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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Yet another Grecian Goddess! - Figurinesin Figurines
A Grecian Lady  - Figurinesin Figurines
Russian Lacquer Box - Asianin Asian
A Pair of Sphinx Bookends - Booksin Books
A Slight Eastern Influence... - Advertisingin Advertising
Newest Charity Shop Finds!!! - Animalsin Animals
Telescope Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals
Little Metal and Wooden Dolphins - Animalsin Animals
Little Black Kitty - Animalsin Animals


  1. Cute little rat! I've never seen a sculpt done so well and so realistic- his lovely deep brown colour makes it look like he's carved from wood too
  2. Very sweet little dogs! Their light colour tint reminds me of those balloon animals a children's entertainer might make, especially the pink one with the rather bulbous nose!
  3. Daisy on her flank is very cute- makes me think she's a flower power pony of some sort really! :P Very adorable pose on her too- I can see her sitting in a paddock amongst real daisies!
  4. Very unusual brooch there- looks almost religious in theme, especially with the two birds that look kinda like doves at a holy water font?!!! I must say the details on this are fabulous- they've packe...
  5. Trunks up means good look- I love how shiny and noble he is(like solid gold!) Do you think it's very possibly gold...? And it just wasn't marked/stamped as gold?
  6. He has to be an Akito- and a fabulous sculpt of one too- he looks so sleek and noble I can picture him being some samurai's noble companion!
  7. Is it a carp...? Either way it's one cool looking ancient style fish!
  8. Beautiful- I adore the deep colours and lovely elegant shape of the fish- would fit in nicely on a decorative bathroom shelf...or even conservatory with leafy trailing plants near it.
  9. Very nice- is it just me or does he have a rather grassy texture on his side?! Which makes sense seeing as some tigers do live in grassland areas. Very detailed stripes and great looking eyes- now I i...
  10. Very cute- his lovely deep colour reminds me of cranberry juice. We don't have cardinals where I live(robins are our seasonal birds!) but I know these cardinals are a striking even more brighter varie...
  11. Very nice- I love the beautiful rich purple which under certain condition(my pc!) looks like a lovely rich brown. That too would be a lovely seasonal colour for these but the purple reminds me of some...
  12. It's very unusual and colourful I love it! Definitely has the carnival colours down in this one. I wonder is it made from Papier Mache?
  13. Very sleek and seal-like! I can see him doing that funny bouncy rolling hop they do over the stones and into the water and barking too! Now, I wonder did they ever do a walrus- those are funny looking...
  14. That is a stunning seahorse and that is a stunning seahorse collection!!! I also love what they are placed on- is it a scarf? It's so pretty and in keeping with the sea creature theme- that one is so ...
  15. Lovely deep dark brown colour- I especially love the little lighter swirls through it. But, is slag glass another word for those off cuts of glass that were reused? If so that's really neat that they ...
  16. I can see an eye in that shape there and a really green eye at that- it kinda reminds me of the all-seeing eye or something? It's a very unusual and nice design
  17. Definitely Scottish I'd safely say! Or done in Scottish revivalist style? It's really lovely- I can see this on some Highlander's tartan cloak!
  18. It's really lovely- so pure white and ghostly. It reminds me of those really delicate plants found on the bottom of the sea
  19. This is so cheerful!- I love the sweet mix of colours and it was definitely worth waiting to see! :P
  20. That's a really lovely fish! Fish always make such interesting sculpture pieces I think, especially those sorta disc shaped tropical ones like that. I think with his simplistic colour and sleek look h...
  21. Very touching with your father being referenced in this post- the brooch is really sweet and unusual too. You rarely see people depicted in brooches and if they do have a maritime theme it's usuall...
  22. Love these little froggie pieces- the colours on both are so true to frogs especially that lovely colour of green/blue. Brooches light green eyes are so cute too
  23. Everything here is great- I love the look of it, it's so vintage and bohemian looking... I imagine an artist's studio apartment in Paris looks like this! :)
  24. Forgot to wish you a Happy Halloween too Jenni! And to everyone else on CW!!!
  25. Haha- I adore the blue snail. The colour is so strong and fabulous. He's also adorable btw. I find snails rather cute actually, not so much slugs but snails however always seem to be really curious- p...
