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McKinney, Texas


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Baseball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf Photo - Baseballin Baseball
1897 JUDGE “ The Kickers “ Print by Victor Gillam Political Satire  - Baseballin Baseball
1928 San Angelo Red Snappers Baseball Team Photo - Baseballin Baseball
1948 Official Texas Brags Map of North America - Paperin Paper
1936 Cincinnati University Bear Cats Banner / Pennant  - Signsin Signs
Raleigh American Cycle Company  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
1927 New York Yankees Oversized Photo  - Baseballin Baseball
Geologic Map of Texas Dated 1937 LARGE  - Paperin Paper
1953 United States Map from Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management   - Paperin Paper


  1. Great Deco Look
  2. Thank you Sean, and Happy New Year to you.
  3. Yep I’d say the 50’s
  4. Anile2010 the Estate I bought these from had about 12-15 of the Herold Maples illustrations. it was chalked full of illustrated art From the 40’s thru the 80’s . So maybe some trading going own betwe...
  5. Very interesting observation. Yes I’m still trying to figure out who that guy is. Thanks for the information
  6. Great information Keramikos, had seen the 1st two pictures. Thanks for the feed back
  7. I remember wearing them
  8. Yeah I read that the Buffalo Bayou was a major For of transportation through the city. It snakes all through Houston.
  9. Thank you ED, Great story. I'm always amazed about what people know or had experiences.
  10. I've love the calendar in the back ground, I've got a Norman Rockwall "Carry On" I picked up years ago.
  11. SEAN68 If only you had some vintage baseball photos to trade ? Hmmmmmm.
  12. Thanks Newfld
  13. Thank you NEWFLD.
  14. Thank you Alan2310
  15. Haven't seen these before but very cool
  16. Would you be interested in parting with this one ?
  17. From what I was able to research I believe it was manufactured by Knoll
  18. Thank you for your inquiry Loobah I did find out it was an original, it's fun to come across those treasures.
  19. Great pin, would love to have one like that in my collection
  20. I'd be interested in seeing more photo too. I live in Dallas Thank you
  21. Looks to be around 1910 era
  22. BOSTON BULL PUP Made By HUBLEY Design # 409 HEIGHT = 6 inches WIDTH = 4 1/2 inches VALUE = $250 - $325 ( per Pair) Note 1: Documented in Ron Rittenhouse's Collection of Hubley's Catalog pa...
  23. Take a look at Baseball photos in CW, I have a team photo from 1956-57,
  24. It's amazing what your dad accomplished in his lifetime, he was cutting edge space exploration.m
  25. Thanks for the comments everyone.
  26. Thank you for info. I like the AP Wire Photo as it shows the Day to day
  27. They are perhaps cancelation stamps from post office
  28. How bout for handling blocks of Ice ? You would want a spike digging into your pelt.
  29. Thank you for correcting my description ho2cultcha.
  30. Thanks for the comments, if they are paper dolls they have a lot of fine detailed cuts
  31. Thank you son ambient, I'll change the headline. I appreciate your knowledge on solving the ?
  32. Originals are Marked Knoll, also I believe the originals have a finished end not a capped end.
  33. Thanks for the Love I could find any identification stamped anywhere on the chair frame.
  34. Thank you Jim
  35. I think most are Teak but this is beautiful dark grain.
  36. Nice to know, I looked on EBay completed sales but didn't find one
  37. Thanks for the love
  38. Thanks Sean68
  39. Your exactly correct. I had another piece I had sent to Neil Armstrong and had them mixed up. Good catch.
  40. I'm not following you blunderbuss2
  41. What's the name of the group
  42. Love the white color, I had one that was a walnut veneer, I had only one part as well. Didn't know they came in a pair.
  43. Hmmmmmm tempting but ill just hang on to them.
  44. Thanks guys I enjoy a good find , it's even better when you stubble on to something
  45. Thanks Sean68 I've got another AP Wire of Erskine and Vic Raschi dated Oct 2 1952
  46. Thank you all for the comments
  47. It was a promotional item given away from a men's store so I would suspect it was used by Fans to keep track of balls strikes outs and scores. Could have been used much its just made of card stock boa...
  48. Working in the Relocation buisness, I get to cherry pick some good stuff
  49. Thank you
  50. Thanks for the info AzTom, yeah I thought I was pretty lucky to get it.
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