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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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A Flower Brooch, a Little Green Box and a Greyhound(or Possible Whippet!) - Animalsin Animals
Brooch Pick N' Mix - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Dolphin Family and Tropical Fish - Animalsin Animals
Jewelry Mix(Ring, and Two Brooches) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A Strange Little Black Hand.... - Fine Artin Fine Art
Tiny Dog figurines! Labrador and Dachshund - Animalsin Animals
Tiny Horse and Monkey figurines- Wade Pottery Whimsies - Animalsin Animals
Butterfly Necklace, a Rhino, a Portuguese Cockerel and Two Dogs.  - Animalsin Animals
Is this Cloisonné?  - Asianin Asian
Costume Jewelry Haul and Brooch(Includes silver Celtic pendant) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Very nice fish, I adore his blue tones. He's another of those fish that would look great as part of bathroom decor or a modern beach cottage. And what a pair of lips he has- they're so fun! Reminds me...
  2. He's actually a very cute little spider! I'm not completely gone on them as real beasties but this one is very sweet. His curled or crouched pose reminds me of those little...wolf spiders, is it? The ...
  3. Oooh I think that's a tawny owl right there?! I love him, both his colour and the fact he's FABULOUS, his pose is realistic and looks very alert. I think he's sitting up on some fence post or branch, ...
  4. That Big Ben, which is actually only the bell in the Elizabethan Tower I believe is fabulous!!! It reminds me of something from a fairytale, or those Disney films....Cinderella I think?! XD I love it...
  5. Thank you Newfld, yes I too am still not sure on her breed, but might be inclined to think whippet too?! And yes, I thought you'd appreciate the brooch! :D
  6. Very sweet- I'd definitely keep these I got them as greetings cards! :)
  7. Thank you rambojoe- interesting, they may have been Manx, or using the symbol for resilience?!
  8. Thank you Newfld, and funny, only now I see the flowing bird once you've pointed it out to me! XD
  9. Thank you searching1!
  10. Yes I can see, her certainly has a thicker build than the cow and dare I say it a 'bull-neck' XD so yes, I think he's the bull alright. Both their poses are very realistic and the lovely gold colour r...
  11. Very nice rustic little cow, I adore both her and the bull, she definitely reminds me of those cows in really pastoral paintings, great naturalistic pose on her. :)
  12. I was thinking the same as fhrjr2, she might be from the top of something, like a bottle, or sat on something once as decoration?
  13. A very playful mischievous little cat, her tail is raised and her paws are splayed so I think someone's playing with her or else she's just been trying to hunt but has failed! I also can't decide on...
  14. A really nice trio of owls...or a 'parliament' I believe a group of owls may be called?! All are so colourful, I'm not sure which to say is my favourite because all are really lovely though I'll say t...
  15. Awh thanks so much Newfld for the birthday wishes, even though I won't celebrate them until well into August. I'm charmed really! :P I have to say that is a stunning orb brooch, the colour is great, ...
  16. Cute little birds! They remind me of the way doves perch together on branches, pairs of doves always seem so gentle, loving and inseparable and though these two are smaller and maybe even songbirds, i...
  17. He's such a cute little fox! Very sweet, I adore the way he's curled up, like he's either just realized it's spring or he's curling up on those long winter's nights, else he's heard a rabbit rustling ...
  18. oooh very cute! I love sculptures of these little dogs! I imagine these sitting by the fire, on a tartan rug in some Scottish mansion. They're owner is also enjoying some hot toddy and short bread! XD...
  19. I love his pose, it's both very strong and very loyal, the costume and garland on him are really unusual too. He kinda has a bit of a golden retriever look too except a far more angular head and with ...
  20. It's Baymax(I believe?) from Big Hero 6 isn't it?
  21. Great work on it! He looks FANTASTIC! So well done and very professional, he is a very stylish grasshopper. :P
  22. Thank you jscotto363, yes I think the little gecko is fab too!
  23. That's so sweet! I have a certain liking for caterpillars and I love finding them! I'm constantly finding them on a red rose bush I have and I always adore the way they creep along, stop and stand up ...
  24. This is such a cute little childlike bear, I can see him in a child's nursery, he's definitely fit in there. He also happens to remind me an awful lot of the Care Bears, I think it's his really chubby...
