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I collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to tI collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to the 1990s. I have works from the cheapest of production glass to one off designer pieces; it's all great to me! (Read more)


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Art glass by Riku Kobo Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Multi Glass Japan glass birds - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase by Shinichi Muro, Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Happy holidays to my CW friends - Christmasin Christmas
Some vintage Christmas - Christmasin Christmas
Glass box by Itoko Iwata, Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Delicious apple of green glass from Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moulded and painted glass brush wash, possibly Japanese - Asianin Asian
A fishy Japanese pottery vase  - Asianin Asian
Hisatoshi Iwata artisan vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. In Australia we would have that pail as a billy, used to make tea over a fire.
  2. Rosenthal , an excellent German porcelain maker.
  3. Wow I wish I could be so cleverly productive when I was bored! It's a gorgeous outfit.
  4. So attractive. The decor on this basket entices me more than the darker version of lines, and is perfect for this pretty shape. I do however love the darker one on that jug, a perfect marriage there ...
  5. Hello again Aimathena and I hope life has been good for you! Lovely to hear from you. This is gorgeous and I guess rare. Are the crown and beads glass too?
  6. Got me singing! Soul sista soul sista
  7. It's fabulous Scott. A venerable rabbit.
  8. Duh you just made me rethink the whole card thing. I thought it was to make things look bigger and help sell them but really it was to stop light fingered lurkers lifting loot!
  9. Ta Couldbe. I've got a few more since then :)
  10. I am fortunate to have a Manx connection in my family so have been a few times. Never to the TT but have been for the Manx GP which was pretty cool. Lots of older bikes racing, well you know, my era 1...
  11. I would handle the lesser function to have the form. So appealing in so many ways. You have opened my eyes to Japanese iron ware, Kevin. I never knew !
  12. Amazing MrsT! A stunning stone in a beautiful setting.
  13. Another beauty, in form and colouring.
  14. Would massage your back well! Sorry being silly. I can see just how well this has been moulded - those hobnails are so distinct!
  15. Do you have a little yunomi or chawan to go with this baby?
  16. It's a mouse , it has to be a mouse. I love this shape!
  17. It's fascinating how two objects of the same subject and in the same medium can be so different when we look closely. I really like the Murano bird's use of colour in the body and that lovely tail. I...
  18. Very nice feline Jenni. There's been some care and talent making the face.
  19. Going all Aussie on me! A sparkly macropod. Looks like a wallaroo to me (just kidding)
  20. Yep, being Australian it has been named Ploddy. We never say a full word when we can shorten it and add a y or o to finish.
  21. Thanks Austro, I think it's special too. I remember years ago you mentioning you had been to an exhibition or museum that had some contemporary Japanese art glass. I have been slowly collecting some ...
  22. I like this spatter with the extra blue. Great shaped mouth on this one too.
  23. I like the lip of this one, works well with the feet and bulbous body. So Welz. You got three newbies?
  24. I love these critters. We have one on our M1 motorway that advertises the reptile park. I'm pretty sure it was 60s too. It's bright yellow, which is as realistic as pink or green, but no heart for ...
  25. This baby looks new born! I love the simple lines and the complexity added by the colours and spiral. Great glass as usual Michelle.
  26. Looks like a butterfly wing.
  27. Nah, you don't have a glass problem. Nah, not at all ;))
  28. Wow Austro, gorgeous piece. Apart from that Loetz glass the elegant design of the arm and base is more than noteworthy.
  29. Ken you have taught me how good Trifari jewels can be but this one really grabs me. The icey wavey seaweed and pearls. Amazing design.
  30. That's a heavy lump for sure, but beautiful too. Post must have been a big cost too but it's great you were able to add it to your collection for an affordable price. Great bas relief, really like t...
  31. She is beautiful. Be proud.
  32. It's an extraordinarily beautiful lamp. I also love the matching (?) lamp and light shade. Do yu know who made them?
  33. These are from 1930s or so? Great design.
  34. Loove the orange, really makes the shape and ribs stand out. It's big too! I can see why you are getting a basket hankering Peggy.
  35. Wow. Where did you find this!
  36. LOL Salome, the speculative look! I'm so glad you/they worked out the problem and you are improving. Long term un-diagnosed infections hit the body hard. You must be feeling so much more energised as...
  37. I agree with Lori, I'm sure this one prowls the house at night. So much energy encapsulated here.
  38. I love the old Japanese lustre bird jugs. And orange glass!
  39. Great song. I always loved Flying Lizzards (sic) version!
  40. Gorgeous grapes!
  41. I love how you have mounted them. The art of tools!
  42. A really good looking clock.
  43. The lamp is great but it’s the photos of the assembly of items that grab me. Beautiful grouping of great objects.
  44. Just looove this!
  45. Wow this is so beautiful. I hope one of our art and crafts people see it!
  46. This is the first fan shaped trivet I have seen Kevin and I really like it. They have done a great job with the modelling of it, so good I though it was a grey silk fan when I saw your thumbnail! Sor...
  47. Hearts across the sea, Jenni. Great brooch.
  48. The colour is stunning and the moulding beautiful. I love that these old patterns were used for so long. This is a quirky, gorgeous bowl Jenni.
  49. I was in love with the mum and cub even before I realised the cub was a trembler. How nice is that!
  50. Aww cute! Gotta love a black faced Suffolk, in glass even better.
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