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I started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I pI started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I particularly like the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and Secessionist styles, but also have a couple of early Art Deco pieces. I'm always on the look for designs from Liberty's, the Wiener Werkstätte, and iconic period items. (Read more)


  1. thanks for all your kind comments and love <3
  2. Thanks for rhe many loves. @kyra, I know I was lucky to find one that I could afford, these Lalique pendants are getting really expensive. But if I could, I would collect them all! :)
  3. @Jewels: I read the article you posted on Jean's Haseler pendant. So interesting, thanks for the link. It clarified to me the role of Haseler in producing jewellery for Liberty. It is possible then, t...
  4. Hi everyone, I found this more sophisticated version of my necklace posted by the Harrogate Museum in the UK, enjoy!
  5. I'm in love! :) shame we don't know who the maker is.
  6. Thanks, Jean :) WHH was the silversmith, and he executed pieces for Liberty designers, like Archibald Knox and Jessie King, who often remained uncredited. I wonder who made this one.
  7. thansk for your loves! @Jewels, I know which seller you mean. I did get another piece from them. I also had my reservations but got in touch and after a few emails I became convinced those were not fa...
  8. Thanks a lot for all the info, Jewels. I do have the Arnoldsche book, but don't have any literature on the Gaskins specifically, so I'll check out the V&A site :)
  9. Thanks for the tip, Jewels! I will look up the book. In any case, I love the pre-Raphaelite feel of this piece, and the attention to detail, even if it's not by a big-name maker.
  10. Thanks, all! Jewels, I will post a new fitted drawer soon, I promise! :)
  11. They scream liberty to me!
  12. Thanks for the loves and comments. @Jewels, I wonder whether it might be from the Darmstadt school? What do you think?
  13. WOW! impressive. I'd say absolutely Liberty. I'd even dare to say by Jessie King. Let's see what the others think. A masterpiece!!! <3
  14. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!! @Jewels, I bought it from a Scottish seller and the stones just reminded me of typical A&C traditional Scottish jewellery.
  15. I think Tassie is right, it looks Victorian! Great find!
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome back! :) @Efesgirl, you are right, the brooch could well be Victorian!! @kyra, jean & Tassie, thanks for your nice comments!
  17. Id love to see all your Instone collection in one post! It must be huge by now!
  18. Hi, beautiful brooch! It is not Jensen, however, but as the others said, it is based on designs by Mackintosh. It seems to have British silver marks.. These should be easy to identify and date by cons...
  19. Moooi! ;-)
  20. Thanks, Efesgirl, kyra and everyone who give their love! <3
  21. Wow, you're my hero! :)
  22. Thanks so much for your kind comments, bratjdd :)
  23. Great pick! :) I think you're right with the A&C attribution
  24. Well done, great brooch!
  25. Thank you all for the loves and kind comments! :)
  26. Very lovely!
  27. Thanks for the tip, Ivan49, I will try it!
  28. Thanks for the loves and the comments @ mikelv85 and kyratango, it's good to be back! :)
  29. Newtimes, please share your cabinet, I would love to see it!! and I'm sure others would too :)
  30. Thanx for all the loves and comments :)
  31. Hi, it would help to have more pics to estimate the age, but here's a link to a similar ring in my collection, I hope it helps:
  32. Thanks to all the 'lovers'. Kyra, I do understand your concern... but as you said, for what I paid I wouldn't mind that much if it were a reproduction, the design is still lovely. Nonetheless I do th...
  33. How can anyone not love A. Knox!!
  34. Thanks for the comment, davyd :)
  35. Thank you, kyra & jean for your comments, I'm happy you agree the pendant is lovely despite its lack of age :) Thanks also to all who sent their love.
  36. incredible! Agram will love these ;)
  37. the black and white pic really doesn't make any justice to this wonderful piece, I can only imagine how it looks in real life!! :)
  38. eternal beauty!
  39. striking!
  40. The collection keeps growing!! ;)
  41. Dreamy!! <3
  42. A spectacular piece, congrats! And thanks for sharing! :)
  43. Hi Kyra, I also said Liberty since your first post... Also Liberty pieces often have a number on the back... It is so pretty.
  44. Score! Beautiful!
  45. Hi Bluboi, thanx for your interest, it's 5 x 3.5 cm. I love the intense red of the coral too :)
  46. Glorious!
  47. True, I see a resemblance!! :)
  48. Hi kyra, I couldn't decide whether it was a floral or marine motif, but I think you're right, it's seaweed!! thanks ;-) and thanks to Jensen & Jean for loving, too.
  49. pretty piece of Mexican silver (MEX), great find! goed gedaan :)
  50. Amazing!
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Jugendstil  Secessionist German Silver Brooch c. 1900


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