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  1. I don't want to disappoint you more than you already are, but there are true die hard Kosta Boda collectors out there and 60 pieces is a very limited run, so strap in for years of search and be prepar...
  2. beautiful examples of Japonisme glass, thank you for sharing! did they have Baccarat acid stamps, or other marks on bottom?
  3. Thank you friends for all the loves and comments!
  4. Thank you friends for all the loves and comments!
  5. wow, what a fantastic collection, were they produced for specific market? because I've never seen any of these on European auctions
  6. my favorite price. And it doesn't really matter that much on rare pieces acquired for personal appreciation
  7. it's really by the little things you have to judge what it most likely is, because general style of it is like something both the Bohemians and Venetians would do. But the difference is how would ...
  8. exquizit piece, congrats on a find! what's the bottom like? it wouldn't be surprising to me if it was Bohemian too
  9. Loetz unobtainium
  10. what a beauty, reminds me of the pair of mine "Levilles"
  11. beautiful piece, would be perfect companion for mine
  12. absolutely fantastic, but as Ozmarty said photo of the base would be very helpful for id
  13. fantastic display, thanks for sharing
  14. very interesting piece, to me it looks like someone is trying to imitate Zecchin's Veronese type vessel, but it's not it because handles are wrong and Venini wouldn't make base like that.
  15. nice, looks like glass to me
  16. agree with Inky, either Baccarat or ST. LOUIS
  17. looks like some kind of calendar/paperweight thing... Cyrillic is alphabet, not language and is based on Greek script, Russian is the biggest language that uses it. the text in the first pic says ...
  18. looks to be Loetz Metallin... very nice... post better pictures so we can confirm
  19. Barovier & Toso bowl is made in Efeso technique, fantastic find, congrats.
  20. Pretty piece, congrats. I suspect it could be WMF Ikora.
  21. Nice one, it's ZBS (Zelezny Brod Sklo)
  22. very beautiful piece, sorry no help from me, have no idea. consistent with Tango styles so all the great bohemians are a possibility too.
  23. wow, amazing
  24. great find, congrats!
  25. very interesting piece, it seems some artist was inspired by Webb cameos. It's either paint or maybe enamel.
  26. I've seen this before, but have no idea who made it, very curious too.
  27. Yeah nice piece! my thoughts exactly either new dec. or maybe one off experimental or botched piece, I haven't seen this dec. on other shapes. excellent find!
  28. I don't know what they are meant to be, but I just wanted to add that many art glass pieces although are made as vases are never used to hold flowers, often they are just admired as sculptural pieces ...
  29. Kralik does not have this exact double stripe decor, I've seen this done in this fashion only by Welz
  30. these are characteristically Welz stripes, so both oxblood and avanturine are by them.
  31. Hi Antiquerose! The ware is very slight, but as I said it's very light. Thank You, your's is nice too, looks like one of those AVeM pieces.
  32. Thank You friends for all the loves and comments!
  33. no the one in the post is from 1910 and unfortunately it's not mine, it's in a library.
  34. Thank You Sean! And yes, again, that's what I'm talking about, very similar shape, just a little bit different.
  35. Thank You all for loves and comments! Ivonne, that's what I'm talking about... I've seen that shape, but it's not the same, and WMF has many of them, with the same formula, but different proportion...
  36. oh Thank You Kralik1928! I was very confused with it because I have not seen a comparable item before it and since I posted too. I would absolutely love to see the pictures of your's. is your email th...
  37. Thank You for comments, love and the link Ivonne! I read the article and it tells, that they had some kind of workshops, that they painted the porcelain and engraved the glass. Yeah it seems they d...
  38. Thank You Ivan for comment and love! Yes, I know, Chinese produce can only fool the casual collector usually, because they are proficient at making resource intensive and skill poor items at low p...
  39. looks like Loetz Diaspora
  40. I haven't seen anything like it, very nice! It gives me feeling of PK, but that's only my intuition talking, I have nothing to back it up.
  41. I've seen this dec before and when I saw it it left me somewhat confused like many of you because the technique is too advanced for cheep production (it's almost like reticello as far as I can see, un...
  42. amazing, congrats on find!
  43. Thank You Sean! I hope you had Merry Christmas too!
  44. Harrach? the colors are most unusual. very attractive piece!
  45. Thank You Michelle! looks like mix of Art Deco and Art Nuevo and some national romaticism to me :D
  46. Thank You friends for all the loves and comments! Thank's Michelle for suggesting Secessionist influence, do you know of a page or gallery of Secessionist art glass examples? I have hard time recog...
  47. Thank You friends for all the loves and comment!
  48. Thank You friends for all the loves and comments!
  49. Thank You friends for all the loves and comment! Hey Ian! sure it works perfectly well as a vase, it's just the shape that gave me that idea... WMF lamp feet usually don't have drilled holes, but ...
  50. Thank you Sean! I like it a lot too
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