I collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to tI collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to the 1990s. I have works from the cheapest of production glass to one off designer pieces; it's all great to me! (Read more)


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Two vases from Ryukyu Glass Company - Art Glassin Art Glass
Toshichi Iwata bowl 1950s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kitaichi Glass group - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spatter and ribbon vase - labeled Kamei Glass Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kazari tsubo by Hisatoshi Iwata - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase by Multi Glass -Verre Marcen - Art Glassin Art Glass
Floribunda by Kitaichi Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Narumi Island Craft vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Multi Glass vases with millefiori -part 2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Multi Glass vases with millefiori -part 1 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hey thanks music man!!
  2. What a great description Ivonne, I agree. Thanks very much!
  3. Thanks Tahiti. I love me some Iwata :)
  4. Thanks Lizzy. Not a fail at all; most Japanese hot worked glass is identified as Murano or Czech, even by glassies!
  5. I'm excited for Phil to see these! What a wonderful collection Weiner. I think they deserve a post each with more photos please!
  6. He's got the leader stare happening too.
  7. Anything on the back?
  8. A great burl case, so well done.
  9. So unusual and beautiful. It looks like the frame has been custom made for the fan. The fan looks like hand painted silk so is possibly a good age (or well copied).
  10. Beauteous!! Lovely pieces Jean, and the opals are good. Well found!
  11. Just as well it's marked Jean! It is so different!
  12. Beautiful Instone enamels Jean. The last one is interesting because I haven't seen him use just the one range of colour before. The other two with the pastels are more like what I know. Of course, I k...
  13. I have never heard or seen one of these before Thomas. Very cool, and obviously rare.
  14. What a great piece of Taiwanese glass! I have not seen this style from there before.
  15. A memorable day for sure. Another great story from MacDaddy, and more importantly another fantastic piece of memorabilia. You have an incredible collection Jim!
  16. Wow!! These are brilliant!
  17. I have posted some more recent RGC pieces here previously: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/175655-ryukyu-glass-vase-with-appendage https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/144545-ryukyu-gla...
  18. Thanks for the love and comments all! You might have worked out by now that my knowledge of Japanese glass, and Iwata, has grown heaps since my first posts. Glad you all appreciate it too. My thanks...
  19. I was going through your posts Peggy and realised I missed this one. What fantastic bowls they are, and the plinth is the finishing touch. Love them so much.
  20. Fantastic spirit MacDaddyRico, and a great collection. My admiration to you!
  21. Also requires the right noise, which should vary in pitch depending on whether you imagine it full, empty or emptying.
  22. Lol McD!
  23. That's a very tight time period, and she is a magnificent Maleficent.Congratulations!
  24. Wow, I'm not just flabbergasted, I'm in love!
  25. What a great photo. The tools on the side are a statement of the times for sure; not just what they are but that they could be left there, not taken!
  26. They are both so purdy Fran!
  27. Looks a bit Italian to me, great colour!
  28. Lovely earrings. I think moonstone but there are more knowledgeable bods here than me!
  29. I love this one, ready to fly off! It is so well done.
  30. Awesome. The book was a staple in my house in the 50s, but I only recently saw the film. I adore that still.
  31. What a great idea Gatekeeper! You seem to have well and truly absorbed the skills for designing a period gate :)
  32. How fantastic that they are wooden, even if composition material. So fitting, and great renditions!
  33. Simple lines to make a perfectly malicious person! I love this drawing.
  34. Great collection of Disneyana you have Donna!
  35. Thanks that's a better shot. It's a very distinctive mark,and yes, probably made for the overseas market. I'll keep looking! Sorry to direct you again but if you edit your post now to move the photo ...
  36. Dear Ms Sue , I don't care if you want to share the passion or vomit at my glass. I do care when you laugh maniacally. You might choke and then I won't hear from you again. Regards, Ms Headthingy
  37. Hi LJC and welcome to CW. Your set is Japanese in origin and I agree would be before 1920 in age. I have checked some marks but am not able to identify who made it. Hopefully a CW person with more kn...
  38. It has a very Japanese vibe I think, with the shape and handles and matte green glaze. Maybe the leaves were painted on just for the EH market lol.
  39. Nice and bright, awesome shapes. Your friends helped you very well Peggy!
  40. I can't go past orange glass without love.
  41. I love the spatter on this, and my least liked glass colour (ox blood) looks fantastic in this mix. Maybe I'm converting! The legs make the piece for me however; there is three (great number), they a...
  42. Glorious!! Well done you, knowledge gets it own reward.
  43. I'm sooo enjoying your new buzzies!! Well Kyratised too (of course). This plastic one really appeals to my bright and simple taste.
  44. A great take on the usual maple leaf brooch. That's Trifari for you!
  45. A bit of American native influence then.....
  46. That is very very cool. Has a very Art Deco look to it too.
  47. "I say my Rabbit dear chap, this Scott gentleman seems to have the very best of taste." "Oh I agree Mr Ratty, although at times he does bring in some pesky dogs. They just don't suit my temperament o...
  48. A sweetie of a ring. Is it kids or adult size? I know with your skinny digits that you need kids size stuff. It looks well made, and I love the angled shape of the body, would be comfy to wear. Thank...
  49. No space at all Rose, I have been considering getting the house reinforced with all this extra weight. This Japanese glass is BIG. In my searched online in Japan they call any vase under 20cm small! ...
  50. Thanks Tahiti, what a compliment! Glad you like my stuff!!
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