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Grown up at Strömbergshyttans glassworks, Sweden. Worked there for a short period in the mid-1970s. My grandfather is Knut Bergqvist, inventor of the Graal techniqueGrown up at Strömbergshyttans glassworks, Sweden. Worked there for a short period in the mid-1970s. My grandfather is Knut Bergqvist, inventor of the Graal technique at Orrefors in summer 1916. Gate and Hald used the Graal method in their compositions, from some time into 1917, to create great art glass. Sometimes in collaboration with master blower Bergqvist by shape. But most early Graal compositions from 1916 and many from 1917 (some even later), however has the blower himself, Knut Bergqvist, as the author of shape, while the patterns in the beginning were both designed and etched by Heinrich Wollman and Fritz Blomqvist on the emryos that Bergvist produced. My father, Putte Bergqvist, was also a glassblower and foreman at Strömbergshyttan from about 1940 to 1979, when the mill was closed. then for Orrefors. He became good friend with Erik Höglund under his period at Studioglass Strömbergshyttan under the 1980s and 90s. I am interested in glass, but also photography. I have photo documented some of the last remaining of the Swedish Kingdom of Crystal today. Eg Kosta, Orrefors, Åfors, Bergdala, Skruf and some smaller studio glassworks. (Read more)


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Ryds Glasbruk, Sweden - Three light blue vases. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Strömbergshyttan cutted "sommerso" vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Flygsfors -59, NS - a vase by Viktor Berndt/Nils Sturesson. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Alsterfors early 1960s - Vases by Fabian Lundqvist. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ekenäs Glassworks, Sweden - Two vases 1960s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Flygsfors Coquille-Flamingo dish/bowl 1956. - Art Glassin Art Glass
IKEA Retro Style 2014... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two vases and a bowl - Arthur Percy for Gullaskruf 1950s. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Strömbergshyttan unknown model + some other vases to compare with. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Strömbergshyttan - Asta, Gunnar or Rune? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi jetranger, and thanks! T155 is a bowl by Gerda Strömberg and launched ca 1940. Classic and simple design. In production to mid 1970s.
  2. Wish the same to you vetraio50!
  3. Today I got an answer from Flygfors-experts. The vase shape is probably by Viktor Berndt, but the painted dekoration is a pattern by Nils Sturesson (the NS signing), who was boss over the painting wor...
  4. Thanks Elisabethan, racer4four, inky and all lover!
  5. Thanks SEAN, surfdubb, racer4four and lovers! Yes it's a vase different from many other Flygsfors glass pieces from late 1950s. The grey-green color however, I have seen in this Flygsfors post, also ...
  6. Thanks racer4four, ho2cultcha and lovers!
  7. Thanks austrohungaro! An 80cm high retro vase in smoke grey was also in my thoughts. Handblown in Poland, a very skilled work to make them so fine! Did not buy it but I think of it, only 299 Ab...
  8. Thanks racer4four! A good photo always raises the value, right? Also for cheap IKEA glass ...
  9. Nice retro pieces from Japan! Looks like inspiration from Holmegaard.
  10. Thanks, for all comments and loves!
  11. Tack, det var fint skrivet "Elisabethan".
  12. Tanks for your comments an loves!
  13. As I wrote, the second from left. Nils/
  14. A model from 1957-59 s as I see. Probably Asta Strömberg for the design. (can also be Gunnar Nylund).
  15. SS164 stands for "Schildt Slipat" (Schildt Cutted in english). Model number 164 I think.
  16. A beautiful piece and a fine example of what Strömbergshyttan could produce. B1026, a vase from 1963-64 I think. Design probably Asta Strömberg. Engraving motif C1113, for sure by Rune Strand. The eng...
  17. Thanks SEAN, agcollect, Gracay and antiquerose
  18. Thanks SEAN and Moonstone! Here is a direct link to the Art Gallery:
  19. Thanks Sean, and Happy Easter, I wish You too!
  20. Thanks vetraio, nice to be appreciated!
  21. Thanks Sean, vetraio and lovers! Yes, vetraio I have two of my seven marked with Strömbergshyttan label. But these three have not labels.
  22. Thanks icollectglass and vetraio!The C stands for the engraved motifs. Not a special letter abbreviation. There is also an F for motifs/patterns wich has more glossy polished surface. These are quite ...
  23. Thanks Sean!
  24. Thanks for the comments and interest!
  25. Thanks VERONTIQUE, ozmarty and austro! I'm happy to find this model among all the glass that was auctoned on Saturday. Also some other models by Nylund, Asta and Gerda Strömberg was auctioned, but thi...
  26. Thanks SEAN, Gracay, antiquerose and new lovers!
  27. Thanks vetraio, racer4four and lovers! Yes the colors and optic effects are spectacular. Glass can change appearence much, depending on light and how you place it. The Flying Saucer vase is a good exa...
  28. Thanks SEAN and vetraio! I don't know if they had a a specific client in Australia, but I think Träff had contacts from his company in Mjölby? During 1931 raised tariffs on exports to Australia stron...
  29. Can't say what leaves it is? Also hard to say if the edge is flared in the other one, maybe you're right in your observation? Regardless, it is beautiful with the decoration of leaves too. But the bul...
  30. Thanks, icollectglass, bobogal, astro and lovers! I love the colors too, the ametyst/purple is perfect saturated in the right vase. Even the green one is beautiful.
  31. Thanks getthatmonkeyoutofme, vetraio, Vintagefran, austro and racer, and all lovers!
  32. Thanks artislove!
  33. Tanks vetraio and cobalcobold! I wish you a fine "scandinavian glass year" in 2014!
  34. Thanks PhilD..A..M.. and austro! The chess set is a very nice design.
  35. Thanks ozmarty and Sean!
  36. Thanks vetraio and Sean!
  37. Thanks Ozmarty and lovers! I know that the paperweights by her was signed with her name, so they are probably not difficult to identify. If you find bowls or vases by her in this style, they seems als...
  38. Lucky you! Lovely glass pieces!
  39. Thanks austro! And I wish you a Happy New Year too!
  40. I have found a photo in a newspapper article (se the new 4th picture). I dont't know exactly when it's taken, but what i can see from Asta Strömbergs age in the photo, and from her hairstyle, it's fro...
  41. Thanks austro!
  42. I have now found a photo from my father, taken in our home. It shows this vase model B943 in clear crystal and a bowl, a bigger vase/bowl and two egg shaped sculptures. All with this air rings. On the...
  43. Tanks cobaltcobold, and lovers!
  44. Sean, Try to contact NASA for use of their Spy Satellite camara. I exhibit the vase in the garden and you'll see it for sure ...;)
  45. Nice natural forms!
  46. Gracay, in this case I used a grey fabric as background. I'm not satidfied with this and must try to remove irregularities in the material more, and try other light too. Otherwise I use a matte, non r...
  47. Lütkens HighLife have similar air spirals/serpentines. Interesting!
  48. Poets, is the right word cobaltcobold! Only just below 3,000 living in my home village, but five (!) antique stores /flea markets. Two of them here: http://www.60tale...
  49. Thanks Gracay and vetraio! 250 (about 35 USD) I think was an affordable price.
  50. Thanks icollect and Sean!
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