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My husband and I have been collecting art glass for many years. We probably have not met a piece of art glass that we didn't like. Our interests range from Loetz & My husband and I have been collecting art glass for many years. We probably have not met a piece of art glass that we didn't like. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass to works from Studio artists such as Lotton, Satava, etc. In 2012, when Eddy Scheppers decided to sell the website he had created, Loetz.com, Tony Ellery and I purchased it to ensure that collectors from around the world would continue to have access to this amazing site. We also wanted to preserve the history of this glass and dedicate our time doing Loetz research to provide updates and corrections based on archival resources. We welcome any large size photos of Loetz examples that you would like to submit to: info@loetz.com (Read more)


I bought this vase because … - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Birthday present to us! - Art Glassin Art Glass
A "Fantaska" new Loetz Decor! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Poshinger vs PK Green Ground & red veins - Art Glassin Art Glass
Identifying Loetz Decors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Identifying Loetz! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Decor Names... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PG 6893 was not only fairly common but was made in almost every color that Loetz produced! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Animal Figures- Turtle & Stork - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Shuzbut - Maybe I missed something here but the only vase that I found that you showed was the link to an auction house's rainbow vase. While the auction house attributed that vase to Webb, it is actu...
  2. Shuzbut - Yes, I think the auction house got it wrong. But to their defense most auction houses don't understand the depth of production of Loetz. This early example of Loetz rainbow can even be doub...
  3. Very interesting! Etrusk is a wonderful Loetz decor.
  4. Love it!
  5. Wonderful post along with photos of great examples. Very interesting. Thank you!
  6. Wow! Just beautiful. Congratulations on being able to add such a fine example to your early Loetz collection.
  7. All beautiful examples especially the first one! Thanks for taking the time to share this information.
  8. Beautiful and rare! Congratulations on adding such a fine example to your collection!
  9. These decors are exciting on their own but for the designers they must have been selected to help compliment and enhance their shape designs. Great examples of these decors. Thanks for sharing.
  10. What a wonderful collection. Not many collectors have examples done by MK, but your collection in these shapes is superb! I especially love your rare example of PN 1090/51, pensée with diana ciselé. ...
  11. Teaks everyone for the kind comments and loves.
  12. Love it!
  13. I love the Arcadia decor as well. I agree, it is also fun collecting various shapes produced in the same decor. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Great research! Thank you for sharing this.
  15. OMG, perfection! Congratulations.
  16. A beautiful example of Loetz and the historical information most informative. Thank you!
  17. Just a wonderful example! Congratulations
  18. Very interesting! Thanks so much for sharing this research and information. Love your collection of mussels.
  19. Wonderful research, Brian. Thank you!
  20. Very interesting! I did not know this. Thanks for the information on this art glass.
  21. Love it! Congratulations.
  22. Another amazing piece. Congratulations! You have a wonderful MK collection already in just these first two pieces.
  23. I have a question for you about the Loetz Columbia decor. I tried to reach you via email but didn't hear back. Try to reach me at info@loetz.com. Thanks!
  24. Thanks, Kai. That means a lot coming from you as I know and admire your wonderful collection of Loetz also.
  25. A very impressive vase indeed! I have seen it in person so I know how wonderful it truly is.
  26. Beautiful- absolutely beautiful!
  27. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and loves!
  28. Just beautiful! They are amazing and will now have a rightful place of honor in your home. Congratulations on being able to add these two magnificent lamps to your collection.
  29. Originally, I know you were skeptical of this shade being Loetz and I agreed with your original assessment. I think the vase was likely done by the same maker. Personally, I think both the shade and ...
  30. I am not sure who made this shade, but I would agree with your assessment.
  31. Congratulations on getting such a great example of this rare Loetz decor!
  32. Oh, so sorry! There is nothing worse than the sound of breaking glass in ones collection. I look forward to see the reincarnation of this beautiful piece. However, before you do this, there are glass...
  33. Love it! Great example. Congratulations.
  34. Great discovery and wonderful shade! Congratulations
  35. Lotton "Sunset" is an amber colored crystal glass. This is one of his signature colors that he has been using for most of his career. It can be mixed with a layer of opal and decorated with flowers o...
  36. Beautiful Charles Lotton "Opal sunset Cypriot Lava". I have watched him make several "Lavas" over the years. The red "spots" are frit or pieces of glass that Charles has rolled the hot glass into. T...
  37. Very different and rare example. Nice way to celebrate your "600th" post! . Congratulations
  38. Hot glass has been worked into various artistic shapes for hundreds of years. Glass artists have added handles, feet and other embellishments to glass since the beginnings of ancient glass production....
  39. Beautiful! A very nice addition to your collection. Thanks for sharing the history of this vase.
  40. Love the vase, love the story of the research and discovery and all of the "expert" attributions along the way. I especially enjoyed learning that Charles Lotton was the only expert that actually kne...
  41. Great example. Congratulations
  42. Beautiful. Yes, this is the Sphinx decor. I have several examples of it but just haven't had a chance to add it to the site yet. Congratulations. Very nice example.
  43. Beautiful!
  44. Absolutely beautiful. I have her sister in PG 85/5047. I love the bronze metal mount on these. Congratulations on a wonderful addition to your collection!
  45. Love these cobalt blue Papillon pieces with the handles. Very nice. Congratulations.
  46. The colors are indeed spectacular in this vase. Love the handles too. Congratulations.
  47. Ales, I found the PN for your vase! PN II-1967 matches the shape and size of your vase and documents "Dekor 624" in the production notes. The production notes also confirm your thoughts about your T...
  48. Great example of this decor. Congratulations! I love seeing this decor in this shape with the decor mentioned in the production notes! 4 stars! This is also the first example of this decor with a "LA...
  49. We can't be certain that this example is Loetz. There were several other glass producers who used this shape including Murano. The sea blue colors and white opal ground are also not typical of Loetz....
  50. What a beautiful example of this decor. Thank you for sharing it here.
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