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  1. Stunning colours - love it !
  2. Photos replaced with better ones
  3. Reminds me of Eichwald but thats not usually marked at all. Anyway looks more Germanic (Austria, Bohemia, Germany) to me than French which is what people often put when they don;t know. The mark see...
  4. English "Appeals" is more correct but "speaks" is stronger and would be understood by most people and is very often used among dealers and collectors. Your vase I'm 99% sure its Oriental but only ...
  5. Show it to Reyne (Haines) Hirsch She's a Tiffany expert
  6. Thank you Volkmar Very interesting Peter
  7. This piece is so stunningly beautiful .......OK OK as long as he stays at least 2000 miles away from you Grrr ;-)
  8. Before Kevlar, items stayed longer in the sand pit after being cracked of the pontil or as in this case, cut from the rod. If they stay there a while and cool, a granular texture can sometimes be seen...
  9. Thank you vetraio50
  10. Thanks Sean, it's not going anywhere till I find out for sure what it is. Hoglund from his own studio is looking more and more likely I think. Thanks Inky, same to you.
  11. Thanks for this. You have encouraged me to list my piece.
  12. This is a very fine and scarce piece. I would advise you edit your posting so that it appears in the Bohemian Glass category as well. This will the attract the attention of the experts in Harach glass...
  13. There seems to be some confusion here. To clarify. Rock Crystal is a type of Quartz, a naturally occurring mineral, NOT glass. It has been used to fashion items and has been "cut" for decorative e...
  14. The pontil looks to be ground but not polished and with part of the pontil scar remaining. This points to Bohemain rather than British but it's only one indication. The dotted enamel design is also m...
  15. I have a piece in a decor widely accepted as Kralik (one of the first decors to be so confidently attributed, more than 10 years ago). It's shape is very very similar to this. I'll post pics and link ...
  16. In my experience stopper matching numbers are usually (not always) engraved. This 18 looks to be painted and in the same enamel used in the decoration. I'm glad to see Riedel being considered (eve...
  17. Good detail in the bird. I've seen lots of birds on Bohemian vases but never one in this style. Ditto the Cleopatra's Fan. The style is a little naive, which has its own charm. An element of exotic ...
  18. Thank you very much guys. Surprised to get such fast answers. I had an inking it was something good though I don't recall having seen this style of decor on pearlescent glass before.
  19. I should have lightened the photos as the colours look stronger here than in real life. Actually its very very pale. Thanks for any help.
  20. Thank you vetraio50 Charcoal the vase is 9" high
  21. ooops heres another; Ricke's Lötz Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940 Band 1 and Band 2 This one ?
  22. Ricke II ?#I can only find one Loetz Ricke book, this: Lötz: Bohemian Glass 1880-1940 (ISBN 10: 3775713220 / ISBN 13: 9783775713221 ) Johann Lotz Witwe; Johann Lötz Witwe; Editor-Jan Mergl; Editor-...
  23. Perfect ! Thank you David, That's more detail than I could have hoped for. Thanks to everyone else too.
  24. Even with the uranium Alfredo ??
  25. Thank you Olympia ? Glatt ? It has no dimples.
  26. Please see Thank you
  27. LOLOL I was talking to a friend just the other day about Vienna mark-ups. Parisian ones are famous enough but those Wieners beat them hands down. Fascinating marks Mike. Thanks for posting.
  28. Thank you Alfredo Do you find sand cooled bases on much Kralik production ?
  29. Thank you. I'm hoping Alfredo will visit to confirm.
  30. Ooops Kralik I meant. Here: Thanks again Pete
  31. Thank you Alfredo. I was hoping you would respond. Please see my possible Loetz piece. Tim Harris (son of the famous Michael) at Isle of Wight Studio Glass was initially suggested. Most of their wor...
  32. As addictions go Art Glass is not a bad one to have but when it gets to the point where you have run out of space and you'd rather buy that vase than eat or sleep or pay the bills, even this can get s...
  33. Google images "Moser oroplastik" for similar golden applied bands
  34. It would appear that at this factory at this time the first two digits of the production number do indeed relate to the year. The numbers below seem to be merely index numbers. It's my understandin...
  35. Never seen a sulphide like this ! The dog looks like a Lhasa Apso to me.
  36. Quote: "it is known that cased blanks were made by Loetz and then sold to other glassmakers for finishing them." Not glass MAKERS as such but small finishing workshops which specialized in either cut...
  37. I would concur that its silver overlay & looks very thickly applied and of the period mentioned, if not earlier. I would guess it was made in Bohemia or Germany. These can fetch significant sums fro...
  38. There appear to be some chips ? Is it made of ceramic ? The numerals looks 5os in style. Try looking on the back of the mechanism for a makers mark.
  39. Its fabulous ! I am insanely jealous ! Pressed glass is rarely if ever unique because a major part of production cost is the making of the mold. Unfortunately the Czech never did planned & numbered...
  40. My first thought (before reading your comments) was Italian. It's a cockerel surely, with it's cock's comb ??
  41. Bretby is way underestimated IMHO ( also in the opinion of one of the Antiques shows experts ; Tim Wonnacott I seem to remember... ) especially their early 20th century production Pete
  42. Fabulous design. Very sexy ! You see it occasionally on Ebay Germany. Pieces with an intact Skrdlovice label are hard to find. Congrats ! Pete
  43. I am no expert in this type of glass. Just giving my reaction. Attributions on the internet must often be treated with caution. Even bona fide Ikora has complexities and differences eg pre-war and po...
  44. My comment was about the date of production, not of design. Production prior to re-privatization (return of ownership to the Beranek family) would have borne a Skrdlovice or generic Bohemia label. T...
  45. Kosta would be signed. Ditto for Holmegaard (Denmark). Riihimaki have used this a very similar colour though usually darker and I've never come across any in this shape. It's always best to photograp...
  46. Iittala ! Thanks. My first thought was Venini for whom Wirkkala did design. Stunning colour and form. Moser developed several different colours using Neodymium. Alexandrit / Alexandrite is the most ...
  47. I've seen quite a lot of WMF Ikora at glass fairs but not one in this shape. The patterning is also unusual and the glass looks thicker, heavier than normal but it's hard to tell from photos. Your qu...
  48. Wow ! What a whopper ! The gray canes internal decor is quite mesmerizing. Just a note: Use of the Skrdlovice name implies communist era production. This is post re-privatization ...about 1993 onwar...
  49. Is the gold applied on the surface of the glass or inset into an engraved pattern ? If the latter, then this implies a higher quality product and I believe that Moser has to be a contender. I don't kn...
  50. This colourway is known in Welz production but the shape should also be confirmed.
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Early Mdina Fish Vase? Vicke Lindstrand piece???


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