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Interested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artistsInterested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artists/designers of the period. Contact: (Read more)


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Delphin Massier Symbolist Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Jean-Joseph Marie Carriès (Fr., 1855-1894) Stoneware Mask - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1896 Agnes de Frumerie Symbolist Plate (edited by Edmond Lachenal) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
René Ménard - Symbolist Pastel on Canvas - Fine Artin Fine Art
Alfred William "Willy" Finch, Iris Workshop for La Maison Moderne - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Delphin Massier Maiden & Insect Symbolist Vase (circa 1890s) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900 Leon Kann Designed Porcelain Pitcher for Sevres - Potteryin Pottery
Large Émile Decoeur Flambe’ Stoneware Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1896 Rozenburg Earthenware Handled Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900 Paris Gustav Gurschner Bronze Lamp Base - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Wonderful piece, Warren. So, did Moser have a hand in the pitcher design, as well?
  2. Whoops! Thanks for catching that typo.
  3. Also, I would add that the original image of the Byzantine woman was likely modeled by Sarah Bernhardt, Mucha's muse and important patron.
  4. By Mucha-inspired, I mean that it was not rendered/sculpted by Mucha, but would have been signed so as to not infringe upon any French trade mark.
  5. This piece is not by Mucha, but is Mucha-inspired. The Byzantine woman seen here was a very popular motif, first created by Mucha, but then used for everything from biscuit tins, plaques and platters...
  6. Thanks. I feel lucky to add this to my collection. I have become quite interested with the symbolist artists from the period, Menard being one of the artists in the periphery of that short lived mov...
  7. Wonderful information, Historismus! My piece is in Goldcypern, while the other book example in the photographs above is in Bronzecypern, based upon your description.
  8. Here's another Langlade if you haven't seen it yet:
  9. Never mind about the dimensions...didn't read thoroughly enough. Sorry.
  10. BTW - come on over and join us in the Art Nouveau Ceramiques Group on FB.
  11. Wonderful piece! I had it on my queue myself! What are the dimensions? He did a wonderful job with the glaze on this double gourd form.
  12. Not ganga, but certainly opium or absinthe.
  13. Maybe Wetzel references the foundry or manufacturer?
  14. My pleasure, VintageFran. Warm regards.
  15. Wonderful lamp! It is probably a piano lamp given the low, extended profile.
  16. Looks French to me in the style of the Ecole de Carries.
  17. The brassy color is where it was over-cleaned before. Condition-wise that not as big of a problem as the bronze disease.
  18. You have already answered your question. It is indeed a shell from a turbo mamoratus snail. I have an alabaster carved lamp that has one of these as the shade (see my collection on CW). The shell f...
  19. BTW - if it were mine, I would have moved it indoors years ago. That blue green patina is actually bronze disease/damage from being subjected to wet conditions over the decades.
  20. Blunderbuss is correct. Antique Roadshow appraisers consistently over-estimate auction/selling values. And, why wouldn't they? Many have a vested financial interest in seeing the values of items ri...
  21. Very pretty!
  22. Hi. I'm not certain about your second question, but I suspect not. I don't believe that overlay was conducted on glass that wasn't fully cooled. Any cracking that might occur as a result of overlay...
  23. Any thoughts on who sculpted and/or produced this piece?
  24. It's the serial production aspect that puzzles me, because if there are multiples then it should be easier to attribute (or at least find other unattributed examples). BTW - this was purchased at a G...
  25. Thanks again. I do value your input. And, if your CW handle suggests it, I would love to see your pottery collection!
  26. Thanks for the advice, Robalbhen. At some point I may be able to find an attribution, but I'm curious how it can be so authoritatively dismissed as not being by Dufrene if it can't be definitively at...
  27. Thank you for the compliments. She's one of my favorites. Surprisingly, she was found on eBay!
  28. A nice example of commercial Stile Liberty Italian design. Probably relatively rare too in that condition.
  29. Thanks, Sean68!
  30. Indeed. I'm kicking myself for not getting the Dammouse.
  31. The enamel in the hammered recesses is particularly nice. The form looks like something that the Darmstadt School would have designed.
  32. Thanks everyone. I've been wanting an example for a long time. The glaze variations for this form are quite striking. You can find one like mine, but just as easily find an example with an oxblood ...
  33. Thanks! This is one of my personal favorites. I was lucky to find it locally up on the auction block.
  34. High secessionist style!
  35. I've seen a vase of the same huge size and decor in an antique shop in the US. It was labeled as Loetz, but when I inquired about it years ago with the glasshounds, it was the consensus that the piec...
  36. Thanks, Budek!
  37. I suspect Royal Dux. Probably German or Bohemian.
  38. Wonderful! Quite rare to gave the paper label.
  39. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I just might have to dip again into the Dutch pottery pool after this response.
  40. Thanks kivatiniz! It sits on my bedside table and still is very utilitarian.
  41. Thanks for the lovely comments.
  42. I've had something similar in the past, and after much research and calling around it was ultimately determined that it was likely Scandanavian (or Scandanavian-American) folk art. I would recommend ...
  43. Not Loetz, but meant to approximate a Loetz peacock decor vase. Pretty nice quality. Modern Bohemian glass.
  44. Very nice indeed! Did it come framed like this? The surrounding matte looks like it could be WW too. I find it curious that it is stamped on the front. This is suggestive of the rendering being fr...
  45. Great piece!
  46. Amazing! I think I remember seeing this piece up on the block recently. Kicking myself.
  47. I haven't seen this one before Fledermaus, but I agree with Sean68. It's wonderful. It strikes me as being possibly Deco period. The straps across the chest and rendering remind me of WPA/Diego Riv...
  48. I would add that if anyone has a glass shade that they think might fit the base, please email me. The shade would have to have a tapered fluted form preferably without a fitter ring (drilled hole onl...
  49. Thanks, folks. Fledermaus - it is interesting that you mentioned that type of shade because the original catalog raisonné for this model describes it as, "GG-1900034: Elektrische Tischlampe (Nelkenla...
  50. Fortune favors the informed.
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