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Only colours and beauthiful things to look at. 
this is thigtrope walker Paul Klee - Fine Artin Fine Art
Impressions of decoration and wishes for christmas. - Christmasin Christmas
Planter box with colour - Potteryin Pottery
My beautiful wooden /copper duck.  - Animalsin Animals
lovely girl figurine  only to show!!!! - Figurinesin Figurines
Carved statue of wood. - Asianin Asian
Sparkling brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Horseshoe with beautifull colours. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sparkling cristal where it comes from? - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. The dancer looks like Mata Hari. She was a spy in the war.
  2. I know TallCakes. I am looking for years to solved this mysterie. I hope some one wil find that out about this item. Thank you for looking and the answer. And i hope that you wil contact me if you...
  3. This are rolls for a curtain rail
  4. Dear Thomas, I wish you the very best. i hope you get well very soon. Aura
  5. Spirit Bear i shall mis you. aura
  6. Maryann take a look by de brooches of Pietra Dura.
  7. Its for a lamp in the livingroom.
  8. I think it is a G
  9. Please wil you send a photo like the last than i and all the c.w. better seen. But the last photo is the best i love it.
  10. i love this its a beauthiful item
  11. Shiwa i dont know who to write this
  12. This is beauthiful. But i cannot say who is the maker of this.
  13. This is lovely Kota Lama
  14. and also four wings (i was forget to write )
  15. Can it mea be a dragonfly those colours are also with some dragonflies.
  16. Efesgirl what a beautiful colour
  17. What a beauty!!!!!
  18. When i look into that special blue eyes i think it is Bing Crosby
  19. Amazing colors!!!!
  20. a gues meabe quartz with jasper???
  21. The look of these print are very special. I never seen something like this. I am curieus who made this.
  22. I think Meisen. Lovely figurine.
  23. I love it this color blue
  24. Efes girl this is a beautiful brooch. I love those colors.
  25. One word BEAUTIFUL
  26. iggy that looks much better then the print that i have posted a few days ago. but that was from the year 1923
  27. So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  28. That is so lovely!!!!!
  29. You got beautiful items!!!
  30. this is a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. I love these colors standing al together.
  32. I hope someone can translate this on the vase!!! Very special.
  33. That blue is wonderful.
  34. Its very special . Those colour.
  35. What a beautiful christmashouse Rose. Could it be Amalfi???
  36. That is realy the old fashion way. I love Christmass with all the lights bling beautiful people who loves to do something for someone else. Beautiful impression Antiquerose
  37. This colour makes me dreaming. Beautiful.
  38. I love that jacket.
  39. This is beautiful
  40. Hello Efesgirl I never have seen some earrings like this one. I hope someone knows more about this.
  41. Hello OneFind A answer on your qwestion. Its a babygirl i think.
  42. i am sorry i mean alfred daguet
  43. could it be alfred daquet???? look at google on that name
  44. I saw the Heron transistor radio on Ebay he was sold for 2.99 i mean in august 2016 Yes you are right that radio was in a brown case with earphone i remember.
  45. What beauthiful items you got. When i was seven years old i got a Heron transistor that yoy could hang on your shoulder. I have it for many years ago. And i was curious of you got someone between t...
  46. what a lovely cute face and cat to look at. i have 4 cats and i love every cat i see.
  47. This is guilloche style and that is beautiful. I think so.
  48. O what a beauty you have there. And that color !!!!!! I love blue.
  49. This pattern are very beautiful.
  50. Its Aida i think
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