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Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! (Read more)


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1950's Gabby Hayes Carry All Fishing Outfit!! - Fishingin Fishing
1935 Tomahawk Boy Scout Hatchet Compass Matches - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Jimmy Dean PT-109 45 record - Recordsin Records
1970's Boy Scout Metric Measurement Kit - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Nervous Norvus The Fang & Bullfrog Hop 45 record - Recordsin Records
Embossed Galvanized Steel No Parking Police Cars Sign  - Signsin Signs
Old Cincinnati Time Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Hiking Trail Signs  - Signsin Signs
Old 20 Ton Railroad Duff Norton Jack & Railroad Spike Sledge Hammer - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Porcelain L'ISLET STOVE Co. Sign - Signsin Signs


  1. Bird's-eye maple Maybe other people may know
  2. I guess they were the ancient version of TEVA's Sandals!!!! Stuff
  3. Sometimes I hit my Golf Balls like they were made out of Cast Iron!!! Stuff
  4. It's an Aggie used in playing marbles
  5. Welcome to CW!!
  6. Wish I had the SS Impala to wrap those hubcaps around!!! Stuff
  7. Great box that holds all the attachments stuff
  8. 48 stars makes it being made after 1912 Nice Piece Stuff
  9. fhrjra No! I used to have an horse drawn ice plow I sold it to a Working Farm Museum in upstate NY years ago. I was just showing it in regard to Ted Straubs post of an Ice house picture he put up with...
  10. Thanks all for the loves!!! Ted here's my saw. Stuff
  11. Ted!! Love the Horse drawn Ice Plow in the pic. I had one I got in NH years ago. Had the wood blade cover with it. Sold it to a working farm museum in Upstate NY years ago. I'll repost the Painted Ice...
  12. Thanks all for the loves!!! Stuff
  13. Welcome to CW!!! Nice trunk!!! Alligator??? Lots of trunk xperts here!! You should get an answer soon. I like your Hubcaps on the floor!! What kind of car?? I'll repost a set I have!! Stuff
  14. My father was in the US Army building landing fields in England and France during the War. Married my mother in England. I was born there in 46. One story he used to tell was the British pilots landin...
  15. My mistake it's has matches and compass no knife. made by the Tomahawk Co. for the Boy Scouts in 1935.
  16. Nice tomahawk!! going to an auction tomorrow there's a hatchet and knife mint condition!! with leather case. Made by the Tomahawk Axe & knife Co. Clinton Mass. They went out of biz in 1943. Wish me ...
  17. Nice Penny!!!I have a bunch!! It was the year I was born. Stuff
  18. Piano chair?
  19. SAD!! the B 17 went down in Conn. Killing 7 My prayers to all!!! I was playing golf in Plymouth Mass next to the Airport 2 weeks ago. The WWII B 17 made a couple of passes over the course along with ...
  20. 4th Cav Quarterhorse Brigade Viet Nam??? fhrjr2 should get you the answer!!! He knows his Stuff.
  21. Looks like Duncan but that sander on the floor scares me!!! Stuff
  22. Thanks Bobby for the love!! Stuff
  23. Something to do with Roofing
  24. Misspelled Gulp I've hit the sauce early!!! Stuff
  25. I'm thinking it would make a great fishbowl!!! I'm thinking filling it with "Glup"pies!!!! Stuff
  26. Lost mine years ago great find
  27. bb2!!!! I used some of the pages to also wipe the smile of my face after your post!!! Stuff
  28. Welcome to CW
  29. I have the same one. It's a reproduction of that catalog. If you look in the top right corner you'll see $3.95 and inside copyright 1979 Great Book I still have some of that STUUF.
  30. Welcome to CW!!! Back in the old days, they used to say in our homes we didn't have to lock our doors!!! but most of their furniture had locks?? You should get answers here!! Stuff
  31. Welcome to CW!! Nice Vise there are people here that should get you an answer. Stuff
  32. Like Tom Brady
  33. Goat cart greatest of all time
  34. I heard Time Flys!!! Yours Sails!!! Nice clock!! Stuff
  35. You're right it looks like depression furniture
  36. Would be worth a few pennies to get a Coin Collectors Blue Book. Stuff
  37. BIG KID small TUB???? Stuff
  38. Going back to the 60's we used to say "Girl who drinks Beer on Beach gets Sand in her Schlitz!!!" Was funny then!! No More!!! Stuff
  39. Beats a Lava Lamp any day!!! Nice Post!! Stuff
  40. Nice Badge!!! But I always think of the line!!!" We don't need NO STINKIN Badges!!!!!" Sorry about the pun!!! Good Luck Stuff
  41. Old Doorbell??????? the double hammer would give 2 different sounds. Stuff
  42. Posted it!! Stuff
  43. Happy you STEPPED right up and found it!! Pardon the Pun!! Stuff
  44. I have ZERO info on this plane!!! Pardon the pun!!! Stuff
  45. Welcome to CW.
  46. Have a great trip!!! The only hiking I do now is with a Golf Bag!!! Stuff
  47. Egyptian style jewelry???
  48. Thanks to your post I remembered I have one tucked away in the attic. Will post!! I have too Much STUFF!!
  49. Some old anvils have numbers near the bottom that tells the weight of it. Stuff
  50. Looks like a Butlers Desk?? Stuff
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1908 Julius Andrea and Sons LLC Cast iron eagle Piedmont/ Ice Cream/Explosives Porcelain Signs on Pa's Barn!!! Looking for Information The vulcanic teak tree (Part 2) Antique 1899 Cast Iron Door Mailbox Antique 5 Drawer Dresser with Dovetails Souvenir Japan cigarette case lighter Teeny Weeny Chicken Basket - Milk Glass Beautility  revolving  drinks sideboard


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