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  1. Just did..hmmm smelled good it didn’t melt..but it did leave a white dot.. confusing.. if it is wood why would it be white underneath? If it’s not wood what could it be this light weight?
  2. Thank you! I hunk they are beautiful too. I asked in other community and based on pictures was told the material looks like resin.. can anyone, from your experience, tell if it is olive wood or res...
  3. Thank you malkey! All the best to you too ???? Not sure why some pics are sideways:/
  4. Thank you Bill!! One last question: mine has an eagle on the top but the catalog one doesn’t have it. Is mine some newer version even though it says 1331? Regards :)
  5. Thank you so much for your help! ????
  6. TA, Yes!!!! Thank you !!!
  7. Great idea!! :) Thanks
  8. still looking for help :) wonderring if I should take it to a rofessional, but just want to avoid paying for an appraisal for something that is not worth
  9. Such a gorgeous details!
  10. Hi there, I have posted very similar one. Mine has some sort of stamp for silver..not sure now what exactly :) Was told it is Italian.
  11. :( Well it really looked the same style... I agree, it is such a beautiful painting, much nicer than pic can show.. thank you!! Looking for some cool frame to hang and enjoy its beauty :)
  12. Thank you soooo much Dizzydave!! Amazing how you've solved it... mystery solved, one more to go :)
  13. Hope killer :) Just kidding lol I love mysteries, but sometimes long unidentified line up of things is too much.. If one of these 2 can easily be id'd...but 2 mysteries with one treasure purchase!!...
  14. AmberRose :) Thank you all for love.. Would be great if '38 is 1838! :)
  15. Thank u guys!! AmberRose, imagine the excitement and adrenalin while trying to move the nails!! :)
  16. Thank you toracat! Thank you all for love! :)
  17. Thank you Manikin!
  18. Anyone able to translate? :)
  19. Thank you sean68...todays Goodwill find :)
  20. The more I look at it, the more I am convinced that the relief material inside the glass is not wood...there are no tool/knife marks...i m pretty sure this is handmade Could it be made out of an anim...
  21. Thank you moonstonelover21!!
  22. Thank you :)
  23. Thank you idcloisonne!! Thank you Lee!! :) It is very beautiful...and fascinating to me, even thinking about a lady (or ladies) that had wore she (they) looked like, what kind of life she...
  24. I would like to know the approximate age, and something you mentioned earlier about the pink gold setting...the material looks more like a gold than brass, but the back is very dark..and there is no g...
  25. Thank you! Yes, I've found some info, including nose shape, to help with an era.. still have no clue :) for sure I like it, and so far that's what I know about this cameo
  26. racer4four thanks for the info! Mysterious guy this Lert :) I emailed my painting to join the rest of wonderers. We all may find the answer one day Regards,
  27. Thanks antiquerose! She is so lovely!
  28. Thanks racer4four!
  29. LOVE IT! :)
  30. Thank you very much! What difference would it make as far as age if Doulton or 's?
  31. Anne, you ARE an expert!! :) It is hard to see other markings on the botton, but hardly can see "D space LT" Can't see the crown or anything else :( One area of the bottom is little darker with s...
  32. Thanks!
  33. Anne thank you for the info. Unfortunately I do not have pieces, but I was hopping that a stoneware specialist would be able to fix and match the paint color. There is no "England" written anywhere....
  34. S. Meterburg Va(i)shvillo The (i) I am not sure We use to alternate both alphabets in school, but Russian is a little different then Serbo-Croatian.. Good luck :)
  35. mssue64, I do not think it is Egyptian...I would say Russian. Written in cyrillic alphabet. Cute
  36. Wonder if this nail type of repair is expensive?
  37. Ok. There is something!! "D space LT" I can see. There are alao some numbers, or somerhing else but its is in the darker area and its very hard to even spot it. Had you not asked I woul...
  38. Vetraio50, Thank you so much for the info!! There are no impressed marks as far as I can see, but its 6am and I need to wake up :) Will check your links later. Hope Anne can look at it too :) Regards
  39. Thank you sooo much aghcollect!! Guess this is solved now :)
  40. Solver, thank you so much!! I have a pair, but the other one has been almost disconnected from the bottom. Hope the fix would be easy. They are 40 grams each, and do not have any cement added to the...
  41. Ok. I looked at the hallmark again, using a day light, and now I kinda see 2 galopping pic is uploaded. The hallmark is between the 11117 and925/1000 Fine.
  42. Thanks maryh1956! I have not found any info yet.
  43. davyd286, can you please tell me what makes you believe it's not gold? Thanks!! I really am not a jewelry expert, and do not recognize gold, precious stones, etc...these were so different and $1.99 o...
  44. Thanks!
  45. Vintagefran, you are looks good.. old or new doesn't matter :) I would like to see your pair.. have you posted it yet? Regards
  46. Thank you Jim!!!
  47. Vetraio50, who is Nadia? Thanks for your help!
  48. Thanks! Where is Nadia? Who is she :)
  49. Very cute!! Sorry no help from me :(
  50. Guess pics are too small to see anything :)
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