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Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunts.


  1. Thank you for the info.
  2. I do know she was selling bronze jewelry on HSN some years can still see some videos of her and some of her bronze pieces on YouTube. Not sure how they were signed.
  3. jscott when is search "Austrian" no Moritz only getting Moritz Grossman Online history; In the 19th century, Moritz Grossmann found it in a small town in the Ore Mountains: Glashütte. In his a...
  4. Kevin it really does resemble that hood ornament.
  5. Is this part of a trophy? Reminds me of the Goddess of victory trophys but I have never spotted one with the arms in that position. She deserves her own special stand to display her. I love her!!!! T...
  6. Lori you are very welcome. It's been a while since I've posted to CW but I'm always looking at the treasures on here and reading post. I ended up cleaning a few pieces today after digging in there a...
  7. RichmondLori it's a beautiful brooch and this post made me go dig in all my costume jewelry for a demi parure /brooch & earring set I have by Beau Jewels. I had no clue about this company and had done...
  8. crystalship themuse thank you for info I just read these comments this morning. To this day they still look like new.
  9. operculum jewelry
  10. LillianBrittany Thats awesome! Where did you find?
  11. WesternPA Had to google taught me something I didn't know. I want to look George up on ancestry and see what I come up with.
  12. Found this online; Maybe try to order a copy of this book Bille Hougart's important book on Mexican silver hallmarks. Found online at;
  13. Renedijkstra it's still in original frame. Thank you for commenting.
  14. You know I absolutely love this piece. I imagine sitting in your Sherlock room and seeing all the amazing pieces. Wonderful piece!!!
  15. LSLChas Thank you for the artist info.... And welcome to CW. I was in Charlesston SC last year and loves it. Even purchased some artwork and get while there. I will now research Elisabeth further....
  16. open and get model # but here is one similar, but not exact case. from 1969 once you go to site and put in info (model#) and (case serial#) you will probably get exact watch/date www.mybulova.c...
  17. I can't make out numbers on watch from pic ??
  18. try this site
  19. Forgot to measure and thought one of pics was of back. Will add later....out shopping at the moment.
  20. Valentino I used a silver cloth and q-tips. Still some grunge in there but figured it's good enough.
  21. Alwand Vahan?
  22. Thank you Sean
  23. Jenni Thank you very much.
  24. Wish it was mine....just great.
  25. Jenni Thank you for the lovely comment.
  26. Watchsearcher I have added photo of complete back side
  27. Antiquerose Hole on top of head and hole at base if back are definatly big enough to wire and make into a lamp. I flipped her over yesterday to see if wire could go through the 3 vase/gourd looking...
  28. Keramikos Thank you for researching via internet. I wondered myself what those 3 gourd looking pieces were and what used for...I just threw some flowers in them to show they could hold somerhing. No...
  29. Added photos of ear lobes.
  30. Watchsearcher Not only are there 2 gourds looking pieces on the front, there is also one in center of her back....which you can see in pic#2 above the hole at base of back. She does have holes in h...
  31. Golgatha I know she's not a piece everyone would appreciate but I completely adore her. I have never been rude to anyone on Collectors weekly that collects something that I may not....I just keep rol...
  32. Keramikos I'm going to make a separate post of her...there I will post pictures of the hole in head lower back / back plus the complete bottom where you can view all the way through her. She must have...
  33. So I decided to clean her up this morning and found a hole on top of her head and with the hole on her lower back at the base I assume at one time she may have been a lamp
  34. Newfld... I love to play around with Snapchat. I think Medusa and I have the same
  35. AnythingObscure she is 18" tall and 10" wide at the base (arm to arm). We just pulled in from Charleston,SC 40mins ago...happy to finally be back in Virginia. Will be returning to Charleston often ...
  36. Lovely
  37. Just last week I visited a friend and there was turkeys in his back yard. So awesome to see them up close. Happy Easter
  38. Karen thank you for the lovely comment
  39. Just beautiful!
  40. Posted from my phone so every photo is turned. Will correct once home. Jennie Thank you
  41. Jenni thank you for love and comment.
  42. Sean Thank you I actually wore this the other day and used it to tell the time....didn't wear a wrist watch but kept looking at my wrist for the attached it to the "small pocket" in my j...
  43. malkey beautiful wording to describe it... thank you
  44. Anika Thank you Shape reminds me of a Tulip before it's fully opened.
  45. In my garden she would go and I would put a couple of spotlights on her. She would really come to life at night. Great piece....
  46. antiquerose they are very adorable and look like they were made yesterday. Pic# taken with flash takes away from the true gold tone color....but that's why I try to take photo's with and w/out flash...
  47. Tassie, Karen, pebble, Crystal and antiquerose thank you all for lovely comments.
  48. Dave Thank you for info. I don't know anything about pocket watches at all...had this not worked I wouldn't have given it a second thought. The fact that it works, is very small 1"and kind of fe...
  49. shareurpassion you taught me something I didn't know....they are one in the same. explains how one would get confused. Thank you
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I'm think Medusa was once a lamp.......part 2 My Garden 2017 Art Glass Roger Vines Art glass oil lamp


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