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Freiwald Art Pottery "all is art all is nature" the highway to the unconscious

Creator /Collector “There is nothing quite like it, when I am working on a piece, I feel truly energized”. My passion for this work requires well-designed concepts Creator /Collector “There is nothing quite like it, when I am working on a piece, I feel truly energized”. My passion for this work requires well-designed concepts to be meticulously crafted to the highest standards and to the best of my abilities. I am inspired by visceral nature and sometimes retreat into fantasy. My current art pottery pieces rely on emotional intensities, sometimes based on the brutality and beauty found in nature and imagination. The forms are hand thrown or sculpted and the glazes are full of texture and character. I employ sintered, born of the ashes glazes including my phoenix iridized luster, fractured earth, glass, crater, and matte crystalline surfaces. Layered under glazes and bole paste applied in various painterly fashions unites depth and interest into the timeless beauty of the vessels. My art works are deeply rooted in tradition. I teach, study and love all styles of art including Jugendstil, Symbolist, Secession, Expressionism and Fantastic Mythology. My introspective searching for unknown horizons is a constant life journey as I am always welcoming the unknown and new. It is the quintessence; the resulting art pottery born of earth, fire, water and air that becomes transcendent and takes on a life of its own. (Read more)


  1. So beautiful!
  2. I will open it up and look.
  3. Oh, this is very nice! New to me and I like it. The surfaces are wonderful and bold.
  4. It does not get much better! I love the photos.
  5. WOW! These are fantastic forms textures and finishes.
  6. Celebratory fun! best describes such beauty that makes me smile. Bravo
  7. What a fantastic form!
  8. A beautiful thing to lift my eyes and see this morning.
  9. Ok I will
  10. These are wonderful!
  11. I love the crystalline glaze.
  12. When I first saw this piece I thought of Constantin Meunier. He seems to have a third eye. The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative i...
  13. Very interesting summation. Two great interpretations. I was very happy to find this piece and the Meissen in the same auction.
  14. I think it could be.
  15. This is very exciting and new to me. I love it!
  16. What a very nice gift!
  17. Very nice! brilliant colors. I have a small bowl in blue cased green.
  18. Very nice! I love the ghost like tin glaze running down into the rutile, copper green on this form. Yum
  19. What fun!
  20. This is wonderful! New to me and really beautiful. I love the titanium and iron crystalline matte glazes!
  21. I have not seen this form before. Really nice crystalline glaze.
  22. Oh yes this is fantastic as well.
  23. Very, very nice! The color is wonderful on that form.
  24. What a great table! I love the color.
  25. Yes stunning!!! We are going one more time to see the show at the Met before it ends. I hope it will be on display again soon. Just wonderful! It would compliment my Massier from the same show!
  26. Grand Gres! There is something about copper red on stoneware that takes me.
  27. What an amazing enamel painting!
  28. It's really great! I also love the Bocklinstil.
  29. It is true pleasure being the trustee of these objects and I feel blessed to be able to create art.
  30. It weighs approximately 150 lbs.
  31. Yes, I could not pass this one up! I will look it up in the Dictionary. I know it is dark but I love it as well.
  32. Yes, this is new to me. I think it is great!
  33. Wow! what a fantastic lamp!
  34. These Masterworks are priceless! I love the photos as well. Just wonderful!
  35. It is beautiful! Not sure what glass artist.
  36. Yes Sean is correct! Simply stunning! beautiful!
  37. Beautiful form and amazing lustre!
  38. Another wonderful mask! I wonder if it was mounted in a frame or part of a larger sculpture. I saw a fantastic Medusa mask recently which was mounted in a frame. The Dante theme is still fantastic!
  39. These are just beautiful! I do love the colors as well.
  40. Wonderful piece! I have one in my collection and just love it!
  41. This is a stunning and unusual Richard Joice! I love it. The highest level of craftsmanship with this difficult lustre technique.
  42. Wonderful piece! Our Koi are hiding this time of winter.
  43. Love the punched piece! Great color as well.
  44. Very Cool sculpture! We are heading off to Prague this summer. Can't wait!
  45. I do love the form of the third!
  46. Gorgeous! Happy New Year! :-)
  47. OH yes, I have seen prints of this Japanese myth. I bet it is an artistic interpretation made neue combining east and west? It does almost appear that she is emerging? Great, Great, Great! Fantasize ...
  48. Thank you for the link to the show. Great Show!!!
  49. Wow! This is an awesome sculpture/lamp. The movement of the twisting figure juxtaposed and emerging from the spiraling shell creates a great visual tension and is just fabulous! Just wonderful! Thank...
  50. Oh Yes Thank You So Very Much Vetraio50! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and your family and friends!
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