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American studio pottery- need ID on potter - Potteryin Pottery
Mid-century modern walnut accent chair by the Johnson Chair Co of Chicago (later part of Gunlocke) - Furniturein Furniture
Stoneware Modernist wall pocket vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hand painted stoneware bud vases- Need help identifying potter - Potteryin Pottery
Japanese Kutani rice bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Stangl vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Klages of California bird on log - Potteryin Pottery
Help needed with this letter holder  - Potteryin Pottery
Terracotta bowl with Native American influence. Help needed with maker - Potteryin Pottery
Help dating Wächtersbach German porcelain dish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Lizzie Schnakenburg Thyssen (born 1925), Danish artist and ceramist. couldn't find out much
  3. Once you get yourself a magnifying glass, you can search here
  4. I meant lucky you!!!
  5. Luck you to have spotted that!
  6. Think it is a crown
  7. There may be markings on the rim of the lid, which could give you some clues to its origin
  8. According to this link, your pattern number dates it to around 1934
  9. I am pretty sure I solved this mystery but the owner of the chairs has not commented to confirm that they got the info
  10. Look at the prices on, they are full retail replacement prices. you can contact them if you want to sell to them
  11. looks like you will have to copy & paste
  12. Chantaro ? Here is the link to replacements.com
  13. The mark was in use, I believe from the early 1930's -1941 when the were transitioning the mark after acquiring Morimura Brothers There are a couple of Noritake china collectors sites where you may b...
  14. Looks like the glaze codes on the base. I have seen similar styles from the Uk in the late 1960-70's but they're usually are well marked. No stamp or chop mark around the circumference?
  15. What size are they?. Looking at the Scottish Highland dance's dress style, I would guess they're from the 1960's. Maybe a souvenir or a promotion with a Scottish whisky or beer like Tennants lager or...
  16. Oops, I see that you already got most of that info!
  17. Morimura Brothers was taken over by Noritake, and I believe you piece was made in around 1912 0r so, but below is a link to a free resource from the Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia. The word NI...
  18. Can you crop the photo of the base and reduce the exposure. it looks like there is a small "p" there?
  20. It is a registration number, which may suggest that it is English. Here is a link to a great resource for Staffordshire pottery. Thy did not always use the "diamond" mark
  21. Here is a link to a great resource for all Staffordshire potteries. They have a later example of your mark when it merged with Foley. If you go to their HOME page there is a registration mark section ...
  22. Yes post WWII, so late 40's -50's. thought at first it was Ucagco, but it isn't
  23. Can't really see the mark in the pic too well/. Here is a link to American marks on a great silver website. you can look through the pictorial marks to see if you can find your, or go back to home pag...
  24. Too realistic for my taste!
  25. If you run the pearl gently on your teeth and it feels gritty, they are real pearls
  26. Looks Mexican to me
  27. I love the pattern too, unusual
  28. As the letter says, they need to be appraised by a respectable company or appraiser. If you live near a museum which has a Ceramics department, you could start there, or if you plan t sell, contact an...
  29. It is beautiful! Probably Brazilian teak and I would call it a sideboard or credenza. Couldn't find any if on the maker though, is it Garday?
  30. Can you please try and get a close up of the marks on the base i.e the lower part of the 3rd pic
  31. Looks like they possibly could be by designer Hans Brattrud Here is a link to ones for sale
  32. No markings or labels on the underside?
  33. Beautiful! Unusual design with the pierced holes, I guess for the art of Ikebana?
  34. You could check homer Laughlin collectors websites for help Or goggled Homer Laughlin "walled garden with door" Replacements had a similar pattern but nothing in stock
  35. Just like the one billretirecoll posted from, they are decorative display items, and are not part of a set of dinner china, so won't really have a specific pattern.
  36. Not much info about this Staffordshire set, but the company was called New Chelsea Pottery when Plant moved to Chelton St. here is an article
  37. According to marks4antiques the mark belongs to Ancienne manufacture Limoges, your particular mark was in use from the 1920-60’s, they replicate old patterns from previous centuries and are now owned ...
  38. Limoges is the name of a place in France famous for its porcelain, so probably not the nameof maker. There are many fine makers there and also generic decorator companies, but their products are not t...
  39. Love it! Almost looks like trees against a blue sky
  40. I think these may be stamp holders part of a desk set made for the Western market, such as the UK and USA. Here is a link to a great site for Chinese and Japanese porcelain marks http://www.gotheborg...
  41. Oops, I meant maybe Spatz can tell us what flint means in Norwegian!
  42. Possibly by an American company Wallace. I am notfamilar with them so not sure if their pieces were marked, but this link to replacements shows similar themed pieces
  43. Thought it was the highly collectible Figgio flint when I saw this piece, but Stavangerflint and Figgio merged in 1968. Kari Nyquist can tellus if “flint” means china in the Norwegian language
  44. Definitely not English, looks more Asian/India to me
  45. When you enlarge it, there appears to be a mark in line with the brown spot of glaze on the lower right. Looks like a large "L" with letters or characters inside
  46. Here is an example from eBay
  47. You may also want to post this in the silver silver-plate category
  48. Here is a great link to a silver site showing hallmarks from all over the World. This particular link will open to Italian makers of silver and silver-plate / hollowware, so you may find an example ...
  49. Beautiful! Looks like a serving spoon, was probably silver plated at one point
  51. See more


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