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Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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I don't have a you? - Asianin Asian
Accessocraft NYC pendent - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Napier Costume Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sea Urchin Vases - Potteryin Pottery
Fenton Ruffle Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marina and Fenton - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass Ring - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ashtray made in Italy - Potteryin Pottery
Italian Ceramics  - Potteryin Pottery
Glass ring  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Sean that makes two of us ;) I pulled out one of my gold chains and this looks awesome with it. I have worn it about 4 times now and the looks this piece gets is hilarious.
  2. Newfld the back hook does NOT. ....I found that strange also as what does this go to and how to attach. Guess you would do attach to something the same way you would hook a
  3. love the poem in ref to his art and how he got his colours on his shell. Adorable... I have a few somewhere in this house.....always loved the large bears made by TY but gave most to my grandson.
  4. I adore of my favorites. Just beautiful.
  5. beautiful
  6. Phil thank you for viewing and commenting. I love the odd and unusual so it fits me well.
  7. Potter/Artist who made these beauties is Rita W. Park who was kind enough to email me back in ref to these pieces. I love to identify the maker of my pottery and was lucky enough this time to find th...
  8. Ken I love it! Also love clowns My son hates clowns and states they creep him out When I had my clown paintings hanging in the hallway he hated it! I want sneak one in his room...
  9. Jenni Thank you so cute stole my heart also ;)
  10. Jenni thank you for the lovely comment
  11. Thank you Ken
  12. Love the fireplace/tiles but those Andirons are my favorite in the photo.
  13. "Take a Seat" furniture; Red Heart Chair by Raine Willetts Design
  14. Nutsabotas6 and Sean Thank you
  15. there was a pair like this at my "secret shop" but had wood at top. If they are still there I may have to purchase.
  16. AtomicDanishMod Thank you for the info I greatly appreciate it :)
  17. I have two of these and have always wondered about them. Mine have no marks and also found in second hand store.
  18. racer4four I have found some great items there ;) Need to go back and visit soon but have been busy and not able to make it. Have more I need to share with everyone so hopefully soon I will have th...
  20. ho2 lovely How did you remove the rubber cement? I have a few Italian plates that have that....purchased Goo Gone but doesn't work that great. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  21. Do I see a mythical animal/creature at the top? What would one call it?
  22. Kevin Thank you
  23. Bonnie thank you. Have a glass ring to show you;)
  24. Rick its such a little beauty. Thank you for commenting.
  25. Sean thank you stopping by I knew you would like this piece ;) Only if we could hire you to photo our could make a living taking photos of art glass :)
  26. maybe from Africa?
  27. Very Magical
  28. Sean it was the only colored piece of glass among a shelf full of clear glass....couldn't miss it. I was amazed to see the prices this piece and similar ones go for. I also found a few other piece...
  29. Manuel Munoz Merida Ruiz?
  30. Pettet923 I have been researching A piece just like this that I own. Mr. Gould worked at Disney Studios from 1936-1979 supposedly at the Mouse House animator/artist. Here is a video link I found...
  31. you are very welcome ;) lovely necklace
  32. Cats eye Opercula's+eye&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjg5bnnlrvWAhVHbSYKHd7PC-IQs...
  33. looks like a "K" I will have to search in some books which may take some time but I will look for you. very this piece.
  34. valentine thank you ;) Karen I plan to hang in the "Old Ladies Sitting Room" but have to find the right shelf for the Brass a natural/ live edge shelf Thank you ;)
  35. tshusker I myself would do the same to my sister...bahahahaha. Love to scare here!! I would hang on the wall in a permanent place like a hallway and highlight with a painting/picture light. Imagi...
  36. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments ;)
  37. Thank you Bonnie:) I will have to take some in the daylight and share. Happy jewelry hunting my friend...always look forward to seeing your amazing finds.
  38. Beautiful!
  39. Jean Thank you
  40. Racer4four That's a heavy pendant and very unique setting. Makes the Amber looks like it's floating inside. Love the teardrop shape also. One of my favorites also... Think I may post that piece sep...
  41. Shareurpassion I love to look at the Amber under a loop and see the treasures inside. Very hard to capture without a macro lens which is on my Christmas list ;)
  42. Karenlr71 You are welcome, happy to share.
  43. What is the marks?
  44. Beautiful
  45. Karen it's okay ...I myself can't remember names also.
  46. Karen I Agree that a new frame would do justice to this painting but will be carefully picked. Melanie
  47. vintagelamp thank you I find his paintings beautiful also always have my eye's open in search but have only came across two so far....
  48. You might get some help from the FB group above.
  49. I want to wear that beauty!
  50. I would love to have that dragonfly lamp!
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Vintage Trifari Brooch - Contessa Collection - " Memo " Roger Vines Art glass oil lamp


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