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4095 W. Center St Provo Ut

I'm an old guy in my mid 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We disI'm an old guy in my mid 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We display them all at a large Storage Facility on the Main Street in Provo Ut including a couple of antique Gas Stations as well. Ck us out online at aaalakesidestorage.com (Read more)


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Island Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
Tokheim Electric Visible - Petrolianain Petroliana
Mystery gas pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
1921 Hayes Visible Gas Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
Clear Vision Model G Gas Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
Christmas Vizio - Petrolianain Petroliana
Tokheim 36 B  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Butler 131 for Christmas - Petrolianain Petroliana
Ashland Gas/Oil - Advertisingin Advertising
B/A Gas and Oil - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Very cute find! Luv it.
  2. Wow! That was the same week end I was out gathering all the signs I've been buying over the past 6 months! Awesome finds! Long drive to Dixie from Utah!
  3. Agreed! U found a real beauty when u got that one! Very nice! Beautiful spot to display it as well!
  4. Great sign and great pix with the feisty girl holding it! She is becoming more tolerant of your "illness" it appears.
  5. Awesome find!!! Luv it!
  6. You've done it again! Another very cool find!
  7. Another great find! Congrats!!!
  8. Another super find!
  9. U seem to just keep finding the coolest things ever!!! I love your new find! Can't wait till u find the lighthouse for it!
  10. Ha Ha! That's organizing? Looks like a Pickers dream to me! Awesome stuff!
  11. That ones a beauty! I love old Steamer Trunks! Awesome find!
  12. Classic girl and Classic sign! Can't do better than that!
  13. Wow! You scored another beauty! Not a cheap sign!
  14. More cool stuff than any antique store I've been to! Looks like it's hard to find a clear path to walk thru all the great stuff? I love it! Looks like my house!
  15. Trey, Thx for the comment. Me too!
  16. Trey, Thx for the love it and comment. It is an ugly monster & I have no idea what the designer was thinking when he decided it was a good idea to make it? Cast iron top?
  17. Blunderbuss2 Thx for the love it. Where have u been?
  18. Rustyboltz Thx for the love it
  19. Mtg75 Thx for the love it
  20. Mtg75 Thx for the love it
  21. Trukn20 Thx for the love it
  22. Akrodog Thx for the love it
  23. Vetraio50 Thx for the love it
  24. Crswerner Thx for the love it
  25. Neighborguysfan Thx for the love it
  26. Aura, Thx for the love it
  27. Coke1234 As u can see by the collection of over 100 pumps we have, they make my day too! I love hunting them and making the deal. The rest is mostly hard work that no one appreciates. We hope that ou...
  28. EJW-54, Now you're testing my memory and that's not fair. I've been working on 4 Visible Pumps this week and am old to boot! I don't recall any air tank or other indicators that this was anything but...
  29. TRSparks Thx for the love it
  30. Officialfuel Thx for the love it
  31. TassieDevil, Thx for the love it
  32. Neighborguysfan, Thx for the love it
  33. EJW-54, Thx for the help identifying the Pump a little better. I can go with the 604 H .
  34. EJW54, Hmmmm? This pump has the original mfg tag on it that says it's a Model G. I assume the #6423 stamped beside the Model are Serial numbers, or maybe it's a Model G-6423 which is what the Brass P...
  35. Officialfuel Thx for the love it
  36. EJW-54 Yes on crank pump. Agree on top.
  37. Vetraio50 Thx for the love it
  38. Crswerner Thx for the love it
  39. Akrodog, Ha Ha! That's exactly my response to some of the Collector friends we have visited. I have always felt like my drooling all over their floors was a major cleanup issue after I left! There ar...
  40. Sanhardin Thx for the love it
  41. Collectables59, It is amazing how many still exist in the USA. We have collected over 50 of various brands/styles in less than 4 yrs and we only pay wholesale prices. Many come without glass and gla...
  42. Sugargirl, Thx for the love it
  43. EJW-54 Thx for the comment. My spotter is my girlfriend, Best Friend, & wife of 53 yrs don't travel without her.
  44. Collectables59 They had them in France so I'm sure u had them too. U probably lost most of them in the War?
  45. Another awesome sign appears by the Great Sign Guru! U never cease to amaze me with all the stuff u come up with!
  46. Another beauty! Great sign!
  47. Awesome find! I love the big bird and bright colors. Everybody needs one in their collection. They look wonderful on poles!
  48. Fortapache Officialfuel. Thx for the love it & Merry Christmas
  49. EJW-54 Exactly! I'll have to look thru the glass I already have and see what might fit. This has a Chevron sticker on it that's hard to see in pix. Also needs the Tokheim chrome plate on front. Merry...
  50. EJW-54 Thx for the Merry wishes. I've never seen a Butler like this in the wild before. Also don't see any parts for sale for it so it must be rare?
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