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I've loved antiques and little collectables ever since I can remember. My best days were spent in the basement rummaging through old stuff. Really happy that AntiqueI've loved antiques and little collectables ever since I can remember. My best days were spent in the basement rummaging through old stuff. Really happy that Antiques Roadshow provided an outlet for 'showing off' my growing collection. It is jewellery and small, shiny collectables that keep me most intrigued, but anything of good quality appeals to me, and most good quality stuff is an antique nowadays! (Read more)


  1. This one described as from 1908 has an identical backstamp to mine. Wood and Sons was used between 1907-1910.
  2. Price tags, I haven't removed them yet. I should do so before my Father in law sees how little I paid for his birthday gift!!
  3. Thank you, Antique rose :)
  4. Wow, that is the fastest solve I've gotten! Thank you MaryH!! That seems to be the same mark they used too :)
  5. My father in law loves Murano glass, and these will make a fine birthday present for him late June. I really like them but know he will have a great appreciation for them.
  6. thank you, cactus corner! And thank you for the loves Vetraio50 & aghcollect :)
  7. thank you Dr. Fluffy!
  8. Thank you for the suggestion, that s should definately do the trick. fine chains make me too nervous : /
  9. Thank you Bellin68!! : )
  10. Thank you guys : )
  11. I was watching a show the other day, and an inkwell was being used that looked a lot like this thing! Is it possible thats what it is for? I assumed it'd have been a sauce holder or something. Any way...
  12. Thank you for the love everyone!
  13. thanks guys : )
  14. thank you for the love everyone : )
  15. sooo beautiful!! I've never seen that window thing in behind a jewel before!!! Any idea why that'd be there? reminds me of those old pins/pendants with a cabachon shaped glass/crystal you'd put a pict...
  16. what an amazing find!!
  17. Thank you Mikko!! You know so much about this stuff, very nice to have extra info : ) It is fun bouncing all these possibilities off with you. I don't think I'd like antiquities so much if there wasn'...
  18. You both seem to have very good answers, maybe the piece has been re-set in another country later on? I do also think the lady has pretty late 18th century looks, and it is hard to picture her from Sp...
  19. I recognize that 4 point star within the circle- I've seen it on good luck for money charms on antique Chinese collectibles/jewellery. Very nice!!!
  20. interesting, seems the design is older than I originally thought, I can't find anything on the company name, but I don't have too many ceramic reference books to look through. Thank you for sharing yo...
  21. I am in North America, so perhaps the porcelain markings differ due to trade agreements/marks required for export
  22. wow that looks pretty identical, Dezuel. Thank you for sharing pictures and story!! Mine is also around 16 cm. Do you know anything about where yours came from?
  23. Thank you for the info moonstonelover21, I had no idea! Very cool : ) And thank you for the love MikkoChristmas11!!
  24. Thank you!
  25. I hope to find one myself one day. Beautiful piece, as usual Agram.m!!
  26. On Canadian Pawnathon, one of the antique experts said that these (or something quite similar to the wiggly fishes) were once used for when someone stinky sits or stands nearby you, the fish was there...
  27. And if it was something converted to a lamp, it must have been special enough to have custom made lamp pieces for it
  28. Really cool piece of history, very thought provoking for me... Where do these things come from?!?! That plug looks older than anything I have seen, but dasullywon has a good idea there, with the piece...
  29. Awesome!!! These have more sentimental value for me, i used to play with ten or twenty of these flamingo stands (probably not lamps) and re arrange them on the beach when I was a kid!! I called them f...
  30. well then it looks like you got your moneys worth!! As cool as it is, 50 grand is way cooler :D
  31. Amazing pieces!! I hope to find a sterling goblet myself one day, an antique one would be even better. Handsome guy, you are!! Very cool old photo. Nice memories. I need to find out more about this co...
  32. I'm gonna throw Kunzite into the picture- a light purply-pink stone. although Amythest seems much more likely.
  33. could be 925 under the makers mark, further confirming sterling silver content.... and maybe I'm reaching for numbers but under sterling maybe thats a 1000, like 925 part silver out of 1000 parts. mak...
  34. so my first gut instinct said 30s/40s, and I've had an expert opinion confirming that as well. Any other insight is always welcome.
  35. thank you mikkochristmas!!
  36. Update: I have an expert guess that this had been made during the fifties. Any extra insight still appreciated!
  37. thanks for the love : )
  38. thank you for the love !! : )
  39. Thank you guys!! Thank you for the link, there's lots of good info to read through : )
  40. I gave this to my sister in law for Christmas after she asked me for something "pawn shop-ey" : )
  41. thank you! merry christmas to you and happy new year, bellin68!!!
  42. I posted a few on here: Thanks AmberRose : )
  43. Thanks for the love, everyone!
  44. That's just about the only thing I do know about Alpacca. Do you know if it's a company or just material type? Or how long it's been used for? Thanks mustangtony : )
  45. Absolutely : ) I guess technically they could be considered collectables, the worst they can do is take the posting down. I have an etsy store, but all my listings just ended so I need to post some mo...
  46. My first thought was a depiction of Napoleon, but the frame being from Mexico, maybe it is a Spanish conqueror. Either way, it is a lovely piece of art, with so much work put into it. Even if a 'no-na...
  47. Beautiful!! so unique.... Furniture is not usually my thing (although I can appreciate the gorgeous sets/pieces) but it looks like it might have been a 'breakfast' table... it's so ornate, maybe it is...
  48. haha thanks! I make fimo animals, but sometimes they look more like hybrids than anything else... he has a dinosaur body!! Thanks for the love guys : )
  49. Thank you for the name jonima, I wasn't getting anywhere guessing the first letter in Google.
  50. I have a weakness for amythest already being my birthstone, but these are just fabulous! I hope to find antique earrings like this one day.
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1973 alice cooper billions Antique razor with Japanese writing Sweet Victorian Pinchbeck Locket with Squirrel and Nut Coolest Find for the Day! Victorian Drop Screw Back Earrings - Garnet, Crystals, Opal, Skull Weiss Artist's palette brooch Very Old Gold & Garnet Ring Ivory Carved French Diary or maybe mother of pearl? Exquisite French Circa 1800's pocketwatch silver case. Ivory bracelet with center stone on silver hinge vintage cameo brooch


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