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My husband and I have been collecting art glass for a number of years. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass from the Art Nouveau period to works from StudMy husband and I have been collecting art glass for a number of years. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass from the Art Nouveau period to works from Studio artists such as Lotton, Satava, etc. In 2012 when Eddy Scheppers decided to sell the website he had created, Loetz.com, Tony Ellery and I purchased it to ensure that collectors from around the world would continue to have access to this amazing site. We are in the process of updating and adding new information about Loetz and hope to unveil the new Loetz.com site in 2013. We welcome any large size photos of Loetz examples that you would like to submit. My email address is: Deb@MoltenSplendor.com (Read more)


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  1. What a beautiful example! I just added it to the site and made it the thumbnail for the DEK IV/714 section. Congratulations on adding such a nice piece to your collection.
  2. Great find, Frank! How tall is it?
  3. I just special ordered a couple of copies of the Series II books from our European distributor . PM me if you want me to reserve one for you.
  4. I've had various conversations with the powers to be regarding the additional publications from the Loetz archives mentioned in Series II and, sadly, these will likely not come to fruition.
  5. Yes, a lovely example of Crete Papillon and it is nice to see another new DEK identified. Unless you subscribe to Kant's philosophy, one of the beauties of collecting Loetz is knowing it is what it is!
  6. It's a beauty! Interestingly, we are currently working on identify PG decors for several Loetz shades and will have a large group of new PG's to roll out soon. In fact, Kai had just sent out the Quit...
  7. Yellow Medici, my favorite and this one is especially nice. Congrats.
  8. Volkmar, Great work on discovering this new Heckert decor. I have been collecting photo examples of it over the years and didn't know until today who made these. Thank you! I will email you photos of ...
  9. Can you contact me about your vase? Another collector provided some excellent insights that I would like to share with you. To email me you can click the "contact us" link on Loetz.com. Thanks, Deb
  10. Lovely shade, Lisa. You are also correct that it is an example of PG 2/187.
  11. Alan, We agree that this is not Loetz but a very nice piece of Bohemian art glass. The beauty of a website is that we can update it as new information arises. We appreciate you bringing this to our ...
  12. Actually, I have studied your vase and believe it is an example of another but rarer PG decor. If you email me, I can share more details of my research with you.
  13. Beautiful! PN II-827 which also mentions the 12 indentations. Congratulations on acquiring such a great piece of Loetz.
  14. Luckily for collectors, Loetz is pretty consistent. While we occasionally find anomalies, once you know the Loetz basics, not too much slips bye nor can it be added in!
  15. I have never seen an example of this decor in a blue ground nor have a seen a mention of it in any of the printed Loetz archival information.
  16. Another sexy looking Loetz PG! Very nice.
  17. Many of the pieces previously exhibited at the MAK are now on exhibit at the PASK. The same collector loaned his collection to both institutions but pulled his collection from the MAK to create the P...
  18. Great vase. I especially love the blue examples in this decor. Congrats on a great addition to your collection.
  19. Beautiful piece and great new decor for the site! Congratulations!
  20. What a beautiful and interesting piece. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  21. Another super nice early piece of Bohemian art glass. The photos together with the fantastic historical information about this Harrach vase was made this not only nice piece to look at but also very i...
  22. A beautiful vase and a rare and wonderful find. Great research too. Your early Bohemian glass collection is really growing.
  23. I like your photos with the black background. They highlight the Titantia thread design. Looking forward to your additional photos. I have a ton of site work updates that need to be done. Hopefully,...
  24. Yes, Gre 2514! I think you and I were the main bidders on this one! I am so glad you got it. As we say in the Loetz Advisory group, it is good to know that it is being kept in the "family".
  25. To my eye, this vase is half a PG 7734 and half "bronce (with) Silberstreifen". This type of decor pattern change or variance also occurs occasionally in some PG 6893's when the shape of the vessel m...
  26. Beautiful. I also collect and appreciate early Art Nouveau style studio glass. It is amazing what these artists were able to create by hand.
  27. What a great shape and the first time that I have seen a real example of a production in the paper pattern I-6696. I'd like to add a photo of this one on the site if that is okay with you.
  28. Warren, love, love ,love this one! Rare, beautiful & documented. Can't get better than that in a Loetz collection. Congratulations.
  29. This is probably one of the most beautiful examples of studio glass that I've seen. I can understand why you would want to make it your 100th CW post.
  30. Another new decor discovered! Great work Warren. Yes, it would be nice to find a few additional photographic examples of this decor. Any contributions from the CW folks would be much appreciated.
  31. Great piece! Looks like I will need to add this example to the site. Very nice. Congratulations on such a nice addition to your collection.
  32. Yes, this one is an example of "Norma" which is pretty rare as far as Loetz inkwells go! Great piece!
  33. A beauty! Love this one.
  34. A great example of this decor! Congratulations on such a nice addition to your collection.
  35. Lovely!
  36. Great piece! Congratulations on such a nice addition to your collection.
  37. Based on the shape and the photos showing the smaller "spots" on the finish, this piece could be an example of Silberiris II which has a similar appearance to Cisele. Nice example. http://www.loetz.co...
  38. What a great example of this decor. I can see why it is displayed as one of your favorites. Thanks for sharing.
  39. We have been back to the PGM three more times since seeing this wonderful collection for the first time and meeting you and some of the other members of our "Glass Hound" group in person. Thanks, my ...
  40. oldebodie, a good question. The answer is that there can be variables in the Bohemian glass made during this era but usually these variables are only slight for two reasons. 1) c1900-1920's Bohemian ...
  41. Nice post Kai. I also posted a message nicely directing Al to visit his PGM photos which show Poshinger case #16. But, sadly, that post was also deleted so I posted an article showing these pieces so...
  42. Yes, Ausf 56. Nice example. Here "Silber" refers to the decor "Silberiris" rather than the color, "silver".
  43. Congratulations on being able to add this magnificent example to your collection. Thank you also for the wonderful information on this decor.
  44. You really don't need the expensive books just "flip through the pages" of Loetz.com. Like the books, it takes a bit of time to do the research but the information is there and it's FREE! Great examp...
  45. Volkmar, this is an unusual mark indeed. We have the other ones that you mentioned posted on Loetz.com. But, you are right, I have not seen another mark identical to this one before. Very interesting.
  46. A very rare example indeed. In fact your recent acquisition reminded me that I needed to updated the signature article on Loetz.com to reflect this rare example! Isn't it fun when your research bears ...
  47. Great piece. I have one and can attest that this decor is amazing and it comes alive with different intensity of light on it. Can you tell me how many indents this one has? Thanks.
  48. Yikes! A dreadful signature. I am sure there are Goldberg pieces out there with "LCT" signatures on them as well.
  49. I agree! I don't understand how museums in this day and age can accept a donation in 2014 of known Kralik pieces and attribute them to Loetz. The Kralik silverband pair that they accepted are excepti...
  50. Lovely Goldberg vase. Definitely not Loetz. The Museum indicates that the signature engraved in gold as "Loetz" is [ false signature ?] . The museum also shows several Kralik and PK vases included ...
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