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Santa Rosa Ca.

Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Chinese? metal jugs or urns?  8 inches tall with lids from Goodwill - Asianin Asian
Old wood Japanese buckets,  10 inches X 7 inches, carved from one piece of wood - Asianin Asian
Kutani sake cups of 7 Lucky Gods and bronze Geisha - Asianin Asian
Original ink painting of Jack London's Cottage, He died here, Famous Wolf House burned down - Fine Artin Fine Art
Chinese New Year, Year of Monkey!   Carved stone of some kind in cloth covered wood box with ivory clasp - Asianin Asian
Salt and Pepper  Bavaria, artist signed?! - Kitchenin Kitchen
$10.00 Dutch print from Gospel Thrift Store, Who i artist?? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
My humble Church Welcomes The Pope! 
Oil painting from Gospel thrift store - Fine Artin Fine Art
Wood Box,  FROM??? tiny shell stuck in corner, see top of 1st photo - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. You are Supercrazytalented!
  2. You are right!!! Thank you W. C. S. C C. toracat
  3. Thank you! I will no study this!!! Are you Supercrazychick Winfred Cole!!!
  4. thank you apostata!!!
  5. Thanks! I stopped collecting, The world has changed!
  6. Thank you!
  7. Maybe Chinese pet carrier! Put fighting Cricket and off to bet on cricket fights! Think they were called Jiminy Cricket!!
  8. SAW "green flash" Barra de Navidad Mexico! 1974! with help from Mezcal and weed haha Maybe glassy eyes with red lines caused a lightning to make "green flash" take care!
  9. So TRUE!
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. Also no telephone poles! And no drive through McDonalds! haha Also still mining gold right in town!
  12. I can not find one car or truck in this photo?
  13. Thanks for the help! Toracat
  14. also that one looks under glass mine is not? I wonder about things too much!haha
  15. Bingo! thank you so much! I was right about cutting off feather and huffs of horse! this was cut to fit old frame! I paid very little for this maybe frame is worth something! I am a dreamer! a...
  16. Do not know artist or name of piece, wish I did
  17. handle looks Korean hallmark Jap. or?
  18. Korean? The inscription?
  19. Maybe it is for cremating parakeets! Put charcoal and 100 toothpicks! light it! and sing the Door's song!
  20. Hello are these very old? I thought the marble was added later? maybe marble added because jewels wwere hid inside kidding! thanks toracat
  21. Hi! All I found was from internet. Tora
  22. Hi! put eggs in 1st. add water to fill line, then a little higher than medium, until chick sings!!
  23. Yes you can put 4 eggs in bottom!
  24. Thank you! I gave this to a Mexican family with 3 little kids!, that are all taking lessons! Maybe all 3 will enjoy or maybe play in an orchestra!!
  25. Maybe Hol.Reg. I saw a small one sold for $400 two yrs. ago!
  26. Thanks yes and fireman blunder!
  27. We did a lot of similar things in life! Central America, Mexico, So. Amer. etc. Take Care!
  28. Hi! Looks like a very old Sake container! I have one and almost the same shape, it is very beautiful! Maybe they visited Japan!
  29. Thanks Phil!
  30. Hola! I had Robert the Robot! Crank on back when turned played record inside! It did not survive as most of my toys were broke by playing to rough with them! But enjoyed seeing Robert! Brought bac...
  31. Thanks ho2cultcha!!
  32. Thanks Thomas
  33. Thanks Celiene! I like my poster even more! historic!
  34. Hope it is under a ton! I have 1999 lbs.! haha
  35. California also! on ballot in fall!
  36. Thank you Caperkid! So many changes since 70's and on!
  37. Thanks! I think it is quitecool that you have these also!!! toracat
  38. cool! That is two of the 300!
  39. Thank you martika!
  40. Beautiful! I took a break from CW for awhile and my house is full! Happy to see your posts! Don
  41. Really pretty! When younger though, I preferred white powder over brown!
  42. Thank you! I had forgot I even have it! I put so much in boxes!
  43. Beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing!
  44. Thanks Mud! I am going to try to find history of these!!
  45. Thank you racer! I think they are really old, and beautiful too!
  46. Cool Duck!! Were you on the way to Laughlin!!
  47. Thanks ho2! and thanks kyra!
  48. Thanks rukczglass and Mudwoman! 888
  49. Thanks martika!
  50. This was made between 1891-1906!
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