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American studio pottery- need ID on potter - Potteryin Pottery
Mid-century modern walnut accent chair by the Johnson Chair Co of Chicago (later part of Gunlocke) - Furniturein Furniture
Stoneware Modernist wall pocket vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hand painted stoneware bud vases- Need help identifying potter - Potteryin Pottery
Japanese Kutani rice bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Stangl vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Klages of California bird on log - Potteryin Pottery
Help needed with this letter holder  - Potteryin Pottery
Terracotta bowl with Native American influence. Help needed with maker - Potteryin Pottery
Help dating Wächtersbach German porcelain dish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Thanks I thought it it looked like a registry mark, which I have seen on pottery but not on metal. You learn something new every day!
  2. Refinishing costs quite a bit, the return on your investment, if you plan to sell, would be diminished somewhat. Also most people want the original finish. Some of the mid- century tables, like the on...
  3. No markings on the base, or signed by artist?
  4. I guess you should be able to read it,you are from the Netherlands?
  5. I think yours is an early piece with the date of 1955
  6. Here is a link to the manufacturer in Holland, unfortunately, it is written in Dutch
  7. English toffees and chocolates often came in tins like that, they were individually wrapped in different colors so you knew what flavor you were getting. Milady was a brand I remember from my childhood
  8. I will have to dig out my charm bracelet from the '70's. I have a cabin charm, it has a hinged roof which opens to reveal a pick axe and some rope, if I remember correctly. Also have a caravan which ...
  9. Amazing restoration! What does the mark underneath read?
  10. You can try finding the mark here
  12. Does it have a tambour door to cover the chairs?
  13. It looks beautiful! I would say that yours looks vintage, 1960's possibly walnut or teak. No markings on the underside?. I have a newer reproduction one in our condo, but the quality and finish is not...
  14. Vassilopoulos
  15. Vassilopoul?
  16. From my home country! The label suggests to me that it is a contemporary piece, probably from the gallery shop.
  17. Did you look underneath for any makers labels?
  18. This is Rudolstadt of Germany. As there is no country of origin on the base, it is probably late 19th century. Quality varies on their pieces, but I would say yours is very well made. Here is a link t...
  19. He is cute, what are you planning to plant in him?
  20. Read the article below your photos, it is quite interesting. I have had a few mystery pieces over the years that were marked Delft but have been unable to identify the makers, probably part of the tou...
  21. Ashtray for cigars, patern style looks like 1969-70’s era
  22. the signature appears to be the initials "OT " if you turn it clockwise
  23. I have some Scandinavian chairs which have 4 metal dowels with a hole through one end, in which a screw goes through into the underside of the seat after the dowels are inserted into 4 holes at the t...
  24. I found out that ERIKA is notthe pattern name, but the name body shape of the china. I found several examples with the same shape, butdifferent pattern. Most likely the pieceswere made as part of a d...
  25. Love the textured glaze. Can’t make out mark either, I see at the bottom the numbers 1624?
  26. Interesting that the paneled pattern doesn’t continue all the way round
  27. What do you mean by “south of the border”?
  28. I would say it is a rare piece, but the pattern itself is nothing spectacular, it is this mark which makes it difference. they are still in business, so maybe you can contact them.
  29. Beautiful pieces! I am not familiar with his work, but would cigarettes fit in that box? It looks to me like a box used for holding postage stamps, usually found as part of a desk set?
  30. They look like a wild rose to me, as thereare thorns on the stems
  31. Thanks vetraio50, not sure as it has a date written as 4 ‘94
  32. I think these may have been white blanks which were hand painted by a talented amateur. In the USA, back in the turn of the 20th century onwards, it was very popular to have china painting groups , t...
  33. Johnson Brothers have probably hundreds of patterns, many made for specific markets, for example "Friendly Village" was made specifically for the North American market. Older and antiques pieces would...
  34. Loveit! Try reducing the brightness on the photo with the mark, it may makeit easier to read
  35. Che Guevara, I presume?
  36. Is it possibly Fratelli F....... ? Sorry don’t remember the last name but on marks4antiques some of his marks look like this one
  37. A photo of the base with date codes might be helpful They have a pattern in all white called "Dawn" which looks similar in shape
  38. The boot is the trunk in the US!
  39. It is more likely a cheese dish, butter dishes in the UK weren't usually square. what are the dimensions?
  40. I love pansies!
  41. All I found out was that Po Sein was a popular Burmese dancer in the early 20th century who died in the 1950's. As Burma was once a British colony, it is possible it was made for the Burmese market or...
  42. beautiful details!
  43. Your piece was made in Dec 1930. The hand written red, alpha numeric code s probably the decorators initials and the pattern number. Here is a link to, a great resource for all Staffo...
  44. Were Wright, Tyndale & Van Roden not a department store or Fine Chiba retailer in Philadelphia?
  45. Fielding &co. Here is a link their marks from, a great resource for all things Staffordshire. If any of your pieces have a registration mark, you will be able to find out when the pa...
  46. Harvey?
  47. The pattern is on the underside Windsor" with gold trim,which dates to the late 1970's onwards
  48. According to marks4antiques. these Carstens canisters were made in their Grafenroda factory in the Thuringia region of Germany circa 1930-40's
  49. There are many fakes coming from China, so it may be worth your whlle having it checked out by a professional. If you have a museum nearby, which has a ceramics or porcelain section, you could check t...
  50. Here is a link to the marks, looks like the one around 1875
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