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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Newest Charity Shop Finds!!! - Animalsin Animals
Telescope Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A Little Brass Doggie - Animalsin Animals
Little Metal and Wooden Dolphins - Animalsin Animals
Little Black Kitty - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell Necklace and Wooden Globe - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
The Russian Gals - Dollsin Dolls
Colourful Elephant Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Shakespeare Letter Opener - Officein Office
Little Asian Compact Mirror - Asianin Asian


  1. That's a very different type of brooch there, the whole aspect of the lion being framed by a cage is really unusual and the little jewels set into it are a nice touch too. :) I'd also like to see the ...
  2. The circus theme is very evident this week- the little clown brooch is really well designed. The deep navy blue colour is lovely too and even for a coulrophobic like me he's still very cheerful lookin...
  3. Very nice- I like how long necked he seems to be, sort of like he's craning his neck to see over a rocky ledge. I also love the beautiful emerald green of him- is there or was there an image of an eag...
  4. Happy 4th of July to you too Jenni! That brooch is fantastic by the way, it looks as though the eagle is swooping in to plant the flag on a mountain top! Which happens to sound like a very dramatic sc...
  5. They're so SWEET! And the colours are very patriotic too- one looks like he's preening or showing off while the other seems to be shying away from it- I think it's a boy bird impressing a girl! :D
  6. Its beautiful and has a lightly gothic look to it, I could imagine paired with a light summery red dress and a bouquet of red roses too! :)
  7. Thanks Newfld- Things seem to be going well here so far but...I think things are tentative everywhere tbh...:(
  8. Thanks for the information Congcu!
  9. I love him! For some reason, crabs make really cool and interesting brooches, even though I tend to find the real creatures a Spidery? The huge pearl he has in both claws is a reall...
  10. GAH! I've wanted to see where you keep your glass menagerie for ages! It's so colourful and expressive, I'd love to go through all of it! :P The little birds are so sweet too, they look a bit like pie...
  11. He's beautiful!...I used to beg my poor grandmother to let me visit every single pet shop in town just to view lovely fish like this- I was fascinated with their flowing fins and round compact little ...
  12. He's very groovy...I imagine him swaying to something like jazz. Do you know that scene in 'The Aristocats'? It has a troupe of very bohemian musician cats- he looks like he'd fit in with those cats! ...
  13. Very cool- I especially love the little scotch terrier and imagine it's the kind of box a highland lair keeps his cigars in maybe?
  14. Very nice, your little Inuit carvings are always so interesting to me and the lovely green of this is great. Little animal carvings are so fun and nice to collect.
  15. He's beautiful, the pose is so sleek ad alert, not to mention the crystal adds to his sleekness, I can imagine him sitting in a meadow, nose twitching.
  16. That's a great lamp, when lit up it looks like a little slice of a galaxy complete with stars and a moon, it's very mystical and would look perfect in someplace like Nostradamus or Galileo's modern at...
  17. Very nice- elephants, like cats are great animals to make sculptures from, they always looks so artful, these are very sleek and sweet, like a mother elephant and her two babies :P
  18. That is a SUPREMELY cool bell!!! It belongs with a crystal ball, a full moon and a black cat (and maybe a lady reading palms or tarot cards too!) and the brooch is a fabulous colour- purple delving i...
  19. This is a bird?! I seen it in the thumbnail and thought it was a modernist bowl, but now I can see the lifted tail and head of a very modern little bird :P the colour is great- a really vivid emerald ...
  20. Cat figurines and sculpts are great aren't they? I love them for their sleekness and I adore yours, her pose is very attentive and alert, like she's spotted a bird of course! :D
  21. Awh her expression is great- she's pleading to be worn I think! :P And she's got the pose of a lemur too, clinging onto some branches, her black and white rhinestone are great too
  22. Who would have ever thought of making a glass meerkat?! Seriously, his colour and little black eye patches make him look all the more real and adorable and the fact he's adopted the sentry pose too! :...
  23. Awh your so lucky Alan! (Charity shops in Ireland aren't open here yet...:( Anyway, this little bear is beautiful, like a little totem or another sacred item and soapstone can be so varying can't it?
