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far enough away and closer then some...

.I just enjoy life ,this is just part of it..


  1. Why cant you just throw away the box and give a child the car and tell them to go out and play ...rather then you come in here with silly questions like oh my what shell I do ...really ....I tell ya w...
  2. You have a wonderful collection ...really nice..I cant phantom the time you have in these..
  3. really nice michael,.. any thing by Ben Franklin ..?
  4. I should of said 6 or more
  5. I know Loetz's Put out 6 different pieces of glass with snakes on them ... lol guess he got into them or they sold well...
  6. No fear there....I guess their ok as long there not base great view..lovely pictures...
  7. I have to poke my head in on your room just to see your next post
  8. very nice..
  9. very nice,,,
  10. Very nice................
  11. Vert pretty brooch ..,looks like it from the days of the Irish and the O Tools..who where full of love and romance ,,,smiling ..
  12. ah the 40's they had style back then ...nice tin..
  13. you can never have enough old iron .. to make things ,repair things or just fire up the welder and make a work of art....smiling nice post
  14. just lovely .....
  15. Hey mate anything in the pouch ....smiling ..very pretty the colors are festive... '-))
  16. pretty kitty .... U sure its not a skunk getting ready to spray .....lo just me being foolish,.. love the color ..later
  17. Very cool racer4four, I'll most likely be dead before the next one o well..I'll have to improvise...smiling,.. nice post
  18. I see u putting the grove on with your shades..far out..I remember when I first started dating the wife we stopped at a DD ..and I went in told the girl what I wanted she ask your drinking them here ...
  19. love it all, the sign says it all ....why people have to twist what is say around to suit them is be on me CQ CQ .....used to hit the big ham fest in the NE...later
  20. ya had many hours at the lunch counter with my young punkie friends lol they would throw us out in the winter when we only wanted to hang around at the counter for hours with only a 10 cent coffee ju...
  21. I wanted to go to Isle of Man this spring as part of my bucket list I seen every motorcycle race they have put out on video ..thought it would of been great to go and take some shorts of my ow...
  22. Was this By Nash .....They had him do a seascape.on some glass that looked 3 cd Tiff did not care how much money it cost he told Nash ..well Nash finger a way to do it but he only got 1 out of every...
  23. the man.... smiling
  24. When we had the band ...the band Elroy !!!!! ... the kids would go nuts when we include it in one of our set come on Elroy your really that old ...yup
  25. hmmm fishing ,,,..summer bugs ... yum I'm ready .. cool stanch..or is it with out a later
  26. nice find Dave...
  27. wow that's a looker ,..nice score on it all.
  28. I think I would call it.... bat cat cute thing that cat...
  29. no wonder Woolworth went under .. I could of got 2 bits ..... where do you get all this stuff much less store it ... lol later bud.
  30. i"m sure the train wont miss it tomorrow cool score...
  31. i see you have your guard dog keeping a eye on things ....smiling pooch..'=))
  32. Wonder how many sheep they lose each year due to mines....? pisser card , must of lost a glider or two as this after ww1 or ww2 hmmmmm..nice post..
  33. lol pick one ...
  34. ...later
  35. if you right click yours pictures before loading them here and select rotate right or left ....might help ya with your pictures ..good luck ...
  36. I have the same bronze ...ask Nicky
  37. Wow You'll have the roof on by dinner time smiling ...looking good..any lean too's off the sides planed for storage ....
  38. Hey Nice Shorts you take ...'-)) HVD
  39. This is just wonderful ...
  40. Very nice again and the write up as well....
  41. l really like the write up well done.....
  42. here's how it could of landed there snip..
  43. Nice truck...
  44. I have one not a sweet as yours ...this is killer ..
  45. Yip U do have a few ....'-)) Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  46. Niceeeeeeeee..
  47. alright I could get into some pan cakes... about post ..
  48. Nice One,. I have a old one I'll have to post by and by ..
  49. Ho Ho Ho I'm a little late....stay warm.. '-))
  50. nice photos....and garden ...
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