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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Is this Cloisonné?  - Asianin Asian
Costume Jewelry Haul and Brooch(Includes silver Celtic pendant) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Yet another Grecian Goddess! - Figurinesin Figurines
A Grecian Lady  - Figurinesin Figurines
Russian Lacquer Box - Asianin Asian
A Pair of Sphinx Bookends - Booksin Books
A Slight Eastern Influence... - Advertisingin Advertising
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Telescope Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals


  1. Greta little flowers- the petals are so sharp and detailed and the blood red stone in the middle is gorgeous!
  2. Very nice and fancy little bluebirds! The long flowing tail feathers and wings remind me of those birds of paradise, the details on these are great- the leaves and little stones added are a great litt...
  3. Lol! I looked at this and thought Jenni has such a cool fish with a double fin this week! :P Now, after looking and looking again I see the camel shape- he's squatting down amongst the desert sands b...
  4. These are very different and really cool- the clear ones look like some kind of jellied candies, the colour of the clear apple is great- really fresh and green looking I imagine the taste being zingy...
  5. Weirdly funny- reminds me of that shark in Finding Nemo!
  6. Very nice colour hues to these- they remind me of peasants or peacocks! the sleek elegant tails and the mix of green, blues and golds are lovely
  7. I have to say I'm struggling to see a kangaroo in this- in the thumbnail I see either a swan, or is it a skunk?(something with a really long tail?!) but its a really nice and elegant little brooch- I ...
  8. Very cute cat- the raised tail is so sweet, it reminds me of those really expensive cat breeds(a Persian?!) and she DEFINITELY wants attention from her owner- she's such a beautiful blue colour too :)
  9. Pearly tree is so delicate and pretty- it reminds me of some kind of whimsical tree from a fairytale- maybe it's hung with little stars in a fairytale?! Who knows- it's REALLY pretty!
  10. Very nice- the wings are so detailed and delicate looking- like a real butterfly- the turquoise colours in them are a great detail too.
  11. Very cool looking bowl- reminds me of a stylized swan actually? Love the curling neck and elegantly folded wings- the cool turquoise colour is great too!
  12. Very cute- it looks like a glazed porcelain actually, love the way mama tiger is sitting- sorta protecting her cub behind her and daring you to try and reach it, all while baby is playfully clambering...
  13. He's very cute! Love those breed of sheep- they remind me of a blue faced Leister, which provide really LOVELY wool! Your glass sculpt has a really great looking black face(the colour is so intense) a...
  14. A lovely little Valentine's day piece- I love the deep blood red colour of it and how the hearts remind me of those chewy little candy sweets you'd come across sometimes- they look delicious!
  15. Lovely pale aquamarine colour, I think the shape somehow reminds me of a fancy venetian mask?!
  16. This piece looks really big- it'd make a great statement piece, but I can't help wondering is she more of a bee shape rather than a butterfly shape?! I think it's the long body that makes me think bee...
  17. So sweet looking- they definitely look really real- especially the orange one(that could be an orange and toffee flavour maybe?)
  18. Such a cute little elephant, his shape is like a little bubble- he reminds me of a blue version of those pink elephants on parade! I have to say that shade of blue is the brightest baby blue I've seen...
  19. He's a very classy and regal looking parrot- you'd always see them in ice-lolly colors, but white like this makes me think of a cockatoo except without his comb! Definitely a really nice but simple li...
  20. Ok- I gotta admit when I seen this first I though 'oh cool. Jenni's uploaded a glass snail!' :P This is a really cute little abstract fish design. The pose makes me think he's cruising along the bed o...
  21. Yaaay! Your back! :D anyway, this is such a pretty little piece- the colours are so pretty!
  22. I knit and IF I ever get a tattoo it'll probably be something like this- would look charming hung up in a wool shop too! XD
  23. The see through donkey looks like an ibex actually, his ears look like lovely flowing horns- the catalogue looks interesting too- my favorites being the whale and polar bear! And probably if I had tha...
  24. Cool- and at first I thought he was wearing the fanciest hat possible for a seal then I realized it's a ball! :P His fur texture is also great, with each little individual piece etched in and the co...
