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Swansea, UK

I've been trading in antiques and collectables since 1989. I collect nothing and everything. I like art glass and pewter.


  1. I always think that Kirk was a far better actor than his son. I live 8 miles from Catherine Zeta Jones (Douglas) and happened to be walking in the village when he was trying to control his grandson. N...
  2. My first thought if that was bigger it would make a wonderful coffee table.
  3. Ever Ready from America is cool too.
  4. The Germans did some nicely engineered wet shave safety shavers, then you have cutthroat stuff.
  5. I work in a Shell petrol station and I just come off the Online training program for Fire safety....watchng fires on forecourts ts the only issue thats taken my mind of Covid 19. Glad you shared. Many...
  6. I missed an S in pike so it should read spike.
  7. In the UK WWII versions can be found with the MOD broad arrow stamp. The Marlin pike helped with knots. I've never come across K Bar USA stuff over yet!
  8. Mats has done so many and I love them, the small ones are quite common but thye lager ones I find difficult to find locally.
  9. billretirecoll thank you.
  10. Ice cream is very interesting. In Victorian England with cones yet to be imvented the Italian Ice cream makers would serve their ice creams in a glass little bowl called a penny lick. The penny lick w...
  11. Its a marlin spike for undoing rope knots. More sea cadet than brownie
  12. MALKEY, Alan2310 thank you. I've had nybro glass before in many forms, candlesticks but never animals. Wedgewood vintage did animals. I do love the Mats Jonasson animals.
  13. I'm on a facebook group about antiques and they seem to think its not Cloissonne but a common 80s ceramic. I dont really care cos I love it and thats what collecting is all about. I'm also close to my...
  14. Having seen the film 300 the Spartans these two remind of the Spartans.
  15. Folding bellows type. Always depends on condition how well it will sell. Open the back extend the bellows and shine a light up to see if there are any light leaks. Kodak made millions of them. Some se...
  16. The Broad arrow is UK Military mark. These marks are on all sorts of Military gear.
  17. Quite Bizarre!
  18. Very Nice. But if you get some lights and put them under the dart table you get a room lamp as well...a disco ball might be overKill!
  19. Snuff, Tobacco, smoking related I believe.
  20. Arh theres silly I am, just saw the sticker! Hangs head in shame and walks off!
  21. It reminds me of a Ford Escort early version.
  22. Being a man I've no real reason to love compacts but I do. In the UK we have Stratton compacts some of those are enameled. My Gran's would each have one and fix their faces before leaving the house.
  23. Thank you Newfld
  24. For a mirror shot go to art glass and have a look at my Goebel bird.
  25. Its photographed very well. Glass can be awful to photo. You dont need to take any more photos but if you placed it on a mirror you'd get a truly artistic shot. I hope to find another one I'll keep it...
  26. British screws were the best in the world, nothing like a good screw..... hey blundbuss2!
  27. TassieDevil, fortapache Toyrebel Manikin Newfld vetraio50 Brunswick thank you all.
  28. on UK TV Bargain Hunt, antiques an collectables. There was something similar which was a wine strainer.
  29. In the UK, Spong and National are the most popular in these mincers. There was a tie that they were popular on the Bay an would sell well. Mostly for kitchen decoration but back in the 60s we were exp...
  30. Oh yeah very cool and different.
  31. Late 90s I went to see a WWII fighter meet near Cambridge, North Weald UK and I was getting bored with travelling along the motorway. So Taxing in what appeared to be a field alongside the motorway wa...
  32. In a Motorcycle shop an repairs they have one in their cafe beating along to their sound system. Sooooo cool!
  33. I can never tell the difference tween a sextant and ocxtant. But yours is wonderfully clean.
  34. Thank you PhilDMorris, none so fickle as a buyer. Newfld and valentino97 ,thank you
  35. I have two Iwatsu pieces on here. But cant find any without chips.
  36. Hinari label perhaps?
  37. Thank you jscott0363 and racer4four. Is a cack a good thing?
  38. Keep that away from various world leaders they'll only think its a Nuclear launch button.
  39. Thank you shareurpassion.
  40. Faiance comes to mind in the construction.
  41. Nadloig Llawen vetraio50, thats Welsh for Happy Christmas.
  42. Mack did the Bonnet (Hood) ornament to and an ash tray.
  43. I've been a passenger in a Dragon Rapide, A Tiger Moth, and a WWII catalina which was great cos you have huge side windows. Not been in your tiny plane.
  44. Offical term Glove Stretcher. Glove Stretchers | History And Other Thoughts
  45. Glove opener and sometimes you find with them a talcunm powder shaker, silk gloves tend to be hard to put on. You get them in all materials including bakelite and plastic and horn etc.
  46. I've sold many an Europa travel alarm. I was in Amsterdam for a weekend away a few months ago. Across the road the road from my Hotel was an antique shop and over the weekend it was closed but I'd not...
  47. My Dad at 85 has so many of these, aftershave along with that dreadful brillcream. My girlfriend found my stash of Brut thats was 70s 80s stuff and she threw it out so I put on Old Spice and she avoid...
  48. This is safer than a mandolin slicer.
  49. Is it marked TALA?
  50. I went to have a look at yours AdeleC and its stunning.
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