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I collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to tI collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to the 1990s. I have works from the cheapest of production glass to one off designer pieces; it's all great to me! (Read more)


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Moulded and painted glass brush wash, possibly Japanese - Asianin Asian
A fishy Japanese pottery vase  - Asianin Asian
Hisatoshi Iwata artisan vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Penguin and iceberg by Multi Glass Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Turtle by Gerry Blitner aboriginal artist - Folk Artin Folk Art
Licio Zanetti glass crazy chicken - Art Glassin Art Glass
A painterly vase from Iwata - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pulled feather vase by Hisatoshi Iwata circa 1980 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hirota Glass Japan bowls from the Colora series - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dots by Fukuoka FTG Multi Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Such a great object to offset the Saegusa dog. Both are wonderful.
  2. As soon as I saw this I knew it was Saegusa! This dog is fabulous. I have two Saegusa horses with the same sort of pared back design, his almost post modern design style. I think this dog is better ...
  3. I like the differences, they balance well. This particular print is a good one, the posture of the horse is so alive.
  4. I just love these!,,
  5. Glass Utopia, or a faerie glen, or exquisite nature. Whatever we want. Stunning.
  6. What a gorgeous bird Jenni! I love seeing your huge range of glass critters, especially the American ones, so different for me.
  7. The blue makes this so good!
  8. I can imagine the Beatles cover outdoes the Beatles by a lot :))
  9. Swoon. More swoon.
  10. Thank you for connecting with me Mnhall. It's fantastic to hear from someone directly related to Gerry Blitner. You must be very proud of him. I had to really edit his biography for this post and I kn...
  11. Very realistic pose for the moment. That's a lot of work for a bird that looks as dead as it is.
  12. This vase is a perfect example of Japanese craft art for me Kevin. Perfectly made, beautiful design and colour, an expressive fish, and the whimsical bubbles floating around.
  13. That boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball.
  14. I really like this with it's traditional Pilgrim colour but modern style.
  15. Yeah, it's interesting Kevin. Keeps me amused and if I ever get bored I can do more searching! Thanks Jenni, always with a great comment. I love colour and it abounds in my house so this fits right...
  16. He sounds like an interesting man. The best to come across.
  17. A hard one but I'm leaning German. Although this quite rococo style was often made in Italy I think the faces of the characters are too expressive for the Italian work. Just my thoughts, nothing scie...
  18. I could wonder if the moulded roundels are superfluous, but more was always better! I love that final touch to this sweet basket. So much work to put all the features together.
  19. I love this casting, so nicely modeled but with character!
  20. They are really great prints manitou. I wonder where they are from? I don't think Chinese because of the style of clothing etc. I'm thinking further south west, around Cambodia? Just guessing here :)
  21. Folk art is still art. I really like these people. Has he made a living from them Harry?
  22. It's so nice to see you holding it Michelle because it helps with my sense of scale, That's a lot of beauty in a vase that size!
  23. Yeah she's much bigger, still awfully cute. I gather you are her dad now? She grabbed you and you can't let go?
  24. Wow Loumanal, that's a stunner. Their jewellery was exceptional in design and make. Phil should be by soon we hope!
  25. I didn’t know Stennett designed the animals! The things you teach me Jenni! This seal is a delight.
  26. Missing him too, a favourite great CW person. This beauty might get him back?
  27. Chocolate always yum, even in glass, and as a duck.
  28. Wow, that is spectacular. Those green stones ( what’s that shape called? I thought baguettes but that’s bread, hmm, no) I like the Fibonacci ratio of the shape.
  29. The roses appear on my pieces but they are both much more ordinary than this. Wow!
  30. I didn’t know that about the signature. I checked, mine are both signed. This is such a Heaney piece, like no other.
  31. I rarely see Russian glass, so this post hits the spot! They are pretty cool, different to lots of other glass.
  32. Good info Kevin but I do think it is Soga. For a brief period in the 60s they made off hand glass like this, usually in these colours, occasionally some blue thrown in. It is a style well outside thei...
  33. This is a fantastic Daruma. The carving is so well done, he has the right attitude, the wood is beautiful. And it’s large!
  34. I watched Heaney make glass at Byron Bay in the 90s, and purchased two pieces from him. Mine have no opalescence but are still nice pieces. I think they were my first ever pieces of art glass and I s...
  35. Yeah, this is very cool. I love the dimples and the glaze!
  36. The brothers Marcolin, how good!
  37. Frogs croaking outside tonight as I type! I love these :)
  38. I’m amazed at the detail of design and work put into these 50s brooches. This is so appealing Jenni, the dome shape, the amber jewels highlighted by clears and the gold detail.
  39. Funny cars are getting funnier as times goes on. The colours of this Mr Norm one are nicely outrageous. And the little red wagon cheers everyone up, every time.
  40. It looks yummy, that delicious raspberry red, and the design seems so modern! It’s a strong piece visually Inky, does it take over your other subtler pieces?
  41. That swirl!! Wow. Your house is so full of beauty.
  42. So cool. Do you sleep at night?
  43. That green seems so different and works so well. I can see why it's a favourite.
  44. Heavenly glass Russell. Keep being gobsmacked by your collection.
  45. Jenni you little petrol head! Nah, Jim Clark was one of a kind, we should know about him. They are fantastic models Flanker, from what many think the best era of F1.
  46. They are all class.
  47. Those Victorians made some gorgeous glass!
  48. So beautiful. Love the painting on these Kutani.
  49. These fastbacks are so good, I like this matchbox model. These VW type 3 sell for big money here in Aus, but not as much a vans. They go up to $100k. Who'd a thought.
  50. Thanks Harry, good info.
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