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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection hasI'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading and knitting. During my time on CW my collection has grown to include animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Colourful Elephant Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Shakespeare Letter Opener - Officein Office
Little Asian Compact Mirror - Asianin Asian
Celtic Tree of Life Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Little Silver Fish and Sun Pendant - Animalsin Animals
Two Silver Rings(Peridot & Garnet)  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Celtic Silver Ring and Fish Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Little Wooden Cross - Folk Artin Folk Art
Lucky Killarney Cat - Animalsin Animals
Carbonari Concertina - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments


  1. That's really cool Dena- thanks for the comment!
  2. Funny that- when I looked at it I first seen tiny green shamrocks- that and the fact it's called Patrick, maybe there's something in that?!
  3. Thanks alot Newfld- trunk up indeed!...:P
  4. Thanks a lot jscott0363!!!
  5. Very pretty!
  6. This is an odd little sculpture- his pose makes me think someone is trying really hard to train him and he really doesn't like the halter he's been fitted with, or it brings the phrase 'You can bring ...
  7. I agree with Mrstyndall here, there's definitely a mischievous glint in those eyes and from the pose of him it seems to me he's crouching up in a tree having spotted prey underneath and is preparing t...
  8. This is a beautiful sculpture of a dolphin, it's so sleek and glassy and his pose makes him look like he's skimming the bow waves of a ship- which they do so effortlessly! His colour is unusual too, i...
  9. I like inkwells too and yours is really pretty, but unfortunately I can't tell you any info on it! :)
  10. These are so cool- I can't get over just how detailed the little owl brooch is and its lovely stargazing huge blue eyes! The eyes are perfect on both owls- you can imagine the two of them sitting sere...
  11. My favourite is the toucan because his pose looks so inquisitive on that branch but all are really colourful and bright! I'm not sure which is the finch and which is the hummingbird but the little pur...
  12. Great little piece here, it brings Koko to mind who was a very special being, I'd like to see the other colours they come in as I think a charcoal grey might be really nice and would look like a real ...
  13. Really nice little figurine you have there!
  14. This one is so detailed- it seems to have lots of little detailed pieces to it and reminds me more of an anemone or at least something else that lives under the sea. Its got those little spiny legs on...
  15. You seem to have moved into a very nice and scenic place, I wish I had a waterfall in the background of my photos! :D The little glass rabbit is in such a relaxing pose, you can just imagine him sitti...
  16. I love the weirdness of this image- it's completely zany and cookie featuring a bee in a sailor cap firing a tommy gun, who would think of such a thing?! But it's great! ;)
  17. This is lovely, its so colourful and vivid!
  18. Very sweet little doggy brooch- the seed pearls make him look so fluffy!!
  19. My thoughts exactly Watchsearcher! ;)
  20. Thanks Watchsearcher for that information and I think you might be right, it very well could be an unusual example of a paper knife which I have heard of before I just never really knew what one was,
  21. Thanks Broochman!
  22. Thanks Newfld- ya I think the handle is really nice too! :)
  23. Very cute!
  24. The tiny hand is my favourite-it's so mystical and so simplistic in it's style!
  25. He's such a beautiful little birdie, quiet like the one's that visit my garden on a day to day basis or like the one's that accompany my granddad while he's working(he's a gardener) and sit on the end...
  26. I've never seen a greyhound look so stylish and at a glance catlike! But then again greyhounds are rather elegant and feline creatures, this one reminds me of the artist Erte and should be accompanyin...
  27. This is a very unusual(dare I say 'oddest'?!) item I've seen from you yet and I love it! Who would think of such a thing?! A dog house to house tooth picks?!...Somewhere I think there's a pun in this ...
  28. These are beautiful and I love their little open mouths signified by the blue stones- they are so highly detailed, like the long trailing fins- they look just like they are spurting through vast coral...
  29. LOL- 'Jelly Belly!'...Its such a sweet little turtle, every depiction of these animals are always beautiful and this is gorgeous!
  30. It looks very like a Celtic depiction of a dog or lion commonly seen in Celtic manuscripts,
  31. The brooch is a very odd little beastie with his beady red eyes and rather cartoony look like he's just spotted the biggest acorn he's ever seen in his life under the nearest tree and can't believe hi...
  32. This is a very fabulous little brooch, you could say the swan is wearing a skirt of 'many colours' (!) and I especially love his swirly tail!
  33. This is a very strange looking rabbit- I like how human it looks and that adds to its unusual nature. The deep blue colour also adds to it's sleek and rather modern look- it reminds me of some shop du...
  34. This really is a shining star, I imagine it gleaming in a silky black or navy sky, a little bit like a nativity scene or painted motifs of stars usually seen in painted church murals, it has that sort...
  35. Not only does your collection contain EVERY species known to man but also the mythological ones now! He's a very impressive brooch- his pose makes it look like he's about to leap into the skies and ef...
  36. Elephants are very impressive creatures, and this is a really impressive sculpt catching a surprising amount of detail- such as his skin folds and his trunk wrinkles, :P He's got a great pose too, it'...
  37. I adore both of these cats, cats are such interesting creatures anyway and always make great art. The amber cat's pose is great and makes me think he's crept over a high wall at night and has ran into...
  38. I love the detail in the little brooch- everything down to his eyes and leash are there! And the little glass figurine is in an unusual colouring I must say, but I love these little dogs, for some rea...
  39. I love this little brooch- parrots are such colourful birds and make such interesting brooches. This one would look fitting surrounded by layers of wet steamy leaves in some exotic South American rain...
  40. Ok, I don't know what a bonbonniere is actually but whatever it is I think this example is really really beautiful- it's so elegant and unusual and would be perfect on a Victorian gentleman's desk.
  41. Well, if it is TC that might mean the English silversmith's T & C which stand for 'Thomas Callow & Son' which was founded in 1841 by Thomas Callow? Not sure what the crown means,
  42. Funny that, I bought one just like that yesterday except mine is an amethyst. Looks like it could be a garnet or a ruby? And the little stamp on the chain tells me it's silver but aside from the 925 I...
  43. Very sweet, reminds me of an illustration in some fairy tale books!
  44. Very cool necklace,
  45. Gosh those tails look so very SHARP! I seen them in the thumbnail and at first thought you'd posted two more blue snails but these little parakeets are lovely. Their rather plump and small shapes remi...
  46. I love this little snail, I find snails quiet cute actually and every time I come across them on the path I have to rescue them and after putting them back on the nearest leaf they always have this lo...
  47. This is a lovely little brooch, I love the up tilted way in the dolphin's jump which you don't often see, there's so much energy in this piece too! :)
  48. You don't see roses done so abstract like that very often- very nice!
  49. YAY! You posted them!!! :D You have a lovely collection of compacts there and I can see what you mean about the similarity with them. My favourite one is the one with the little dragon around it's han...
  50. This is a very unusual brooch, I've never seen one quiet like this before and I love it!
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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