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Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!Been collecting STUFF for years!!! I display a lot of it in Our Ice Cream Shop!!! I enjoy swapping STUFF stories with friends!!! I love to tell Kids about old STUFF!!! and most like to hear about old STUFF!!! Keeps me young!!! (Read more)


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Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine base restored Repurposed. - Sewingin Sewing
World War II Japanese Rifle???? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pinball Wizard Game Ann Margaret The Who TOMMY - Gamesin Games
WWII Ships Underwater Mine??? Homemade Cannon on the lawn. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old Budweiser Beer Can Cigarette Lighter!!! - Brewerianain Breweriana
Old Flying A Tydol Gas Pump Sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
Artist Painted Antique Ice Saw - Fine Artin Fine Art
1920's 30's Bronze Maryland Terrapin Intermural Plaque - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Old small flour sifter!! and a Wire Hot Pie Lifter - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. To strike your match to light cigarette!!! Made Well before safety matches!!! Nice find!! Stuff
  2. Thinking again the store might have been Renovators Supply????? Stuff
  3. About 20 years ago the Braintree Mall had a store called Restoration Supply that had wall displays of hardware like yours. It's Gone now?? Stuff
  4. Nice display!!! Your right!!! someone here will get a HANDLE on it's history!!! Stuff
  5. Looks like a wagon or farm equipment wrench??? You should get an answer soon. Stuff
  6. To me the beauty of Cast Iron no matter what shape it's in!!! Gives me Pause!!! Nice piece!! Stuff
  7. If the man was wearing them!! I'd call them Wise Old Owl Glasses!!!
  8. Love the Ice Cream Truck!!! Stuff
  9. Great Payout!!! May your luck continue!!! Stuff
  10. Glad to hear your home!!! What's up your sleeve??? Did the Doc who operated on you save it for Show and Tell??? and what cate"gory" will it be under!!! All the best and a Speedy recovery!!! Stuff
  11. We used to use a similar tool to slide between sheets of steel and lift it just enough to attach a grab!! To lift the sheet to a shear/roll or brake. We made ours out of old car springs. That's what I...
  12. Looks like a part of some kind of lockdown device???
  13. Wow!! Seems to be a lot of Sour Milk here!!! Are we burning the Wick at both ends??? I just lost a good friend!!! Life's short!!!! Chill!!! Stuff
  14. Greek artists????
  15. I think hunterglee is right. Looks like it's for a Bowler hat?? Hung over a warm heat source to dry it into shape??? Vent holes in the sides below brim?? Stuff
  16. fhrjr2 is right!!! Deadly!!! We has a Road rage incident here in Mass years ago. He opened his trunk and took out one and killed the other driver!!! Over in Nam I brought one, it put a bamboo arrow th...
  17. Beautiful NICE JOB!! Stuff
  18. Maybe it's No Nosepicking or maybe it's Snot??? Stuff
  19. Gave up smoking 1971 if I had that ash tray I might think about starting up again!!! To see it work!!! Stuff
  20. Brick here's my ice saw!!!!! Stuff
  21. Check out my painted ice saw!!! it's a little bigger!!!
  22. DITTO!!!!!
  23. Stieff Bear????
  24. Welcome to CW. Should get an answer here.
  25. Nice tool!!! I have a friend who's in the landscape biz. He was pulled over by the Police who noticed a machete in his truck with his other landscaping stuff!! Asked him what he had that weapon for???...
  26. I put my Wilcox up!! Yours will look great in the foyer!!! Stuff
  27. Great piece!!! Nice job!!! I have one I restored and use it for my laptop and printer I'll post it tomorrow. Stuff
  28. Can't help you with value?? I grew up with Sunbeam Bread (no holes) but we would say nothing but a big doughball!!!! Stuff
  29. fhrjr2 is right! Where there's a will there's a way. One of our guys over in Nam got a captured Thompson Sub-machine gun!! He took the guts out of reel to reel tape player and took it apart and attac...
  30. She died about 3 months ago and he passed away a month ago, They loved each other all those years even with her throwing out his stuff!!! LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!! Stuff
  31. Thanks kwqd & BB2 will pass it on. Was told he had the bayonet and other war prizes but his wife thru them out years ago!!! Stuff
  32. Welcome to CW!! You should get some answers here. There are a few sewing machine collectors here. Stuff
  33. A friend of mine years ago made a cribbage board/coffee table out an oak board. varnished it!! New holes began appearing not relating to the game so he said it was haunted by guys that lost to him!!! ...
  34. Wood dust?? maybe some powder post beetles have found a home??? Stuff
  35. Ditto Stuff
  36. OOM-PAH-PAH to you Brunswich!!! Thanks for the info!! Stuff
  37. Bobby725 is right Fire Grenade!!!! Old Man Crawford had one mounted in a ring style holder on the wall by the fireplace down the Cape back in the fifties!! Stuff
  38. Welcome to CW!! Hope you find an Answer here!! Many great art people here!!! Good Luck Stuff
  39. Hi Hum I put up my picture of 1865 British Troopship to India Check it out!! Stuff
  40. Thanks all!!! Hum you seem to have an interest in British India Company?? check it out!! Stuff
  41. BB2 maybe your long lost cousin is a double agent!!! Waiting for your Island to rise again!!!! Tide I mean!!! artfoot maybe I'll hit one off those detonators and see where you find me!!! Stuff
  42. Many things I hidden in walls and floors in old houses one house up the street from us had trolley posters in the between the subfloor and the oak floor I used to be a trolley line the Brockton Plymou...
  43. AnythingObscure is right on!! Our farmhouse was built around 1820. When we added on our ice cream shop to it we found old newspapers from North Bridgewater now Brockton Mass. An 1800's old handbook o...
  44. FANtastic !!! Stuff
  45. I grew up with Neighborhood stores!!! Bars, Drug, Butcher Food Furniture Etc. Now we've got Big Box stores and the internet all devouring each other!!! The wife and I for 32 years have our Ice Crea...
  46. The best grits for me are at The Dead Dog Saloon Merrells Inlet S.C. The walls are full of photos of customers best friends that have passed on!! check it out. Stuff
  47. What I miss up here is Breakfast places don't have Grits!!! Stuff
  48. Were the badges they all have for the Centennial??? Stuff
  49. Free Hand Welding job isn't that bad as I was a welding instructor years ago!! Stuff
  50. I wish I had your Radio!!! Cause I don't Smoke!!! Stuff
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Cast iron eagle Piedmont/ Ice Cream/Explosives Porcelain Signs on Pa's Barn!!! Looking for Information The vulcanic teak tree (Part 2) Antique 1899 Cast Iron Door Mailbox Antique 5 Drawer Dresser with Dovetails Souvenir Japan cigarette case lighter Teeny Weeny Chicken Basket - Milk Glass Beautility  revolving  drinks sideboard Elastrator for castrating


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