  26. Very cool!- I adore the lovely amber orange colour of the glass owl- that's great! You seem to have such a huge collection of glass owls. :) The little mouse looks to be captivated by all the owl has...
  27. Very Mardi Gras in theme actually- especially with the donkey, and fitting for this time of year too! Both are very playful, childlike and colourful like little carnival animals, especially the donkey...
  28. Her face! She's so sweet! I adore her pose :D
  29. Very nice! It's definitely got a food related use! The pattern's colours are lovely and muted in tone
  30. Very nice- and I would agree, he looks just like a rearing horse- a pose you rarely see zebras in actually or even you don't happen to see that many zebras depicted in art/sculpture so that's a reall...
  31. Beautiful- I love how razor sharp and sleek he looks- the finless elegant look really suits him! But, when I first seen him I instantly thought SHARK!!! I can definitely see him gliding through a re...
  32. Very nice lion- this could have been a great Leo themed upload too! :D His colour is a really bright unusual shade of bright yellow too and especially from the side he does look like those regal stone...
  33. He's a great little scorpion brooch! :P I love the metallic shimmering colour he is- reminds me of desert sands(Maybe he's basking in them?) It's a very coppery tone actually? Details on the tail are ...
  34. A wonderful penguin! She's so sleek- her shape is really sweet, plump and realistic looking(I can see her waddling around on the ice!) I also think, like Watchsearcher that the hole is a decoration to...
  35. I'd say it was originally a candle holder but...the top part looks kinda like it should have a lamp piece? It's nice and unusual though- the colour is bright and cheery
  36. Love these little birds! They seem to be such a common visitor to the garden at this time of year except this summer we had one build his nest twice in an old birdhouse we have, they had 6 robin chick...
  37. You've a great friend there to get such a gift! This is a really sweet little brooch but with the long spines he kinda resembles a porcupine too? Hedgehogs can be mischievous little creatures- like I ...
  38. Lovely- I think all your sea creature uploads are my favourites- this little turtle is so sweet and autumnal and really detailed- I adore his shell, little claws and striped head which is just like a ...
  39. Cool- I didn't know these were a thing but I'd sure love to have one! :) Yours is lovely- the colours and style are so bright and cheerful and the history behind these is great too
  40. Love these- I know someone who owns two abalone shell ones- she was given them as a gift when on a trip to...either Mexico or some place in the Caribbean? I'm not sure which! They're so sleek and unus...
  41. Very nice design and pattern on this- definitely very geometric too, but also really unique. The little addition of the turtles head is cute and unusual
  42. Lovely colours- the wine and yellow really go well together and yeah....never eaten dandelions either but would certainly be interested in tasting them. I've heard of tea being made from them actually
  43. Awh- he looks so sad but adorable at the same time!...I wonder is he a Basset Hound? They always look so mournful and sad, and his colour is beautiful- that deep shade of honey or whisky is so deep an...
  44. This horse head brooch is a beauty- reminds me of Black Beauty actually! :P I seem to remember seeing similar ones with a horseshoe underneath? But I love the individual green eye and the detail in hi...
  45. A very modern take on this bird- the blue comb looks like a fish fin on top of his head which is really funny looking and cute. His expression is so wide eyed and alert, you see these birds bopping w...
  46. I think I've mentioned this before but your glass horses really remind me of Kelpies! Especially with the mane on this one- it kinda looks like a fin in the first picture. The deep coral shade is real...
  47. That brooch is so beautiful- down to the amethyst stone in the centre which really makes it. Dragonflies really make lovely brooches because of their natural prettiness and elegance
  48. In the thumbnail I thought this was some kind of elf's head, it's the wings for sure which I thought were pointy ears :P I also love the colour- kinda grey green which reminds me of limestone or somet...
  49. It's so cute and lacy looking! :D
  50. Thank you mp.kunst- could be him too you never know
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