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Mid-century modern walnut accent chair by the Johnson Chair Co of Chicago (later part of Gunlocke) - Furniturein Furniture
Stoneware Modernist wall pocket vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hand painted stoneware bud vases- Need help identifying potter - Potteryin Pottery
Japanese Kutani rice bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Stangl vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Klages of California bird on log - Potteryin Pottery
Crane figurine- need help with mark - Potteryin Pottery
Help needed with this letter holder  - Potteryin Pottery
Terracotta bowl with Native American influence. Help needed with maker - Potteryin Pottery
Help dating Wächtersbach German porcelain dish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. No marks on the bases?
  2. Try
  3. A close-up of the mark would be helpful please
  5. Possibly DePuis or Dupuis? I am intrigued by this beautiful piece, and hope you find it. I spent the best part of a day looking for ceramic artists with surnames beginning with D, but no luck. I jus...
  6. On the right hand side of the base, just about 1/2” below the little felt circle, there appears to be initials, if you turn it up the other way, maybe AN or could just be a rough spot in the clay
  7. That type label was used primarily in the 1960’s by US importers on Japanese goods, but it’s impossible to say who made it, as there is no makers mark on it.
  8. Does the upholstery look original? If not there may be more info underneath. I am sure there is a way you could research the registration number.
  9. It is beautiful! I see the back is bentwood, a popular maker would be Thonet, but not sure how their pieces were marked. It hink that’s a production date of Mar 9, 1961 ??
  10. I have a chair of similar form, from the Johnson chair Company of Chicago, which later became part of Gunlocke. When I got one reupholstered,after removing the 80’s print fabric, the guy told me off f...
  11. Well you can’t beat that price!! I would say they that the medium stain ( minus that white wash) was probably original as in North America (and the UK) they were using oak and walnit and staining it t...
  12. Try
  13. I am wondering if the back was originally upholstered? Did you acquire it recently?
  14. If you flip the photo, it looks like the monogram is EY. I will see what I can find
  15. The plate looks like it has a mark in the center of the circle, maybe a letter L?
  16. Love it! Love your ruler too!!
  17. Thanks artfoot, i will look into that lead
  18. Wow! It is stunning!
  19. They are both beautiful and would fit right in with my decor!
  20. Here is a link, but I think yours may have an older mark than some pieces I saw when googled
  21. I found the mark! Made by Kieler Kunst Keramik, circa 1900-24
  22. These are beautiful! There were many US importers of Japanese good, but you are fortunate to have an actual signature of the artist. You can check out - a great resource for Asian potter...
  23. Possibly Jack & Lorraine Herman. I saw some of their pieces with similar colored glazes when I googled “Canadian Studio potters of the mid century” but if you search their name, stuff will come up
  24. Shelley is quite collectible right now, and can bring somehigh prices for one cup& saucer, but mostly the dainty floral patterns. You can date the piece more accurately by the maker’s mark, so post a...
  25. My guess would be Copeland/Spode. Looks like the maker’s name may have been there but removed? maybe not up to par
  26. It is beautiful! Are you a reltive of the potter? When was it made?
  27. Campbell?
  28. I don’t think these are part of the Fiesta line, as they usually have a differnt mark, but check the link for more info Kim1641
  29. Loos like there are some markings on the base? Can you reduce the light/reflection?
  30. The other mark may be the decorators monogram. There are books on collecting American Beleek, so you may find info at your local library
  31. Here is a link to their diiferent marks, and if you scroll down, you can find the date codes, if you want a more accurate date of production for your pieces
  32. The bear is possibly red banded Agate. What does the back pin look like?
  33. Most European jewelry is well marked, so don’t think they are Scandinavian. They could be a hand crafted pair.
  34. LaurenRedmond in Scotland they have a Luckenbooth, which has similar sentiment to the Irish Claddagh
  35. PS. I forgot to say that the Mizpah brand was part of the British costume jewellery company called MIRACLE
  36. Mizpah was also the name of a company, who produced these pieces, I believe, in the 1950-60’s period. Original Scottish pieces would have had traditional Citrines, Cairngorms or Amethyst stones, all n...
  37. It definitely says Margaret but it certainly doesn’t look like an amateur’s work.
  39. Try here, I think there is a contact link on there at the bottom
  40. Made by Chastagner & cie ( part of la ceramique limousin) The mark on your pieces was in use from the 1950-70’s, so were probably new when gisted to your parents. Speaking from experience, it is very ...
  41. Limoges is in area in France, famous for its porcelain, so first we have to find out who the maker is. The crown with the “C” is the makers mark, so I will see what I can find out
  42. The one with holes probably had a ribbon threaded through it, so it could be hung on the wall
  43. In the US in the early 20th century there were some very talented ameteur decorators (Meaning they were not formally trained artists) who would form china decorating circles, ordering blanks from some...
  44. The motif almost looks like a stylized thistle to me
  45. ARS- Artgiana Deruta, Italy . In business in the Deruta area during the 1950-70’s. That’s all I know1
  46. Love them all, and especially love that you’re cultivating native plants!
  47. It us a beautiful piece. It may be a Native American pot, as it appears to be hand molded, and the little square medallions look like they have turtles on them, which are revered by some tribes. I am ...
  48. It is Iron Mountain pottery from Tennesee. Very sought after pattern by I think, Nancy Paterson?
  49. Looks like the style of David Gil trigger mug, but bBnningtom potters stuff usually has an embossed mark on the base
  50. I haave heard them called chop plates too
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I think my $3 coffee mug is very old. Silver Lustreware? Sunderland? Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find