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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


  1. Great strong and chunky looking rhinoceros there! He looks so powerful, I love how he looks like an apple too, very elegant and sleek design.
  2. So cute! It would be great to have these for Valentine's Day, because they're so sweet. I love the really homely sweet look of them.
  3. Lovely little blue owl, his colour is gorgeous. I think he's a little horned owl? Or tawny owl? Are they a thing?! He's so cool, looks like he's perching and on the hunt, and maybe spotted something?!
  4. Nice colours, I especially like the blue of the swan, it's very restful and calm and as for the duck, usually they're a squatter shape so it's nice to see a more elegant design
  5. Cool and eye-catching brooch, I love the gripping front paw designs he has, he reminds me of the that the one? They have a panda as their logo. I think they're an animal synonymous with conse...
  6. He's adorable! There's so much to his design. Even the little clear glass flower is included. He's perching in that pose frogs generally do, when they seem restful but you never know if they'll jump o...
  7. Haven't you posted something very similar recently?! Another little glass elephant with a raised trunk? How many have you got?! Very cool, you could put them all together as a kind of elephant march i...
  8. Gorgeous wings and body, he's so eyecatching. He's very reminiscent of a really hot summers day by a river somewhere. (Where you'd tend to see them) The twist on his body is a little unusual too, us...
  9. Very cute little kitty, she's very feminine and that kitschy sort of style you'd see on a vintage dressing table. This glass painted style was all the rage back then wasn't it? Very sweet little item.
  10. At first I thought he was a fairy dog with wings! XD How cute would that be?! Now I see, he's got a bow on his back? I also thought his eyes were green because in the photo that seems to be a very sha...
  11. That's so cool! Y'know you never see dinosaurs depicted in things that aren't toys, science and education items, but seeing them done for something that's simply artistic is really unique. He would de...
  12. That's so gorgeous! It's my favourite brooch of yours in a while Jenni, and it's so appropriate and on theme. It's so simply, pretty and very nautical. It's also a design that looks both feminine and ...
  13. Lovely glass angel fish(I think?!) She's so elegant and feminine, she'd be perfect in a girly bathroom or even a girly dressing table with her gorgeous rosey colour.
  14. Very different little piggy! Looks like a keyring or one of those crafts you used to get for children- is it diamond painting? Water beads? It has that sort of spotted effect?
  15. Very sweet little chicken, though with the comb and tail I'd safely say she's a HE?!!! He's very feminine and soft looking anyway, especially that pose, looks like he's stopped pecking, noticed someth...
  16. Really cool big chonky walrus! He's so big, from the thumbnail I looked at him and thought he was a loaf of glass bread somehow...?! XD That seated, head raised pose though, reminds me of a Californ...
  17. Oooh, now THAT'S a gorgeous lizard! I love him for how simplistic his design is, yet, he's so pretty! The line of stones down his are a nice touch and the green eyes? That's definitely the coolest par...
  18. Pretty little birdies! They look like the sort of birds you'd see on the side of a birdbath. I also find their icy blue really adds to that look- like a frozen birdbath with statues on a wintry mornin...
  19. Gorgeous colour on him, but as he is a snapping turtle, I guess he's quite fierce with his snapping jaws. I believe they have quite the bite?! He's a very unusual dish too!
  20. Gorgeous little hummingbird, she is so pretty isn't she? Her lovely pink colour is so bright and with her rhinestone body and the little fringes of pink on her tail and face- so cute!
  21. He's an elephant?! That's really different, because from the thumbnail I thought he was a mountain goat! The colours are unusual, very much like liquid fire and lava.
  22. Lovely little blue rabbit, she'd be great for something like the Chinese year of the rabbit? Her light blue tone is really dreamy too!
  23. Gorgeous seahorse, I think he's my favourite upload of yours this week! ^^ It's the lovely shade of dark green blue he has(darker than your butterfly) but like her too?
  24. Oh wow, thank you so much Jenni, I'm honoured you would think of me and wish me health for the coming year, it's very kind of you! As for your glass dish, I think it's beautiful. The lion on top is ...
  25. Beautiful butterfly, that's a stunning one all right and the lovely turquoise, sea green colour of her wings is amazing! Especially the lovely blue rhinestone of her body.
