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4095 W. Center St Provo Ut

I'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We diI'm an old guy in my late 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We display them all at a large Storage Facility on the Main Street in Provo Ut including a couple of antique Gas Stations as well. Ck us out online at aaalakesidestorage.com (Read more)


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  1. Definitely a Wayne 60 Wide Body
  2. AnythingObscure Thx for the comment. I’m blessed with a wife who tolerates my love for rusty old junk and porcelain signs, even tho she doesn’t have the same interest I have. If it’s old I love it! I...
  3. Another beauty
  4. HansBrinker I think if u look at all the postings on CW with my skates on them I show most of my collection. I have about 10-12 sets I think.
  5. Hans, Thx for the info. I need to find a place to display the collection I have as no one ever sees them in the box they’re in.
  6. I need that for our Museum
  7. Coke1234’ My kind of guy! Gotta haul em when u find em
  8. Bobby725, Thx. I emailed u but got no answer so am trying this. Can u contact Lakeside.storage@gmail.com and send ph number and we will text/call.
  9. Dr.Duke, The 50cal is a dummy and is mounted on the back of a 1942 White Half Track we were told fought in the battle of the Bulge! Too bad so many young Americans have forgotten what was paid for t...
  10. Dr.Duke, Hoe is faster digging in Rocky material but uses up 3-5x as much concrete so is more expensive for the footings. Footings are a nightmare that no one ever sees!
  11. Dr.Duke I saw a pix of a sign like ours in a collection in Tenn and decided to make a couple for our Collection. Yes we made the perch for the Dino. Pretty simple to make. I see a lot of DX signs ...
  12. Wow! I keep reading about the Nuts running NY and am heartbroken the takers are pushing the producers away. Best of luck to you in your newest adventures. Lots of good Stuff in the South I hear. We go...
  13. Michael, Oops! Sorry for my sloppy error! Fixed it thanks to u. Thank u.
  14. Maryjo, As u can imagine, that little kid is the apple of my eye and rules the roost.
  15. Trey, Thanks. For some reason I don’t understand, Red Indian isn’t as popular in the USA as many other signs I think are less cool. This is a favorite of ours!
  16. Watchsearcher, That little guy will take on about anything and nothing’s too big for him. At least in his mind. :):)
  17. Blunderbuss2 Thx for the Love it. Surely u will know the history of this old logo?
  18. If it doesn’t look good you’re obviously standing too close! Back off and it’ll look perfect! That’s what I tell complainers at our place. Who needs perfect anyway? If you check in the mirror, we ...
  19. Elanski, Thx for the approval. We don’t have a lot of Shell stations where I live so this is a very hard sign to find in Utah. All the Shell signs we have are from other States.
  20. Trey, Families are a forever institution and the most valuable asset we have.
  21. Trey, It’s missing the 3 cute kids holding it up. That’s the biggest value!
  22. Trey, Every row is tough to hoe these days.
  23. Trey, Trade for a Big Signal Sign:)
  24. Trey. Thx. Sometimes when you’re turning every stone to find what u want, u also manage to find a few other things along the way. That’s what happened here.
  25. Trey, I’m still not finding a big Signal Gas Sign I can afford. Any ideas?
  26. Trey, Ask any of my grandkids or great grandkids and they will assure u that I was and unrecorded passenger on Noah’s Arc.
  27. Trey, So does that mean that I’m older than your grandpa?
  28. Yougottahavestuff I want your big A. Can u Contact Lakeside Storage
  29. I think it’s cool that u restored it like it would have been restored in the “day”. I have lots of patina pumps that show the signs of many restorations just like what you’ve done. Happy Easter
  30. You’ve got waaaaaay too much stuff in that place and u need to send some of it over my way to thin out the clutter. :):)
  31. Dipetersen Thx for the love it. It’s no up on a pole in the museum
  32. Vynil33rpm, Yup you’re likely right. I know another Sparkys Hamburger place in Hatch NM that has very cool antique decor all around incl lots of porcelain signs. Great food as well.
  33. Trey, If I survive this nasty virus that’s chasing old people I plan on putting the eon back on it and putting it on a wall on the new Lakeside Museum building.
  34. Yougottahavestuff, I’d love to have a series of these cool signs! I’d even go with a series of Pedros if they were porcelain, but doubt that any are. Yes I gotta have more stuff
  35. I love your cool stuff and keep wondering why u don’t ever sell me your old dents and rusty stuff when u upgrade? We’re the Bottom Feeders that collect the culls u discard
  36. Rustyboltz Thx for the love it
  37. Rustyboltz Thx for the love it
  38. Longings Thx for the love it
  39. Sugar girl, Thx for the love it
  40. Fortapache Thx for the love it
  41. Rustyboltz, Thx for the love it. I’m amazed at how few love this rare, difficult to find and buy sign. I feel so happy to have found and bought it.
  42. EJW-54 I can’t believe that I ever got anything that u didn’t already have or would even want! U are the super Picker of Super Pickers and like Trey, come up with my dream stuff I can never find. Thx...
  43. Longings, Thx for the love it
  44. Longings, Thx for the love it
  45. Dipeterson Thx for the love it
  46. I love these old ships and have several of them on display in our beach home In Hawaii. Very cool find.
  47. Wow! U find more cool stuff than an Antique Dealer that’s hunts for a living.
  48. Trey, Thanks. Getting hard to find big signs. Feel very lucky when we find any
  49. Trey, I have no idea, but I like Texaco signs so buy every one I can find at a decent price. U got any extras?
  50. EJW-54 I’d like to confirm your wife’s suspicion. What u have is incurable, I’m told, and I think is been found not to be contagious to spouses. She’s safe in that regard. Illness part is confirmed. ...
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