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Brighton, England.

I buy and sell small, interesting, antiques and collectables, a selection of which can be seen in cabinets LJA in Lewes Flea Market. Here are a wide range of items I buy and sell small, interesting, antiques and collectables, a selection of which can be seen in cabinets LJA in Lewes Flea Market. Here are a wide range of items including glass which is emerging as my passion. I enjoy researching and learning about my finds. I just wish I knew more about the "stuff" but as I don't I may annoy you with my ceaseless questions...... (Read more)


  1. Thankyou Sean, Yes, it has, what appears to my uneducated eyes, a cobweb type bottom. The full unedited album for this vase is uploaded to where there are other pictu...
  2. It's quite alright..... I feel a little bit like a fly on the wall.... Though I could barely understand a word.
  3. Thankyou Ivonne - That helps. Slowly, I grow in understanding....
  4. Could they be by Egermann?
  5. Thankyou Cindi, Unfortunately I made the mistake of selling the Amathyst Glass peice. One of only a few I still regret.
  6. Agreed, kivatinitz. Without their generous help I would have given up long ago.....
  7. Thankyou for answering this mystery and especially the humour. I shall not forget "what's-it-called" in a hurry. Jennifer.
  8. Many thanks to you, Marcus for the information. Much appreciated by this learner. Jennifer.
  9. Thankyou "M" (Verretcheque), Were they made for Mappin Webb or own retail and do you know which part of Crystalex made it also am I al least right in my assumption of '70s
  10. I see the similarity John2John, I have little documentation having bought it in a local auction - one that I regularly use for buying and selling. It came in a mixed lot
  11. Thankyou Kairomalte, It was Wellanoptisch and Esmeralda which were giving me pause to think. I must be getting better..... Two years ago I couldn't have recognised Loetz if it bit me. ^_^
  12. Wow! Thankyou for that one Cairngorm...... ^_^ Confirmed..
  13. WOW! I have no idea who made this, but I do like it.
  14. I think you have both hit the nail....... I took a look at the ebay page and am satisfied there are sufficient similarities between the two. Many thanks.
  15. Thankyou Racer, I have just joined them but will try when "cleared".
  16. Many thanks to you both Craig & Rose.
  17. Oh! I see...... I am being thick. I cite tiredness as my defence. But a quick search turns up nothing obvious.
  18. As in IanBrighton?? Or am I being thick?
  19. Thankyou, thank you both for the likes.
  20. Thankyou Inky ^_^
  21. I truly love this and the cat only helps a little bit. Happy birthday for next Sat. It was mine last Sat nd I also bought a piece of loetz. :)
  22. Thankyou, yesterdaysglass. I've had a number of good finds recently which are still making me smile so much my face hurts.
  23. Thankyou Ozmarty. It does have presence.
  24. Recent information from "elsewhere"...... "A" Suggests that these are Czech but........ "not great quality". Anyone know who or when??
  25. Woo Hoo. Thankyou TallCakes, that's music to my ears. Just what I wanted to hear.
  26. I enjoyed myself looking theough Many thanks, Ian.
  27. ruffled, not stippled - Blue..... I saw that and the links to identify fakes etc. But I'm prejudiced in favour of genuine. ^_^
  28. Beautiful!
  29. I agree, they are different, but as MacArt says they look like the molds are related, or at least the design. I have also seen what you say about the feet looking Kraliky on other items. I don't cou...
  30. Wow! That's fast and reassuring. I did wonder about Kralik (after I decided it wasn't really Loetz), but have a complete lack of resources other than the interweb. The above written some 3 1/2 hour...
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Unknown vase with signature Interesting unidentified cranberry lobed ribbed glass vase with thorn teardrops Northwood or Not...... Jack in the Pulpit I think I have seen it before.........


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