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My husband and I have been collecting art glass for many years. We probably have not met a piece of art glass that we didn't like. Our interests range from Loetz & My husband and I have been collecting art glass for many years. We probably have not met a piece of art glass that we didn't like. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass to works from Studio artists such as Lotton, Satava, etc. In 2012, when Eddy Scheppers decided to sell the website he had created, Loetz.com, Tony Ellery and I purchased it to ensure that collectors from around the world would continue to have access to this amazing site. We also wanted to preserve the history of this glass and dedicate our time doing Loetz research to provide updates and corrections based on archival resources. We welcome any large size photos of Loetz examples that you would like to submit to: info@loetz.com (Read more)


A "Fantaska" new Loetz Decor! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Poshinger vs PK Green Ground & red veins - Art Glassin Art Glass
Identifying Loetz Decors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Identifying Loetz! - Art Glassin Art Glass
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Loetz PG 6893 was not only fairly common but was made in almost every color that Loetz produced! - Art Glassin Art Glass
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  1. Oh, so sorry! There is nothing worse than the sound of breaking glass in ones collection. I look forward to see the reincarnation of this beautiful piece. However, before you do this, there are glass...
  2. Love it! Great example. Congratulations.
  3. Great discovery and wonderful shade! Congratulations
  4. Lotton "Sunset" is an amber colored crystal glass. This is one of his signature colors that he has been using for most of his career. It can be mixed with a layer of opal and decorated with flowers o...
  5. Beautiful Charles Lotton "Opal sunset Cypriot Lava". I have watched him make several "Lavas" over the years. The red "spots" are frit or pieces of glass that Charles has rolled the hot glass into. T...
  6. Very different and rare example. Nice way to celebrate your "600th" post! . Congratulations
  7. Craig, Please watch the video again. In the first minute the narrator tells us that: "Jason made the leg earlier in his own studio back in Seattle. He brought it down to 253 and put it in their pickup...
  8. DuDa - You are absolutely correct there are many videos that show how molten glass objects are made. Hot glass has been worked into various artistic shapes for hundreds of years. Glass artists have ad...
  9. Hot glass has been worked into various artistic shapes for hundreds of years. Glass artists have added handles, feet and other embellishments to glass since the beginnings of ancient glass production....
  10. Beautiful! A very nice addition to your collection. Thanks for sharing the history of this vase.
  11. Love the vase, love the story of the research and discovery and all of the "expert" attributions along the way. I especially enjoyed learning that Charles Lotton was the only expert that actually kne...
  12. Great example. Congratulations
  13. Beautiful. Yes, this is the Sphinx decor. I have several examples of it but just haven't had a chance to add it to the site yet. Congratulations. Very nice example.
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Absolutely beautiful. I have her sister in PG 85/5047. I love the bronze metal mount on these. Congratulations on a wonderful addition to your collection!
  16. Love these cobalt blue Papillon pieces with the handles. Very nice. Congratulations.
  17. The colors are indeed spectacular in this vase. Love the handles too. Congratulations.
  18. Ales, I found the PN for your vase! PN II-1967 matches the shape and size of your vase and documents "Dekor 624" in the production notes. The production notes also confirm your thoughts about your T...
  19. Great example of this decor. Congratulations! I love seeing this decor in this shape with the decor mentioned in the production notes! 4 stars! This is also the first example of this decor with a "LA...
  20. We can't be certain that this example is Loetz. There were several other glass producers who used this shape including Murano. The sea blue colors and white opal ground are also not typical of Loetz....
  21. What a beautiful example of this decor. Thank you for sharing it here.
  22. This vase is indeed Loetz candia glatt. In certain decors Loetz candia can appear to have a golden tint but this is due to the exterior iridescent applications. Just as often it is clear as is ind...
  23. Great detective work on this mark, Ales!
  24. I think it is trying to resemble a Rindskopf but the deep red ground and threading on the bottom makes me think it could be newer. The shape as well as your mention that it is a bit heavy also leads ...
  25. Lovely Merkur example! As Ales mentioned, your Astglass is documented in PN II-739 as your vase matches the size and decor name, "Orange Astglass", in the production notes. Your Merkur matches the s...
  26. I would add and Ales can confirm that the brown vases also have a unique shimmer to them. It reminds me of the new paint that they are using on black cars now. It's like a dusting of sparkles.
  27. Thanks, Kai, for your kind words and amazing photo library. We couldn't do this work without you!
  28. Jericho, I thought this would bring a smile! Glad I could make your day! Enjoy! Deb
  29. Congratulations on acquiring such a rare and wonderful piece Harrach. Of course, all of the credit goes to you, my dear friend, for being such a patient and learned researcher of Bohemian art glass. K...
  30. And now we know the name of this Loetz decor - Ausf 220 aka Korbgeflecht!! https://www.loetz.com/101-news/207-another-new-decor-ausf-220-aka-korbgeflecht-or-basket-weave
  31. And now we know the name of this Loetz decor - Ausf 220 aka Korbgeflecht https://www.loetz.com/101-news/207-another-new-decor-ausf-220-aka-korbgeflecht-or-basket-weave
  32. Now, for the rest of the story...the 3rd vase shown is PN II-963 which also documents this decor as PG 3/492!
  33. Wow! What a beauty! Congrats.
  34. What a great find, Warren. I also loved seeing the paper pattern that matches this piece. Wonderful!
  35. I love this piece. Loetz figurals are very rare and even though this one was heavily damaged, it is well worth preserving and adding to any Loetz collection. As to why this piece is not currently sho...
  36. Very cool!
  37. The assignment of these two decors has been in question for some time. Currently, there are only two sources where either the Persica or Pavonia decors are mentioned: Ricke 1 pg 68 & 352 and Band 2, ...
  38. Volkmar, A great example of the Syrius decor. Congratulations on acquiring such a fine example. Thank you also for sharing some of the history of this decor. The "Heliotrope" description also explain...
  39. Volkmar, I agree with you. I think "Silveria" might be the correct name for these examples. Clearly, they are very special and different from the :"origianl" Texas decor as we know it. Good Sleuthing!...
  40. Great sluething, Warren! Nice discovery of another new Loetz decor
  41. Beautiful example s and I agree with your assessment about the color. I also have the same example in Ausf 113.
  42. Congratulations, Volkmar, on adding such a rare and beautiful example of Poshinger to your collection.
  43. This piece would go great sitting on top of the Cooper Hewitt Museum's Adolf Loos "Elephant leg" table with the Loetz tile inserts. (or my table, if you want to send it to me! LOL) https://www.artsy.n...
  44. Love, love, love this vase, Warren. The elephant metal holder is also most interesting. Congratulations!
  45. Very cool! Thanks for sharing these.
  46. Very nice!
  47. Beautiful! Congratulations on such a nice and rare addition to your collection.
  48. Very nice. You are doing a great job of researching these Loetz shade examples. You are correct that this is a Titania-type decor. The "Gre" referenced in the production notes indicates "Titania Gr...
  49. Volkmar, I have Ploils' book and enjoyed seeing your photos of the signature and actual vase being offered at Dr Fischers. While this example, "Vase orangeopal with hyalith foot", is surely the missi...
  50. Very nice!
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