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4095 W. Center St Provo Ut

I'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We diI'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We display them all at a large Storage Facility on the Main Street in Provo Ut including a couple of antique Gas Stations as well. Ck us out online at aaalakesidestorage.com (Read more)


  1. Manakin, Thx for the luv it
  2. Manikin, Thx for the luv it
  3. FortApache, Thx for the luv it
  4. FortApache Thx for the luv it
  5. FortApache, Thx for the luv it
  6. Cisum Thx for the luv it
  7. Drake47 Thx for the luv it. I luv it too
  8. Happy B Day. Great find. Very cool sign
  9. Trey, I can even remember your comments! Not sure what happened?
  10. I dont jnow? I never erase anything.
  11. Very very cool find and great cond!
  12. Watchsearcher, Ha Ha! We all remember the Wildroot signs on the old highways and the sweet musty smell of it. Great old memories!
  13. Officialfuel, Fantastic sign! That’ll look good anywhere u put it!
  14. Sambo42xxa, U probably also wonder what we are gonna do with all the old porcelain signs we have hanging from the ceiling and on the walls? Very good question. My wife has the same question. The bar...
  15. Golgotha, HaHa! Same guy that doesn’t sweep the floors :)
  16. Trey, Seems like I saw a date on this but forgot about it. I’ll check it when we get home. Thx
  17. GM1313 Can’t talk prices or the gestapo goes nuts and deletes the article. It might infer a value to sell or buy and that’s against the rules. I’m trying to behave. It’s rare, but I’m trying.
  18. Lzenglish, Yup! Those were the days. I also have a collection of Black Flag/Flit fly sprayers and just the mention of them reminds me of the exact odor like I smelled it just minutes ago. It’s amazin...
  19. Trey, Gotta hold gifts sacred. I’ll either find one or not. No hurry
  20. Trey, I keep waiting for a call from u telling me u have an extra for our collection. It’s been a very long uneventful wait.
  21. Trey, Thx for the luv it
  22. Trey, It’s interesting that the big signs are plentiful but the smaller signs u describe are harder to find. It’s the same with the Marathon signs
  23. Vcal’ Thx for the love it
  24. Ejw-54 Ha Ha. The sign I removed was a nice OK used car sign and I’m pretty sure I have a good place I can hang it somewhere. :) thx for the offer. :)
  25. Dave2no1, Thx for the luv it
  26. Kwqd, Thx for the luv it
  27. Kwqd Thx for the Luv it
  28. Beachbum58 Thx for the luv it
  29. Beachbum58 Thx for the luv it
  30. Farmlady, Thanks for the luv it
  31. Farmlady, Another luv it. Thank u
  32. Farmlady, U luv the same stuff I do. Thx
  33. Farmlady Thx for the luv it
  34. Trey, I happened to call this guy one day while he was on a lake fishing and offered him $1K cash and he must have not been catching anything as he shocked me and said OK! We were at his house in Id...
  35. Trey, I got this sign in Iowa from a Picker friend who bought it at an auction so I have no history at all on the sign nor Brand.
  36. Trey, Ha Ha, everyone wants too much for everything these days. I can’t afford to drive my truck cause diesel is $1.60/gal MORE than overpriced gas. How is that possible I ask?
  37. Trey, Wish I could help but I don’t have the letters u want
  38. Trey, Fortunately I’ve not been bitten by the oil can bug. These are just junk I picked up while hunting signs.
  39. Trey, U are correct. I was actually collecting old car parts to restore cars and pumps happened to be in the same locations so I dragged a few home when they were still free junk no one wanted
  40. The deco guy’ Agreed on the deco. The Wayne 60s were the beauties of all pumps in my opinion.
  41. Trey, Thx. Rare and cool, I think. Paid a fortune, but have looked forever to find one.
  42. Trey, I’ve only seen em in pix except in El Paso in a collection
  43. Awesome find!
  44. Dave2no1, I agree. Pretty cool old patina. I think I got this from a friend in Idaho as we never had Tydol distributors in Utah.
  45. Dave2no1 It’s amazing to see all the cool inventions of yesteryear that made life easier
  46. Dave2no1, It’s a lot sun faded after 7-8 years outside in the weather. Amazing it’s held up so well.
  47. Coke123, Thank u soooo much for your nice comments. I’m always amazed when collectors got thru and have very little to say and few comments about anything? What is that about I wonder? My heart jumps...
  48. Coke123, Yep. It’s hard to beat the flying horse and I also love it on about everything. There’s a guy down the road from us that owns Legends Motorcycles who has a huge one on a building that’s big...
  49. Coke123, These National pumps are pretty rare here in Utah and we were really lucky to find this one with a good glass in it. The glass is curved so I don’t think they make repro glass for them but n...
  50. Sean68, Thx. I marvel at how lucky we have been gathering up all the junk we have. Hopefully it doesn’t quit coming.
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