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Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! (Read more)


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Father Christmas Lady and Antique Oak Server, Davenport and N.H. Game/Card Table - Christmasin Christmas
My Primitive Yarn Winder not a clock!! - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Mystery Tool?? Some kind of plane?? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1932 National Pre Olympic Marathon Plaque - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Vintage Comic Postcard from Cuba of a Boy and a Goat The Nursed  - Postcardsin Postcards
1888 George C. Shaw & Co. Grocer Letterhead - Paperin Paper
3 Advertizing Crock Jugs  - Advertisingin Advertising
Fels Naptha Lets Play Store Kids Cut Out Toy - Advertisingin Advertising
Antique Framed Copper Enamel Painting of Fabiola  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Cabinet Photo of a Cat - Animalsin Animals


  1. Back in 1975 The wife and I and the kid were driving up to New Brunswick Canada on a camping vacation. We stopped at an on-site auction along the way in Maine. There was a Brass National Cash Registe...
  2. Splitting Hairs!!! It could be ether one??? Sorry!!! Gallows Humor!! Stuff
  3. Unfortunately like Lemmings!!! Their values went of the Cliff!!! Stuff
  4. Welcome to CW!! You should get an answer soon. Lot's of trunk people here!! Stuff
  5. Check out the pulls on my recent post!!!! Merry Christmas!! Stuff
  6. Thanks Newfld for your comments and Merry Christmas to all for the loves!! Stuff
  7. Great post!! I love old furniture hardware. The furniture mostly made now that is put out by the road with a free sign on it!!!! When first rain comes it starts to MELT into the road!!! Stuff
  8. Intercom???
  9. Welcome to CW!!! I always thought Bloomburg went a little sideways! Stuff
  10. My locksmith friend says it's a Clover Trefoil Key made from about 1890 til about 1930 Used on padlocks, door locks etc. Stuff
  11. Great comeback bobby!!! fhrjra2 your right! but sometimes I wish I was back in the old days as a kid working on Crawford's farm done the Cape he had electricity but no heat just the kitchen wood stov...
  12. Great Post but what does a Primitive Fly look like???? Stuff
  13. Welcome to CW!! I didn't see any BUGLER. That's what I used to roll. Great collection. Stuff
  14. Welcome to CW. It may take a little TIME but you should get some answers here. Stuff
  15. No Fly's on you fort!!! I've used the one with a hole in the middle of the swatter. Gives them a fighting chance!!! Just Kidding. Stuff
  16. Winnie's Poo. Humpty's Dump. Gomer's _ _ _ _ !!! Stuff
  17. Great voice!!!! Enjoyed him on TV!!! 3 riddles!!! What's brown and stinks on the forest floor? What's brown and stinks and lies at the base of a wall? What's brown and stinks and lies on the barr...
  18. Crawford had 50 acres and was a caretaker of a Girl Scout Camp next to him when it was closed in the winter so we had all that posted land to hunt!!! We setout ice fishing traps and go rabbit hunting...
  19. Well used as Grandpa has worn the blade down a bit!!! My father had one just as worn!!! I loved holding it!!! Memories!! Stuff
  20. When I was in Nam I brought Ronsonol lighter fuel for my Zippo from a street vender in Saigon. He had taken an empty one and refilled it with Jet fuel!!! Everytime I lit it up a black cloud would ap...
  21. Polly wants to check your oil!!! Stuff
  22. Still thinking!!!Does that knob turn on top?? Could have been a gas light?? At one time?? I maybe getting the Bends!! Stuff!
  23. Sawta looks like a DIVER's Helmet so it may have been in a DIVE BAR like a Speakeasy!!! Can't help myself !!! STUFF keeps popping in my head so I better come up for AIR!!! Stuff
  24. Antique DISCO BALL??? Just kidding!! But it may have been in a Speakeasy??? Stuff
  25. My favorite movie!!! The line was Badges we don't need No Stinkin Badges!!! Great post!!! What was the movie??? Stuff
  26. You people keep WINDING each other up!!! Great!! Stuff
  27. blunderbuss2 you brought back memories when we were kids working on Crawford's farm down the Cape in the early 60's. He took a shotgun out of his corner closet and told us it was an 8 Gauge double bar...
  28. I have piece similar It's I believe a yarn winder?? I will take a pic of mine tomorrow I don't have the TIME now!!! when I dig it out of the barn. Stuff
  29. Type of Spinning Wheel?? That's all the time I have now!! Stuff
  30. Nice cap gun !!! but you are close to Bucking the rules here!! Stuff
  31. Look up Wrought iron Whale oil betty lamp I think you will find similar ones!! Nice Find!!! Stuff
  32. Whale oil lamp??? Stuff
  33. Great Photo!!! You look the Part!! I was born in Essex on the Onger in 46. My mother was a War Bride. We came to US when I was 6 months old so I lost my Accent!!! Stuff
  34. Nice stove!!!Welcome to CW!! I've posted a couple myself!! Stuff
  35. Really just Kidding CW has a problem with pictures get posted sideways!!! Like the lamp I'm not very bright!! Stuff
  36. Welcome to CW!! From the Picture why didn't it fall off the table?? Just kidding!!! You should get an answer here!! Stuff
  37. Thank you fhrjr2 & Iptools!!! I knew this was the Route I had to take to get an answer!!! You guys a Groovy Man!! Stuff
  38. When we were Kids we used to go Smelt fishing by Bakers Chocolate Factory in the Lower Mills Dorchester Ma. You could still smell the chocolate and we cooked Spam and Smelt on one of those fold up Ste...
  39. Light Em up if you have them!! Stuff
  40. What did Cousin Ziffell say when he saw the elephant. Here comes the Elephant!!! What did he say when he saw the Elephant coming with Sunglasses on??? Nothing he didn't recognize him!!! Stuff
  41. Was a Card Table??? Stuff
  42. All it needs is a Babe Ruth baseball card in the Spokes. I loved putting cards in the wheels of my Raleigh High Topper back in the 50's!!! Stuff
  43. Very Nice Display Case!! Welcome to CW. You've planted the first Seed!! Hope to see it Grow here. Stuff
  44. Thanks fhrjr2 for the info!! and others for the loves!! from the Old Goat!! Stuff
  45. I wanted to that a stab at it!!! But I don't have a clue!! Stuff
  46. Not So Kool in Massachusetts!! They just passed a law banning menthol cigarettes!!! The Nanny State strikes again!!! Stuff
  47. Less said "Their hitting the ground like Bags of Wet Cement!!!!!" My favorite episode!! Stuff
  48. That's a brute of a rocking chair!!! Maybe Rocky Marciano used it!! Just Kidding!! Stuff
  49. The chimes are Cuckoo maybe that's why they call it a Cuckoo clock??? Just kidding!!! Couldn't help myself!!! Stuff
  50. Ho Ho Ho!!! Just what happened??? Offset Reflection!! Stuff
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'The Jim Nabors Christmas Album'...On 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl 1908 Julius Andrea and Sons LLC Cast iron eagle


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