I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and have recently began collecting Asian tea setI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and have recently began collecting Asian tea sets and porcelains! (Read more)


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Old Marble Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Two Elephant Figurines - Animalsin Animals
Imari Porcelain Box - Furniturein Furniture
Tiny Porcelain Box - Furniturein Furniture
Hawaiian Figure  - Advertisingin Advertising
Royal Tara Tea Set - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Egyptian Sand glass/Egg-Timer - Fine Artin Fine Art
Bulgarian Box - Furniturein Furniture
Carved Wooden Box - Furniturein Furniture
Little Swan Box - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thanks Newfld!
  2. Thanks Gillian!
  3. Thanks PostCardCollector!
  4. Thanks PhilDMorris!
  5. Thanks racer4four!
  6. thanks racer4four!
  7. Its beautiful!
  8. Thanks racer4four!!
  9. I have something very similar except mine was made for the tourist market. I think they're pretty little rice bowls. And also, it's possible the mark underneath reads 'Made in China' in Chinese.
  10. Thanks PhilDMorris!
  11. Thanks nutsabotas6!
  12. Good to know,...Thanks scottvez!
  13. Thanks Caperkid!... :D
  14. Definitely Scottish. Irish dolls generally don't have kilts- it's not really considered national dress. Usually a shawl is, etc.
  15. Thanks Gillian- there's no marks on the back. and as for the spider leg I think I still have it.
  16. Thanks Collectomaniac! 'The centre of the universe'??? XD
  17. Thanks kyratango- Happy 'Oiche Samhain' to you too!
  18. Thanks dotbronx, yeah, theres a yellow set out there somewhere too.
  19. Thanks Katherinescollections- I think he maybe resin?
  20. I'm no royals fan, but this is so sweet!
  21. LOL!!!- Perfect time of year for a skull to appear on your chair! XD
  22. This is fabulous- I worked in a bookshop last year and we were still using these!
  23. There so cool- Glad to know I'm not the only one that decorates with skulls all year round! XD
  24. Thanks a lot ThriftyGypsy! Your right about the boxes- you've opened my eyes to such beautiful items! :D
  25. I've got a crucifix made from wooden pegs- made it myself in school!
  26. Oh no way! Thats terrible Jancal20, why would anything like this happen?! Thanks so much for the support though all the same.
  27. I love them-these are fantastic!
  28. It reminds me a bit of one I have because of the floral design on it.
  29. Thanks Jancal20!
  30. Thanks lentilka11!
  31. Thanks Racer4four- had an idea it was Turkish alright!
  32. I think it maybe off a larger piece of wooden furniture- like a table or chair? And the little ball in its mouth is probably supposed to be the pearl of wisdom I'd imagine?
  33. Its so cool! It's like a little mini pirate chest!
  34. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip!
  35. Thanks Manikin!
  36. Thanks Nutsabob6- didn't think of trying to tighten the clasp actually!
  37. Thanks Elainep!
  38. Thanks Jancal20!
  39. efesgirl- one of the turquoise ones has l25? or I25 on it? the coral has g10g (I think?) on it. The small turquoise and the large turquoise have a g25 on them.
  40. Thanks Nutsabotas6! yeah the malachite's my fave too!
  41. Thanks rockbat! yeah I think I'll be looking out for more in the future!
  42. Thanks Quantumphysia! The sun and the ruby moon are my faves!
  43. Ya- definitely post the rest of the set here too- I love how in one there's a weird correlation between the devil and the joker which seems somewhat...fitting! I love packs of cards too, both playing ...
  44. I know- we've got a bigger one thats white and sits on our dresser and my mother has this black one but it's set in a key-ring!
  45. These are fabulous!
  46. Is that it? We always guessed it was a fruit bowl- the size is big! and the stamp though faded and is hard to make out in the photo seems to have a name beginning with a 'P'?
  47. yeah- no, I wouldn't want to know that! Some can be so accurate yet others are very... vague? Makes one wonder...
  48. Lol- I know! I think I wouldn't like to practice them either for that reason!
  49. Thanks Jancal20!
  50. Lol! I think the death card is nothing to fear at all- I think it means the death of an old phase of life or something like that? Sometimes the cards don't mean very literal things etc but stand for s...
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JADE ? BELT BUCKLES? Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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