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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and began here by collecting Asian tea sets and I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and began here by collecting Asian tea sets and porcelains but as time has went by my collections and likes of things have now grown into animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Take my Hand.... - Accessoriesin Accessories
All Aboard the Desert Train - Animalsin Animals
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Little Black Lion - Animalsin Animals
The Gun Doggy in the Window - Animalsin Animals
Venus de Milo Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
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  1. It's lovely- so small and perfect ;)
  2. It looks a bit Inuit? That makes me think I might be something like Walrus tusk? Bone generally has little tiny brown spots on the surface because of the blood vessels in it.
  3. He's lovely and cheerful- he's like those pot stands that were popular a while back.
  4. His pose is great- It looks like he's really galloping across the Savannah- giraffes look funny when they run, sort of like deck chairs lolloping about (if deck chairs could run....)
  5. Oh my GOODNESS!!! He's just about the most fabulous zebra I've ever seen! I love his pose- you never see a zebra rearing up like that!
  6. Thanks for that maryh1956- had no idea what a Luckenbooth is!
  7. He's gorgeous! So bright and green!
  8. Lovely piece- In learning about what a Miazpah is, I suppose a Claddagh ring common in Ireland would classify as a Mishap piece of jewellery too!
  9. Lovely- the bear and frog are my favourites!
  10. Thanks a lot nutsabotas6, racer4four, valentino97 and Caperkid!!!
  11. Thanks Newfld-!
  12. Thanks Artfoot- an extra hand DOES come in handy alright!
  13. Bobby725- I was thinking of that song too- and the one 'I went through the desert on a horse with no name!' even though there camels not horses!
  14. Awh he's so sweet! The Scottie is my favourite!!!
  15. He's lovely- he's probably the same size as a real hummingbird? I don't know I've never seen one before!- But his little red head is accurate alright!
  16. Really cool piece- reminds me of Bizet's Toreador song from Carmen- I can just hear it now looking at this!
  17. He's beautiful- lovely patchwork colours and his face! He looks like he's just heard something in the scrub!
  18. Very cool looking- at first glance I thought this was a train! It's very Tom Sawyer and 'Old Man River'!!!
  19. He's so sweet! Looks sort of like a pineapple?
  20. This is fabulous- I like to collect bits of their work too because of their beauty!
  21. This is really nice- reminds me of a bridal peice!
  22. I know that song PhilDMorris! But the question is DO deserts really miss the rain? That's what makes them deserts after all?!
  23. Thanks Newfld!
  24. This is a really nice and odd little design! Especially the creatures on the underside- the rest of it sort of looks like a patchwork quilt too!!!
  25. This is stunning!
  26. This is so pretty Newfld! It's colours are so summery! This reminds me of my Granddad whose a gardener and he sometimes spends all day watching creatures like this on ponds- they look like little bipl...
  27. These ARE beautiful!!! So sleek and feminine- I adore all Egyptian things, the Cleopatra reminds me of my mother who is also a Virgo! :P
  28. This is adorable- reminds me of items my grandmother still uses!
  29. Thanks GeodeJem- I'm really glad you appreciate these!!!
  30. They're all so pretty- fish is my favourite!
  31. Very unusual!
  32. Thanks Newfld- the dolphin one is lovely too- I think the style's rather Greek?
  33. Thanks Caperkid- it's made out of silk!
  34. He's lovely! He looks like he's ready for you to throw a ball at him!
  35. These are unusual- goose is my favourite!
  36. He's lovely- like the gold of desert sands!
  37. I DO LOVE IT NEWFLD!!! But seriously, thanks for mentioning me....:P
  38. Lid looks a bit like Imari?
  39. Awh thanks Newfld!
  40. It's too hot everywhere I think Newfld, even here in Ireland it's been BOILING! and that's extremely unusual....but, I digress, it looks like something you'd see under the sea like an anemone or somet...
  41. All cats ARE fabulous!!! The glass one is stunning- so sleek! And I admit I've never seen a cheetah Toby jug!
  42. This is such a beautiful piece- would be lovely on the cover of a journal too or something! Really nice!
  43. Ya that's what we thought so too after looking more closely at him Sewing53
  44. Thanks TassieDevil!!!
  45. Thanks Newfld- my granddad who's really into gun dogs says he's a setter, because Pointers have thinner tails I think?
  46. Thanks alot kwqd! We polished him as soon as we got him home- he sparkles like pure gold!
  47. His little pricked up ears! and his attentive eyes! Now, you see I can't ever tell the difference between a Boston terrier and a French Bulldog- but either way he's lovely.
  48. Awww....they're so sweet- my favourites are the two blues because they're the colour closest to most whales! Certainly something to spout about...(Sorry!)
  49. I'm a Leo too! These are both lovely creations- the blue is fabulous- he looks so noble like he belongs on the steps of a library or museum or something!
  50. Thanks PhilDMorris, this is not signed...
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