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  1. o its from 1658
  2. I have a 1st edition of the Sinners Guide in great shape
  3. Nice i don't have a ebay account i just don't like them but i would of bid on it if i did owell nice book btw
  4. Hi Admin Sorry about having it posted in the wrong area and thank you for setting it correct.I had thought i looked for Box's but i guess i made a mistake thanks Again This is a Great group of collect...
  5. Here's some more info on it that i had posted on a weapons forum thanks Hello whats your opinion on what i came up with it seems logical but ones logic always differs from anothers NO I doubt its...
  6. Now I'm Happy i had thought that i was the only one that knew the truth. So Bobby did your dad mention if Abe told him why he faked it or was he still hushed hushed about it. Last year when i flew to ...
  7. Ya i was reading about Napoleon current battle plans with my tea He was a very interesting guy Then i realized it's 2016 got a little confused their for a moment thought we were going to go over their
  8. O i thought you said sharpe sorry its in a clear plastic sleeve
  9. Spirit The paper is from 1956 according to the date top med left corner when it was removed when the army corp made it in to a museum that may not be the year it opened thoo and just like the governm...
  10. BlunderBuss2 & Celien Here's a website that dates the know to the 1840 it's black with a reddish type clay base. These Knobs have been around for over 200 years and is a cheap basic knob Victorian Bla...
  11. Hay BlunderBuss Is their a way to message u here i got some nice pictures of cannon that i have made and i think you'll like them or are u on Facebook if so look me up by just searching my name Austi...
  12. Amen Celiene You see Gold destroyed their life's Dream unfortunately. Actually that word as 2 meaning and thats funny in other case's but in Marshall's it was Bad His partner brought that Nugget to ...
  13. Nice Coins Blunder I got some Nice German coins pre WWII and WWII ones also
  14. Thanks Kyra Looks to be the same method / style and material Thanks Austin
  15. Hi BlunderBuss The Trunnions are threaded 3/4 NF and are centered that's the hard part but it works the best to weld and grind to a correct radii is time consuming. Also its turned out of a 3.250 by ...
  16. It's got to be this but this is a modern version are their any Oil wells around could be a replaceable Bit tip it is from Dallas Oil but check out this Image
  17. Could be a Tooth to a type of rock smasher chipper for maybe breaking down shale ??????
  18. It's a farm Implement type replaceable head
  19. Hay Aura I like Egyptian items check out my Scarab i just posted It's a real neat item thanks Austin
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Black Russian Lacquer Antique signed box Jamaican bag again medal and cross mysterie Laura Smith Oil On Canvas Cobolt Blue Abstract / Impressionism Lady


Unknown RR item


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posted 3 years ago