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Matte Green Pottery Bowl - Arts and Crafts?  Maker? - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Vaughn Burlingham Burl Wood Bird - Animalsin Animals
This is a "What Would You Do" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Porcelain Swan Feeding Baby - Animalsin Animals
Okwan China Hand Painted Made in Japan Lovely Cups & More - Asianin Asian
Thumper Says Hello! - Animalsin Animals
Large Vintage Unknown Age Zuid Holland Gouda Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Early Roycroft Copper Vase - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Cute Tiny Carved Jade Kiwi Bird - Animalsin Animals
Cement Kitty Says Hello! - Animalsin Animals


  1. Gorgeous!
  2. He is so cute!!!
  3. So beautiful!! The stone looks real to me. I want it and more!! :-D
  4. Wonderful find! I love all your collections! It must be so joyful looking at them every day!
  5. I love them! And, I love your story even more, Bill! Take care -Mary
  6. ho2cultcha, I wish I could help you more! But, I wasn't able to get any further than my suggestions! Oh, I wish I had all the answers. It is nice to know, though, that you don't disagree with my gu...
  7. And, billretirecoll, that Zanesville low bowl on the picclick site, is so very much like mine, including the size, the glaze, the bottom glazing, and having 3 feet! The feet are just a little differ...
  8. These are all so lovely. You have a wonderful eye!
  9. Wow! These are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing! I love all the animal forms!!
  10. And, thank you so much for your knowledge art.pottery, esteban, truthordare, and billretirecoll!! I had actually thought it might be Zanesville, but glaze that covers the bottom, and, the minor feet ...
  11. Thank you for the loves vetraio50, valentino97, esteban, and TassieDevil!!
  12. Thank you for the loves racer4four Jeni Scott aura Anik EZa Laura (plus the added appreciation!) & truthordare!!
  13. Thank you billretirecoll!
  14. Lovely kitty! For some reason, my gut is telling me that this is Russian. The glaze and spotting remind me of the Lomonosov animal figurines. But, your cutie is not as detailed in the face as the L...
  15. ho2cultcha, I haven't used an iron in close to two decades! My wrinkled clothes haven't ruined my life either! Haha! Too funny!
  16. Thank you for the loves truthordare, AnnaB, subi450, and aura!
  17. And, antiquerose and betweenthelens, this piece is truly stunning. I just want to stare at it and rub the beautiful wood! Thanks!
  18. Thank you so much for all the loves fortapache vetraio50 TassieDevil jscott0363 AdeleC blunderbuss2 antiquerose betweenthelens and truthordare!!
  19. Thank you Mrstyndall!!
  20. Thank you so much for the loves and appreciation, Jenni and Mrstyndall!! Mrstyndall, it doesn't say 1878. I, too, at first, at the sale, thought that it was 1878, and an old item. But, when I g...
  21. All so beautiful!!
  22. Love it!
  23. So beautiful!!
  24. Thanks for the loves fortapache, Jenni, Tassie, vetraio50, and Scott!!
  25. And, thanks for the love, Malkey!
  26. That is some very good advice, Malkey. The quality and the personal label have been the things preventing me from throwing it out. I think I'll keep it for awhile longer.
  27. Thank you for the loves kyratango, PhilDMorris, and, Manikin!!
  28. Thanks for the love racer4four!
  29. Thanks for the love racer4four!
  30. Thanks for all the loves TimeTraveller, fortapache, TassieDevil, Jenni, Scott, and vetraio50!! Jenni, you always have the sweetest comments! Thank you!
  31. Thanks for all the loves fortapache, TassieDevil, Jenni, Scott, aura, and vetraio50!!
  32. Lovely!
  33. Thank you so much for all the loves vetraio50, fortapach, TassieDevil, Caperkid, betweenthelens, Brunswick, and racer4four! These little planters are so much fun and so cheap at estate sales that...
  34. Thank you Scott! Happy Easter to you too!
  35. I love them both!! They are so adorable and in my favorite colors! Happy Easter Jenni!! -- Mary
  36. Thanks for the love betweenthelens!
  37. Thanks for the loves angiemac321 and charcoal!
  38. Thanks for the love charcoal!
  39. Thanks for the love and sweet comment betweenthelens!
  40. Thanks for the lovely comment betweenthelens!
  41. Thanks for the loves Radegunder and worthit2!! Worthit2, what internet browser do you use? This site isn’t supported anymore by Internet Explorer, so while you might still be able to see posts a...
  42. They are beautiful! You know what you make me want to do now because of this post. I'm going to have to start a button collection! -- Mary
  43. Thanks for the loves Sean68 and ho2cultcha!!
  44. Gorgeous!
  45. He’s lovely.
  46. I love it! It is absolutely beautiful!
  47. "I mean"
  48. And, by "figurines," I "figurines," but, also, statues, statuettes, book ends, doorstops, etc. :-)
  49. I am glad I stopped by your page, jscotto363! I love animal figurines! They just make me happy.
  50. Thank you for the love jscott0363!!
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