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Old Cast Iron Cat Doorstop - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1920's 30's Bronze Football pattern mold - Footballin Football
More old Christmas Postcards - Christmasin Christmas
2 Antique Blueberry Scoops - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Cranberry Scoop - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old Boston Trolley Postcards Haymarket Sq. Coca Cola Sign drugstore - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Old Glass & Plastic Gasoline Pump Insert Signs - Petrolianain Petroliana
Antique Cast Iron Shoe Shine stand pieces - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old Christmas Postcards and Cards - Cardsin Cards
Large Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Can - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thank you all!! Going to make some Christmas Sausages!!! Happy Holidays to all!!
  2. I drank Colt 45 and Champale and my lemon and lime was called Squirt!!
  3. Sinatra, Lawrence Darin??
  4. outer limits not twilight zone???
  5. It has John Deere colors??
  6. Congrats To Army Scott!!!
  7. I was drafted into the Army in 65 but Go Navy!!!
  8. GO NAVY!!!
  9. Glad to know theres more than Cheeseheads in Wisconsin!!! We still have the Patriots!! now that you have deflated my cranberry football!!! just a PUN t :( :(
  10. I was wrong it's "Dedham Pottery"!!! I was raised in Dorchester and mixed it up. Great Piece!!!
  11. It looks like Dorchester Pottery if it is it was Made in Dorchester Mass. Years ago and was very collectable. Rabbits were made the most but they had other styles. Good Luck
  12. I guess now you can blow your own HORN!!! but you better let your neighbors know!!! Nice Find!!
  13. looks british military????
  14. I worked at Henry's Hamburgers in the late 50's They started a chain but it went bellyup!!!in the early 60's You could get ten small burgers for a Buck!!! They called them Silver Dollars!!! Now they c...
  15. World War One against Germany may have led to the name change. the symbol on the back looks similar to the German logo of that time.
  16. for opening a valve on a gas cylinder????
  17. Great Piece Mr. Ed in cast iron!!!
  18. Thank you all!! I'll give you a hint on the last riddle Jim Nabors!!
  19. I'm a coke guy so I can only like it!!
  20. Mr. Ed used to make more sense then the elected officals we have now!!!!
  21. South Station Been there many times!! They are thinking of building a Skyscraper in the middle of it. The Big Dig wasn't Nutty enough for our elected officals!!!!
  22. Thank you all for Doing a good turn daily!!!
  23. hi Watchsearcher Googled them they still have the same logo!!! Looks like a great group!!! Their Wings have flown them thru the glass ceiling!!! GO GIRL!!! Now I sound Sexist!!!
  24. I wish I Nose what he Nose?!!!
  25. The person taking the picture sure was steady I would have been shaking in my boots looking a that group!!!!
  26. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was Tonya Harding!!! Great Pic.
  27. DITTO!!!
  28. Thank you all!!! Will be making more sausages next week. Go to youtube and type in Antique Sausage Maker and see it working!! Boy!! I'm self promoting!!
  29. I think you have enougn tubes to fire up the Deloren to go back to the PAST!!!
  30. I take back what I wrote!!! Go to Google and see how to test for real Ivory!!! I put the hot needle in a not visable place and I smell likev a real jerk!! Good Luck with your piece.
  31. If you want to test it to be ivory take a red hot needle and put it in a not visable place and if it smells like burned hair it's Ivory!! So I've been told!!
  32. To Be or What To Be!!! What is the Question!!
  33. DITTO!!!
  34. Now those Bulbs are not PC and not made in U.SA. We have to buy the other bulbs and tubes and call HAZ-MAT if we break one!!!
  35. You gonna drive your Chevy to the Levee???
  36. I clicked the wrong button??
  37. Thanks for your comments!!! I too have trouble with changing my picture??? Collectors Weekly take note
  38. Put it under Coca Cola show and tell you might get more hits!!
  39. Have a E.& H.T. Anthony one I'll be putting up soon.
  40. blunderbuss2 Thanks for your concern. As you see in the picture you can see the leg of my look-out. I love having my own Show and Tell with Friends and customers in our shop. 3 pieces went missing ove...
  41. It's a Stoneware beer bottle corker made between 1850 1870 See my post. Sorry it took 8 years to find out!!
  42. I believe I know what it is?? and I'll post the one I have soon with the asnswer.
  43. I was wrong! Looked online found Leisers Rental Barn in Pa. he collects old Toro Mowers, the Sportlawn was made for homeowers beginning in 1950. Check out his site
  44. It looks like it might have been used on a Golf course on the putting greens. Sport Lawn maybe a clue.
  45. I drank Schlitz back in the sixties!!! Gave me a bad headache the morning after!!! We used to say (off color) Girl who drinks Beer on Beach gets sand in her S-----z
  46. You waited thru the long RED LIGHT when others thought the light was broken but drove right thru!!! Nice Jacket!!!! ENJOY!!!
  47. WOW!!!!
  48. Great display!!!!Boy Scout looks alot like I did in the late Fifties except fot the hair I had a WHIFFLE!!! I was a Den Chief!!! I still have the Hat!!
  49. Go to Youtube and look up Pierce Inverted Hit or Miss Engine you will see one running and Mike OMalley the one running it brought mine. The flywheel on mine was not the right one but that didn't bothe...
  50. Thought I would do a redo for Veteran's Day!!!
  51. See more


advertising tins from the kitchen shelf (#9) Pepsi Signs! Anzengruber Spit Glaze Bear Vase Half of a Pepsi Mechanical Pencil


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