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4095 W. Center St Provo Ut

I'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We diI'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We display them all at a large Storage Facility on the Main Street in Provo Ut including a couple of antique Gas Stations as well. Ck us out online at aaalakesidestorage.com (Read more)


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  1. Hotairfan Actually I’m Sparky, but u are correct and I’ll have the memories of all this fun stuff forever.
  2. Trey, Only the super rich can afford the great stuff these days.
  3. Dav2no1, Wish I could have bought it but it was already sold when I saw it. Too much $ for an old bottom feeder like me anyway. I loved getting on it and listening to it run
  4. I thought i was OCD till I saw your stuff:)
  5. No wonder I can’t find anything anymore! U beat me there every time! Great finds! I luv that you’re still hard at it.
  6. Great finds. Wild root and Burma Shave were the advertising kings I remember as a kid. They had signs everywhere on the old Hiways in Calif.
  7. Trey. Exactly! Impossible to find at any price! A friend in Montana sold his for $65k a few years ago. Crazy money! I was very lucky to get this one.
  8. Olecody, We enjoy and are interested in about everything old. I’m old! I love old Wagons, C cab Ts and about anything cool. U collect cool stuff. Seems like you’re in WY somewhere? We’re in UT
  9. Old things remind me of old days and old days were great days in my life. Candy was 1 cent and pop was 5 cents. Movie was 35 cents at the nice theaters. Gas was 20 cents. Political foes argued but did...
  10. Trey, Hard to beat the combination of old cars, gas pumps, and porcelain signs! Those were the wonder years! They even got better in the 50’s when I was driving!
  11. Beautiful home and beautiful work! Lucky u!
  12. Suggest u get all the info u can and Google what u learn from your skates.
  13. Great story and great sign! U scored again. “What goes around Comes around” literally for u.
  14. Beautiful sign and wonderful graphics. Like new condition. Hard to find signs like that these days! Lucky find!
  15. Trey, Awesome Sign! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one before? Pretty rare find. Finding Hope thru Christ is the best Easter find if all! You scored again:):)
  16. I’m not in to tobacco nor advertising it but like the sign and am always thrilled at a new good find of any porcelain sign. Nice find!
  17. Coke1234, Thx. Yes I’m OCD about the collection and can’t seem to find enough, but I confess that with the crazy prices I see today I’m passing on a lot of stuff and not excited about hunting like I ...
  18. Coke1234, Thanks. The Mobil sign is hung and I posted it last year I think? It’s a 1934 sign as I recall
  19. Trey, Thx for the love it
  20. AnythingObscure, The cool 6’ Signal Gasoline sign is an awesome one to have with the red light on the icon! I think it was the earlier model sign. Later came the models we have
  21. Confess
  22. AnythingObscure, I compress that Signal stuff has been the hardest stuff to jar loose of any brand I’ve hunted. There was a lot of it made but guys just won’t part with it in my experience. I’ve hunt...
  23. Pretty fancy car during those war days! Gotta luv it! I remember those days very very well
  24. I loved the ice cold bottles dripping with water back in the 50s. Seems like they never got warm before the drink was gone, unlike todays aluminum cans.
  25. Veteraio5, It’s been a couple of years. We were going to the Australian Open and decided since we were close we’d go visit NZ and make a trip out of it. I was surprised I didn’t find any cool stuff t...
  26. Dav2no1 It’s a very long flight to get em:):)
  27. Coke1234, Exactly! Unfortunately there are more and more greedy, dishonest people in the hobby and it makes me sad! I just had a guy try and sell me fakes as the real deal but fortunately had friends...
  28. Coke1234, The job of hanging signs would be a nightmare without the lift. Fortunately my neighbor loaned it to us while we build the Museum Event Center.
  29. Looks like an item we need in the Lakeside Museum?
  30. SPEEDWAYPICKER, Maybe even find us an old Midget Racer? I love the Midget Autos! V8-60 with Offenhauser or Arden heads! Luv em! Need one for the Museum
  31. SPEEDWAYPICKER, thx for the love it. I wish you’d find us some more cool signs in your travels
  32. Did I mention that I have the perfect place for it on the ceiling of our new Event Center Museum? It looks lonely where it is in your pix. :):)
  33. Another impossible find! Lucky You!
  34. Amazing!
  35. Dave2no1, My iPad does its own tricks when I write and I never know what’s gonna appear! Surprise!
  36. RichmondLori, Thx Lori. I love this stuff and a few others like u can appreciate the hard work that goes in to it to make it look nice. Always good to hear from others that like this stuff we spend s...
  37. AnythingObscure, Yup! It looks very much like the old Stude logo letter, but doubt that it has anything to do with them. U may have seen an early Studebaker sign we posted with a very similar first ...
  38. RichmondLori, I have no idea. Just a great porcelain sign related to oil/gas. Would like to know more about the company but not sure how?
  39. Trey, Agreed. This guy owns the antique store in Albequerque and advertises a lot on Facebook. Long drive to get to him and rip off when u get there. Caution!
  40. Trey, Exactly my feelings. My wife is scared of kids throwing balls etc! Disaster!
  41. Trey, These are both 42” I think. Both came from same guy and were fair priced
  42. Trey, Can’t remember where I got this one but it was a long time ago and I didn’t pay much. Lucky me!
  43. Trey, I’m a Picker by blood! I love hunting stuff. Always have!
  44. Wow! U find the best of the best!
  45. Trey, Interesting how some Companies are trend setters while they have certain individuals as Staff that run the show. Other Companies managed to destroy the creativity of the great companies they p...
  46. Trey, Hard stuff to find where u are. Union was West Coast.
  47. Dave2no1, U got me on the crack proof motor oil. Never heard of it. I mostly just have the common signs and very few smaller signs. Likely thwt would.d be on a smaller sign. We almost exclusively had...
  48. Dave2no1, Yes and no. Hard to be very organized with so many different companies. We have tried to put the same Brands next to each other as possible. We have a Texaco wall next to a Red Indian wall ...
  49. Trey, Good question. I edited the story to give the answer in case others are curious. I have some Anderson Pritchard signs as well and they are much more colorful.
  50. Trey, Isn’t hindsight revealing? Fortunately I think we already have enough signs gathered up in storage to fill this new Event Center so we don’t have to pay the crazy prices of today with the new ...
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