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4095 W. Center St Provo Ut

I'm an old guy in my mid 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We disI'm an old guy in my mid 70s and have joined with our eldest son to collect antique gas pumps, cars, Porcelain gas/oil signs and a few cool vintage airplanes. We display them all at a large Storage Facility on the Main Street in Provo Ut including a couple of antique Gas Stations as well. Ck us out online at aaalakesidestorage.com (Read more)


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1936 Cord - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Frontier Sign in the wild - Signsin Signs
Another Mae West arrives - Petrolianain Petroliana
RR Crossing appears at Lakeside Museum - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Another Mae West gas pump  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Miracle Frontier - Signsin Signs
Lakeside Museum Coke Machine - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
American Amoco Gas - Signsin Signs
Amoco Gas - Signsin Signs
Steam Tractor - Signsin Signs


  1. AnythingObscure Thanks for the comment and love it. The interior is mint condition and is Burgundy in color. I’ll post pix when I get home, but am out of State for a few weeks. It was a fully restore...
  2. OLECODY, Actually I shortened the story so I didn’t bore people. It was after a rare rainy day and there was tall grass along side the Pacific Coast Highway (101) where we lived & when I grabbed a ha...
  3. Akrodog Thx for the love it
  4. EJW-54 Thx for the love it
  5. EJW-54 Thx for the love it
  6. Blunderbuss2 Once again your observation is very astute and spot on. Just waiting for the wax to go on sale.
  7. Blunderbuss2 Yup. We do a lot of traveling these days to get good stuff we can afford. These pumps were local so we paid a little more than we would have paid if we had to drive across the planet. I’...
  8. I need that sign in the Lakeside Museum. It’s a beauty!
  9. Watchsearcher, Good eyes! Yes I married up! Waaaaay up! Cute, game, fun, smart, and a great wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. Yes the sign is pretty cool too but nothing like her!
  10. Toyrebel, I actually prefer Pepsi myself, but don’t drink pop anymore so just leave it for the visitors, and grandkids
  11. Pickrknows Thx. We just got another nice one in Northern Montana this week. Gotta get em when u can. :)
  12. Blunderbuss2 Sounds a lot like the vocabulary of an Island dweller.
  13. Blunderbuss2, Exactly! We both know how one ought to dress when it’s warm outside. Not sure what the rest of the world is thinking when wearing hot covered shoes in the Summer? I’m a slippa kind of g...
  14. Blunderbuss2, I told the tv guy when he called that he better come in shorts and a tee shirt when he arrived as that would be the way I would be dressed. The camera man came dressed appropriately, bu...
  15. Blunderbuss2, Are there any other shoes? It’s Summer, hot and covered shoes are only for serious snow I thought?
  16. AnythingObscure, We hot the traffic signal from a barn in Clarkston Utah, a tiny farm town on the border of Idaho. It was quite the surprise as we were picking that day and saw an old Truck in the f...
  17. AnythingObscure, The plastic signs had a different kind of pole that is much lighter. Essentially just pipe. I had a plastic sign and pole given to me by a bulk plant in Idaho a few years back. Por...
  18. AnythingObscure, Go after that sign! They are getting soooo hard to find u have to jump on every one that pops up! Thanks for loving our Stuff.
  19. Aura, Thx for loving the bronx
  20. Farmlady Thx for loving it
  21. Sanhardin Thx for loving it
  22. Leighannrn Thx for the love it
  23. Oldpeep, Thx for the love it
  24. Oldpeep Thx for the love it
  25. Brunswick Awesome! Glad u know what they are. There is a whole group of collectors of these and they are as OCD as us porcelain sign collectors. I have a couple of friends that are in to them and one...
  26. AnythingObscure, I fully agree. Our little grandkids think it’s normal to have pet Dinosaurs, Carousel horses, antique airplanes, antique cars, trucks, military vehicles, steam tractors etc etc all ...
  27. Billretirecoll Matt jr. is the grandson on the hand of Bob with his dad proping him up from behind, Matt jr looks more like Bob than he looks like his dad. Hmmmmm?
  28. Officialfuel Thx for the love it
  29. Akrodog, We have a lot of cool neon signs but none with neon as it attracts the bugs in the nice months and bugs attract spiders and spiders make webs and webs are a nightmare to clean up weekly. Fre...
  30. Bobby725, The coals are hot and ready for the steaks and dogs! Cheap gas to go with it.
  31. U and Trey seem to find all the cool stuff these days! I'd love to contact u directly but don't know how?
  32. I would have been blind to Art myself except I was in Hawaii and there are no Porcelain Signs to be easily found. Old gas pumps are also nearly impossible to find due to past hurricanes and low popul...
  33. You've done it again! Awesome sign. I need it in our Sign Forest at Lakeside Storage Museum.
  34. Minianna1234567 Thx for the comment. I actually bought an early Cat crawler which is now displayed at the Lakeside Storage Museum. Also got a couple of Steamers to go with it.
  35. Rustyboltz Thx for the love it
  36. Blunderbuss2 Hmmmm? I'll need Spit and Whittle from him for that I'm sure. Can u get me the Sentior discount?
  37. Blunderbuss2, Way over my head of course. Re the Bill: I'm assuming u give S& H Green Stamps as well as ff miles on the Bill. The payment is in the mail along with the pedigree for the Indian.
  38. Brunswick Thx for the nice comment. Blunderbuss has something in his comment about the eyes. Interesting fact however is that Western Indian DNA indicates they likely migrated across the Bearing Str...
  39. Blunderbuss2 U just saved me $100! I no longer need to have my DNA tested!!! You're better than that fortune teller I found at the Circus. And cheaper!
  40. Blunderbuss2 So you're saying that the short fat guy in the Tee shirt must be oriental?
  41. Bobby725, Of course! Bigger must be older! Just like fish.
  42. Valentino97 Thx for the love it
  43. Coke1234 Exactly! Bobs was a great place where everyone wanted to hang out. They had good food, fair prices, and lots of social activity. I don't know any places like Bobs these days, but I'm old so ...
  44. Billretirecoll Thx for the comment. I think this one came from the Salt Lake JBs of years ago. Lady in SL had it for sale this am early. Couldn't resist and price was fait. I'm always looking for goo...
  45. Roycroftbooksfromme1 Did u forget that I'm spending my 401k on this collection and everything I buy has to be an investment? Only a T34 can be bought cheap and I can't even find one of those cheap en...
  46. Roycroftbooksfromme1 Re Tanks, I'm not that fussy about which one I get, but would prefer a Stuart light tank if I got to choose and it was free. I'll probably never get a tank as they're all too exp...
  47. Roycroftbooksfromme1 I paid $1300 and it was up the road 30 min. Hard to beat that! Priced as an investment and I buy it. Priced retail and I pass.
  48. TreksofTrish Am headed to Alberta next Month. Where are u. Canada is a big place! Not sure what it is that u have?
  49. Blunderbuss2 Exactly! Remember I'm old and not 100% anymore anyway.
  50. Blunderbuss2 Actually we have an engine but it's burned up and not functional. Would love to have a good engine but it's a long swim to where u live and I don't like sharks!
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