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Missoula, Montana, USA

I have been collecting glass and pottery for over 15 years now, and I have a few good ones by now. I collect Loetz, Tiffany, Steuben, Quezal, Durand and all the otheI have been collecting glass and pottery for over 15 years now, and I have a few good ones by now. I collect Loetz, Tiffany, Steuben, Quezal, Durand and all the other likely suspects. Also Rookwood, Grueby, Teco, Van Briggle, Newcomb College, George Ohr, SEG, UND and any great vintage art pottery I can put my hands on. I look for the rare and unique, and I like a challange when it comes to identification and attribution. I'm a big fan of Dr. Alfredo! (Read more)


  1. Great job, another very informative post, and this is a great rare example. Thanks for posting!
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. You're welcome John, looks great with the other Coppelia!
  4. Wow, you found the PN for the handled one (wonder where that came from?) sorry about the stress fracture but you know how that goes! Great collection.
  5. Happy new year vetraio50!
  6. Merry Christmas Sean!
  7. Yup, I believe it now! Thanks for the information on this beautiful and very unusual Loetz item. It must be very impressive to see and hold.
  8. Doesn't need a signature! But yes, that would make it complete. I had one the same colors but not as nice. Great find!
  9. Is it lead crystal also, Warren? I have never seen anything quite like it. Marvelous!
  10. Yeah Mr. T, their red Flambe was pretty intense. I hear these are pretty rare.
  11. Thanks again P_H, and the point about the grinding is really what I was talking about in my post. Steuben surely did use the waffle pontil as I have learned, but they would not have left it sloppily ...
  12. Thanks Project_Harrach, so you're saying the waffle pontil on the piece in question is not a Steuben pontil, and therefore not Steuben? Would the item be signed as in your linked page? Either was it s...
  13. Other question; did Steuben make two different versions of this piece? Did they find that the design was too hard to make so they made newer version that did not break as much? Steuben experts what do...
  14. Okay, there is still a question about Steuben using the waffle pontil only ground and not polished. Does anyone have an example of a genuine Steuben piece with this waffle unpolished pontil? One that ...
  15. Thanks paris1925. :)
  16. Another amazing find. Wow!
  17. Thanks Kyle, I think they go nicely together too.
  18. I wonder what makes it glow red under UV? I will have to do some research on that! Maybe it's due to the cased glass? Very interesting!
  19. This one is amazing, and I love the tulip form "ein tulpe vase" auf Deutsch. The 358 decor is top notch on this one. Absolutely gorgeous! Now the next chase begins!
  20. Thanks SteveS. I'd like to find a small example of the 85/5029 too, but what are the odds of that?
  21. Good thing the restriction doesn't extend to fellow collectors. I will have to get some shots of my "fancies". I do like that cabinet, but without the contents it's not very fancy at all. :)
  22. Thanks glasfreund & austrohungaro.
  23. Thanks Moonstonelover21, LoetzDance and bracken3. I mentioned in my post that I had some help, and it shows how this type of online community can really enhance the entire collecting experience. We su...
  24. Thanks Frank, from cold old Montana. I have a little envy too, since this is the time of year to leave MA and go to nice warm Puerto Rico! Hope you're enjoying it. It's about 25 here, but it was zero ...
  25. Thanks Elaine.x.
  26. Thanks Oz-man. I agree that words don't do it justice - that's why I have very little in the way of description in my posting. What is there to say? Thanks again!
  27. Thanks Gary and Sean.
  28. Thank you very, very much JayHow. It is an amazing feeling, and I really so appreciate your comments.
  29. Thanks for the love GC. The tall one is 12-1/2" tall (31.8 cm).
  30. Thanks Tony and Dave; I had this cataloged as PG 202, but now I see the difference. Cantz only has this with an orange background and metallic yellow decor. I guess I need to get the 1900 Series II.
  31. I agree, Lee. And this one is especially wonderful.
  32. I love the shape on this one, T. This decor is subtle but oh so beautiful, and as you say took quite a bit of skill to get the waves so even and smooth. Excellent!
  33. You did it again Frank! I didn't bid but I wanted to. Good job, and congratulations.
  34. By far the best example of Empire I have ever seen. Wonderful!
  35. Now I see that this decor has thick glass as part of the optic effect, like the one just posted by David. Don't see many of these. Hope you still have it?
  36. The glass seems thick on this one; almost paperweight-like. I agree that it is very reminiscent of Tiffany paperweight vases, especially with the aventurine spots. This is the best example of Medina I...
  37. Beautiful, and the same decor as the "brother" that FWF has. I'd say it has all the attributes and qualities of a Loetz piece, right down to the polished pontil (although that is not conclusive of cou...
  38. You know I wanted this one, Frank. I'm glad you got it. Great piece of Loetz!
  39. What's that crappy Tiffany doing in there? (third photo with flowers) :) And what's my Loetz collection doing in your house? Thanks again for all of your posts, seeing the entire collection is w...
  40. I think it's Kralik too. 10" is not a typical size for Rindskopf, but that's just an observation. Love the colors in this one.
  41. Hey Frank, did you get my email from Tony? Drop me a line.
  42. I was about to buy the Koch the other day, and since you think it's the best I'll go ahead and do that. Thanks Frank!
  43. Thanks Frank; I recently got the Steeg book, and he agrees (1913). I have not seen the Koch; is it a better book? Usually when you put "bible" with a book title that means it's pretty good. Thanks!
  44. N prefix = 1900; same year as Paris World Exhibition; same year Loetz was making very similar items. Did L.C. Tiffany borrow from Loetz or the other way around? Or both at the same time? Exquisite ...
  45. Very nice. My first guess would be Poschinger, but Kralik is also a possibility. Looks like Bohemian glass from about 1900, and yes Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. The optic molding is quite nice.
  46. I agree, it may be a Charles Lotton piece - I have seen him use similar color combinations, and the technique is consistent with his work. Of course one of the Lotton family is also a good chance too....
  47. That's possible; that the small size compressed the application. But I noticed that most Cytisus has groups of two lines that form a thin leaf-like design, and most groups of lines have even numbers o...
  48. Red on yellow is a great combination, and this one is superb!
  49. Very nice! My first impression is not Loetz, but a modern interpretation of Cytisus. I have never seen this color combination, and the decoration looks different than Loetz in color and technique. The...
  50. As far as I know these early pieces are more rare, and more likely to be "unique". This does not always equate to more value however, because people like the signed varieties to reassure them that it'...
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