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Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! (Read more)


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1915 Porcelain North Carolina License Plate & 1916 Balto Signs Ad - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1941 Johnson Outboard w/ Rowboat & Duck Decoys - Folk Artin Folk Art
Folk Art?? Octopus made of  Washed Up Plastic Trash!! - Folk Artin Folk Art
45 rpm Record Disc inserts/adapters - Recordsin Records
1925 Sheet Music played in New Years Past!! - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
FURY the Bronze Horse Plaque - Animalsin Animals
Baby Child in a Cornocopia on Christmas Eve!! - Christmasin Christmas
Pair of 1978 glass 2 Liter 67.6 Oz. Coca Cola Coke Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Old Bronze Frog on a Lilypad   - Animalsin Animals
World War I Eagle emblem. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Welcome to CW!! You should get some answers here!! Is it a Bar?? Painting is a dirty word to me!! Nice Piece. Stuff
  2. Welcome to CW!! It looks like one of Singer's High End Machines!!! I've never seen a Cabinet so nice!!! Enjoy!!! There are a few sewing machine experts here so you should get some answers!! Stuff
  3. Maybe CW pulled the plug because of the modern Lincoln Douglas Debate that was going on?? Stuff
  4. Welcome to CW!! Stick around it's a great site to see and solve STUFF!!
  5. Other names are Jew's Harp Jaw Harp. Stuff
  6. I believe it's called a Juice Harp a Musical device you play with your mouth. Stuff
  7. Does it have a can inside the can?? Looks like it might be gas station related?? Stuff
  8. How about some loves back!! Stuff
  9. Go to King Architectural Metals and you can see reproductions of old cast pieces for sale. I've brought some for jobs I've done over the years. Sad thing is some people paint them and rust them up a...
  10. Welcome to CW!! There's someone here that will "Dig in" and give you some answers!! Stuff
  11. I knew with the help of all the great CW Folks out there, you would get a HANDLE on it!! Stuff
  12. Welcome to CW!! "Google" Smith and Wellstood Scotland!! Stuff
  13. Great "BALTO" sign Stuff
  14. Welcome to CW Hope this helps. Stuff
  15. Could the handle be Bake O Lite?? as most handles were wood so they wouldn't conduct heat from hot iron?? Stuff
  16. Welcome to CW. In TIME you should get some answers. Stuff
  17. WOW!! Great Collection!!! reminds me that years ago a friends son loved those cars and made a 4x8 plywood table as a Drive-In Theatre and played the old 8mm Castle Films on the projector!!! It was bet...
  18. Thanks for all the Comments and Loves!!! We really do need to do more!! Stuff
  19. Thanks for all the LOVES!!!! The decoys want me to fire up the motor and get QUACKING!!!! Stuff
  20. Iron pyrite was it nicknamed Fool's Gold? I believe it was. Stuff
  21. He had a great Mustache!!! Stuff
  22. Welcome to CW!! Great Job!! Stuff
  23. Wire Wheel is the way I would go. Stuff
  24. Your first pic shows what looks like a British Phone Booth bottom left corner?? Stuff
  25. Here's a lead check out ebay!! Lots of box car lead seals there! Stuff
  26. I think you will "Iron Out" what it is one of these days??? Pardon the Pun!! But I'm pressed for time!!! I can't help myself!! I'll fold now!!! Stuff
  27. When I get Down in my Cups after drinking JAX beer I'll know where to Go!! Stuff
  28. Back in the Day we used to call Evening in Paris Perfume Evening in the Cesspool!! That Stuff was Ripe!!! and you can't say Snow White an the Seven Dwarfs anymore!! Not PC!!! It's Snow White and th...
  29. To hold a Carving Set for a Turkey Dinner??? Stuff
  30. Nice Lures!!! I have a sad story, years ago a regular customer came into our shop his wife passed away and wanted me to look at their stuff and see if anything was worth something?? I saw a lot of Old...
  31. Sorry to see on the news about the horrible fires in your country!!! Stay Safe!! Stuff
  32. Great Pics!!! Check out my Players Cig Cards of Stars I put up a few months ago. Stuff
  33. Thanks for the Loves!!! Stuff
  34. Welcome to CW, you should get some answers here. Check ebay people sell parts there and youtube may show you how to replace the wheel. Stuff
  35. FANtastic!!! Stuff
  36. It's A Sulky Race Horse!! Didn't know they had Sulky Races in Ukraine. I lost enough money on the U.S. Races. Nice Piece. Stuff
  37. We're at Myrtle beach on vacation, when the wind is just right you can smell the paper mill in Georgetown 36 miles away!! Maine has a few not as many as years ago!! One town was nicknamed Stinken Linc...
  38. BB2 Missed you but he may have cash in hand!!! Stuff
  39. BB2 She's still here but she wants 3G's Now!!! Stuff
  40. Welcome to CW!! Keep them Coming!! Stuff
  41. It looks Eastlake style to me?? Stuff
  42. They tore down Paradise and put up a Parking lot!!! Stuff
  43. Findings is right!! The more you look at pictures the more you see!!! Time capsules of where and when!! Stuff
  44. The roof looks like it was made of wood Shakes? Check it out on Wikipedia. Stuff
  45. Welcome to CW. You should get some answers here!! Stuff
  46. Early 19th Century steam powered sawmills made shingles easier to make!!! Red cedar West Coast/White Called Atlantic Cedar East Coast? Stuff
  47. I think it may be a sawmill to make cedar shingles?? Looking at the bundles on the right. Stuff
  48. I'll join the Dirty Old Men Club!! Nice Piece!! Stuff
  49. Love all the info on these Devil's Workshop adapters!!! I know now where I'll use them!!! I'll give them as ball markers to my golfing friends!!! My game might not get better!!! but it may take away t...
  50. Swamp Fox!! Sugarfoot was the next youtube!!! Remember that too!! My favorite show was Paladin!! Richard Boone! Have Gun will Travel!! Next was Bounty Hunter Steve McQueen!!! Where did all the great w...
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Could this be a Chinese rank badge? 'The Jim Nabors Christmas Album'...On 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl 1908 Julius Andrea and Sons LLC Cast iron eagle


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