  24. Very cool- I adore the fact some pages look so ancient and some look really contemporary
  25. I love the pose and lovely colour- his pose makes me think of a baby polar bear, I've seen pictures of them sitting like this shoving blocks of ice around and generally acting playful-and this is so c...
  26. That's a really lovely feminine pink, it's so serene and calm- it's like rose quartz(one of my favourite crystals!)
  27. Very nice- she's my favourite of your uploads this week! :D She makes me think of some very expensive cat owned by some well-to-do lady in Paris or someplace and the little lifted paw and bright eyes ...
  28. I love the arching back, its very like a housecat actually, they stretch out like that sometimes when picked up- it's a really fun pose!
  29. Very nice- that little umm...dove like one with the red tail is the sweetest! :D
  30. This is a really beautiful and very detailed flower brooch and its perfect for this time of year. It brings to mind some tropical volcanic island somewhere in the south pacific or maybe even Hawaii? I...
  31. He's lovely! I imagine him sitting in a summery meadow somewhere-actually I think his lovely gold colour helps too :)
  32. The grey accents are really unusual, I've never seen that before on glass and actually he's such a sweet colour (It looks pink?!) His pose is also really great- it makes him seem so alert
  33. Very cool- they look like two sphinxes alright, especially the pearl pieces which look like flowing manes. I can imagine them sitting side by side in some desert temple too. and yes, hard to imagine w...
  34. He looks like a giant chihuahua actually, or maybe he's a regular sized chihuahua with a little pixie or elf on his back?...
  35. That's a stunning brooch! I love all the beautiful colours in it and yeah it does look like all the colours of blown glass, the wings are so detailed too and really nicely segmented like a real butter...
  36. It's an odd brooch alright...I love the segmented look of his tentacles, like a seahorse tail I think? And his one little eye reminds me of a fish? Maybe having lots more tentacles would look overly c...
  37. They're very cute! I adore the begging poses of both- you see squirrels in public parks that are so tame they do this- bound up to people and silently demand treats!
  38. That's such a sweet memento piece actually, I love how feminine the rather masculine image and symbol of an anchor is made to be here, (or maybe it's androgynous?...) The stones are a beautiful too, s...
  39. That's a cool pitcher, my grandmother has a similar one that's completely white and is a type of stoneware actually. The orange top on yours is intriguing really and reminds me of an owl shaped lanter...
  40. Usually you see bears depicted as 'Mother & Cubs' and what not but this is really sweet, especially the paw around the son. Maybe they're both sitting by the riverside awaiting for a salmon to appear?
  41. Honestly, this is one of the weirdest depiction of a dolphin I've ever seen. It's almost a dragon/flower hybrid?! :P especially his tail which looks like a little orchid petal maybe? I really love the...
  42. These Japanese animals are so quirky and likeable, though the ears make me think of a rabbit? He's very sweet though!
  43. That's a really elegant fish, even his nice colour makes me think is he some kind of a Brown Trout? The pose too makes it look like he's diving through some weedy river,(or down a waterfall?!) I also ...
  44. That's a really beautiful brooch- I think any depiction of a lion just happens to be so commanding and regal in tone. Again, he looks like those stone lions seen on the steps of buildings which are re...
  45. Awh he's so sweet! Everything about him is so perfect! I ADORE his lovely bright pink colour(I'm actually amazed at the brightness of it?) kinda like some sort of candy?! :P His little snout is upturn...
  46. She's very sweet!
  47. He's very sweet! I love his clear smoothness and his pose makes him look as if he's just about to hop off and away! :P
  48. Again, this is my favourite upload of yours this week(how come all your fish brooches are so pretty?!!!)-the colours are so vivid yet muted, he makes the perfect little cartoon fish too(which I think ...
  49. Very nice- he's very elongated in certain areas and stretched out and yet bunched up in other ways- this odd shape is very surreal and reminds me of something Salvador Dali might paint?! I also love t...
  50. Haha- he looks like he's kinda weightlifting, to exercise his upper body maybe? Are they shoulder lifts he's doing? But I love the colour of both of them!
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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