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lovely stuff lover


  1. i love mystery...
  2. i agree with the first comment it looks like a stained glas design drawing, beautifull
  3. wonderfull design.... almost forgot it needs somebody to wear it mesmorizing
  4. hard to get grip on its pics love its mysterious appearance
  5. lovely arrangement
  6. i have a similar piece with orange inside, and have been told that its made bij barbini. love the feel of the colour combination
  7. outstanding colour and shape
  8. figure saw... cheap but nice
  9. unknown... still
  10. murano lovers
  11. inspiration...
  12. this coin is designed by chris vd hoef
  13. nice cat ... is he really that old?
  14. this stone definitely has a story maybe after a spliff or 2 you speak the language haha thanx for sharing this great find
  15. nice pick!
  16. used by witches also
  17. gletcher ball is the name and it was designed by ann warff indeed for kosta boda ...nice! a very successfull design a lot of these were made and sold
  18. rare art vase
  19. ceramic sunshine
  20. czech beauty
  21. art lovers on cw enjoy this again
  22. genuine netsuke ....havent seen any other real ones on cw
  23. also stowed away...
  24. wonderfull to enjoy something from this picture because i have packed this somewhere since i posted this item lol
  25. checked the link also beautiful stuff quality artist
  26. thanx micmac!
  27. very loud but straight forward genuine design awesome thanx for sharing
  28. out of space..for shure super set
  29. tastefull... impressive pictures and layout very tastefull...
  30. birds of different feather flock beatifull setting!!
  31. wow... speechless such an amazing collection thanx for sharing vlkma
  32. nice meydam and again beautifull pictures...
  33. super quality!...
  34. vikings used to drink from human skulls still nowadays they use the word skol in Norway to say cheers before drinking...a bit macaber but interesting object
  35. very delicate...reminds me of tapio wirkala
  36. has definitely got my adoration!
  37. fantastic...wish i was small enough again !..
  38. my guru vetraio youre Always welcome!
  39. very welcome mine is packed away btw but i promise when i come across it i will share it. it is not signed or marked otherwise
  40. long ago i bought a similar bowl with orange inside..the seller told me it was barbini ..very nice thanks for sharing!
  41. very genuine...
  42. mini
  43. super pictures again...
  44. dont put too many on the table ,they might eat you...
  45. lovely mysterious colour...
  46. subtileness is key for inspiration....thanx for inspiring!
  47. thanx for loving aura behrinmind kivatinitz cindyb and gluechip!!!
  48. i recently encountered a piece like this in the exhibition about the 100 year existance of het scheepvaarthuis (a very important amsterdam school style building) in het stedelijk museum in amsterdam...
  49. thanx tom61375 for loving this!!!
  50. it seems you became the artist now ...wonderfully done!
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