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I collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to tI collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to the 1990s. I have works from the cheapest of production glass to one off designer pieces; it's all great to me! (Read more)


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Glass tea bowl by Yoshihiko Takahashi - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another pink from Iwata Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unidentified resin moulded vase 
Murrine bowl and dish by Kaoru Okawa - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau style glass cornucopia and bronze stand - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Bowl by Tadashi Kudo, Glass Nao - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown orange bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Still collecting Japanese glass! This from Kamei - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rainbow glass from Iwatsu Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sake cup by Takeshi Sano - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Nicest ring holder I have seen. Your cabinet sound both intriguing and exciting, but may also be a bit scary if you can't get to the back! :)
  2. That is a gorgeous brooch MrsT. Maybe the loop was for a safety chain?
  3. I can't believe any one has commented yet! I love these cruet sets, they have so much amusement value, and a certain type of innocence.
  4. Sweet oppy find!
  5. How on earth did this delightful piece survive? Your federation cottage is gorgeous IL! Lovely garden too.
  6. Nice find Kevin. These are so stylish, and not any I have seen before. I'm not sure of the era, 80s seems about right. Soichiro Sasakura seemed to have had a very zen style about his designs. Simple...
  7. Warning, when using this killer item you may get hurt..... Cool
  8. Fantastic! I can imagine this on a stunning 60s stylish woman. Ken, your collection is phenomenal.
  9. Can I play too? Love this!
  10. Classic design, perfectly executed. What's not to love!
  11. So Japanese and lovely Lisa! The shape and the delicate painting, with birds, appeals to me so much.
  12. Wow, big bunny, so cute! It should be here in my garden :)
  13. Welcome Lilyroo. We are greedy here at CW, and love lots of pictures and you can have up to 4. In particular, we love base photos, as they help us ID stuff and learn about makers and stuff.
  14. That's so nice Adele! I could not have left it.
  15. Yeah, I really like that too! The uneven shape adds to it I think.
  16. First guess this is German,definitely European, but the only way of being certain would be a mark or an id from a similar piece. If you are willing, possibly removing the felt would expose a mark.
  17. They are wonderful in their own right Mary, but as the bakelite queen, also disappointing for you.
  18. A serendipitous find. So lovely.
  19. Don't let it near the parrots!! :) :)
  20. I am a parrot lover Jenni, and am fortunate that many wild ones live around me and I see them daily. No budgerigars however, they are an inland bird. Your ceramic birds are just gorgeous, and the litt...
  21. Wow Jenni, gorgeous. Those lanterns!!
  22. What a wonderful piece of simplistic yet complex design, Sean!
  23. oooh, aah, wow!
  24. The magic of chemistry......
  25. That’s are really different piece of Kurata, beautiful. Even in their higher production works the quality remains. That’s a beautifully shaped bowl.
  26. You certainly have found bargains Kevin! Many glass makers in Japan ceased production in the late 1990s. There was a whole group of factors: the value of the Yen had limited export, art glass as a co...
  27. Ok so this is Iwatsu, not Iwata. Iwatsu were one of Japan’s biggest makers of handmade glass post war to the 1990s when they shut down. Iwatsu were a huge supplier to Kamei, and also sold under their...
  28. Yellow!! So good, not common. Label too. Hineri actually means twist in Japanese. Cool hey!
  29. Great find Kevin! Not a huge production by Kurata and it’s great to see the sticker. As you say, like all Kurata, it’s quality glass. Tomic Kurata told me Kurata made for Mikasa for two decades, lo...
  30. I have on of these in a soft green. Lovely. Great you found one!
  31. Kevin one thing I have discovered is that Japanese makers used to, and still mostly do, make their own colours. They do however, as do most countries now, use Australian sand ! I like that, thinking...
  32. I hear you Kevin. I started slowly as a glass collector mainly with Scandinavian glass, moved to Czech then started discovering Japanese glass. There is so little info out there research that became o...
  33. This is possibly Japanese Kevin, but lies in the land of good generic glass that was sold worldwide in the later 20th C The base is a bit of a Japanese thing with a concave pontil grind, and a good f...
  34. Kevin I have to say I have changed my opinions since I wrote this post. I am almost sure now that Shoei did not manufacture, and were just a seller/distributor. I have written another comment on you...
  35. It's a nice example, Kevin, of the multiple layer shaped glass. I find the amber colour really interesting, and very attractive with the white and clear. Photos show it off so well! As you probably k...
  36. Sweet. I love the buttons holding the handle. Glass can be hard.....
  37. I like the diamonds, so interesting!
  38. Kurata Pearl Series, circa 1970s. Gorgeous find Kevin, and it's likely it has never been out of it's box. These usually come with an ashtray not the lovely handled bowl you have. I often date my Japa...
  39. New brand to me but I really like this!
  40. Yeah, welcome to my world Kevin. It's taken me a long time to gain knowledge on Japanese glass and I am still often baffled. I do think this Japanese and I will have to say why because this style is ...
  41. A woodchuck party on the cards. Wear brown!
  42. You keep showing up with beauties Jenni, and often from companies new to me. Happy you do!
  43. Critters!!
  44. I will ask my very good friend Charlotte as she has quite a collection of Rosenthal Peynet. Charlotte is an ex pat German with the most extraordinary collection of things, mainly porcelain. She has hu...
  45. Nah wasn't offended, just saying there's so much more I would like :)
  46. I often can't afford the pieces I would really like Renedijkstra!!
  47. Renedijkstra thanks, and I believe he was in Canberra inthe 90s. I'm pretty sure this is an original, I didn't show the photo but it is signed o the base and the signature looks legitimate. Thanks f...
  48. Yep, all three Peggy. Thanks :)
  49. Ivonne you are so right. Tea ceremony is a form of artistic contemplation for the Japanese, everything is sensual and needs time to appreciate. I can see this bowl being held, and turned, an appreciat...
  50. Renedijkstra clearly you are a person with glass knowledge and it's great to hear your take on this. I'm not sure what you mean by the Reinbach period? Was this a German aesthetic movement you think...
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