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New York


  1. Wonderful piece & I commend you for your future plans for it.
  2. Great find!
  3. Thank you all for looking & commenting.
  4. Thanks Newfld. Having read the book and enjoyed the movie, viewing the exhibit truly brought history alive!
  5. Creative & excellent find! Best wishes with your 'new' home.
  6. I really love winter scenes. Something about them seems to suggest solitude, quiet, & a more peaceful time. We have a number around the house including several of Johann Berthelsen's famous New York...
  7. Thanks for looking & the love Manikin, fortapache, Nicefice & blunderbuss.
  8. Thanks for the love pw-collector & fortapache.
  9. blunderbuss, your observation is a good one since production years are correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remington_Rolling_Block_rifle The Remington Rolling Block rifle was a breech-loading r...
  10. The blue & gold patch is the insignia for the WWII US 8th Army Air Corps. It was my dad's unit. Fairly common, but often reproducted. The red & white is the WWII Kriegsmarine Wehrmacht Senior Deep Se...
  11. Wonderful post! Nothing like living history; a member of the Greatest Generation.
  12. FYI... my wife & I framed a copy of his photo & placed it at the grave during our visit.
  13. scott, your observation is right on! The Lincoln badge is in excellent condition. I purchased it from an individual who had it in his possession for many years. Since it is rare, he was rather reluc...
  14. Since I have a presentation sword that belonged to Capt. Henry Davis of the 137th, who died on 5/23/1865 from wounds rec'd at Chancellorsville, I am on lookout for items related to his Regiment. This ...
  15. You might want to contact Steve Heller of Heller's Civil War Antiques in PA. He has a website & was very helpful in authenticating a civil war buckle for me. Good luck!
  16. Chrisnp I shared your concern over the buckle so forwarded the information and photos to Steve Heller of Heller's Civil War Antiques in PA who authenticated it as genuine. A great sense of relief!
  17. You are most likely right since further research on my part indicates that I was confused by information which has since been proved to be incorrect. Here is what I subsequently discovered; " When Joh...
  18. I was going on the serial number & information that indicated that models could be differentiated by odd/even numbers. I guess the history, when received from Colt, will confirm. Thank you for the in...
  19. Classic & wonderful!
  20. Thanks, Jewels, aghcollect, nutsabotas6, Manikin & musikchoo for your love & comments.
  21. Hi CindB - Unfortunately, we never recovered it. The picture was taken prior to the robbery.
  22. Super find! Great addition to your collection.
  23. Thank you, CindB!
  24. Thanks, Sean!
  25. Thank you all for looking & the comments.
  26. I haven't seen one like this before. Great item!
  27. Very interesting lantern.
  28. Great truck! Love the photo, too!
  29. We inherited two of these desks, too. Our daughters will each get one.
  30. Very nice. Really admire vintage lighting.
  31. Looks like it wants to be unleashed. Beautiful machine!
  32. Very nice!
  33. Sounds like your dad has had a true life long love affair with this car. I can understand why he would want to leave you, his son, his most precious possession. I hope you find a way to hold on to ...
  34. ho2cultcha, thought you would enjoy this article on your old friend. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/07/nyregion/the-wiggins-family-of-painters-is-having-a-moment.html?_r=1&
  35. ho2cultcha, very interesting. I assume that would be Guy Arthur Wiggins, who last I heard, was alive & still painting in NYC. Thanks for the post.
  36. Thank you for looking Manikin & SEAN.
  37. Wonderful piece. Reminded me of the Pawn Stars episode when the woman brought in a spider piece of jewelry she had inherited & that had been in her dresser for years. She hated it because it was a sp...
  38. Great photo!
  39. Thanks agh for the love.
  40. Yep, I could see myself living there! lol
  41. Thank you for looking aghcollect & nutsabout.
  42. Do like Monet's work. Had a copy of his hanging in my office for years. Always found it relaxing, especially on those really difficult days. Hence, although just a copy, it was priceless to me! Enj...
  43. Round Blue patch w/gold wings & white star = Army AirCorps Class A patch Square Blue patch w/gold eagle & white star = US 2nd Army AirCorps patch Diamond Red patch w/globe & eagle = USMC 3rd Aircraf...
  44. Wolf, I had the same Ebay experience when I listed my Marine Corps utility cap even with it's sweat band! I guess the story attached to such items demands a premium. USMC '67-'69
  45. Wonderful looking piece. Apparently in very good hands. I second trunkman's comments. Keep up the great postings, blunderbuss!
  46. Forgot to add this link. http://artworld.york.ac.uk/personView.do?personUrn=1.00039&br=no
  47. Great piece! Painting is wonderful, but I am particularly drawn to the ornate frame. I wouldn't put it on the moving van.
  48. Of all the things we carry, nothing has the power to take us back again as does such a photo. Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.
  49. This link might help..... http://www.artoftheprint.com/artistpages/hallen_and_weiner_christmasnight.htm
  50. Wonderful display. Thank you for sharing.
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