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Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! (Read more)


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Update Posts are in and Gates are made. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
My Piedmont Porcelain Sign I had on the barn - Signsin Signs
2 Antique Wrought Iron Gates I'm restoring and adding too. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
My Antique Davenport Desk  - Furniturein Furniture
 Cast Iron Mobil Socony Vacuum Oil Company Base Lollypop??? - Petrolianain Petroliana
2 Antique Porcelain  gas pump signs Good Gulf & Gulf Diesel - Signsin Signs
Antique Porclain Jenney HY-POWER gas pump sign - Signsin Signs
Antique Framed Cars that were with the Marsh Motor Car Co. Album - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Photo Album of the Marsh Motor Car Co. Factory - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1920's Painted Dressing Screen  Cranes made for Paine Furniture Boston Ma. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Shame somebody painted it!!! what's the wood or veneer under it??? Stuff
  2. Your right low crime area!!! and Biden said just fire a couple of shotgun rounds off the porch to scare them away. Stuff
  3. Welcome to CW!!
  4. Thanks jscotto363 and watchseacher for the loves!!! The pictures don't show up for me just XXXX???? Stuff
  5. The Old Scotsman said to the young caddy how good are you at finding lost golf balls??? He said I am the best at finding them!!! Well find one and we will get started!! Stuff
  6. Look up in Charleston name Phillip Simmons died in 2009 at 97. His work is in many places including the Smithsonian. Stuff
  7. If you want to see some ironwork go to Charleston S.C. if you haven't been there already. Stuff
  8. Your right timeless!! Love Cast Iron!!! and Wrought Iron. I'm building a set of driveway gates using two antique gates and adding to it. For a neighbor using the Barter system for him plowing my par...
  9. fhrjr2 Speedway is still there. Plus Oxford has a Casino now owed by Churchill Downs. 8 of us go to play golf at Poland Springs Resort First weekend in June every year. My wife says they had a party l...
  10. Good one!! My wifes from Orrington Maine. What's the difference from a Mainer and a Mainiac!!! One spends one winter in Maine the Mainiac spends another one!!! Love the place and the people!! They ...
  11. Memories!!! Back in 75 the wife and I took our new to us 74 Dodge Ramcharger up to N.H. She said Y don't we say somewhere tonight in a Motel Busy season!!! After 3 stops at No Vacancy!!! We saw this...
  12. Welcome to CW!! fhrjr2 is a Curmudgeon as I am at times!!! but he has a wealth of knowledge under that skin. Us old farts have seen a few things!!! You should get some answers here!!! Good Luck Stuff
  13. Careful with the contents!! Cocaine and other stuff was legal back then. Just a thought!! Stuff
  14. My father worked at the Edison Steam plant Kneeland street Boston as a fireman late 40's til 60's. Power and steam is still used I think in Boston. Sad story!!! Years ago Edison had an electric ...
  15. Great Post!!! Love seeing other people showing their Stuff as the wife and I do in our Ice Cream shop!!! for over 30 years. Keeps us young!!! And CW is another outlet!! Stuff
  16. It's been tucked in a corner for years. Pulled it out after the CW's comments we put up. Cleaned out the drawers of 25 years old stuff that was in it. Bank statements insurance stuff!!! Wife thru o...
  17. Love Quartersawn Oak Pieces!!!! Stuff
  18. Yup named after Captain Davenport!!! Mine is tucked away in my Stuff!!!! Will pull it out when I get a chance!!! and take pics of it. Stuff
  19. Pivoting door good for storing Nautical instruments sextant etc. Stuff
  20. Forgot to mention mine has a mahogany top rail similar to yours.
  21. Elisabethan might be onto something. I have a Antique Shipcaptains desk. It's small 29" high by 22" by 22'. It was on a sailing ship in the 1890's Mahogany with Burl panels on the side drawers. Li...
  22. I have a picture of the wife and I standing next to a similar sign at an Antique shop in Key West years ago. Brought back memories. Stuff
  23. Great Picture of Ty Cobb late in life and signed too!!! Where did your dad play baseball??? Stuff
  24. Trivia!!! What does Haagen- Dazs stand for???? Nothing!!! it just sounded GOOD!!! for ice cream. Who invented the OREO cookie??? HYDROX!!! but we go by OREO!!! Bad name choice by Hydrox!!! Stuff ...
  25. Sorry I vented on you site!!! Please delete if you want. Stuff
  26. AnythingOb Check out if paper cups are recyclable even Mc Donalds paper straws are not!!! Paper cups for my biz cost 3 times more than Styro!!! Our Town is trying to end plastic bags styro etc. as y...
  27. Wax Paper Cups can't be recycled and China doesn't want our trash anymore!!! Your after use fits!!!! Stuff
  28. Welcome to CW.
  29. Did I write a bad word??? Great post!!! Hope you get answers. Stuff
  30. Welcome to CW.
  31. Made in the Philappines I believe. Check other posts Horse Tricycle . Stuff
  32. My first post!!! Thought I would show it again. Stuff
  33. Nice Stuffer!!! My first post was a William G. Bell Sausage filler!! Restored it and made sausages. Look on utube for antique sausage maker and see it in action. Stuff
  34. Welcome to CW!!
  35. I have a mobile cast iron base I'll put up soon to take a look at stuff
  36. Looks like Adirondack furniture
  37. I pulled out my Audubon Field Guide. Couldn't find the pink one??? The other one looked like an Alfalfa Looper?? Then I saw your from the UK So my North American Field Guide. Well I enjoyed trying t...
  38. My chosen weapons are the mallets!!! When the deed is done!!! I'll relax and scratch my back with the cast iron piece!!! Nice post!!!! Stuff
  39. My wife liked the Electrolux for years!!! I thought it was like dragging a Dead Pig around the room!!! Glad you like your lite weight one!!! Welcome to CW!! Stuff
  40. Being in the Ice Cream Biz!!! I like being the Good Humor Man!!! No Pun intended!!!! The wife sees jewelry she wants to buy it!!! Hope you get answers!! Have to close I hear her coming!!!!
  41. Dog-gone-it you really pulled a lot of rabbits out of those hats
  42. Welcome to CW.
  43. lundy I put one up like yours. Stuff
  44. Found out the Car middle right is a Marsh Car with the Marsh Bros inside. The factory in the background. They built the Factory in Cleveland Ohio 1919 to 21> the pics in my other post was them buildin...
  45. Do you have more pictures of the canister
  46. Don't pin me down but I like the chick better
  47. Sorry my right y'all left
  48. Looks older what's that Mark on her right on mark on her right arm
  49. Thanks all for the loves!!! Mystery Solved!! Their car plant converted to making Munitions for the War After the WWI they moved all the equipment in 145 railroad cars to Cleveland Ohio and spent 2 y...
  50. Welcome to CW!!! You should get some answers here. Stuff
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Cast iron eagle Piedmont/ Ice Cream/Explosives Porcelain Signs on Pa's Barn!!! Looking for Information The vulcanic teak tree (Part 2) Antique 1899 Cast Iron Door Mailbox Antique 5 Drawer Dresser with Dovetails Souvenir Japan cigarette case lighter Teeny Weeny Chicken Basket - Milk Glass Beautility  revolving  drinks sideboard


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