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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Little Brass Hookah - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Little Ceramic Horse - Animalsin Animals
Jewellery Mix and Turtle Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewellery Pieces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Take my Hand.... - Accessoriesin Accessories
All Aboard the Desert Train - Animalsin Animals
The Compact Collection - Accessoriesin Accessories
Little Black Lion - Animalsin Animals
The Gun Doggy in the Window - Animalsin Animals
Venus de Milo Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Ahh- he looks like a zebra foal actually! And, is there any animal you DON'T have as a brooch?!!! :D
  2. A lovely little swan- looks like he's spotted something very interesting in the reeds! It's the inquisitive twist of his neck maybe and his beady black eyes?!
  3. It's a nice side to having relative's that were in the armed forces- all the tales and souvenirs from all over the world! It's nice to have memories like these too.....
  4. Really nice to see a medal like this- Where I live, WW1 is very heavily commemorated all this week. We have WW1 medals and 'sweetheart' pieces in our family from my grandmother- must upload them at s...
  5. Ahh...what sweet little dears! Just in time for WW1 commemorations(which are very big all this week where I am....) These two look like their shambling reluctantly back to the ship- Maybe the Captain...
  6. LOL! I ADORE him!!! I need him for my desk too!
  7. It's lovely!....I collect fountain pens and it would be perfect for storing them in! :D
  8. Lol- Thanks Newfld!
  9. He's a very proud looking little camel- his head is held up so high and proud- maybe because his body just so happens to be a HUGE citrine! And the citrine has a pink tinge which I've never seen before?
  10. These are my favourite brooches of yours I've seen in a while! Especially the top hat and gloves- in the thumbnail I thought it was a crane in flight it's even better than that up close! ...
  11. Yep this is the only type of Porsche I'll ever be able to afford(or would have room for)...Very unusual item!
  12. Ok- that's just about the coolest money bank I've ever seen!!!
  13. I wish I could make something like this- he's so unusual and colourful!
  14. Lovely little owl- he's slightly ominous looking though with his little red eyes and slight frown!
  15. This is so cool and perfect for Halloween- he's perched on the pumpkin waiting for an unsuspecting fly and because he's near enough the same colour as it he's able to blend in perfectly!
  16. He's lovely- a real ice bear! ;)
  17. Probably should have opened the salt shaker before putting water in it! Lol- Really nice to find these little notes in things- I get them in old books all the time.
  18. It's lovely- from the outside it looks wooden? My grandmother would adore this though! :D
  19. The colours of those green and red parrots are so vibrant- Amazing to have these creatures most people think of as pets actually living in the wild around you.....
  20. He's gorgeous- his pose is so elegant like he's soaring over the winds, like a seagull.
  21. He's lovely! he a polar bear? I would have said maybe 'Honey Bear' because y'know the flowers?!! He's a great and vibrant colour though!
  22. Thanks Nutsabotas6!
  23. Thanks Re-In-Vintage!
  24. Awh thanks Newfld!
  25. These are all so wonderful- they look so engrossed in the game! The smaller frog looks like he's winning, the larger like he's figuring out what move to make next and the two cats off to the side look...
  26. Well perhaps for small bits of yarn? While working on intarsia (which is knitting in small sections of yarn at once) it might work? Or maybe for storing thing like yarn markers, small needles etc?
  27. Ah- he's cute! He looks so surprised- I think Watchsearcher is right- it's to dispense yarn to prevent tangling?
  28. That's cool- This is the reason Autumn is my favourite time of year- because of those blustery grey days and the vivid orange and red leaves- this reminds me of a Canadian Maple Leaf? Or maybe I'm wro...
  29. It's not often you see a skunk brooch- they don't seem to be creatures ever portrayed as positive or even pretty! He's very unusual!
  30. Ah thanks a lot Newfld- funny you should say the pendant is wrapped in gold- actually it's silvery in person!
  31. Haha- thank you nutsabotas6! My mother tells me I have 'artist's hands!'
  32. This is an adorable little piece! It's like a piano from a really posh dolls house!
  33. Possibly it is from Popeye- it relates to ships in battle and the force of the cannon would often blow them down....I just remember it from the Wind in the Willows film as a child where Ratty sings a ...
  34. This is lovely- bright green fronds that look as though they should be cascading down the wall of a continental villa or jungle waterfall!
  35. Blow me down! (My favourite phrase) This is so pretty the design sort of reminds me of a mixture of a Chinese junk and a viking longboat?! - it's like an illustration of a ship I've got in a fairy tal...
  36. God you've no idea how much these will haunt my dreams! So disturbing!
  37. His little face is so sweet and endearing! He looks so attentive- and pretending to be good! :D
  38. His face has a rather worried expression?! Has he seen a shark? Or a cat?!
  39. Awh this is so sweet! Reminds me of the time I 'adopted' a friendly neighbourhood cat as a kid and he found my grandmother's knitting wool and completely MURDERED it!
  40. Haha! You know, I say that too after seeing everyone else's treasures here on CW,- thanks a lot Ms.Crystalship!
  41. Thanks Nutsabotas6!
  42. Thanks jscotto363!
  43. Thanks Newfld- and as for celadon- that's a new word to me!
  44. Thanks a lot- PhilDMorris!
  45. Awh- I adore his pose- he looks like he's reaching up to look out of a window to check if it's raining yet or not!
  46. WHERE do you get all these lovely brooches?!!! It looks a bit like a little pink long necked dove?! If it is a dove?!
  47. It looks a bit Inuit? That makes me think I might be something like Walrus tusk? Bone generally has little tiny brown spots on the surface because of the blood vessels in it.
  48. He's lovely and cheerful- he's like those pot stands that were popular a while back.
  49. His pose is great- It looks like he's really galloping across the Savannah- giraffes look funny when they run, sort of like deck chairs lolloping about (if deck chairs could run....)
  50. Oh my GOODNESS!!! He's just about the most fabulous zebra I've ever seen! I love his pose- you never see a zebra rearing up like that!
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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