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I have always loved antiques, especially dolls thanks to my grandmother. I was with her when she got the first one. I still have it tucked away. I am blessed to haveI have always loved antiques, especially dolls thanks to my grandmother. I was with her when she got the first one. I still have it tucked away. I am blessed to have some of them. I think they filled a void for her as she did for me. She has been gone for several years and every time I look at her dolls I feel close to her. I know she would have loved seeing her dolls appreciated. I miss her so much. (Read more)


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Blue Glass Show Stopper Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Let There Be Light - Lampsin Lamps
Happy Halloween! - Advertisingin Advertising
Cameo Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rock Concert Paperweight  - Officein Office
Frog Pottery Piece - Animalsin Animals
Cowboy Bank - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Vintage marbles  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Saturday Night Fever  - Recordsin Records
Naughty Girl  - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Thank you everyone for the loves! I appreciate it.
  2. Oh the thought of ripping around the oval and town in the 1966 Barracuda is so bad A$$.
  3. Porno perhaps? Interesting this is your only item..she is clearly not Japanese nor is this an antique. I feel sorry for this woman that you chose this to be the first picture for all to see on CW. I h...
  4. Thanks Watchsearcher! Ironically I got some Bonsai seeds and just planted them and placed by my window that has good light. If I am lucky I hope one survives the winter here on New England!!
  5. I will try to take a better picture tomorrow in the daylight to get a better angle of the mark. Who knew it was almost a science to try to figure out the makers of such beautiful pieces!
  6. Thanks antiquerose! FYI I know what you mean about the photos. I always have to take it sideways for some reason.
  7. Thank you for all the love. I hope I can find out who actually made this!
  8. Nothing yet as to the maker..still trying to shine on
  9. This is awesome. I would like to put in my order for a Phil calendar!! Xoxo
  10. Well I get it..we all have our favorites or not..BUT I challenge any one of you who claims they can be still when “If I can’t have you” plays while in the grocery store!!
  11. Thanks Newfld and to you as well! As usual, you always have the nicest things to say!!!
  12. Thanks DD.. I will change the title..still so much to learn!
  13. Thanks for sharing this truthordare. I love reading about this and seeing the pictures. Can you imagine finding a crate of these? Inspires me to leave no crate unturned at any barn sale! We can all ha...
  14. LaurenR thanks for your comment!
  15. PhilD how I loved the eighties..
  16. Thank you to everyone for the constant support and loves!
  17. Yippee Ki Yay to all who loved!
  18. Keramikos I am so grateful for your kind words. I feel blessed that at least I have a few things that are worth more than my pride and I don’t hesitate to part with them if it helps my family along
  19. I wonder if there is any place in the world that still has that kind of dance floor.
  20. Adorable and always amazes me how these fragile little items survive in one piece!
  21. Thanks for the info. This is great. High heels and makeup in the tub..yep very realistic just like the bullet bra:)
  22. For all the loves thank you to everyone! I was just typing this and our favorite song A Thousand Miles came on the radio. Made me feel so close to her if just for a moment..
  23. Love the bricks and window!
  24. Before last call we have a basement to investigate
  25. Have to agree with Watchsearcher on this. Before you bought the home it was a business. I am not sure how displaying these items is respectful to them IMO..have you thought about donating the items in...
  26. That’s the weird thing seems like it was stamped backwards..I told you she was a naughty:)
  27. Nuts I know nothing of elks teeth
  28. My favorite is “Take a crack at our crabs” LOL!!
  29. Kwqd..thanks for making me laugh. I love your sense of humor The LB scenario was LOL x 10!!
  30. Thanks for the info! Another solved!
  31. Thanks so much.. I wish we could trade some items for others.. if only we all lived in the same area..
  32. Toyrebel pick your favorite and it’s yours..on the house..from one CW friend to another.
  33. This is fascinating. Is it just me or is there something strange about their hands(some of their fingers) that appear almost out of proportion? Incredible image. I wish I could look through the album.
  34. See! I learn something new all the time! I love that info about Elvis! Thank you So much that made my day!!!
  35. Uggh thanks for leaving the price tag for additional torture:)
  36. Love the lurking description and the color!
  37. Thanks so much for the loves. Appreciate it!
  38. So I too was intrigued and went to of the next clips was “before they were famous” and watching Bruce Willis in the 1987 Seagrams wine cooler commercial has side tracked me to another era
  39. What a great idea! I updated the dimensions as well. Thank you for your idea! I love it.
  40. Love your posts!! They make me laugh out loud!
  41. Mr Snowman is that a carrot in your pocket?? LOL
  42. Amazing and beautiful
  43. Have you wound it up and let it roll? I would have to do it just once to see this amazing toy in action! I love it
  44. Thank you Mrstyndall and Newfld (as always)!
  45. Wow! Congratulations! Beautiful pieces I love them all.
  46. Very interesting. I wonder what all of the writing on the back of the chair means as well.
  47. Thanks PhilD. I noticed that on some when I turned them over they had a puzzle picture. So it’s like you had to rush to the store to buy another pack to see if you could get another piece..back in 84 ...
  48. Beautiful and incredible.
  49. I love it. It’s really neat.
  50. Love it!!!! Adorable
  51. See more