  25. Cute little guy- reminds me of those baby penguins you see, really fluffy and brown in colour- his wings/flippers(?) are also flowing rather than the little sickle limbs they do have- he's a great li...
  26. Very good pose- I imagine her just about to execute one of those leaps(I don't know what they're called in ballet!)
  27. Oh WOW! You have such a wonderful collection, everyone of those pieces is such a little gem! It must be so fun collecting them- my favorites are definitely the anchor and guitar
  28. Sweet little turtle design! These are great creatures to depict in arts/sculpture too- they always look so appealing. I have to say I'm reminded of one such brooch of a turtle I have too(except mine...
  29. Your all about owls this week and that is one really sweet and plump little owl- maybe since she's from Sweden she's attempting to puff out her feathers to keep warm? I also can't help but picture he...
  30. That's a very unusual looking horse head, I have to say it took me ages to figure it out, at first I thought it was an owl wearing comically large glasses(!) Now I see it's an unusual double horse hea...
  31. Very nice- I love the bright blue stone he's set on, it reminds me of the planet Neptune or something or even the moon, which complete with a cat is a perfectly magic image to have, he's so eye-catchi...
  32. That's really cool about the glow he has, but I wonder does he glow because the colour has a (small) amount of uranium in it? I know there are certain vases that glow green and look really interesting...
  33. Very cute little pup- I thought in the thumbnail he was a little Yorkshire terrier pup but now I can see the bulldog look of him. His colour is gorgeous though, it reminds me of some kind of dark butt...
  34. I wonder are they oysters and pearls maybe...? I dunno, just saying but I love it- it's so dark and exotic looking and would fit in with intricate vases and large south sea shells
  35. I adore these little birds and your glass blue tit is so CUTE! These birds always make the habit of visiting my garden particularly in the summer months, they're so lively and fun to watch. Yours is l...
  36. These are perfectly quirky and charming but chaotic too! These are great- I feel the first one is sitting on his tail hence it being missing( he's trying to keep from getting up to more mischief!) ...
  37. Very cool little orange fish- I like his shape, it reminds me of those fancy...angelfish? I think that's what they're called?! The ones with the really tall fins?! Or even with his gold colour maybe ...
  38. Very cute- a little watering can makes me think of a garden full of flowers in summer- a lovely image to have especially on these dark winter days! :D
  39. Great looking little horned owl, I adore how large and sparkly his eyes are, like the sort of owl you might see hooting on a branch outside a haunted house! I have to say I'm really impressed by those...
  40. That is so COOL! I don't know much about cocktails but the shaker is so cool- I imagine that either being used on a tropical island for something very fruity or by a mermaid for something very...briny...
  41. Happy New Year Jenni- that's a very fitting upload for the Year of the Ox 2021! Her colour is a lovely soft champagne tint- kinda like a Jersey Cow! And she looks young, like a calf even? I imagine he...
  42. Very cool dragon or Phoenix? I think it's a great little piece!!!
  43. Very sleek and beautiful, I love him, the pose makes hi look so curious, I can imagine him sitting looking like that into a mouse hole maybe? Or as a witches familiar watching her cauldron bubble, he ...
  44. Looks like'Eichor' or Chico?...Maybe? Either way they are so shiny and pretty!
  45. Its very seasonal for this kind of year- reminds me of Krampus
  46. These are so fun! And summery- I definitely get the tropical vibe from these and imagine pouring some fruity drinks out of them into cheery little glasses while sitting by the beach (It warms me up on...
  47. He has such a strange tail- like a squirrel maybe? Anyway, I love the going to charge(or...rut?) kinda look. :P He's so icy looking- he'd make a really nice centerpiece for the holiday table décor I...
  48. The Snowy that a Christmas card? Its GORGEOUS!!!! As for the little minty green owl, I love the colour, it's so soft and cool- the eye look so sharp and glaring actually, just like a real owl...
  49. Thanks Newfld! I think its a great little piece too! ;D
  50. Thanks racer$four- that's a really nice piece of information there on it!
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