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I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and began here by collecting Asian tea sets and I'm an Irish Arts Management student interested in all things arts and crafts. I like painting, writing, reading etc and began here by collecting Asian tea sets and porcelains but as time has went by my collections and likes of things have now grown into animal figures, figurines, statues, jewellery, books and wooden boxes! (Read more)


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Celtic Cross Holy Water Font - Advertisingin Advertising
Egyptian Sarcophagus Box - Furniturein Furniture
Sherlock Holmes Mug - Kitchenin Kitchen
Brass Pheasants - Animalsin Animals
Dandy Ducks - Animalsin Animals
Two Pendants and Hand Made Earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Lucky Chinese Frog - Animalsin Animals
Little Camel - Animalsin Animals
Little Wooden Cat - Animalsin Animals
Wooden Knife - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. My grandmother appreciates and knows that sort of feeling- we lost one relative in WW1- his body was never found, but we just know how he died and the second one was injured in action. We have both se...
  2. Those eyes! The way they stare and stare- but he's a really nice piece!
  3. This is a really nice piece with a really nice mould- the pale yellow is a really unusual colour for it too!
  4. This is really sweet and interesting- also a bit sad when one takes into account that it's a 'sweetheart' piece
  5. Haha- I have two book ends kinda similar- there of two blue ceramic horse heads...water ponies I suppose?! :D
  6. That sounds lovely Newfld, just on a side note the parish in which I'm from is called St Michael's! Love the imagery associated with that particular saint.
  7. Thanks TassieDevil!
  8. Fire horses!!! These are stunning book ends!
  9. If they are real there made form sperm whale teeth, but to me they look a little too perfect if you know what they mean?
  10. Thanks PhilDMorris, sadly mine is missing the mummy....:(
  11. It's so pretty!!! :D
  12. Thanks Clockerman!
  13. Thanks TassieDevil!
  14. Thanks Caperkid!
  15. Welzebub- that story fascinates me- what an experience! My God mother had a very similar experience- she got to the tombs at Giza and saw the sphinx up close too...that's the kind of thing that stays ...
  16. Thanks Newfld- Ya I think the falcon is supposed to represent Horus's falcon, and can sometimes appear depicted as a man with a falcon's head too?
  17. Haha- Yes I do think St Patrick is interesting too, that and the fact he first started life being kidnapped by pirates in Wales, or France as a young boy? Tough start in life, but St George to me, wit...
  18. This is a stunning piece! And like you I adore the legend of St George too. I have to say, trying to avoid sounding all weird that St George is my favourite saint- and I'm not even a religious person....
  19. Thanks Newfld, I have to say I prefer the old Sherlock Holmes better than the series in which he's set in the modern day, but I'm with you on Basil Rathbone- he's the best Sherlock Holmes, the second ...
  20. He's so lovely! He reminds me a little bit of a Kelpie!
  21. Thanks Newfld- I'm inclined to think peacocks too but I'm certain girl peacocks don't have a tail as long as that?
  22. He's very cool! Looks like he's made from bone?
  23. Haha- yes thanks for that advice Bruce! You'd never be able to lift this clock from the top anyway...this clock would cause back damage! :P
  24. Thanks jscotto!
  25. Thanks Newfld!
  26. Thanks Pebble! ;)
  27. Haha- Funny that Newfld, I never seen those as shamrocks until now! :)
  28. Lol! Thanks MsCrystalShip- I guess I'm probably too used to seeing silver jewellery around here so often....:)
  29. These are lovely. They'd make a nice little triptych hanging on a wall :)
  30. This is fantastic!!! And you look positively BADASS smoking it! :D
  31. Haha!- these are so creepy but cute! :)
  32. Thanks for the suggestion Antiquerose, It's definitely some sort of carved dense stone.
  33. Ha- thanks for that tip Jscotto363! Anything that increases one's wealth is worth a try.....:)
  34. Thanks AdeleC and Nutsabotas6!...My guess is he may be made of resin? or a very dark and dense wood?
  35. Oooh!!! He's so lovely!
  36. Awh...I love him too jscotto363! He's so tall and elegant. I believe €1.50 is about $1.82. (I should start converting prices to dollars and pound too.)
  37. Lovely-It's most likely rose quartz.
  38. Awh- he's so cute! Reminds me of my own dog! :)
  39. Thanks jscotto363! :)
  40. Thanks Newfld! ;)
  41. That's why I wonder about it being imported like you suggested? And I did know about the trunks down in elephant statues- I have one too but his trunk is up which I suppose in western culture( where h...
  42. Thanks for the information fhrjr2, you could be right about it being imported because of the elephant on the top of it and elephants not being from South America and all that...:)
  43. Thanks Newfld!
  44. Thanks Gillian, guess I was right about the name Roger :)
  45. Thanks Nutsabotas6! My mother thinks the lapis lazuli is the nicest too! ;)
  46. Haha! Your so right Newfld! :)
  47. Do you think so? we always thought he was carved wood and just painted, but,.....guess we'll never know :)
  48. Thanks Manikin- Yeah we thought he may be just a simple carving made by someone judging the pictures they seen of him in the storybook instead of, y'know, just watching the Disney film!
  49. I have this pattern in two little vases, a teapot, a plate and a bowl. It seems to be a popular pattern and could be made for the export market?
  50. Thanks Nutsabotas6!
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Tomb Gaurdian ??? Stone Carved Elephant and Hippo


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