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Mid-century modern walnut accent chair by the Johnson Chair Co of Chicago (later part of Gunlocke) - Furniturein Furniture
Stoneware Modernist wall pocket vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hand painted stoneware bud vases- Need help identifying potter - Potteryin Pottery
Japanese Kutani rice bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Stangl vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Klages of California bird on log - Potteryin Pottery
Crane figurine- need help with mark - Potteryin Pottery
Help needed with this letter holder  - Potteryin Pottery
Terracotta bowl with Native American influence. Help needed with maker - Potteryin Pottery
Help dating Wächtersbach German porcelain dish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. May have been a blank plate which someone has been trying out some china painting or decals on, unless it was a prototype. I don’t think there would be initials on the front of a plate. you could ask ...
  2. again, check they have an apphbetical list of potteries with examples of marks so you can get an idea of age
  3. If that reads “Chameleon" across the top of the circle, it could be worth quite a bit. Here is a link with a clearer example of your mark from the British museum
  4. It is George Clews & Co of Tunstall, Staffordshire. I will see what else I can find out
  5. the mark is upside down. Can you flip it?
  6. The rectangular dish is unrelated to this set, you are missing the sugar bowl. If you go to, you can get more info on Ridgways and the registration number will tell you when the patte...
  7. Very pretty. this form with the lid is usually referred to as a ginger jar. The value varies greatly depending on whether it was hand painted or transfer print.
  8. Beautiful art nouveau piece! It does an Amphora vibe , Bohemian, or German, Austria.
  9. I was told by someone on this site awhile back, that Native American pots are molded or hand-built, not wheel thrown
  10. Here is a link to the date codes on your pieces. Do they all have the same code?
  11. They are made by a high quality maker Alfred Lanternier, turn of the 19th-20th century production period
  12. I am going to guess an incense burner of some kind, and probably Middle East or Asia
  13. I agree with Dizzydave, it does say De Simone, and the circle in the middle says ITALY. Whether it is relatedto the Giovanni deSimone who later in life created the bright, colourful picassoesque pott...
  14. need a close up and light on the signatur please
  15. You could try this site
  16. I don’t know anything about Mexican pottery, or whetherthis is considered talavera. It looks very well made, with the different glaze around the neck. There is a maker’s mark, so look carefully and se...
  17. If you flip the photo, you can see the word Mexico, but the maker’s mark, I can’t see to well
  18. Beautiful pieces! Love the eood on the back. Looks like walnut?
  19. Stunning!
  20. For some reason your photo has a mirror image of the mark
  21. The photo of your mark is upside down, however I know it is not an antique, but made in the late 1980-90’s by a company called Wong Lee in Hong Kong. You can see the WL monogram in the centre of the ...
  22. Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me but it looks like a name in black on the base at around 10 o’clock
  23. Or a rising sun. I didn’t have any luck I’m afraid.
  24. Growing up in the UK, we called this a pouffe, it was only called an ottoman if it opened for storage.
  25. Maybe post them in the glassware section too. Iam afraid I know nothing about glass. I am sure they were probably hand molded rather than done by machine, which would accountforthe uneven colour, whic...
  26. Looks like the monogram BH. I will see what I can find
  27. Found this very similar piece from Live Auctioneers
  28. If it is KPM, it would date to the early 1900’s, before they added the initials. looks a little different than the example on this site, which is a great resource for German pottery, however the marks...
  29. I doubt if it was from the White House, as General George Washington refused a letter from the British because it was addressed to him as George Washington Esq during the war Of Independance. It is...
  30. You could put some of your succulents in it as they don’t need watered much, so don’t need a drainage hole
  31. Looks like Royal Crown Derby but I am not an expert on this, so may be a fake. Here is a link
  32. No marks on the bases?
  33. Try
  34. A close-up of the mark would be helpful please
  36. Possibly DePuis or Dupuis? I am intrigued by this beautiful piece, and hope you find it. I spent the best part of a day looking for ceramic artists with surnames beginning with D, but no luck. I jus...
  37. On the right hand side of the base, just about 1/2” below the little felt circle, there appears to be initials, if you turn it up the other way, maybe AN or could just be a rough spot in the clay
  38. That type label was used primarily in the 1960’s by US importers on Japanese goods, but it’s impossible to say who made it, as there is no makers mark on it.
  39. Does the upholstery look original? If not there may be more info underneath. I am sure there is a way you could research the registration number.
  40. It is beautiful! I see the back is bentwood, a popular maker would be Thonet, but not sure how their pieces were marked. It hink that’s a production date of Mar 9, 1961 ??
  41. I have a chair of similar form, from the Johnson chair Company of Chicago, which later became part of Gunlocke. When I got one reupholstered,after removing the 80’s print fabric, the guy told me off f...
  42. Well you can’t beat that price!! I would say they that the medium stain ( minus that white wash) was probably original as in North America (and the UK) they were using oak and walnit and staining it t...
  43. Try
  44. I am wondering if the back was originally upholstered? Did you acquire it recently?
  45. If you flip the photo, it looks like the monogram is EY. I will see what I can find
  46. The plate looks like it has a mark in the center of the circle, maybe a letter L?
  47. Love it! Love your ruler too!!
  48. Thanks artfoot, i will look into that lead
  49. Wow! It is stunning!
  50. They are both beautiful and would fit right in with my decor!
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