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Only colours and beauthiful things to look at. 
this is thigtrope walker Paul Klee - Fine Artin Fine Art
Impressions of decoration and wishes for christmas. - Christmasin Christmas
Planter box with colour - Potteryin Pottery
My beautiful wooden /copper duck.  - Animalsin Animals
lovely girl figurine  only to show!!!! - Figurinesin Figurines
Carved statue of wood. - Asianin Asian
Sparkling brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Horseshoe with beautifull colours. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sparkling cristal where it comes from? - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. I solved my own question now. This duck that i show years a go. Is made by te maker Malevolti. So my item is solved. Thank everybody who thinks about my question.
  2. This is so beautiful. I love it.
  3. This item has a beautiful decoration.
  4. This is beautiful.
  5. Very special.
  6. That is a eyecatcher Laceface. Well done.
  7. Thank you Keramikos for your understanding.
  8. Keramikos I have it write down as 10 years but i meant that de cw website exist 10 years. I am not a child of 10 years. i am a adult woman who lives in this world and want to see and learn what th...
  9. No Keramikos its only because i do that 4 years i mean. And al those other years i have seen. Much i triftstores and i have 8 cabinets with things of the whole world and i am nosy of those things th...
  10. Beautiful embroidery and those colours.
  11. Beautiful those lilys of the valley.
  12. Its beautiful.
  13. Beautiful is this.
  14. Beautiful jewelry.
  15. This is a very special watch. I never seen something like this.
  16. This is a beautiful vase.
  17. She has understand what i mean. Thank you very much for your site where she can google Kivatinitz.
  18. meaby i write it down wrong. when you have google. you type corningmuseum and than you see enormes glass vases pitcher from the whole world etc in colour and somethimes with de name and year of the...
  19. Google has also much pictures of glas cristal or else online if its for you to far to travel. (The corning museum of glass) online
  20. This is so beautiful.
  21. i am sorry i touth it was twelve. sorry again.
  22. May be masonic.
  23. Thank you Broochman and by this way i wish everyone on collectors weekly a beautiful but for all the people a very healthy 2020
  24. Val Sint Lambert is the name . Beautiful peace.
  25. i mean brierley it is englisch
  26. I think here stands on this underside Royal Bierley. Its a beautiful vase.
  27. The dancer looks like Mata Hari. She was a spy in the war.
  28. I know TallCakes. I am looking for years to solved this mysterie. I hope some one wil find that out about this item. Thank you for looking and the answer. And i hope that you wil contact me if you...
  29. This are rolls for a curtain rail
  30. Spirit Bear i shall mis you. aura
  31. Maryann take a look by de brooches of Pietra Dura.
  32. Its for a lamp in the livingroom.
  33. I think it is a G
  34. Please wil you send a photo like the last than i and all the c.w. better seen. But the last photo is the best i love it.
  35. i love this its a beauthiful item
  36. Shiwa i dont know who to write this
  37. This is beauthiful. But i cannot say who is the maker of this.
  38. This is lovely Kota Lama
  39. and also four wings (i was forget to write )
  40. Can it mea be a dragonfly those colours are also with some dragonflies.
  41. Efesgirl what a beautiful colour
  42. What a beauty!!!!!
  43. When i look into that special blue eyes i think it is Bing Crosby
  44. Amazing colors!!!!
  45. a gues meabe quartz with jasper???
  46. The look of these print are very special. I never seen something like this. I am curieus who made this.
  47. I think Meisen. Lovely figurine.
  48. I love it this color blue
  49. Efes girl this is a beautiful brooch. I love those colors.
  50. One word BEAUTIFUL
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