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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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A Grecian Lady  - Figurinesin Figurines
Russian Lacquer Box - Asianin Asian
A Pair of Sphinx Bookends - Booksin Books
A Slight Eastern Influence... - Advertisingin Advertising
Newest Charity Shop Finds!!! - Animalsin Animals
Telescope Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals
Little Metal and Wooden Dolphins - Animalsin Animals
Little Black Kitty - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell Necklace and Wooden Globe - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Very cute- he almost looks like a paperweight. The colours in the glass are beautiful, very muted and like a real duck, I see greens, olives, browns and olives in him. Hie eyes are also very cute- rea...
  2. I ADORE this upload of your- my favourite of this week so far! :P I also seem to remember a pink variety that was lovely too? Both are like Beta fish(which come in both shades of blue and red, I'm sur...
  3. Having just re-watched the 101 Dalmatians I'm really reminded of those puppies here! He's such a cute and playful little dog, and the detail of his blue collar is adorable. I imagine him ready to play...
  4. Very nice- I too am surprised by how hairy the inside is. It's a cool thing to have around
  5. He's a grey squirrel- at first I though in the thumbnail it was a little glass rat! :P Now I see his full grey tail. He's so alert and curious looking too, and I find most squirrels are depicted as t...
  6. His little paws are ADORABLE!!!! He looks like he's clapping, or reaching out to take something from someone in his little paws. His pose is really sweet and different- you nearly always see a more pe...
  7. I haven't seen a fish as pretty as that in a while. It's like an aquarium fish with the flowing fins (a beta?...-which are really beautiful) and the ribbon looks like it's part of him- but his tail lo...
  8. I Googled her yesterday when you mentioned her and yes I do think with the presence of the cup and jug alone she is Hebe- thanks for that! ;D
  9. Thanks Golgatha but I'm certain this is Hebe...
  10. Thanks Blunderbuss2!
  11. information Newfld! Thanks so much for sharing :D (Now to get her picture tilted the right way around again....)
  12. That is perhaps the strangest depiction of an owl I've ever seen and I love it! It kinda reminds me of those Japanese lucky cats with the waving paw? I think it's the plump build of him makes me see h...
  13. Very cool wild cat brooch- I imagine him leaping from a tree branch in some jungle having just spotted something beneath :P The elongated pose is great, kinda like the 'Puma' sports logo?!
  14. Corvette is my favourite, but all of them are so unusual! Who knew glass cars were a thing?!!! I love the old ford model T type car with the lovely purple hue too, it's definitely a really different c...
  15. Cute little bird on it actually- he looks shocked to be there! :P
  16. Thank you Golgatha- I think I've found this snippet of information out before, I guessed this was probably a souvenir piece alright
  17. I think you may be right on this apostata, and thanks for your interest and information
  18. Thanks so much Newfld!
  19. 'Celluloid Seafoam' sounds like some sort of alternate artsy music group or something! :P Anyway, I love the beautiful colour of him, he looks like some ancient stone statue in some kind of temple- I ...
  20. Don't think I've ever see a glass person from you Jenni?! Anyway, she's definitely unique- I love the bright cerise colour she is and in her pose she sorta reminds me of a trifle? (Either a trifle IN ...
  21. Cobalt blue is a lovely colour for him to be and he is so chubby!!! It's my guess he's got plenty of garden feeders to visit :P I'm reminded of a bullfinch actually, with their stout bright bodies an...
  22. It's weirdly Celtic in it's way too- perhaps its the music notes on it? It's a very unusual hodge-podge mixture of things alright isn't it?....I wonder is it Cornish, from what I know they have jewell...
  23. Very cute!- I love how alert his pose is with his upped ears and tail...I think he must be able to distantly hear bagpipes and 'The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond'! :D
  24. Very nice little frog! I ADORE them as creatures and yours is the cutest- the crouching pose is so cute too
  25. Very nice- I think you uploaded an orange one before? This is the green one and it's cool to see this. His dorsal fin is so TALL!!! :P I also love the colour, it reminds me of those old fashioned glas...
  26. I love the look of these horseshoes(I have some over my doorway and love the whimsy they add) there very reminiscent of old style farm's and such and with yours being so fancy reminds me of the Queen(...
  27. He's very cute- he looks like a Golden Cocker Spaniel which are the sweetest little dogs ever! :P And he's the same colour as one. His pose makes it look like he's trying to listen to a new command hi...
  28. Oooh that is such a pretty little owl! He's so sweet and pretty in colour, abalone is a beautiful iridescent object to use too.
  29. The anteaters look a lot like tapirs actually( I thought that's what they were at first) that rabbit is very cool too, the clear sharp cut ears are so nice!
  30. That's a really pretty brooch but at first I thought it was a beetle (I think it's the dark wine colour?) and you did a great job with it. It's definitely an appropriate brooch to have now with plent...
  31. Very nice and a really large piece of cloisonne work you have there. (Usually they tend to be small) Can you imagine the workmanship that went into this?!
  32. Very sweet- I love these little creature anyway, they actually have such long twitching rodent like noses and your definitely captures that! He looks so inquisitive and bright eyed too. (We had an occ...
  33. So it's humid over there in NY too?!...We're all baking here in Ireland too(we even had lightening which is quiet a rarity!) Anyway, these are lovely, I especially like that bee with his little lacy s...
  34. Such a pretty little bird- you mostly see hummingbirds in that kind of pose. The green and blue enamel is really lovely btw, and his open wings are really well done. He reminds me of sparrows you ofte...
  35. This would be a great Taurus upload too y'know :P I also love the glass it's weird but it seems to be multi coloured with pink, green and gold in it? Whatever kind of glass that is it's REALLY pretty!
  36. Thanks a lot Newfld, and yeah finding them was such a treat! :D
  37. He's so sweet- the baby blue colour of him is adorable! Baby elephants(and elephants in general) are so sweet and he is perfect! I think he's a perfect colour for a decoration in a baby's nursery and ...
  38. He's so cute, the pose is great- I love the newspaper in his mouth! He seems like such an enthusiastic and well trained little dog- I imagine him trotting back across the lawn, fetching his owner's mo...
  39. I love the look of this- everything down to the charcoal colour of him reminds me of the Egyptian Falcon statue- Horus I think?...I love his very proud and regal pose, he definitely sends out the Egyp...
  40. Lovely little sailboat- it's so sweet and simple
  41. This is so pretty- the deep olive green and the lovely bell shaped flower are gorgeous. There's also so much nice details in this- the little dangling pieces and the leaves are perfect too
  42. The patterns on these Asian pieces are great- this is really bright
  43. Very cute!
  44. It's either a very strange mask or a very bushy moustache?
  45. Thanks for the interesting naming of the item Congcu!
  46. Awh thanks for the comment Manikin, and yeah it's very interesting to note what it is and where it came from (maybe?) :)
  47. Thanks Manikin, interesting that your mom has one and it's from India? That ties in with the age I suspect this piece has
  48. Thanks Watchsearcher- and yeah they do really match :)
  49. Thanks a lot Newfld!...and yeah I have to admit I love finding little surprises like this that need some TLC :)
  50. This is really beautiful- art deco is a beautiful art style anyway and the designs and colours of yours are so earthy and flattering
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