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Hi I am a collector of dutch art deco glass (Copier, Bloch, Bazel, Berlage and Meydam) and dutch art pottery art nouveau and art deco period (Velsen, Rozenburg, CHi I am a collector of dutch art deco glass (Copier, Bloch, Bazel, Berlage and Meydam) and dutch art pottery art nouveau and art deco period (Velsen, Rozenburg, Colenbrander and Distel). (Read more)


  1. I am selling this great piece next month!
  2. Hello artislove, yes this is really one of the best unica vases of Copier but it will be sold at botterweg auctions next month!
  3. Hello Heinjan, nee hoor ik woon gewoon in NL en niet in Australie;-) Je kunt mijn collectie ook bekijken op
  4. Thanks guys and i agree;-))
  5. Thanks Sean!
  6. I love eskaf vases designed by willem van Norden, great example!
  7. Thank you guys and nice to read that you love it too!
  8. Thanks Kevin and you are welcome;-)
  9. Thank you Bellin68!
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. These vases are really hard to find, even in The Netherlands but i have a few on my website, so just take a look at them!
  12. Hello kevin, Thats pieces are more heavyer and the " vier paddestoelen" vase in last picture is also an early handwork piece.
  13. Thanks collectors and glad that we have the same taste about porcelain!
  14. Thanks Kevin and i love the thistle vase most of all! Hello Women34, if you found one please let me know -;)
  15. Hello Dave Yes i own this glass piece made in the Leerdam glassfactory and it is worth about € 4.000,-. Thats a lot more than the copys made by KentArt:-) You can find more pieces on my website ...
  16. Lucky you ;-))
  17. Thanks Bazelmania and yes i bought the third one on Ebeay a few weeks ago. The serica mark on these spijkerbollen are very rare and thats why i bought it. I saw that you bought some things with Twen...
  18. Ur welcome Kevin and hope to see more serica vases by other collectors around here.
  19. I believe that the tin is applied in warm condition. It is only used for a short period because it is toxic for glassblowers.
  20. Thank you and these serica vases were made in the twenties by Copier in Leerdam. He used a new technic of tin crackle blowing at the colored glass to reach the crackle effect! Soft and colourfull glas...
  21. Thank Bellin, i am very happy with these serica's ;-))
  22. Thanks inky and i agree ;-)
  23. Hello Artislove, i like your Distel vase as well! Great art nouveau pieces;-)
  24. Also a great example of Distel pottery and designed by Bert Nienhuis, thanks for sharing! Grtz bert
  25. Well kevin it is not eye candy but beautifull as well!,
  26. Hello AmberRose You are welcome and all the best in 2013!
  27. Hello Kevin, good taste and happy holidays;-)
  28. Thanks Bellin and enjoy the holidays ;-))
  29. Great colours and nice serica bottles;-) I love them!
  30. Good taste Cogito and enjoy ;-)
  31. i wish you the same Kevin!
  32. Thanks Kevin and i agree the plate is stunning. One of my old rozenburg vases can now be seen at Museum of fine Arts in Houston, it is a 43 cm large vase with birds.
  33. Thanks Bellin and nice to know that more people appreciate the collection!
  34. Top design of Copier!
  35. Amazing collection of graniver pots really great!
  36. you can see more nice glasswork on
  37. Hello, it is actually a serica copier number 3 in lightblue color, a beauty !!
  38. Thanks man and every month new examples of dutch art can be found on the site;-)
  39. Nice example of de Bazel glassware!
  40. Yes and velsen vases are scarce and are influenced by Mondriaan. Nice to see that other people over the world also collecting this nice Dutch pottery from art deco period!
  41. Velsen aardewerk is my favorite as you can see on my site, which numbers do you have in your collection?
  42. Hi there, Nice examples of dutch art pottery, i have seen a lot more pieces on and also vases with insects and with grasshoppers! Bert
  43. I am certain that the original design of this lady was made by Jules Vermeire in 1929!
  44. Thank you, she is really a beauty ;-)
  45. Yeah i know you can almost buy a car for such a good Gidding vase nowadays ;-)
  46. Thank you very much collectors and i will share more great glasswork next weeks!
  47. Nice Meydam unica;-)
  48. Great Gidding vase;-)) He was inspired by Theodore Colenbrander!
  49. See more


Menno Jonker eskaf vase 20s rearranged the pots a large distel vase by nienhuis ''Meydam'' bottles, Leerdam Netherlands 1956 Vases on a black disk/stand Tincraquelé in dark blue 1930-35 Flowerpots by Copier for Leerdam A "Little Orange Vase" by de Bazel. Floris Meydam serica nr 76 for the Leerdam Glass Factory jaap Gidding 1928 leerdam glas factory A.D. Copier Unica Serica 13 A.D. Copier 1928 Serica nr 5 in bright blue (1928)


Distel Amsterdam pottery Rozenburg eggshell


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