Huron National Forest, N.E. Michigan

40 some years collecting button's I started out with anti war button's picked up while attending protests (Protesting the war not the troops BTW) back in the day the40 some years collecting button's I started out with anti war button's picked up while attending protests (Protesting the war not the troops BTW) back in the day then for many years I just wanted any non political but historical like Mercury and Apollo pins then political button's and the last few years my focus has gone back to Vietnam pins both pro and anti war. This whole thing I can thank or blame on a neighbor from when I was a kid, he had a 4 foot by 16 foot board covered with button's next to his pool table that I was always in awe of I ran into him in 2001 at a funeral he was behind me but I knew that voice so as I turned I said "It's all your fault ya know" once he understood what I was talking about we had a little chuckle he was very interested in hearing about my collection and I was very sad to hear his entire collection went missing during his last move. BTW I am AKA John. OH a short little note: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PRIVACY NOTICE: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< You do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my photos or any other "picture" art posted on or my profile. Without my Written Approval, The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE ............................. Peace ............................. (Read more)


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  1. Here ya go shareur just to make sure it's stuck ;D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yU0JuE1jTk Thanks for all the Love(s) ho2cultcha MacDaddyRico shareurpassion & comment buckethead SpiritBear...
  2. Nice bunch of Bear's there (what is a group of bears called?) somehow not surprised Spirit Bear was here ;D
  3. Fun finds indeed, keep looking ;D The top of the metal likely looked something like the one on the link below, https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/22/64/e4/2264e43b575e598a0f79dda10c458c20--fi...
  4. Small world after all, Ah thanks Wamplers and Jerry's Pub that's it, If she was there when you were you would likely recall her lol Life of the party she was, 25 mile/Jewel area sure built up my Uncle...
  5. Nice story, Dad was a sharp lookin guy ;D
  6. Hey Iggy, Yeah we ate some of the same dirt ;p Royal Oak, My Aunt Toots lived in Irish Hills on a canal not sure what lake but it has a bar on it where she was a regular, burred in Brooklyn now, I'll ...
  7. Timeless classics ;D
  8. History, nice write up
  9. Great condition, nice find
  10. Some funky jazz there Artfoot thanks, love the last line : The Revolution WILL BE LIVE"
  11. Nice find, Who would have thunk we had so many towns named Napoleon, From the massive number of lakes in that area I would guess her cottage can't be far from one if not on one great area to spend th...
  12. Cool fan ya don't see many that hang any more, You might be able to put some rubber tubing on the floor contact points to keep it from walking around so much? or a leather strap that you can nail to...
  13. Nice find with some great photo's, One would think WE would be past racism by now yet we have leaders stoking the fire and many feel it's once again okay to say such things, IT'S NOT, I guess it's tim...
  14. 1600 year half life Yikes
  15. Any idea of age? very cool
  16. WOW just WOW
  17. Good, we can be safe and keep the look, Can ya tell I haven't re-wired anything in 30 years lol
  18. Maybe even Harrisburg Eight (seven), The Harrisburg Seven were a group of religious anti-war activists, led by Philip Berrigan, charged in 1971, full story below: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stor...
  19. looks like it could have been a mold copper would cool the latex fast? handy
  20. flash back > Rock Me Tonite - Billy Squier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZvl2aqIyNg
  21. I remember these coolers, I don't recall if mine was Jack Frost or not but a good minnow bucket
  22. Unusual item, wow over 50 years already, I was just mad at them for growing their hair like yesterday. Too bad the didn't pull them with the roots, The world could make a new J.L. It is strange how...
  23. Great letters, ya sure don't see writing like that last one anymore > evolution? (not) A lot of interesting subjects, nice find. Didn't pay to be a snake then either lol, (post mark looks like No...
  24. Somehow I don't think the poster would fly today but the students would like it, 1913 the year my Dad was born ;D
  25. Looks great, the room looks better too ;p I didn't even bring up having 911 at the ready but "sparks/smoke" hint hint ;D MIGHT be safe, It would be nice if someone made a cloth covered cord that's new...
  26. Thanks for the Love(s) Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, MacDaddyRico, Wandlessfairy, brunswick, SpiritBear I've been un-well lately & I thought there were other comments about the CIA with links, I did wa...
  27. LOL some just might at that, I have a poster along that line ;p
  28. Right up my alley so you know what I think... LOVE IT ;D The "No More Napalm" is a good one and the oval "Love and Peace" I've seen do very well at auction, you have a lot of good one still wish I ha...
  29. Don't know how I could have missed these, I Love these, the always did look best when up late lol
  30. From a ship, diving platform or dock maybe? We have at least four from Michigan now that I know of, Oddly enough all four are in these comments.
  31. A little Heavy Metal for the picnic, great collection!!!
  32. Always liked these, Built to last!!! I noticed CW has your electric fan collection on there twitter page on 8/2, sweet.
  33. Carlos was on "The Big Interview" made for a good show, He said the faces he was making at woodstock were from acid making the strings melt and he was having a hard time keeping up lol, great LP from ...
  34. Bares repeating... still more a classic rock fan but a fun band ;d
  35. GREAT band for the headphones, Good one iggy
  36. I had wallpaper like this ;D (with red and black carpet lol
  37. Sabbath bloody Sabbath ;D good one Roy
  38. Cleaning a barn can be a good workout, I know some who picked so many strawberry's they won't touch one today ;p Grandma had a dream at age 95 that she had another baby so one of my Aunt's boug...
  39. I always carry a spare rubber in the boot of my car ;D
  40. I agree with PCC a cool 100k a year sounds fair ;p All house of this age and style should use 5 to 7 colors if ya ask me
  41. I think it is likely a YIPPE button, one of the less common too, We needed pigasus the immortal in 2016 ;D The levitate the Pentagon buttons always sell for top dollar these days. Great post!
  42. My Grand parents on moms side had 11 kids, They were a different breed back then for sure, none of them sat inside playing video games LOL, I met grandpa but don't remember much as he passed when I w...
  43. Nice graphics in great shape, I've seen a few variants of the "heads or tails" theme from a donkey to a woman but haven't seen this one before, great find/gift
  44. Sounds like a fun project I like doing that kind of thing, Look forward to seeing the finished product GL & Welcome to CW
  45. Nice to have a photo that shows so much family history, Great house, Sweet bike and memories what more can ya ask for, except maybe great great grandpas pocket watch ;p ( well looks like it could be ...
  46. Thanks all ya'all for the Love(s) buckethead, valentino97, racer4four, vetraio50, blunderbuss2, iggy, fortapache, artfoot, Caperkid, roddyq & brunswick
  47. Great local history and nice collection, The stoppers look to be in fantastic condition they must not have been in the dirt much or long, Another great write up too ;D
  48. Yum I do love Canadian beer and ya can't go wrong with Labatt's , back in the day I went to Canada just for a beer run once a month or so, First time I was looking in all the wrong places lol like par...
  49. Rare button indeed and a great write up, I love to hear the story behind the button and this one has a fantastic well told story, Nice snap shot of history.
  50. Flippin Sharks always show up at the wrong place. ;D nice old ashtray Roy
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John Lennon's Davenport china plate-1964 Campaign Pin Collection 1896- 1960


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