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Hanson ma.

Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! (Read more)


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Large Matchbook Troy N.Y. Shell Gas Station & Dairy Bar - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Old Large Horlick Malted Milk Jar - Advertisingin Advertising
1916 Mexican Border Service watch fob and CMTC tie bar - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WWI French Croix de guerre and other stuff - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old Bench Centerhead Tool????? Leather Making???? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Off my Bucket List!!!!!!! Jumping out of a plane!!!! - Photographsin Photographs
Robert Burlen & Son Bookbinders Sign - Signsin Signs
Old Stewart Iron Works  Gate - Advertisingin Advertising
Antique Foot Size Gauge for Shoes - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Here's my Telephone Floridagal - Telephonesin Telephones


  1. Polish them and you will always be doing that!!! I'm old and tarnished and I will stay that way!!! Stuff
  2. Look like Kewpie Dolls!!! Look them up!! Welcome to CW!! Stuff
  3. Our house was built in 1820 There are Roman Numerals in the beams in the attic!!!! A framer would come to town and cut and design beams to fit!!! PRE-FAB 200 years ago!!! Stuff
  4. I had one!!! Came in a stainless steel case that had a wet stone on one side and a leather strop on the other side. you would pull the blade back and forth to sharpen it!!! It would flip itself in the...
  5. In life how do we measure up??? I'm glad I was born when I was as I have seen the world I love and hate!!Maybe I won't be around to see the world that will be coming soon!!! Sorry about being negativ...
  6. Welcome to CW!! That Barber Pole was used when a Shave and a Haircut was Two Bits!! Stuff
  7. Brunswick!!! The Dairy Bar is really in Brunswick N.Y. 2 miles from Troy Thanks for the loves!! Stuff
  8. Always wondered how you could dig half a hole now I know
  9. Welcome to CW!! Lot of Singer Machine people here!!! Stuff
  10. The pick could be used to put an Olive in a Martini?? Fancy Stuff
  11. It depends on which end you look thru?? welcome to CW!!! You should get some answers here!!! Stuff
  12. I DoNut know what weight it was used for??? but it gave me heartburn just thinking about it!!! Stuff
  13. Your pulling my leg!!! Looks like a door pull or barn door pull?? Stuff
  14. Glad you like it!!!! Glad it's not a " What's It" anymore!!! and has a good home!! Stuff
  15. Leave the spots they are the memories!!! Point them out!!! and tell the story so that it passes on!! Stuff
  16. Welcome to CW!! Get Cooking!!! Stuff
  17. Had one like it but I taped over Police and stuck up a Bank!!! I did 10 to 20 in jail!!been out for over 30 years!!! Wish I had a Ray-Gun I could have done those years in a Flash!!! {Gordon} Stuff
  18. Wow!!! Reading that!!! Maybe the B.O.H. will shut me down?? Great Info!! Stuff
  19. Like you I wish this Country went to the Dogs!!! They treat us with love and respect and ask nothing in return!!! Amen!! (Maybe a ball from time to time!!) Stuff
  20. Just Kidding!!! I know the word is now offensive!! In Maine we had Squaw Mountain now it's Moose Mountain!!! First time I saw the road sign I said where's Moose Mountain??? I'm just Old!!! Stuff
  21. Your not very "Brave" She isn't high enough!!! My Squaw made me say that!!! Stuff
  22. Bottle would make it easy to pour into something??? Motor Oil??? Stuff
  23. Hi Keramikos Put up one you would like to see!! Thanks again for all your internet investigations!!!! Stuff
  24. Great Photo!!! Saw Nancy Sinatra in Nam in 67!!! These Boot's are made for Walking!!! Stuff
  25. Irish Thanks for input!!! I will get pics of Cobbler's bench soon!!! It's buried in the barn!!! Stuff
  26. As Long as us Curmudgeon's keep the world on it's Toes!!! Thank you everyone for being here show to do and report!!! Stuff
  27. Aren't WHATS-IT'S Fun!!!!! We used to have fun years ago on Sat. Nights here at the shop years ago!!! Antique collecting friends used to bring in Stuff and try to stump us??? An early CW!!! Sadly mo...
  28. Hi Everyone!!! Thanks for all the input!!! Will leave it unsolved for now??? Maybe there were other type pins as needed that could be installed. These 2 were just the ones there now??? Stuff
  29. I've been Gonged!!! Stuff
  30. Thank you Iptools for pin pointing eyelets!!!! Thank you Keramikos for snaking out the whole (Christmas) Story about this Tool!!!! I grew up wearing Galoshes!!! Those snaps were a pain!!! That movie i...
  31. I put up pic of pins removed from tool. They unscrew easily. I don't believe it was meant to be hit with anything??? No evidence of that!! Too delicate!!! "Anything" your piecing idea sounds good}:)...
  32. Welcome to CW!! Lots of Sewing Machine experts here!!! Should get answers soon!! Stuff
  33. Looks like it could have caused a few rooming house fires!!!! I'll take my toast burnt!!!! Stuff
  34. Could Be!!! Thanks for your 2 cents!!! Iptools. Stuff
  35. When's someone going to post a Leg Lamp???? Stuff
  36. No it won't!!!! My Tongues still stuck to the post!!!! Stuff }:(((((
  37. Looks like my first wife's ring!!! Not worth much and lasted not very long!!! next wife going on 45 years!! She got the ring I got a great Wife!!! Stuff
  38. Nice Porcelain Stove!!! It will live forever if you don't damage it!!! Stuff
  39. Jenney is a New England Company started selling Whale Oil in the 1850's. Nice Find!!! LOOK it up!!! I posted a few signs I've Had$$$ Leave as is!!! Stuff
  40. Don't Clean leave as-is!!!! Nice Old Piece!!! Jenney is from Boston Ma.
  41. Nice Swan Rocker!! Stuff
  42. Welcome to CW!! Answers will come. Stuff
  43. Great can!!! E. Bridgewater is the town next to me!! I posted a booklet for that Dairy. Stuff
  44. The dairy to match your milk can. Stuff
  45. Welcome to CW. Stuff
  46. Welcome to CW!! You shouldn't Strike out here!!! Stuff
  47. Are there any past railroads by Davis Creek?? Stuff
  48. Great Search Scott!!! Hope they can find me when I go!!! Stuff
  49. Sorta looks like a really old railroad spike????? Just a guess. Stuff
  50. Welcome to CW!!! Should get an answer here!! Stuff
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