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Vintage Moonstone Necklace Pair for Repair - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Silver Note Case with Pencil - Silverin Silver
More Seed Pearl Necklaces - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
My Favorite Antique Seed Pearl Necklaces - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Swiss Enamel Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Chinese Coral and Turquoise Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Opal and Seed Pearl Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts and Crafts Multi Gemstone Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Parenti ? Brooch/Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Parenti Chrysoprase Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Thanks kyratango. This discovery started me on collecting antique moonstone pieces but I never did find another like these.
  2. I always love restoring these beautiful old pieces. This wasn't as bad as it looked.
  3. How unique! I love these beads.
  4. The bracelet is just gorgeous!
  5. WOW, what a work of art. Congratulations on the great job you did!
  6. Gorgeous piece. Thanks for sharing with us moonstone lovers.
  7. The stones in number 3 are boulder opals.
  8. Just beautiful.
  9. Stunning!
  10. That is a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thank you for the email. I just love this brooch and was thrilled when I was able to trace it to your aunts and find their history. That is so great that you have some of their jewelry and your Unc...
  12. Thank you for that information. I did not know about chainmail style. Interesting.
  13. I've been at it for a long time and love to look for them. Every once in a while one pops up.
  14. Love this piece. It is beautiful.
  15. Yes, same maker and same chain. The stones are always gorgeous. I have a couple of dozen and all are like that. Have no idea to the maker though.
  16. Great story. Glad you got what they were worth.
  17. Yes, I am sure you are right. The pied piper does not really make sense. :)
  18. Love pansy jewelry!
  19. LOVE THEM!
  20. Love the colors especially the orange.
  21. Their pieces are some of my favorites. I love all those little flowers too.
  22. Love it!
  23. Gorgeous ring. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Gorgeous ring. Love that.
  25. WOW, that is impressive. You need to go into repair business and get rich.
  26. I don't mind the crazing in opals. I know it is supposed to take away from the value, etc. but it always seems to me like crazed opals have been around for a long time and are still beautiful!! T...
  27. I tested it and it is not white gold. Wish it had some hallmarks.....
  28. That is what I am thinking. It is just different than the regular Hungarian jewelry, the silver work part.
  29. Now that is some beautiful glass. I love this.
  30. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you vetraio50 and all our Collector's Weekly friends!!
  31. Thank you. The colors are even better in person.
  32. If you have been collecting these Hungarian opal pieces for a long time you can tell what is opal and what is not. Not only can you catch glimpses of opal fire in the opal pieces they have a diffe...
  33. Thank you. The stones are beautiful green and so translucent that they glow.
  34. Love these molas. They look like the real thing.
  35. Oh my gosh, what a classic cat pose in a pot. Love it!
  36. This is gorgeous. Great find congratulations!!!
  37. Thank you! I am having a flashback!!!
  38. You are welcome!
  39. Just added a photo of the back for you. :)
  40. It has that look of pools of light. I saw one other like this for sale from an Australian dealer that was moonstone and there are some cluster moonstone hat pins too but not many like these.
  41. Hi, No, it is not marked. Has the remains from a brooch pin and the pendant loop but no marking. Maybe the pin portion had a mark.
  42. I went through them and took out all the broken and discolored ones. :)
  43. I agree. Fluorite they are!! :)
  44. Thank you. I am a bead lover too. That is probably what started me on the road to vintage and antique jewelry.
  45. Bead poetry, I like that. The other night on that TV show Strange Inheritance a lady inherited a huge collection of rare beads. At the first round of auctions she made $300,000. ONE rare African ...
  46. Me too. I like that the citrines are longer and graduated. On the others I like the color.
  47. HEHE - I will let you know if it gets that bad and I have to ship it to you.......
  48. Where I am is ok so far. The winds have picked up about 30 mph and we have rain but no destruction here. They are saying 8 inches of rain tomorrow. We have about 4 so far.
  49. Yes, the tiny touch of blue in the sapphires goes great with the moonstones and silver.
  50. I am thinking one does not have to worry about that - The necklace can be majestic. I was shocked when I saw it on Ebay. I know that heart attack feeling for sure.
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