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Just a picker. Always looking for something unique.


  1. Vetraio50...... Once again, you didn't let me down. Thanks for all the informative comments and help. So, so interesting. You are amazing...!
  2. Scott- I followed up on the links. Great help. Thanks so much for sharing.
  3. Thank you, Dave. Very helpful information!
  4. Thanks PP, for filling in some of the words. It's nice to have a set of fresh eyes.
  5. Under the cellophane: "(Moisten and attach ring envelope here.)"
  6. I just updated the photos and description. I'm now guessing it's gold filled.
  7. Beyemvey / Bob - Amazing! Great information. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  8. SpiritBear- I had a funny feeling the art piece /painting might have been the design used for a novelty postcard. Or, maybe an artist liked the postcard and wanted to paint their own version. Th...
  9. V- Thanks for the link to an amazing website. Awesome!
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. I just flipped the photo.
  11. Wow, what a lovely follow-up. Thank you for the informative posting. Super interesting!
  12. Kydur-- Funny you should ask, because I did test. See burn and char results.
  13. Just a little update. After some testing, I am 99% sure this Christmas garland is made of celluloid.
  14. Funny note.... The handwritten title says "Beatels".
  15. I never heard of a bootleg record before so this has been a learning experience. I'm really curious what is on the record. I'll try find an old hippie friend with a turntable to check it out soon. ...
  16. Hmmmm..... The morgue idea is a unique idea. Very, very interesting suggestions. Thx
  17. BIG NOTE & QUESTION: I'm baffled. The ink, script writing, date etc makes complete sense but something doesn't ring right with this document. The paper has vertical bluish lines. The left margin ...
  18. TubeAmp- Thanks for the informative reply. It has been very helpful!
  19. Awesome information. Many thanks!
  20. Thanks for the comments. I noticed that the Sabin plates are readily available on the internet. I normally don't buy collectible plates, but, like you, I hate to see them thrown in the dump.
  21. Thank you for the information. Very helpful!
  22. Oh now, you're simply AMAZING.
  23. Hmm... Well, my chemist friend just put a magnet on it and it did not stick. So, it's not steel, iron or copper; it just might be bronze by process of elimination.
  24. I think it's silver plate too. But, I just found the horse mark.... Friedman Silver Company, Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1908. Bought by Gorham in 1960.
  25. Excellent information. Thanks everyone-
  26. Oh, my gosh! You are AMAZING. Luv Ya!
  27. Very interesting info. I've been trying to match up the setting and am leaning towards England. Thanks for the feedback!
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painting- ripolin on fiberboard type panel