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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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The Russian Gals - Dollsin Dolls
Colourful Elephant Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Shakespeare Letter Opener - Officein Office
Little Asian Compact Mirror - Asianin Asian
Celtic Tree of Life Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Little Silver Fish and Sun Pendant - Animalsin Animals
Two Silver Rings(Peridot & Garnet)  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Celtic Silver Ring and Fish Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Little Wooden Cross - Folk Artin Folk Art
Lucky Killarney Cat - Animalsin Animals


  1. Awh- sweet little lady!
  2. Very unusual little tiger here, at first glance I thought it was a panther. I think the black tiger is a very unusual colour for a tiger to be, I like his pose- it makes him look all the more fierce s...
  3. He's so cute- his expression is the best, the doting eyes and the little mouth pulled down, makes you feel REALLY sorry for him! Lol! I guess the glass he's made from is rather unusual too, makes it l...
  4. AHH!!! He's such a sweet little birdie, I love his pose and his really long tail! I wonder do you know of a bird called a pied wagtail? We have loads of them here and we call them 'Willie Wagtails' be...
  5. That was a really great find, I love compact mirrors myself- they're so collectible!
  6. Um...could it be a garnet?
  7. Great nose there... :D
  8. Gorgeous! I adore the lovely deep blue and green hues of this little fish- and I especially love her little curled back tail and large lips, she reminds me of what I used to draw as a very small child...
  9. These are wonderful and I think your right, they DO look very wild- especially the little brooch. It looks like he's spotted something he doesn't quiet like out in the Savannah and is gearing up for a...
  10. This is very sweet, it's pose and colour is so adorable! It is rather like a real dove's pose- the head up and alert and inquisitive, sort of as if he's been given some seeds and is wondering if there...
  11. Amethyst maybe? Very nice and bright little stone actually
  12. Looks like cloisonne? Which is a type of polished metal and enamel
  13. Very cute- I love it!
  14. Very nice, it reminds me of a peacock! I think it's the deep blue colour of it, and maybe the little leaf tip at the end looks like a peacocks folded back head?(okay, very vaguely I know!)
  15. Very nice- for some reason turquoise coloured stones seem to complement those of an orange and reddish hew like coral
  16. Ah yes I see shareurpassion, Thanks for sharing yours with me they're lovely to have and very collectable :D
  17. Very cute and colourful!
  18. Very nice- I adore all the colours of it!
  19. This is one cool lion- ice cool to be exact! :D His pose and face is so excellently carved it makes me think he's been carved from a single block of ice that and the face his expression is so ancient...
  20. He's got such a sweet little face! His pose and face both remind me of a care bear somehow(I think the painted flowers on him bring care bears to my mind really!) and actually the way he sits also mak...
  21. A very sweet little brooch. I love the pose here between these two- it's as if a true bond is visible between them! I can imagine them wading through a lush swamp in the misty pink dawn or dusk,
  22. Very cool and definitely Egyptian looking!
  23. They're all very sweet- the first little black one looks like it could be a kind of soapstone maybe? The second brown one could be wood of some sort? Oh and the trunk up is a lucky sign I'm told!
  24. Ummm...maybe Victorian? I only say this because memento-mori pieces like this were popular then? I'm also wondering was it originally set unto something else hence the drilled hole through the teeth? ...
  25. There's so much power in these little sculptures, I love the low stalking poses they have- I can just see them stalking prey through the long grasses of the Savannah!
  26. This is amazing- I love the whole Art Deco period and this is so sleek!
  27. This is such a unique and funny little brooch- except it looks more like some kind of smaller garden bird to me? But I have to say I like the idea of a chicken with a sombrero is so perfectly Mexican ...
  28. This is a funny image for me because in the little thumbnail I seen these and instantly thought- 'oh cool- the motorbikes from Tron!' because that's what I keep seeing when I look at these rather slee...
  29. Oooh- this is just the kind of thing I adore! My mother happens to be a Virgo too and this I think is a lovely brooch for all Virgos. I adore the painting that it's based on, I find it so elegant and ...
  30. Oh no jscott0363,- what a pity for you, maybe you'll find some later on? I think you can never have one, they always need to have their sisters with them!
  31. Thanks a lot Newfld! Yeah...gotta love Russian designs!
  32. Thanks Manikin!
  33. This is gorgeous, I don't believe I've ever seen a koi with these types of flowing fins sorta like beta's or fighting fish? I think his colours are really fitting too, like a pond on a golden afternoo...
  34. That's a very cool parrot, I adore his long flowing tail and his lovely blue plumage. His little comb with the pink stones in it are a nice touch and the leaves add to the brooch too- it's like one of...
  35. These are lovely little dogs, they look so playful and mischievous- I particularly love the rearing up pose- it adds to their playfulness! My first brush with these little dogs was when I was a child...
  36. Very cute little figurines!
  37. A really sweet little brooch- reminds me of an Ivy Blue butterfly which is common where I live (they love ivy BTW) :D
  38. Really nice little figurine- I especially love the eyes, I can imagine him looming out of the darkness of a cave on a mountain ledge in the dawning spring
  39. Thanks alot for the link Roycroftbooksfromme1, very nice to learn what it was made from!
  40. I absolutely ADORE the little skulls face! It's so mischievous and rather devious looking- he looks like he could be quiet the trickster :P
  41. I love both these pieces- particularly the glass seal, it's so sleek and the colours it's in really add to the marine look of it, as a very small child I remember seeing California Sea Lions in the zo...
  42. This is a very fabulous cat, she seems to me like she's a very pampered and rather spoiled looking pet :P She reminds me of that black greyhound or whippet(maybe?) brooch you had a while back- what I...
  43.'s a gazelle?! In the thumbnail I seen a flamingo and of course the pink made me think flamingo too! I've never seen such a shade of pink before and I find it interesting that every animal m...
  44. Very nice little turquoise ring you got there- I love it!
  45. It's beautiful- you never see a swan in this front or forward pointing pose(usually they are to the side) but this is very different and her splayed wing feather's add to her raised 3D look! Swan's in...
  46. Very nice horse here, and she's in a wonderful pose it reminds me of the decoration on the front of some sleek vintage car- she seem's to be really leaping forward as if over some precipice or some ot...
  47. This is a lovely brooch AND it's the perfect time of year for them, being summer and so warm and that! My garden is FULL of these and they perch on flowers like this little brooch is doing!
  48. Really cool!
  49. Really elegant!
  50. Very sweet but really have no clue as to the mark!
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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