  26. Cool angelfish! I recognise the shape immediately because as fish go, the angelfish is definitely one of the most striking and differently shaped ones. It's the long triangular shaped fins for sure. ...
  27. Really nice bug Jenni, he's like a beetle too with his thick legs and body and with that green blue colour A scarab maybe? Nice amount of stones on his body too.
  28. Gorgeous little girl here Jenni! Her deep green is lovely, and her little red throat is so true to what a real hummingbird is. I've never seen a real hummingbird, but I'd love to. She also looks like ...
  29. Lovely collection of birds, though my favourite is the eyecatching blue green- is he a bird if paradise I wonder? Or a magpie? I think magpie because of his long tail! And the tone of him, real lovely...
  30. The cutest little turtle! Turtles are gorgeous anyway but this guy- I love the light blue turquoise of him. Reminds me of a swimming pool floor in the summer which is an appropriate image. Is he a sou...
  31. She's a gorgeous elephant and to see her with a trunk down as opposed to up is nice too. She's very serene and calm too, and very nice rainforest type colour. I actually imagine her in a jungle lagoon...
  32. He's a great little snail! The ruby body is lovely and especially his stone encrusted shell. Lots of people don't like snails and I agree, they can be pests alright but I definitely like them and find...
  33. Very cute, the owl motif has become very popular over the last few years and this is very typical of the whole owl thing! Very typical beady eyed little owl! :)
  34. Great crab brooch and glass paperweight. I love the design on the crab, very fitting with his lovely scalloped shell design. Very fitting given what he is!
  35. Cute... looks like the little white cat from the Aristocats? Marie? Was that her name? She's so sweet and playful looking, and childlike :)
  36. He's gorgeous, so cheerful and happy looking. Parrots do have a lot of character to them and yours is no exception. He's fantastic, love the bright colour, very flamingo like and fun!
  37. Now that's one cool goose, it's always swans, but a goose? That's a rarity! Nice to see a goose made to be as elegant looking as a swan. Her pose too is lovely, looks like she's taking off from the wa...
  38. Happy Independence day! He's a very cool brooch, very powerful and symbolic, I like him a lot.
  39. He's so cool, very artsy and a Art deco? I really like him, he's cool, the pose is strong, looks like he's acting all stubborn as donkeys do. I won't lie though, seeing him like tha...
  40. Cool swan, I love the way she kinda looks like she might double as a lily pad? I think it's her lovely dark olive green colour and the way she'd float on top of the water.
  41. She's so pretty, my favourite of your uploads in some time! I love her really tall and long fins and the really cool colour of her scales. She's so exotic, reminds me of an angel fish.
  42. Nice and unusual glass horse, he looks horsey without being too horsey looking yknow? His manev is different, does it curl to the side? In one picture it's almost lying flat on his neck, in the othe...
  43. Unusual piece there Jenni, I can't make up my mind if she looks like a character from Bambi or from a certain angle, an actual cardinal or...pope kind of shape with those conical hats? I think Bambi...
  44. Very nice, I haven't seen an alligator from you in a while I think? Or at all around CW. Love the green rhinestones on his back, gives him a real heavy scaled sort of look which they do have.
  45. Cute little ginger cat. She's a very simplistic little design, kinda old and vintage looking in her way. She should be in a country cottage somewhere :)
  46. This is so cool! He's gorgeous pink, and lilac all the way through to purple. Do you know the story book Rainbow Fish? He's a fish with tones like that, except I don't think he's a swordfish? Your o...
  47. Lovely seahorse- I'm noticing an aquatic theme with your uploads this week Jenni! Seahorses are so gentle and elegant creatures,and very tiny... and a bit understated like this lovely brooch, but pr...
  48. He's gorgeous, so sleek and chunky as real seals are. You know they look so clunky and awkward on land, but once in the water, it's completely the opposite. He's great, love the upward pose, the sor...
  49. Lovely simplistic design, with very bright green eyes. He's like many an owl I've seen from you, but he's still very eye-catching and appealing. :)
  50. Awh, so cute, especially perched together like that, really emphasizes on the whole LOVE aspect of their name. The look at each other too, they're sitting 'tweeting' at each other! XD Lovely bright ...
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