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McKinney, Texas


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Concert Ticket Stubs The Who, Steve Miller, Rod Stewart, White Snake, Scorpions, Tom Petty, Robert Plant, Van Halen, Aerosmit - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Concert Tickets, ZZ Top, AC DC, Kiss, Ratt, Van Halen, Mottley Crue, Judas Priest, Ted Nugent, Loverboy, Boston, Deep Purple - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Circus Lion Real Photo Collar Lapel Stud - Advertisingin Advertising
RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS Poster 1945 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Frank Stewart Rare 1954 Weaver's Wafers Lincoln Chiefs Baseball Card  - Baseballin Baseball
Fabric Doll Robin Hood European  - Dollsin Dolls
Texas Map 1886 with Greer county shown in Texas advertising Leon & H. Blum importers and Wholesale Dealers, Galveston, Texas - Paperin Paper
Coca Cola Metal Wire Puzzle / premium or Advertising Give a way  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Lucien Picccard Seashark Wrist Watch  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Travel Brochures 1938-39 California, Wyoming and other Ephemera  - Paperin Paper


  1. Nice look ! Well made ! Quality !
  2. That’s a beautiful Clock, that’s part of the fun when your Picking and find that undervalued item and you’ve got a feeling about it. Great Find !! I once bought a Tiffany Partners Clock for a couple ...
  3. Thank you Manikin! I knew someone would know about her
  4. So even with the damage they have value ?
  5. Yep I don’t either, so it’s deleted
  6. Love those original Art pieces. I’ve collected several different artist drawings over the years.
  7. How did you find it ?
  8. I assumed “ and I know you should never assume “ that this was a Union soldier during the civil war period because of the style of the coat with such a wide outlined lapel. Your help identifying is mu...
  9. Added back of Card
  10. Thank you vynil33rpm I appreciated your quick response.
  11. Photos look professional done, lighting is just right. Mine always look dark
  12. Copy Right 1933. If it an original $$
  13. Thanks Sean !
  14. Great Deco Look
  15. Thank you Sean, and Happy New Year to you.
  16. Yep I’d say the 50’s
  17. Anile2010 the Estate I bought these from had about 12-15 of the Herold Maples illustrations. it was chalked full of illustrated art From the 40’s thru the 80’s . So maybe some trading going own betwe...
  18. Very interesting observation. Yes I’m still trying to figure out who that guy is. Thanks for the information
  19. Great information Keramikos, had seen the 1st two pictures. Thanks for the feed back
  20. I remember wearing them
  21. Yeah I read that the Buffalo Bayou was a major For of transportation through the city. It snakes all through Houston.
  22. Thank you ED, Great story. I'm always amazed about what people know or had experiences.
  23. I've love the calendar in the back ground, I've got a Norman Rockwall "Carry On" I picked up years ago.
  24. SEAN68 If only you had some vintage baseball photos to trade ? Hmmmmmm.
  25. Thanks Newfld
  26. Thank you NEWFLD.
  27. Thank you Alan2310
  28. Haven't seen these before but very cool
  29. Would you be interested in parting with this one ?
  30. From what I was able to research I believe it was manufactured by Knoll
  31. Thank you for your inquiry Loobah I did find out it was an original, it's fun to come across those treasures.
  32. Great pin, would love to have one like that in my collection
  33. I'd be interested in seeing more photo too. I live in Dallas Thank you
  34. Looks to be around 1910 era
  35. BOSTON BULL PUP Made By HUBLEY Design # 409 HEIGHT = 6 inches WIDTH = 4 1/2 inches VALUE = $250 - $325 ( per Pair) Note 1: Documented in Ron Rittenhouse's Collection of Hubley's Catalog pa...
  36. Take a look at Baseball photos in CW, I have a team photo from 1956-57,
  37. It's amazing what your dad accomplished in his lifetime, he was cutting edge space exploration.m
  38. Thanks for the comments everyone.
  39. Thank you for info. I like the AP Wire Photo as it shows the Day to day
  40. They are perhaps cancelation stamps from post office
  41. How bout for handling blocks of Ice ? You would want a spike digging into your pelt.
  42. Thank you for correcting my description ho2cultcha.
  43. Thanks for the comments, if they are paper dolls they have a lot of fine detailed cuts
  44. Thank you son ambient, I'll change the headline. I appreciate your knowledge on solving the ?
  45. Originals are Marked Knoll, also I believe the originals have a finished end not a capped end.
  46. Thanks for the Love I could find any identification stamped anywhere on the chair frame.
  47. Thank you Jim
  48. I think most are Teak but this is beautiful dark grain.
  49. Nice to know, I looked on EBay completed sales but didn't find one
  50. Thanks for the love
  51. See more


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