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  1. I am confused by what's what in your photos. I see the Van Briggle mark on a base , but what does the item look like? I know the teapot is contemporary
  2. I see that you added that is was solved!
  3. maybe Giuseppe?
  4. Not sure if the lid is original?
  5. There is a Gold & Bullion category, you might try posting it in that area too
  6. Au is the scientific mark for gold, but not sure what the content would be on the coins.
  7. 585 is the mark for 14 carat gold in Europe, so I am glad you retrieved them!
  8. Try here
  9. It says Mexico, but can't see the maker's mark too well
  10. Centurion rings were very popular in the 1970's. If it is hallmarked , you would get more details on the actual age, and maker
  12. It has British hallmarks so you could find the maker, and the year it was made quite easily. There are several free sites online you can look at
  13. I think it says BELTRAN when you look at it magnified
  14. It was probably silver plated at one point as copper was often used as the base metal, and the green is verdigris
  15. or stored in the gym?
  16. Maybe they were samples of early sneakers for ball games? They have the color "White" printed on the side and a list of sizes they came in, so maybe the box was used to deliver and reused
  17. one of your feet does have a partial McCoy mark on it , the one on the left
  18. A photo of the base may help
  19. I meant made by Masons!
  20. sometimes there wasn't room on the smaller pieces to put the backstamp so it may vibe by Masons
  21. Looks like a Cavalier, so my guess would be European, or the style was copied here by early settlers?
  23. Do you know how to test real or culture pearls compared to synthetic?
  24. Very nice! How tiny are they?
  25. maybe Rock Garden?
  26. My mum had few pieces, I thought it was called Cottage Garden
  27. We had one in the early '80's, we used it a lot but the heads wore down after awhile
  28. It says Helgman. I will see what I can find
  29. A photo of the base may help
  30. I think the mark is upside down and reads MADE IN ENGLAND. Can you show the whole base please?
  31. It says Sally on this one, maybe student pieces?
  32. It says June 08 and the initial SC I believe. Whether 1908 0r 2008?
  33. pretty Calla lilies! Couldn't find anything comparable though
  34. Or a custom piece?
  35. It looks hand painted, possibly was a blank which was decorated by a talented hobbyist, which was a popular pastime for ladies of leisure at that time
  36. Probably needs cleaned or a new spring
  37. I bet it makes great toast!
  38. Think it says on the underside Made in RCS Preoria, may a Roman Catholic school in Chicago IL area? 3 '59 on the front Not sure if teabags were invented in the 1950's, maybe a trinket dish?
  39. Might just be my imagination, but thought I saw some lettering between 2 and 3 0'clock in the base photo. Can you reduce the exposure?
  40. I think I see DUX, so maybe from Czechoslavia? Royal Dux Porcelain has been produced since 1853, in the small town of Duchcov, located about two hours to the North West of Prague, the capital city ...
  41. Very pretty!
  42. I agree racer4four that was probably made in North America. The clay is an unusual colour, more taupe in tone than any of my other pieces. I am not a potter so not sure if it really is u usually!
  43. It looks like HY entwined to me. Couldn’t find anything though????
  44. There is an Australian Pottery collectors site on Facebook too
  45. Here's a link to other examples
  46. According to marks4antiques this is Crown Pottery of Indiana USA, and this mark was used in the late 1930-50's
  47. According to the this mark was used in the 1930's but also used again in the 2000s
  48. Beautiful!
  49. I think that may be a pattern or shape number, not a date. Probably a blank which was decorated by hand. A very popular pastime with women in the early 20th century. Blanks came from all over, mostly ...
  50. Maybe Dutch, looking at the buildings. Is she using a sewing machine?
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Vintage jug Vintage 1969 Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel Unusual eagle brand of hallmark quality glass. RETRO GRAVEL WALL ART Hotel Casey Creamer Staffordshire transferware plates I think my $3 coffee mug is very old. Silver Lustreware? Sunderland? Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find