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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Is this Cloisonné?  - Asianin Asian
Costume Jewelry Haul and Brooch(Includes silver Celtic pendant) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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A Grecian Lady  - Figurinesin Figurines
Russian Lacquer Box - Asianin Asian
A Pair of Sphinx Bookends - Booksin Books
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A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals


  1. His head looks a little like a dachshund, but his body is too short for that! Maybe he's a jack russell?! He's in the perfect pose for a puppy! So playful and fun :P
  2. Is this another version of the Tiger and Cub brooch you have?! This is a really sweet little brooch, mama monkey seems to be smiling back at her baby, with the baby looking very mischievous of course!
  3. So CUTE!!! Hands down he IS the most adorable little bunny I've seen! He reminds me of the kind you'd meet in a pet farm- standing up on his hind legs acting really inquisitive with a twitching little...
  4. It's really lovely- looks so sleek and elegant, and very vintage too. I'd say it could be off a charm bracelet too and the fact that does look like Mother of Pearl alright...
  5. So cute! He is so pretty- I imagine he's the kind of decor you see in a beachside cottage :)
  6. Very nice, calm restful pose he's in. You rarely see a horse sitting, peacefully waiting like he is, usually their up and in a very regal or active pose. He's beautiful by the way, and really reminds ...
  7. That's a great little brooch, everything about it is lovely, I especially adore the colour he's in, it reminds me of the same iridescence you see on hummingbird's? A shimmering mix of blue, navy and ...
  8. Cute- at first I thought this was a monkey stealing some fruit, now I see it's a squirrel and he's trying to steal some acorns! XD I must say though I don't think I've ever seen an open salt cellar? I...
  9. Very sleek and elegant looking- I love the style of them!
  10. A lovely glassy icy looking bull, the pose is so elegant and dignified and even a It kinda reminds me of some kind of memorial and I really like that about him, he's very strong a...
  11. When I first seen this my first thought was: 'Oooh- Jenni's uploaded a sea snail!' XD Now I see the fishy shape with his eyes and pointy fin. The colour is great too, it's like a mixture of deep pink...
  12. Love the colours on this- admittedly a bee brooch in the startling colours of red, green and black is rarely seen(you'd expect yellow and black!) but this is really great, he's so detailed too, love h...
  13. Fell victim to their charms, as one WOULD with a cat! XD She's in such a sweet curled up pose too, I imagine her curled up by a fireside.
  14. Very nice- a really dignified pose and such a nice compact, chunky little doggy shape to him too! :) I'm going to go with Labrador retriever too...he's sitting by waiting for his owner and a walkies :D
  15. Lovely deep blue- those deep shades of royal and cobalt blue are my favourites, this shade is so rich in places it's almost black and charcoal. your little bird really reminds me of a blue tit actuall...
  16. Yay- more owls! He's a very autumnal owl , the deep amber and reds are a really lovely mixt of colours, but what got me wondering is the black stone- what is it? Is it a really dark garnet or ruby?! W...
  17. You rarely see mice depicted in any form of art, they're very cute but tend to be nuisances! Your little green mouse is so sweet- reminds me of a childhood book I read called 'How Green was My Mouse.'...
  18. Lovely deep colours- almost looks autumnal with their lovely deep cerise, purple and gold, it's very pretty and simplistic in design
  19. Very cute- love the deep wine colour on this one and trunk up is always better- it's always up for good luck! :) It feels like he's the next animal I'm seeing on safari of your uploads this week- fir...
  20. Very sweet, you don't often see giraffes as brooches which is lovely to see here, I'm definitely getting some savannah vibes from some of your uploads this week, the pose on both giraffes is lovely- m...
  21. Cute plump little piggies! Orange piggy looks relaxed while the arched back of the green one makes him look super active and giddy, like he's just going to spring off with a squeal!
  22. I love cloisonné and I've only realised how nice it is in these past few months, yours is lovely by the way, it's so intricate and so delicate and bright
  23. But, but.....Chocolate isn't unnecessary!!! XD this makes a really lovely display for Easter, I can imagine it on a table with little pastel candied eggs and baskets, very sweet little rabbits on it t...
