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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Carbonari Concertina - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Egyptian Cat Statue, maybe bookends? - Animalsin Animals
Stormy Morning & Windy Afternoon - 2 Schotller Paintings - Fine Artin Fine Art
Little Brass Hookah - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Little Ceramic Horse - Animalsin Animals
Jewellery Mix and Turtle Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewellery Pieces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Take my Hand.... - Accessoriesin Accessories
All Aboard the Desert Train - Animalsin Animals
The Compact Collection - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Wow- you know your accordions Brunswick! The sound on this one seems a bit off because I do think there is a problem with the buttons or else the bellows but other than that it seems fine. I was corre...
  2. Thanks for the comment Newfld- I usually would associate this instrument with Italian or other European folk music too. The funny thing being was our neighbour wasn't musical either and thought my gr...
  3. Thanks for the comment freiheit- that's a really funny image you've just given me! Sort of like an accordion playing itself in a chair. Thanks for the link too- it can be difficult telling accordions ...
  4. He is very pretty and comical. He looks shocked rather than fearsome- maybe a gigantic swimmer has just entered the water?!
  5. The delicateness of the first brooch is like a little fern, both are really beautiful!
  6. The horse is cool- I just can't make out the other two standing up though?
  7. Funny that- in the thumbnail I thought he was a pink tiger! Now I can see him up close and that he's a bull that's even better! He looks ready to charge- one hoof even looks to be raised pawing the gr...
  8. He looks like an impala- they have such elegant slender bodies and large horns- his horns look like streaming ribbons and his pose makes it look like he's leaping through tall Savannah grasses- possib...
  9. He's a right whale dolphin! (They don't have dorsal fins...) And he's doing a flip! And the little pink dolphin looks just like the kind that were commonly used on fountains and water spouts- sort of ...
  10. Thanks for the link Gillian, I love her simplistic style too- it helps with her sleekness!
  11. Oh my goodness- that's it Keramikos you found it! I seen this film only once in my life when I was a very young child and assumed later on I'd imagined it- it just stuck with me as a child for some re...
  12. Thanks Newfld, yes that is the serpent symbol around her neck and in regards to that old Dorian Gray film- now I could very well be remembering this completely wrong as I was very young seeing it but,...
  13. Fabulous deep blue colour, and the palm tree really makes it!
  14. The green on his wings and tail is a lovely colour- it's so green and tropical like a desert island, peach is also a unique colour for a hummingbird. His pose is great too- like he's zooming from flow...
  15. Haha- this is great- my granddad and aunt are both Capricorns, his horns are great, the way they curve up so elegantly like two scimitars, and he looks so sure footed and ready to leap to the next led...
  16. Lovely- the ceramic pig looks like, it Porky from the Looney Tunes?! There';s something slightly mischievous looking in his expression too. The brooch is so nice too with it's little rhinestone g...
  17. I adore his sleekness, like he's made out of pure amber or honey(!) His pose is perfect too- like he's sniffing the water for something interesting- They're fascinating and strangely beautiful creatur...
  18. This is great- reminds me of those Easter Island statues? Or a Picasso painting?!
  19. I can't decide whether the angles or the robins are my favourite, but all are lovely!
  20. I adore that stained glass piece- it's so beautiful, reminds me of the vivid blue hues in the windows of my local church.
  21. The colours and design of it make me think of Imari?
  22. When I first seen this in the thingumabob my reaction was 'what is this strange creature?!!! Her ears are so BIG!!! And she's so GREEN!... Her pose sort of reminds me of a George Jensen brooch I've se...
  23. I adore this little horsie- he looks like a Christmas carousel horse! Galloping around in the flurries of snow on a carousel that's been newly set up in the towns square!
  24. It's so cool! I've always wanted one of these little things!...That and a little statue of Napoleon to complete the look. :)
  25. Very nice gift- and so thoughtful of Jenni! The prancing horse is my favourite- he looks like he's in paddock with the wind streaming through his mane and tail!
  26. Lovely birds these Cardinals.....your glass one looks like he's perched on a sprig of holly trying to decide which berry to take first and the brooch cardinal appears to be strutting about very proudl...
  27. Funny that Newfld- Me and my granddad were just discussing deer- he just seen two at the bottom of a field over the weekend! But anyway these are lovely- deer seem to be so seasonal!!!
  28. It's lovely0- there's something quiet Celtic about his design- reminds me of the Welsh flag?
  29. It took me a while to see the bird in this but there he is! It could be an artistically designed seashell or an instrument the way he's so elegantly designed! He look's like he's preening! :)
  30. He's lovely- His pose makes him look so sleek and feline. Kinda like a cheetah? He looks like he could be the guardian to some ancient temple lost deep in the steamy foliage of some Asian rainforests!
  31. Dragonflies make the prettiest of jewellery pieces! I've probably said this before but they remind me of the hottest of summer days with a garden pond glistening like a jewel in the heat and these cre...
  32. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Robin Hood isn't a character I'd associate with brooches but this is really great- I love his pose- like he's just about to load up an arrow into his bow and shoot down something(Wha...
  33. Ahh- it's so sweet! Actually this is my favourite of your brooches! (I say that at seeing every one of your brooches!) Elephants are such great creatures anyway they make wonderful artistic pieces lik...
  34. Really nice clock- we have a silver cased carriage clock by Ansonia(not sure how we got it)- and about the stopping at random times it probably does need to be serviced!
  35. Thanks Sheluvsjewelery!!!
  36. Thanks Newfld!
  37. He's fabulous! Probably my favourite of your glass animals- I'd love to see one in black or clear glass.
  38. Ah the horn of abundance!!! Lovely little thing filled up with spring flowers!....Usually they are filled with things like grapes? But this is lovely too.
  39. Ahh- he looks like a zebra foal actually! And, is there any animal you DON'T have as a brooch?!!! :D
  40. A lovely little swan- looks like he's spotted something very interesting in the reeds! It's the inquisitive twist of his neck maybe and his beady black eyes?!
  41. It's a nice side to having relative's that were in the armed forces- all the tales and souvenirs from all over the world! It's nice to have memories like these too.....
  42. Really nice to see a medal like this- Where I live, WW1 is very heavily commemorated all this week. We have WW1 medals and 'sweetheart' pieces in our family from my grandmother- must upload them at s...
  43. Ahh...what sweet little dears! Just in time for WW1 commemorations(which are very big all this week where I am....) These two look like their shambling reluctantly back to the ship- Maybe the Captain...
  44. LOL! I ADORE him!!! I need him for my desk too!
  45. It's lovely!....I collect fountain pens and it would be perfect for storing them in! :D
  46. Lol- Thanks Newfld!
  47. He's a very proud looking little camel- his head is held up so high and proud- maybe because his body just so happens to be a HUGE citrine! And the citrine has a pink tinge which I've never seen before?
  48. These are my favourite brooches of yours I've seen in a while! Especially the top hat and gloves- in the thumbnail I thought it was a crane in flight it's even better than that up close! ...
  49. Yep this is the only type of Porsche I'll ever be able to afford(or would have room for)...Very unusual item!
  50. Ok- that's just about the coolest money bank I've ever seen!!!
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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