to me about possible info from the seller. I bought this brooch at an estate sale..can't believe one sold an eBay for $100. I paid $30..I thought tha...
  43. Awesome collection.....great find!!!
  44. I believe the bracelet's beads are metallic copper brown and are held in place with wire. Any idea who made the piece?
  45. Love the set! Thanks for sharing your expertise!
  46. Beautiful brooch! Thanks for sharing your expertise!
  47. Beautiful set!
  48. Beautiful brooch!
  49. Beautiful piece..fantastic treasure find!!
  50. Love your jukebox..I have always wanted one!!
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