  24. Beautiful colour on this one!!! I love the sugary colour on her and her fabulous shape, it's so elegant, but aside from a lack of comb she reminds me of a rooster?! Very nice!
  25. A really cute collection- I especially love the one holding the little flower(maybe she's off to visit her beau) all are a really sweet collection but I especially love her
  26. Aah a lovely relaxed bunny!!! Reminds me of those big fluffy lop ear variety. You always see them in petting zoo's and they tend to be most calm and gentle of bunnies. I imagine yours sitting in some ...
  27. Puma at a glance to me had the same upright pose as some dog sculpts- he's great! That piddling boy...I remember friends of my grandmothers had a life sized mannequin of that in their bathroom(why?!) ...
  28. Really nice summery colours here, I love the way the soft shadows and light look, they're so well done!
  29. Love the colours, they're both so eastery and seaonal! This time of year you see bunnies and pastel colours are everywhere but these are lovely! The pink one is in an adorable pose, kinda like he's re...
  30. Lovely camel and I agree with Mrstyndall, you DON'T come across many camel brooches and this one is just lovely, the little coloured stones are a really nice touch. He's definitely part of a caravan o...
  31. A FABULOUS ram- I must say he looks so sleek and elegant in his fabulous black colour! I'm glad the designers decided to make him all black because it's a beautiful design choice. At first when I seen...
  32. The cutest simplest little brooch ever! It's so sweet- the bright green is lovely too
  33. Very intricate and beautiful- cloisonné really is a beautiful art form I've recently gained an interest in and yours is a really lovely piece.
  34. Ooh now what wouldn't I put in that! Love it- a place for all manners of knick-knacks and the cat ruler is very cool too by the way, that's definitely a little treasure!
  35. I never realized this was a bird until I read the title- I'm still seeing a tropical fish! :P (I have fish on the brain!) :D but now I see the little bird, maybe a swallow or swift? The colour's are ...
  36. Lovely jaguar brooch- I imagine him perched in a tree creeping down at some prey beneath. he has so many little stones on him, looking like real speckles/spots, he's definitely very fearsome looking a...
  37. Very cool colour and pose, I have to say you never see a horse in this position- seated because it always looks so awkward in real life! His pose is great though- it kinda reminds me of a dog?! Especi...
  38. Kinda looks like those micro-mosaic pieces? And the crane is great- reminds me of those Egyptian styled birds you see about in motifs etc.
  39. Happy St Patrick's Day to you too!!! They all have such a lovely different mix of greens here and the brooch looks a little like a sheaf of corn to me?!
  40. Great looking glass fish- reminds me of a salmon, one of those red-eye salmons I think, leaping up a waterfall (it's his leaping pose!) and coupled with that deep coral orange color makes me think sal...
  41. Owls are always fun, very simplistic pose and design! This is such a lovely deep bright green colour (emerald green is very eye-catching I think!) and I don't think I've seen a green so bright in a lo...
  42. Happy St Patrick's Day Newfld! And everyone else on CW too... I love the fact it actually doesn't have green stones in it, which you'd expect it might but actually the amethyst's are very subdued and ...
  43. So cute! I imagine it hanging on the wall of a dog grooming parlor- specializing in poodles of course! :P
  44. Very cool- I'm not sure what it's supposed to warm but that dragon design is the best!
  45. Very elegant and sleek, it seems to have such a lovely pale lilac hue to it! It also sounds like you got a bargain with this one here! :P
  46. That's such a lovely brooch- the little red stones look so vibrant like berries! The little green and white stones flecking it are a really nice detail too
  47. Very fancy little elephant- I love how stylish he seems to be, his pose is lovely too, he seems to be prancing forward proudly showing off that huge ruby he has! He's definitely an eye-catching elepha...
  48. Very cool little fish, with his slightly domed head he looks like those type of fish you see on ancient stone fountains, sometimes they spout water from their mouths! His little rhinestone fins are gr...
  49. That's a very cool brooch- practically sizzlin! :P I've never seen a brooch quiet like that and I have to say it's really different- it's both feminine and masculine. I can definitely see that on a le...
  50. Greta little flowers- the petals are so sharp and detailed and the blood red stone in the middle is gorgeous!
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