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I've been trading in antiques and collectables since 1989. I collect nothing and everything. I like art glass and pewter.


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Found in an Antique shop today, a Chalwyn Railway lamp and two enamel arm bands, safety equipment - Railroadianain Railroadiana
A Year ago today I posted a Walther Greta style 1920-30s Vase, I believe I've found a small version. - Art Glassin Art Glass
A coffee Table with middle glass shelf, very vintage retro and not quite Jasper Conran but very stylish. - Furniturein Furniture
Not Fishy Friday but Tuna Tuesday? A simple pin brooch, multi coloured enamel marked 11 on the rear - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Large Green and other colours plate, a wall sized charger size, with silver decoration on front and an interesting back - Art Glassin Art Glass
Elephant decorated twin secret compartment all wood, treen box, unknown wood with soft decorated material inside. - Furniturein Furniture
Wine decanter clear glass, large unusual shape with a slanted end, heavy glass sadly without a signature - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Retro Mid century Bedroom cabinet swivel mirror in wood and glass, with lockable swivel hinges. - Furniturein Furniture
A scuba hero with a big Spanner? Found this along with a few 90s action men figure but hes short and slimmer - Toysin Toys
Large Jug vintage retro era perhaps, looking to identify the maker an artist, appears to read Trent 6/6impressed mark. - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Is it marked TALA?
  2. I went to have a look at yours AdeleC and its stunning.
  3. Oh yes I see what you mean, yours is beautiful.
  4. Thank you Efesgirl
  5. Its not indecent, he's tuning the old fashioned radio which is in her pocket.
  6. Many camera groups on Facebook.
  7. I think its a handle for a wet safety razor. Or a magnifying glass handle
  8. J Rabone are collectable, that's amongst the four fold rulers with brass ends. J Rabone does a cable measurer which isn't with you and that's very collectable.
  9. I have sold a few of these days learnt about them on UK TV programme Bargain Hunt. Normally Penny Licks don't survive because they were made from poor quality glass. Its the Italians who brought Ic...
  10. Take these along to a Handwriting analyst, Graphologist, Document examiner and they could give an opinion as to the personality and character of the individual which should make your collection all th...
  11. I have sold every beaded lampshade I've come across, Bohemian is the style I sold but yours are superb and I've never seen your versions before.
  12. A UK 20pence well they are boring compared with out new £1 coin which looks like an old UK threepenny piece. Also rather boring when compared with The Olympic year 50 pences, and the Two pound coins w...
  13. Did you that during the space programme, Amercia spent thousands on research for a pen that would work in space. The Russians didn't do any research they just took a pencil with them!
  14. Thank you shareurpassion, jscotto363, Gillian
  15. Similar to a Spanish birthing chair (which isn't really suitable for great physical activity), I have one posted on CW too. A chair has four legs a stool three so its a stool really.
  16. I sold a mirror on ebay and my buyer was annoyed but it had a seagull in it and I didn't realise that one had photobombed my it during the photo taking! It was returned. Glad you like it Gillian.
  17. Thank you maryh1956 and vetraia50.
  18. Perhaps its not a compass but a car vehicle radiator external gauge?
  19. No idea the value but if you were to put it together as a set with a similar aged safety razor and vanity set you may find a buyer. My dad has used only old spice since he was a young man and now he's...
  20. Wow stunning
  21. Do you collect the Sweets to?
  22. It is and now is polished with saddle soap and smells wonderful!
  23. Thank you PhilDMorris
  24. Thank you jscotto363 and PhilDMorris
  25. I've sold a few of these and I think they are brill!
  26. Thank you shareurpassion
  27. Stunning piece.
  28. Thank you racer4four and vetraio5o0. By the way whos Karen?
  29. Thank you jscotto363
  30. I do love glass, well I have a love hate relationship with it, I buy it too pass on for cash and nobody wants it. But I clicked on your post and I thought wow now that's a piece to keep. Its stunning ...
  31. Excellent photos
  32. having seen so many of these and placed them in buildings, that I would class it has a collectable but hey why not. The pointing hand from the 1920s onwards in London underground train station is coll...
  33. Thank you race4four and jscott0363
  34. Karen, R 71 that's quite profound and even more so for a site like this.
  35. I think part of it is missing, a blacksmiths bellows
  36. Have you tried kissing one see if it turns into a Prince?
  37. Second one from the fish down left hand side
  38. I love it.....
  39. Wow vicious looking things. Just the thing if your in congested traffic and your late home for dinner
  40. In the UK we had a TV series childs programme called Blue Peter and their brand image was a sailing ship like this one!
  41. I remember my woggle...I was in green six!
  42. Thank you, Master
  43. It sure has martika!
  44. For some reason it looks quite modern, in a modern style. never understood what opalescent meant, thank you for sharing
  45. Its a slide viewer, photographic slides.
  46. I carve Welsh love spoons. its a good to start yourself in the carving. Whittling sea wood stuff is how I started/
  47. I never heard of the watch maker before. I agree that finding a working watch is excellent. Sometimes you find a semi working watch which attention. I have an Omnia ladies pendant watch, red backgroun...
  48. Thank you fortapache, vetraio50 and Brunswick. No accounting for taste hey!
  49. I think it must be a hard job for him......!
  50. I don't believe its Murano, your base has a blueish tinge which suggests Chinese. I have the exact same model in red. I Love mine and don't really care where it comes from!
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