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  1. Yougottahavestuff, funny guy??
  2. Thank you!
  3. I’ve concluded it was for pouring lead or something, but there are no remnants of such! But a wonderful little mystery
  4. Thank you guys! I’m always fascinated by things, whether inherited or found… even being from India won’t diminish my fun!
  5. I thought that too! But no evidence of slag metal like lead… perhaps never used…
  6. I’m glad you all like it, but what is it???
  7. Thank you so much! I learn so much about these wonderful things from all of you
  8. Love this site, thank you
  9. Thank you!
  10. Thank you! I always learn so much here
  11. I’ll check in the morning!
  12. Thank you! The ex said tractor device… close
  13. Thank you all! I learn so much from posting items on here! Still leaves me wondering how my depression era grandparents ended up with so many wonderful things...this is such a wonderful website, and ...
  14. Thank you so much!
  15. Thank you, it is a great article! Still not sure what I've got!!!
  16. Thank you!
  17. I have started! Thank you....
  18. I really feel the absence of the waterfront. Lived in Portland for years, worked there. Drank my coffee driving up an down the piers to see which boats were out. So many gifts of seafood. So many wond...
  19. Anytime! Worked on the waterfront in Portland Maine for years, got a few other weird marine related items posted here too, miss the working waterfront
  20. Me too!
  21. No way to know, but learn a great deal more than I did about my "stuff", on this website!
  22. Thank You! That piece was lost 50 years ago or more!
  23. Just added a bottom shot, thank you !
  24. Borders on an obsession
  25. Thank you! Some things I'm thinking out... those I shall keep till the end!
  26. Wish I'd discovered this site years ago! Learn so much from all of you, thank you!
  27. It’s a giant mushroom, the “hoof” type that frequently grows on birch trees! Sorry, I’ll edit the entry...
  28. Thank you Trey, enjoying it and learning a great deal!
  29. I kept a lot of ours after my folks died. My brother’s wife wouldn’t let him have anything
  30. We had the exact same set until a few years ago! Love seeing it.
  31. Really beautiful pieces, and especially stunning together!
  32. Thank you so much.. my mom had bought up Venetian glass, but did not think these were the same thing !
  33. Thanks guys, I’ll try tonight!
  34. Just tried, the pics are correctly oriented on my camera but when downloading come out like this! And I'm not the most techno savvy person in the world! I'll retake some tomorrow!
  35. Looks like an impeller but way bigger than any I've ever seen! Also , W.H. Morris... the furniture designer? It's a mystery . Really curious at this point
  36. That makes so much sense.... have seen cod weathervanes though. Wondering where it came from. Thank you!
  37. Thanks guys, keep it coming!
  38. Enjoy the process!
  39. If you want more pics of the base or any part I can email them
  40. The inside of the wheel appears to have been painted black. The outside I believe was shellacked, and when rescued from my grandmother's barn, stripped and coated with a floor finish in the early 50'...
  41. Inside diameter is 25 3/4", outside diameter is 28". My father called the table top 'African Mahogany '
  42. Thank you, no marks but just realized that one of the pieces of paper, dated 1963, was a short article about opal or opaline glassware. Appreciate the info!
  43. Thank you! Have marveled at it for years, but both he and my father are gone, so no way to know the history. Love anything that can be provided...
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