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Houston, TX

An eclectic collector... picking up whatever oddity catches my eye.


  1. hmmm.... Butternut had never crossed my mind. Perhaps because I do not hear much talk of it being used. I do see similarities in grains from what I have googled.
  2. Thank you for all of your help. I have switched out 2 pictures so that I could give a better picture of the wood grain (top of dresser). If this is not a good indicator I can take a picture of the ins...
  3. Oh My Goodness... I am insanely jealous. Great find! The man sitting at the desk and to the left of OJ in both of the other pictures was the owner of the Buffalo Bills, Ralph Wilson. I am not ge...
  4. I love the legs
  5. Sorry, no info on the artist. However I have a oil painting in the same type frame. Perhaps If I can identify my artist we will both have an idea as to the time frame of the paintings? (just a thought...
  6. I want one for my desk at work!
  7. The pieces are a joy to see! I tried to pick my favorite but decided it its the grouping of all three that I like the best. I thought of you and your may lovely brooches when I went through my mot...
  8. Side note for others who might have the same issue with old tape. I was able to remove all of the old glue from the masking tape by rubbing vegetable oil on the tape every day and letting it sit for a...
  9. Some of the jokes caught me off guard. I was sheltered growing up and had no idea that men were allowed to read dirty jokes way back then. *grin*
  10. Oh My Goodness... this is adorable!
  11. That is both creepy and beautiful!
  12. TallCakes, you are very good! All but the sticker, the one I have looks to be identical. Thank you.
  13. If you search "Antique Carpet Rocker" you will find several that are similar. I have a child size version, but mine is more simplistic. I will post a picture. I was told they are Victorian platform...
  14. I have been researching I am guessing that this is slag glass. I wish I could find examples that are close to this pattern.
  15. Thank you blunderbuss2 and Watchsearcher ~ It was so dirty when I found it that I could not see the joints on the drawer. I was relying on the cut lines on the bottom to determine if it was machine ma...
  16. Oh my, this piece really pulls me in. The artist captured the "sad hound dog" persona to a T. Makes me want to reach out and pat him on the head and cheer him up a bit. The coloring simply adds to the...
  17. I adore dragonflies and the details on this piece are very creative. Nice find!
  18. Thank you Dizzydave! This will give me a new direction to search.
  19. This is beautiful!
  20. Turn it clockwise a quarter turn and it makes more sense. It is an Air Force Maintenance Badge https://www.usamilitarymedals.com/products/maintenance-badge
  21. Thanks Newfld. I was playing around with lighting. I used aluminum foil for a background, shut off all the lights. and aimed a low-light flashlight. (low budget creativity) Depending on the angle it g...
  22. ..... or antelope?
  23. Just realized that it is a gazelle
  24. Very pretty! I do not see this coat of arms on the Stewart site. HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh has a man with a club on his CoA to represent Greece and Denmark but the club is lowered. Also no...
  25. Blunderbuss2, Whenever I see a 1911 I get all warm and fuzzy inside. You have some nice firearms. Fortapache, The first time I fired an "03" I sported a nasty bruise.
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