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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and have recently began collecting Asian tea setI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and have recently began collecting Asian tea sets and porcelains! (Read more)


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Strange Little Wooden Statue  - Dollsin Dolls
Little Wooden Head - Folk Artin Folk Art
Pretty Japanese Box - Asianin Asian
Small Wooden Dog Carving - Animalsin Animals
A Little Blue Cat - Animalsin Animals
Little Mermaid Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Another Irish Piggy - Animalsin Animals
Basket Fruit Bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Irish Piggies - Animalsin Animals
Old Marble Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Haha! Your so right Newfld! :)
  2. Do you think so? we always thought he was carved wood and just painted, but,.....guess we'll never know :)
  3. Thanks Manikin- Yeah we thought he may be just a simple carving made by someone judging the pictures they seen of him in the storybook instead of, y'know, just watching the Disney film!
  4. I have this pattern in two little vases, a teapot, a plate and a bowl. It seems to be a popular pattern and could be made for the export market?
  5. Thanks Nutsabotas6!
  6. Thanks Jscott0363!
  7. Thanks Newfld! Beagles are lovely little dogs!
  8. Thanks jscott0363!
  9. Its beautiful, my family have one that looks sort of similar but less decorated and with green marble instead of red. Upon researching mine I found it to be a french marble clock circa 1870 ish- so I'...
  10. Would I wear it?! Absolutely!!!! It's so different it's fabulous! :)
  11. The 'all seeing eye' reminds me a bit of the Freemasons for some reason?
  12. Awh! He's so sweet and dapper!
  13. Thanks Newfld!
  14. He's so sweet! Love the one ear pricked up!
  15. Looks like Amethyst.
  16. Thanks seaview, yeah we love it! :)
  17. Awh Thanks- yours are cute too Time Traveller!
  18. Thanks Racer4four!
  19. Thanks Newfld! You never really see pigs with eyelashes! :)
  20. Thanks nutsabotas6!
  21. According to the Latin on it it means 'for the people.'...other than that I'm not sure but is it possible that its Masonic other than military?
  22. Thanks rrrigo, that's why I thought it was Mediterranean for so long.
  23. Thanks Trey, they sure are! :)
  24. Thanks Newfld!
  25. Thanks Gillian!
  26. Thanks PostCardCollector!
  27. Thanks PhilDMorris!
  28. Thanks racer4four!
  29. thanks racer4four!
  30. Its beautiful!
  31. Thanks racer4four!!
  32. I have something very similar except mine was made for the tourist market. I think they're pretty little rice bowls. And also, it's possible the mark underneath reads 'Made in China' in Chinese.
  33. Thanks PhilDMorris!
  34. Thanks nutsabotas6!
  35. Good to know,...Thanks scottvez!
  36. Thanks Caperkid!... :D
  37. Definitely Scottish. Irish dolls generally don't have kilts- it's not really considered national dress. Usually a shawl is, etc.
  38. Thanks Gillian- there's no marks on the back. and as for the spider leg I think I still have it.
  39. Thanks Collectomaniac! 'The centre of the universe'??? XD
  40. Thanks kyratango- Happy 'Oiche Samhain' to you too!
  41. Thanks dotbronx, yeah, theres a yellow set out there somewhere too.
  42. Thanks Katherinescollections- I think he maybe resin?
  43. I'm no royals fan, but this is so sweet!
  44. LOL!!!- Perfect time of year for a skull to appear on your chair! XD
  45. This is fabulous- I worked in a bookshop last year and we were still using these!
  46. There so cool- Glad to know I'm not the only one that decorates with skulls all year round! XD
  47. Thanks a lot ThriftyGypsy! Your right about the boxes- you've opened my eyes to such beautiful items! :D
  48. I've got a crucifix made from wooden pegs- made it myself in school!
  49. Oh no way! Thats terrible Jancal20, why would anything like this happen?! Thanks so much for the support though all the same.
  50. I love them-these are fantastic!
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