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Hanson ma.

Been collecting STUFF for years!!! We have sold Our Ice Cream Shop!!! But I still enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! We have sold Our Ice Cream Shop!!! But I still enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! We (Read more)


  1. Plastic FANTASTIC!! Stuff
  2. Maybe to get to the Core of it!! Your Apples are a Division test? Stuff
  3. He was a great President but as a Vacuum Cleaner he Sucked!! Pardon the Puns!! Welcome to CW!! Stuff
  4. Still want to know which came First and Why did She cross the road?? Stuff
  5. Maybe it sounds Corny but the Answer is Blowing in the Wind!! Stuff
  6. Hair Pins have 2 Humps?? Camel has one Hump?? Maybe that's y Egor/ Igor said what Hump?? Stuff
  7. Welcome to CW!! You will get answers here!! Very Soon!! We'll keep you in Stitches!! Pardon the Pun!! Stuff
  8. When I first looked at your picture I thought it was done by Charles Dana Gibson?? Famous for the Gibson Girls. His work looks very similar to yours. Maybe she was copying him?? Google him Stuff
  9. Alfred would BEE the first one to say you NAILED it!!! Stuff
  10. Creepy but you can serve Halloween Candy from it!! Hope you get answers!! Stuff
  11. My wife loved those Electrolux vacs. Nearly every time she went to the Electrolux store to get bags!! The salesman would try to sell her another one!! We ended up with Three!! My joke when I had to ...
  12. Or District Governor? Stuff
  13. My guess piston ring cleaner before installing new rings. Stuff
  14. Symbol on his hat looks like the Rotary Club symbol?? Maybe he ran for President? Stuff
  15. African origin and African Americans often used them at Grave sites in remembering their lives!! Stuff
  16. Maybe they should put an Orange Cap on eBay!! Just kidding!! Stuff
  17. It looks like what I call a Memory Jug? They glue things to it to remember things. Other's here may give a better description. Stuff
  18. I remember the horse drawn Rag man ( yelling Rags for sale!!) And buy rags and old newspapers by weight. Us kids used to put wet newspapers in the middle of the bundle for added weight. Fruit & Veggi...
  19. When I was in Nam in 66. I read in the Stars and Stripes newspaper that SPECIAL FORCES trained 16 German Shepherd's with their Handlers for war against VC!! The Dogs got shipped to the mountain peopl...
  20. Thanks for the LOVES!!! STUFF
  21. Thanks for the LOVES!!! STUFF
  22. GUY CARBONE ran for many different offices!! Never Won!! Give him an A for trying!! A Republican that was a Democrat til 1981 Stuff
  23. Frederick Langone. Boston City Councilman nicknamed Mayor of North End!! Ran against Ted Kennedy for Senate. LOST Died 2001 Stuff
  24. JFK I believe knew nothing about the promise!! Mourned his death!! And will always remember where I was that Day!!! But I never voted for a Kennedy after that!! Stuff
  25. Thanks for the loves and apostata for solving the cup for my better half!! Stuff
  26. Representative Massachusetts House Born 1925 died 1994 Stuff
  27. Augustus Means
  28. Great Governor!!! Stuff
  29. I believe it's when he was running for Senate?? A Ward Boss came to us kids in early 60's and said if you give out flyers to Vote for him!! We would get Football jerseys!! He won but we never got the ...
  30. It's the same Brooke!! Great Guy!! Was once I believe romantically involved with Barbara Walters . Stuff
  31. I called it Waterfall Depression furniture. Stuff
  32. Dav is right. Looks like a Spot Welder mark?? Stuff
  33. You egged me on by EGGS (ample) so let's the Kids Learn how to drive in a Wind-up Car!! Better than the Electric Cars their trying to sell now!! Stuff
  34. The yokes on me !! You really scrambled my Eggs!! Stuff
  35. His wife wasn't Nuts She was cheating on him with Paster Hamm's evil Brother Deviled Hamm!! Stuff
  36. Mr Peanut once called me a Lard Ass but he was into the Cups when he said it!! So I knew he was Nuts. Stuff
  38. Paul was one of the greatest actors of my time!! I was in our ice cream shop when I saw that he had died. A young lady that worked for us said!!! OH!! HE'S THE ONE THAT MADE THAT SALAD DRESSING!! ...
  39. Your DOG one ups us all!! We had an Airedale many years ago. Miss Max to this day!! Stuff
  40. When the EPA put those rules in!! A neighboring towns Police dept. Was checking landscaper's gas cans and ticketing them!! They had nothing better to do!! Stuff
  41. It reads Germany and numbers half hidden by the leather stitching. Looks like 970? Thanks for the info. Stuff
  42. Posted my wife's doll . You got the nice head I got the body!!! Small world!! Stuff
  43. Great Meter!! Great Dog!! My buddy Sheldon and I had some double sided key's that looked similar to one's back then used on parking meter locks. We sold them for a Buck to unsuspecting younger kids a...
  44. Splat and ReSplat painting? Sorry I don't know anything about Art. My fingerprinting never sold!! Just kidding!!! Great Clock!! Stuff
  45. Wife and I had our boat Anchored on the Mystic river in Boston for the Fourth in 2003 waiting for the fireworks. A shadow come over us!!! Stealth Bomber!! Never heard him coming!!! Sure heard it leavi...
  46. I'm getting old!! Went into a bar a few years ago. Lady bartender asked what I'd like I said a Papst she said a PBR No I said a Pabst. But I was in Maine where they have to ask everyone their Birthda...
  47. No If Ands or Butts Pray you will never need an Ashtray!!! Stuff
  48. Repost Stuff
  49. Thought I'd repost now that I drink PBR'S NOW. Stuff
  50. Your right Falcon!! Drank Bud most of my Life but didn't get any Weiser!! Stuff
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vintage theatrical trunk-authenticated as the famous Ziegfeld Follie star performer Lillian Lorraine Can anyone identify this belt? No date, no mint mark  error dime Flower power pin Solid brass lion head trinket box Red Top Snuff from Byfield, Mass? Phonograph part???? Old horse tricycle? 1960's Italian Hard Plastic Doll with lovely blue eyes Nazi election poster 1933 Torpedo Part Pepsi Cola Can and Ashtray 1930’s Bakelite Steering Wheel Knobs


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