  25. Very funny and quirky looking little owl! At first I thought it was a cat, I see now she's actually an owl with a beautiful rosy pink, (such a lovely soft hue!) and her little ears are actually ear t...
  26. Thank you so much Newfld and yes I think so too! Their simplistic style is really plain but definitely suits them!
  27. Very cool looking green tiger, it's as though he's made from jade and the entire looks kinda reminds me of folded origami. He's very fierce looking, I adore the erect tail and snarl he seems to be giv...
  28. Really unusual little collection of clown brooches- they seem to be a really popular fun choice here on CW! My favorite is the first fellow(in the first photo) His clothes remind me a lot of pierrot, ...
  29. Very cute and trunk up id a very good sign! I think he may be a baby elephant though, judging by the size of his little ears. His colour is really eye catching. I imagine seeing this little elephant o...
  30. Thank you Newfld! Yes, he's(lizard) my new favorite little brooch and I agree, the ring definitely resembles a moonstone.
  31. Haha! Yes Newfld, I was thinking of that organization too- If I'm not mistaken were they not behind or somehow entangled with the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? And yes, I do see the moon an...
  32. Haha! I see these little guys in a lot of charity shops I visit where I live, funny though, all are in black and white- I've never seen a bright yellow little guy! :D
  33. Very cute and whimsical- I love the quirky design he's in! Definitely very fun! :P
  34. Very cool little fish, I also love the fact he seems to be doing the seal pose? Y'know the resting on their flippers, tail up (You see them doing this in aquariums etc!) I almost imagine with his pose...
  35. Very cool! Love the really neat look of this little drum shaped box(I don't think I've seen one before?!) It's really well sculpted too- rope designs are great. I think that kitty is guarding whatever...
  36. I love him! He's so sleek and elegant and I wonder is he a cockerel because of his head comb? Or maybe some kind of fancy Asian pheasant? I'm gonna say cockerel though... Usually you see the tail ra...
  37. Definitely looks like he's the boss, y'know sometimes you can't come across a better guard dog than a goose and he looks like he's spotted something that's not quiet up to his approval! :P I think h...
  38. For some reason I looked at it and seen a little green kitten(don't ask! :D) but now I see the little comb on his head, the tail and the beak! :P Cute and chubby looking little bird, but also sleek to...
  39. Very cool little swordfish, I've never seen a swordfish brooch and I certainly didn't think I'd see one today(or ever!) Even his body and design is so sleek, I definitely see him darting through the w...
  40. Adorable puppy! Is she some sort of little beagle pup? I'm reminded of a beagle when I look at her little square ears and face! She's a lovely colour too, so sugary pink and playful looking. It's that...
  41. That is one cool cat- I definitely see him in some late night jazzy bar on a city corner somewhere... :P His lovely deep blue colour is the best, he's a great find for such a bargain!
  42. They are so sweet, I love both colours and sleek shapes and yeah they DO look like they're both nodding off! Or else they're admiring each other's feet, or something really interesting on the ground! ...
  43. Gorgeous little frog, I adore his stretched out leg pose, like he's clambering up a tree trunk in the rainforest! I also love the varying greens, with both those really light green stones to the reall...
  44. Such a cute little deer! You sometimes come across them lying curled up like this in undergrowth actually, and they always seem so vulnerable and delicate. I also love the little glance over the shoul...
  45. This is an amazingly detailed little brooch! I wonder is the middle parts black or are the blank and that's the shadow? I love everything about it and it looks like a little stack of cards being shuff...
  46. More sea themed uploads from you this week Jenni, and I adore his lovely sleek look, he reminds me of some of those childhood toys except they're usually rubbery and squeaky! XD He's got no dorsal or ...
  47. Very ancient looking fish brooch you have, and my favorite upload of yours this week, I love it, it definitely makes me think of those Grecian fish you see on fountains, with or without a water spout ...
  48. Love his startling red colour, he's the exact sort of colour that reminds me of a cardinal? Isn't that what those little birds are called? We don't have them where I live so I've only seen them in pic...
  49. Thank you jscotto0363, yes I love them too!
  50. Ha, thanks for finding me the little dogs on Ebay, that's definitely my little dachshund alright and as for the Labrador you've found a lovely sculpture online alright though I'm not sure it's mine? I...
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