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I collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to tI collect lots of stuff, but my main passion is Japanese glass. I have collected glass from early 20thC to today, although much of it is from the post war years to the 1990s. I have works from the cheapest of production glass to one off designer pieces; it's all great to me! (Read more)


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Hoya Crystal sculpture - a pensive soul - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iwata Glass: production vs artist made - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tsugaru Vidro classic glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kurata Glass green and white vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Floribunda, the lamp from Iwata Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Multi Glass Japan bird pair - Art Glassin Art Glass
Time for Friday fish - Animalsin Animals
Just a few Iwata bowls - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crystal Daruma by Hoya Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese kitchen set 1970s - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. So great to hear from you, and I am pleased that you can still deliver us such beauty (as reflected in your soul). The vase, wunderbar; the pictures, divine!
  2. It's such a great colour combo; translucent green, solid turquoise all in gold. Awesome, and I love the dangle idea!
  3. An explosion of beautiful sparkle, lovely!
  4. Great post Truth, love the vases and the musings. Glass often defeats me. Despite my research and growing knowledge, my attributions still get knocked around when I discover new info. Gotta keep as f...
  5. It's a beauty!
  6. It's really nicely made and finished. American you think?
  7. Very cool. I gather you have a 999. As time goes on, the beauty of this Pierre Terblanche design grows. I think they were before their time.
  8. Wow, Ken, quality screams here.
  9. Wow, I'm amazed and impressed. Beautiful piece.
  10. I think you did more than good, GREAT!!
  11. Creative, cool, and historic. Great job OleCody!
  12. I'm not sure how these boys survived without being chewed. Great find Fort!
  13. Cogito, I'm sorry I don't, but here's some links with more factory info and also some dishes of a similar style to yours. You will need to Google translate one of them: http://www.jamerantik.dk/ipse...
  14. Is your boy old enough to have 7 years? I love your presentation of this scouting memorabilia.
  15. I used to have a few of these myself Judy, aren't they the sweetest of souvenirs? This is a stellar lot; so varied. BTW, what has a wabbit got to do with Devonport? Trove is an awesome asset.
  16. Fantastic work from Ipsen's widow's factory! The work in that figure is amazing; look at the backbone, and the face and hands! I have an Ipsen's Enke vase from this period with a similar beautiful gl...
  17. It's a great vase, and very accomplished. I believe yellow is a hard colour to work with, and it looks like peloton decoration, not fused glass. Sorry I can't help further.
  18. You have shown some great pottery today! If you get no answers here maybe try the helpful FB groups: Studio pottery appreciation & identification https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=studio%20po...
  19. I'm sure you restored Savannah out of love and respect, not for trophies, but it's well deserved, so enjoy!
  20. I like the cover art, and it's a very cool piece of vinyl. She had a bit of a metallic style voice I think?
  21. Delightful children in a beautiful frame. It's lovely to see a photo of your husband in another excellent mosaic frame, Marga.
  22. It's a beauty Truth. It doesn't look like an export piece - where did you find it?
  23. Green, I'm so green. Well found Ken!
  24. I really love the humour and design of Japanese objects; this demonstrates it so well. This is a standout, and I wish they would release it!
  25. Great to hear from you Kerry! You have been missed. Shirley has been having a run on YouTube in our house lately, so this is great to see. Of course it's rare; of course it's yours!
  26. Love the thickness of the glazed pattern on this. I hadn't heard of Royal Boch, am going to keep my eye out now!
  27. Lovely painting on the flower mug, and they are a very stylish shape. I can see the quality of fine porcelain here.
  28. That's a fascinating piece TruthorDare. The shine of the silver stitching against that burnished clay is both exciting and calm. The dragonflys are a lovely embellishment.
  29. So good Mr Prince! Not only have you a great collection here, you have obviously cared for them all too. I'd love to come and potter around too :)
  30. What a cool collection, great display!
  31. What a great dude of a dog! And he's a lamp! I really love the humour and modeling of this boy, and it looks really nicely painted ceramic too. Great to see the old ad.
  32. I fink it's Nitto Jim........
  33. It's a beauty! Even the back is enamel finished - amazing.
  34. I love Spidey!
  35. The applique on this one is very ornate and fine.
  36. They are lovely Adele. I agree the flask is interesting; I love the shape and the wreath around the base and decor on the lip. It looks special.
  37. So lovely, and still with it's tag! I can't believe someone didn't want to wear it.
  38. Thanks Tigra and MrsT, so glad to hear from you!
  39. These are really interesting for me! I would think they are Ryukyu Glass, from Okinawa. Very cool.
  40. It is fantastic Hel1!
  41. Lovely. Welcome to CW!
  42. I love the colour, really unusual. You got a bargain!
  43. Thanks Thomas! Glad you like it. Sorry, I can't type well, I'm still sniggering about Silver Surfer and worrying because it's winter here and maybe Galactus will be brought to Earth!!
  44. LOL Jim! What a great start to my morning!! As Silver Surfer says "Wheels within wheels! I've been tricked, duped, manipulated!!"
  45. I know little about perfume bottles, but thee look beautiful enough to be DeVilbiss!
  46. You may call them a woggle.
  47. Love the beret, the belts, and the toggles. BTW Fort, have you ever posted a toggle?
  48. He's a cack! (that means amusing here in Aus) Why would you use that for a soft drink promo? lol
  49. Awesome TV. Happy to have you here on CW!
  50. Gorgeous ceramics. Kinmen is a little island off the mainland of China but is controlled by the ROC (Taiwan). There is a large government owned ceramics factory there that started in the 1960s, and m...
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Medal Difficult Listening 17 - Hasil Adkins, what hath Hank wrought? Syroco wall clock Early American Blown Glass?


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