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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals
Little Metal and Wooden Dolphins - Animalsin Animals
Little Black Kitty - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell Necklace and Wooden Globe - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
The Russian Gals - Dollsin Dolls
Colourful Elephant Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Shakespeare Letter Opener - Officein Office
Little Asian Compact Mirror - Asianin Asian
Celtic Tree of Life Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Little Silver Fish and Sun Pendant - Animalsin Animals


  1. These are very lovely, I'm reminded of garden decorations when I see them!
  2. Very beautiful- I love the sleek shape of it and it's bright colours!
  3. He's my favourite upload of yours this week- he is a seriously beautiful frog! I love his deep blue colour which is very unusual in a frog- they're usually green and yellow I think? His is great, and ...
  4. Awh- he is just so sweet! His bright little eyes are so lively and inquisitive- I've seen photos of newborn tiger cubs in zoos staring up at the camera and reminding me so much of this brooch!
  5. He's very cute! I love his little long cartoony nose, they are such a sweet little dogs to begin with(one of my favourite small dog breeds actually! :)
  6. It's so beautiful- the colours are so deep and vibrant!
  7. Thanks a lot Newfld, it was the best polishing I could do for him actually! :P
  8. Thanks Broochman- I think so too! :)
  9. It's gorgeous- like I said with Mrstyndall's it's very appropriate for when you feel like getting up to piracy on the high seas!
  10. This is beautiful, I feel like a green stone like the earrings would do it justice, it's very ideal for when you feel you want to get up to some piracy!
  11. This is gorgeous! I LOVE it- it's definitely my favourite of your uploads this week, everything about it is lovely, the colour, the pose the elongated elegant sweeping form of it. Reminds me of a salm...
  12. Your right Jenni- this flamingo is perfect on such a deep and dark Winter's day (at least it is for me anyway!) he's a beautiful summery bird that reminds me of wetlands and everglades and even beach...
  13. This is such a cute and happy looking little creature! I adore his deep brown, definitely makes him look like a real hedgehog, and in particular his longish nose adds to his inquisitive look. We used...
  14. Thanks Jenni! Ya I think so too! :)
  15. I love it! It looks a bit like a heron maybe? Or another type of stork?
  16. Very cool, it's almost Egyptian looking maybe? I just can't work out though if the animals are cats or foxes?!
  17. Goodness- you've outdone yourself with really pretty brooches this week Jenni! This little camel is my favourite upload of yours this week, you can just imagine him lolloping through the wavering heat...
  18. A very cool fish- I think he reminds me of those odd deep sea fish that you sometimes see- is it a football fish, or a hatchet fish maybe? I think his fins help that- they look like pieces of coral ac...
  19. Gosh- these are so BEAUTIFUL! That brooch is gorgeous- Capricorns are a common theme in my family with my cousin, aunt and granddad all being Capricorns- the Ibex is wonderfully detailed too, especial...
  20. Very cool brooch- that whole Egyptian revival style is one of my favourites! I love yours!
  21. It's a very cheerful and even summery brooch I think? It could have been clear bubbles coming out of the glass but it's flowers which adds to how colourful and happy it is! :) Happy new year and here...
  22. He's adorable, though his long neck lifted up like that and makes me think is he actually a tortoise? I also love the little lilac flowers on his shell, he's very pretty and unusual because of them
  23. A lovely little piggy! Totally forgot this was the year of the pig until you mentioned it. This coming year is the year of the rat I think? Anyway- I love how excitable he looks, just like he's ready ...
  24. Awh-it so sweet, like a little garden pond in miniature!
  25. I love him, he's made so well and sculpted realistically! You can imagine him on that lilypad drifting through a pond. Or that fairytale The Frog Prince?
  26. Very cool! I'd imagine the Joker would drink out of something like this!
  27. Very pretty and subdued colouring- I love it!
  28. I adore all of your birds, each week you have a new one and THAT'S my favourite for this week but now this one this week is definitely my favourite! His colouring is so vivid peachy pink and his pose ...
  29. He is really lovely- I adore his lovely strong green colour, and his cheerful pose. His colours is like kelp I think? He also reminds me of that fish from The Little Mermaid, I think his name is Floun...
  30. Awh these are so sweet- I can just imagine them in a paddock somewhere! They tend to be rather overlooked animals as a whole I think? You never see them portrayed in art or crafts really and if they a...
  31. Very cool- I've always loved that portrait of him btw, I find it very enigmatic and handsome and these two perfect! :)
  32. They are very odd little bunnies- I really like them and love the surreal and strange designs on them, their certainly psychedelic!
  33. Very cool looking dudes! :P Are Pepere and Memere French Canadian terms?
  34. This is very cool- I imagine it in a hall positioned so that the early dawn sun would catch it when rising, it looks definitely astronomical!
  35. He's cute- I like his inquisitive tilted head pose and his woolly nether regions! ;P
  36. He's a lovely horse- his galloping pose reminds me of something medieval? Maybe I've seen a picture of knights astride horses like this and in fact in the thumbnail I actually thought he had a little ...
  37. Awh- he's so sweet! I adore his lovely teal colouring and his puppyish pose! I think it's the pose that makes him look very young too- you can imagine him in a basket by the fire :P
  38. Awh- she's so beautiful, as mentioned above she's so simplified and elegant. I imagine she has just set out on a moonlit night and has come to a further part of the neighbourhood she'd just not quiet ...
  39. I love these little bunnies- they're so surreal and odd- like some creatures one might see in a dream?
  40. This is a beautiful parrot- I love his pose and the way he seems to be sitting on the branch very merrily, you can definitely see him perched on said branch in a jungle squawking raucously!
  41. I love the rather metallic look of it- the silvery blue and metallic colour on it is really lovely and different.
  42. Awh- he's a very sweet little turtle, I adore his love;y bright blue colour, he reminds me of one I have! Or maybe he's a tortoise seeing as he's up and walking about? Funny and cheerful pose on him t...
  43. He's a very playful little donkey- I think his pose seems to almost be like a prancing foal maybe with the legs splayed and him glancing over his shoulder, you often see foals actually doing this befo...
  44. I love this little brooch- I think it's my favourite item of your posts this week! His colours are so nice, very like a party theme maybe? :P I adore his pose too- I can see him sitting on a branch in...
  45. Happy birthday to you Newfld! I don't think I've seen plates like that with Disney designs on it- it's very colourful and cheerful looking. The brooch too is in a strange pose- kinda like he's trying ...
  46. Could be from late 19th- early 20th century? I'm only guessing this based on a similar one we have- ours is French and marble so maybe yours is the same? Yours might be made of slate? As for value I'm...
  47. He's very cool- his pose is great with the flowing mane and tail
  48. Haha! You guys have a really great thanksgiving (We don't have it where I live)
  49. This is lovely- I adore his lovely set of colours from softest coral and peach to deepest cerise and I love the fact he's actually called Rocky which is a somewhat macho and very masculine name for hi...
  50. Awh- I love the look in mother cheetah's eyes, it's as if she's just noticed a photograph is being taken of her and her baby and seems to be glancing back almost wistfully or proudly maybe? And the wi...
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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