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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Telescope Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals
Little Metal and Wooden Dolphins - Animalsin Animals
Little Black Kitty - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell Necklace and Wooden Globe - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
The Russian Gals - Dollsin Dolls
Colourful Elephant Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Shakespeare Letter Opener - Officein Office
Little Asian Compact Mirror - Asianin Asian
Celtic Tree of Life Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I think he looks a little more like a demented scarecrow?! :P I can picture him standing frothing at the mouth in the middle of a cornfield actually! Though I have to say he is a rather unusual brooc...
  2. I really like his head- it's very mechanical and strange looking?! His style makes me picture a kookaburra or something? I also love his more pale and subtle colouring which you don't often see in tro...
  3. There's definitely rosy pink in this too- he's very cute and chubby! XD I also find it hard to believe he's made from a piece of glass- it's done so well it looks like a piece of polished stone! His ...
  4. Hmm...Have I seen something like this somewhere before? It seems awfully familiar?! Anyway the blue is lovely and the ram's head is so elegant it reminds me of some carved stone you'd see on the corne...
  5. Oooh, I ADORE the colour! You rarely see such a vivid lovely wine tone?! It shimmers almost metallic!
  6. I like it though...It could look rather space age, or something a mad scientist might use in the right setting
  7. These are both beautiful- both are so elegant and sleek in their designs as you would expect a swan to be! :P I also love both shades of blue- the lovely light summery blue of the brooch and the azure...
  8. This is a lovely brooch, I adore the colour of them both! Black, white and silver are great monochrome colours and you rarely see them on an elephant...they're almost art deco?!
  9. He's very adorable- I love his pose, it makes him look so fateful particularly the slight twist of the head...he seems to me like he's waiting expectantly to be brought on his walk(Our dog adopts this...
  10. Awh- he's so adorable! And he's a rather autumnal animal I think too?! I love the fact he's a red squirrel too- you don't see many of them about? He looks like he's just bounced down from a tree and h...
  11. I feel this would be a lovely colour and pose for a seagull to be as he somehow looks like he's surfing the wind and waves. Your little glass bird kinda looks like a pigeon? I love his deep royal blu...
  12. I seem to remember similar brooches uploaded in the past- this one is very sleek and elegant and his elongated pose makes him seem like he's climbing or stalking something and his markings are very ni...
  13. These are so playful! and the way you have placed them makes it look like the donkey is ever so slightly frightened of the little baby elephant! :)
  14. These are so beautiful- the turquoise will always be my favourite because I just love turquoise anyway but I can't say I've ever heard of Azurite?
  15. Awh! I love his little tipped over ear fold and his little red eyes! He's perfect for Easter!
  16. I agree it does look very atomic and space age- it's very cool!
  17. I love these too and happen to collect them- he's very cheerful!
  18. He's so beautiful- I adore his lovely watery green/turquoise colour it's very...south Seas maybe? And his pose makes him look so sleek and natural(usually dolphin statues have a very curved back) but ...
  19. It's very different to see a shamrock done in a colour other than some sort of green- black is certainly more subtle and stern but elegant...Of course all St Patrick's Day celebrations here have been ...
  20. Sweet- I thought he was a little glass wolf at first but now I see he's an Artic Fox which is great. I love these animals they seem so quiet and illusive somehow, they almost seem like ghosts of the t...
  21. Awh he looks like a little chick! :D His pose makes him look so curious and perky!
  22. Ooh I LOVE it!!! I'm seriously impressed by that lovely collection and impressed you have space for them! Very nice and keep it up! :D
  23. Looks scotch to me too...I have one that's very similar with the same kind of stones in it- very nice and colourful!
  24. Awh- he's so cute! And of course the real creatures are very cute too, all are so chubby and fluffy- your is so endearing looking, his black eyes look so bright and shiny and his pose makes him look l...
  25. This is so beautiful, he's in such a completely relaxed pose and very calming colour- he makes me think of an elephant having a bath in a lagoon at dusk , or a rather peaceful serene and surreal inter...
  26. Its as if he's sitting in a burrow, peeking out and noticing something out on the river? I love these animals by the way, they seem so sleek, playful and energetic and I think the pose on this one rea...
  27. It reminds me of those really big red berries that become hollow I think?...It would look really cool if you were going for the fairy tale aesthetic
  28. Reminds me a bit of majolica?!
  29. You have no idea how much I ADORE this! Like Ms.CrystalShip said it's absolute perfection and very very Gothic
  30. This is so beautiful,my favourite of your uploads this week in fact, (anything with fish wins me over...) :D They look to me like a pair of deep sea fish, or some cod maybe? I love their deep inky bl...
  31. Ooh these are fantastic! I love the dignified look of the horse head brooch, it's so regal (I imagine a member of royalty wearing it)
  32. Awwh he's so cute- I have a feeling he's not an Emperor Penguin but he's one of those small Rockhopper Penguins, y'know the southern penguins that hang out in warm coastal waters?! He looks so cute an...
  33. Very cool- I can imagine her on a ship being used to splice ropes or something!
  34. Very nice!
  35. He's great- he kinda reminds me of Saint Patrick or something? I guess it's the green and the sprig of something he's holding and his serene ancient face.
  36. He's a very sweet little bird- I adore his colouring, you can often see pottery like that done in such beautiful and vivid colours...His pose and body are so cheerful- garden birds sorta have that sma...
  37. It took me a while to see the porpoise in this but now I see him and think he's a very art deco styled porpoise? Or impressionistic?! His tail and dorsal fin are lovely and his pose is very realistic ...
  38. He's a very adorable little critter. Do you know of the Ouroboros? A snake that is depicted eating his tail? He reminds me of that in a way and given his goofy wide eyed look he might have just found...
  39. He's gorgeous! I adore his lovely strong colour and his pose is so great- you can imagine him in a paddock springing about...I think foals can be such funny looking creatures- they kinda have a huge h...
  40. Awh- these are sooo cute too! Your uploads this week are very sweet and cutsey- these are the same! I think these make a lovely little heart shape too which is perfect for Valentine's day. Whenever ...
  41. They are such sweet little creatures- they kinda remind me of key rings or something? You see hosts of bejewelled creatures like that on key rings which are so sweet too! :P I also love their really c...
  42. There's SO much on it! Woowh!!!
  43. That's such an awesome little brooch- it's perfect for new year! His lovely deep peach colour is so interesting and vivid- I can definitely imagine him gliding through the clouds! :D
  44. This is cute actually- from the thumbnail I thought it was a little brown conch shell actually and I do agree with PhilDMorris here-I can see the sleek Egyptian design in it.
  45. This is really lovely- I think the deep green colour of the stones are gorgeous and because it's in a ring it reminds me of a festive wreath you see on doorways?
  46. It's very cool- I've seen designs of glass horses done like this and find them very calming and elegant!
  47. Umm...? Some kinda water horse? Are they stylised sea dragons/sea horses? The remind me of creatures I've seen in heraldic crests and on bridges and other buildings of's very interesting!
  48. I agree totally Newfld- I like to think of it as a pirates telescope too!
  49. Actually now that you all say it I do think its sceptre but I do prefer to think of it as a telescope actually! :P Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  50. It's lovely- I know that set because we have it, my grandmother sent away for it sometime in the early 90s I think?
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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