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4095 W. Center St Provo Ut

I'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We diI'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We display them all at a large Storage Facility on the Main Street in Provo Ut including a couple of antique Gas Stations as well. Ck us out online at aaalakesidestorage.com (Read more)


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Anderson Prichard Sign - Signsin Signs
Sparkys Hamburgers Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
Cowboy Sign  - Signsin Signs
Red Indian Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
Red Indian Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
5’ Shell Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
Sunoco Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
Amlico Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
Col-Tex Porcelain Sign - Signsin Signs
Lubrite Gasoline Sign - Signsin Signs


  1. You’ve got waaaaaay too much stuff in that place and u need to send some of it over my way to thin out the clutter. :):)
  2. Dipetersen Thx for the love it. It’s no up on a pole in the museum
  3. Vynil33rpm, Yup you’re likely right. I know another Sparkys Hamburger place in Hatch NM that has very cool antique decor all around incl lots of porcelain signs. Great food as well.
  4. Trey, If I survive this nasty virus that’s chasing old people I plan on putting the eon back on it and putting it on a wall on the new Lakeside Museum building.
  5. Yougottahavestuff, I’d love to have a series of these cool signs! I’d even go with a series of Pedros if they were porcelain, but doubt that any are. Yes I gotta have more stuff
  6. I love your cool stuff and keep wondering why u don’t ever sell me your old dents and rusty stuff when u upgrade? We’re the Bottom Feeders that collect the culls u discard
  7. Rustyboltz Thx for the love it
  8. Rustyboltz Thx for the love it
  9. Longings Thx for the love it
  10. Sugar girl, Thx for the love it
  11. Fortapache Thx for the love it
  12. Beautiful and very personal piece of work. Congratz
  13. Rustyboltz, Thx for the love it. I’m amazed at how few love this rare, difficult to find and buy sign. I feel so happy to have found and bought it.
  14. EJW-54 I can’t believe that I ever got anything that u didn’t already have or would even want! U are the super Picker of Super Pickers and like Trey, come up with my dream stuff I can never find. Thx...
  15. Longings, Thx for the love it
  16. Longings, Thx for the love it
  17. Dipeterson Thx for the love it
  18. I love these old ships and have several of them on display in our beach home In Hawaii. Very cool find.
  19. Wow! U find more cool stuff than an Antique Dealer that’s hunts for a living.
  20. Trey, Thanks. Getting hard to find big signs. Feel very lucky when we find any
  21. Trey, I have no idea, but I like Texaco signs so buy every one I can find at a decent price. U got any extras?
  22. EJW-54 I’d like to confirm your wife’s suspicion. What u have is incurable, I’m told, and I think is been found not to be contagious to spouses. She’s safe in that regard. Illness part is confirmed. ...
  23. Nice shade. Obviously u need projects to keep u home and out of trouble. :):)
  24. EJW-54, Very fine line between Porcelain Sign Collectors and Goonie Birds. Even finer line between us a full on crazies. We’re ok as long as were the ones deciding where the line is. :):)
  25. EJW-54 “Accidents“ like this happen more often when we are always looking for them to happen. You’re quite the expert in having lots of “accidents” happen.
  26. Trey, U are right once again. I haven’t ever even seen a complete sign like this before that I can remember. Pretty lucky to get the whole set
  27. Wow! What a beauty! Looks awesome .
  28. I love that sign! It really belongs in our collection, dont u think?
  29. Another awesome find! I grew up poor and never had one but always loved em and still do.
  30. Ok, now that you’ve had the sign for a while and got all the well wishes, u need to let me have it for our museum. We definitely “need” that sign.:):)
  31. Bobby725, Keep me posted and hopefully I’ll be around to meet u Personally
  32. Blunderbuss2, It’s called shave ice to u island folks. U can put flavors on it and eat it. Suggest u don’t eat the Yellow shave ice!
  33. Yep I remember the Star and the Durant cars. I used to restore antique cars so saw a few. Great sign!
  34. Bobby725, I think u might be right. Close to same. The tricky part is finding the correct ring for the pole with the porcelain covering. I have one located in Texas but haven’t been able to buy it ye...
  35. The crown globes are among my very favorites of all the globes.
  36. Very cool find! Always wanted to find the sword off of a swordfish and can’t figure out what happens to all of them as a lot of swordfish get caught and eaten but few get taxidermy. Where do all the s...
  37. Sure would love to add those cross bars to our Museum collection at Lakeside Museum in Provo if u ever decide to part with em. Rough but pretty cool.
  38. U are an incredible Picker! Why haven’t u been selling me your big signs u don’t have room for or they’re not good enough for your collection? I know u find a lot more than u can possibly keep. Just c...
  39. Another beauty
  40. I’m old and remember the 40s pretty well as that’s when I bought my first Red Rider BB gun and became such a menace to about anything that would break. Unfortunately I don’t remember seeing those cool...
  41. Brunswick Thx Thomas & same to u. Isn’t life great in America?
  42. We recently bought a 5’ dsp Golden Cowboy Frontier sign and I’m try8gnto find what dates it was produced? I’m told it is the rarest of all the Frontier signs.
  43. Trey Thanks and Happy New Year to unas well
  44. Only u can find the winners! Happy New Year!
  45. Elanski Thx for the love it
  46. Elanski Thx for the love it
  47. Great sign! It was a drink that you could easily pass by, as I recall.
  48. Gonavy Thx for the love it. Merry Christmas. Gotta luv the USN!
  49. What an awesome find. It looks great with your other Coke stuff just the way it is.
  50. Merry Christmas. I can’t believe that with all the cool stuff u find u have never offered me any of the big signs u must have seen and passed up. Here’s your chance to repent and start letting me in o...
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