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I've been collecting things I like for about 30 years now. Mainly China, porcelain and studio pottery. Lately I've become interested in art glass mainly, I think, beI've been collecting things I like for about 30 years now. Mainly China, porcelain and studio pottery. Lately I've become interested in art glass mainly, I think, because I'm part of the 'baby boomer' generation and I remember endless glass animals around the house! I have very little knowledge I just know what I like! (Read more)


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Drop enamel earring - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume jewellery brooch with pink stones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume jewellery brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Leaf brooch possibly holly or oak? Possibly Trifari ? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My first Trifari Brooch !!!!! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A map by Owen and Bowen ?1725-1753 - Paperin Paper
Barometer (?)  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ciner(?) Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Yacht made from recycled metal - made in Hamburg - Toysin Toys
Imperial china trio - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Hi Ms.CrystalShip I’m sure you’re correct - I just can’t seem to make out the letter! Perseverance required ! Thanks for your input - much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the loves fortapache, aura and nutsabotas6 . All greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi nutsabotas6 thanks so much for looking . I’m very grateful and agree entirely that they’re lovely!
  4. Thanks for the loves fortapache and TassieDevil
  5. Hi nutsabotas6 they’re pierced and the mark looks like either the letter R or a Swarovski swan but it’s not terribly clear. Thanks for looking and for commenting .
  6. Thanks Newfld for your comment I think they’re a lovely design too.
  7. Hi Gillian Thanks for sharing your expertise with me. To be honest I’m so new to collecting costume jewellery that I wouldn’t know rhinestones from lucite ! I just love the brooch and I like to wear ...
  8. Hi antiquerose I think it may we’ll be or it’s the copyright symbol I’m unsure. Thanks for your observation - I keep thinking ‘one letter at a time’!
  9. AnnaB thanks for your kind comments and the reminder about displaying the back of the brooch - as you can see - I forget every time! So thanks for the nudge I’ll try to remember ! Newfld thanks for y...
  10. Oh wow so very beautiful and elegant. Gorgeous colour.
  11. I love it - I’m so new to costume jewellery but learning so much from you all. Thanks for sharing something so beautiful .
  12. Gillian -eek! I emailed gillmark and Mark was so very helpful. Apparently I’ve suceeded in damaging a bookplate from 1720 , damn and blast! Lesson learned -the hard way - again :) Thanks so much for ...
  13. Hi Gillian wow ! Thanks for the info it’s more than I would have been able to track down not knowing where to begin. I love this site because everyone is so very helpful. For me, being an enthusiast, ...
  14. Hi Scott it was glued by a very thin edge to the backing in the frame and it tore. My fault entirely. The paper feels really old and delicate it seems easily damaged. I have stored it safely and will ...
  15. Hi nutsabotas6 no problem I can’t either! It’s still pretty and I love wearing it so no problem there. I think it’s holly too. Thanks again
  16. nutsabotus6thanks for the id I think the brooch is BEAUTIFUL I definitely have the bug no going back now! Newfld thanks for the comment I love the brooch too I’m completely chuffed. racer4four thn...
  17. Nutsabotus6 thanks for the advice about the photography do any of these help? I do very much appreciate your help thanks Elaine Newfld thanks for the comment i love this brooch so dainty .
  18. Hi Valentino97 appreciate your humour I get scared when I know all the words to songs pre 1965! I love sparkly jewellery it makes me smile :-)
  19. Hi Scott I would say its A5 unfortunately in removing it from the frame I’ve damaged it . On the reverse their is faint writing which says K/F above PJR DV then 50 and the old sign for shillings Durha...
  20. Well I got the Canadian coin and gave both to my hubby! Thanks PhilD for the suggestion he’s a very happy bunny!
  21. Hello buckethead,Newfld and UncleRon thank you so much for your comments and the link from buckethead. I’m very greatful for the info. I’m sorry I’m sometimes slow to respond, I have neurological illn...
  22. Newfld thanks for your comment I’m looking forward to having a moment to read about Lisner - should I replace the missing pearls?
  23. nutsabotas6 thanks so much! I don’t think I’d ever have arrived at that one without your help. The dates make the brooch nearly the same age as me! Scary thought. Thanks again for sharing your expert...
  24. Hi nutsabotas6 you’re a star! Thanks so much I’m looking forward to having a minute to read about Arthur Pepper Jewelry. So kind of you to share your knowledge and thanks again.
  25. What a brilliant idea PhilDMorris and thanks very much for the link . I’ll give the coin idea a go and see how I fare!
  26. Thanks PhilDMorris for your helpful insights on this and other posts of mine - greatly appreciated .
  27. Thanks for the comment PhilDMorris I’m always confused about exactly what constitutes vintage . On inspection this brooch is stamped ART - any ideas as to wha this stands for greatly appreciated!
  28. Many thanks for your kind comment Newfld and PhilDMorris I’m excited to see the look on his face when I give it to him!
  29. Doh! I’ve just re-read my last comment to Adele ! What I meant to say is that I’m grateful for the comments and I love looking at the China! Apologies for the way the last comment read!
  30. Hi I’ve no idea but I love it. Are there faint images of people beneath the signature or is it my ancient vision!
  31. Gillian thanks so much I’ll have a close look and update you. I’d never noticed - brilliant observation. Thanks also for your comments and to nutsabotas6 for the suggestion of the lettering.
  32. What a wonderful collection! It reminds me of a childhood where imagination went hand in hand with toys and games and it didn’t need blue tooth or Wi-fi to be fun.
  33. Hi nutsabotas6 thanks so much for the info - much appreciated !
  34. Thanks nutsabotas6 and Ms CrystalShip photo of back attached!
  35. Hi all Thanks for the confirmation ! I think it’s very cute too. It was just that my husband suggested it might be a marsupial of some kind! Out voted I think!
  36. Hi Adele The saucers cups and plates are al marked in the same way. I can’t see a country of origin either. The cups have a really clear ring to them. Thanks for your comments to be honest I love lo...
  37. How beautiful ! I think ‘Floral Spray’ is the term for this. A lovely addition to your collection.
  38. Oh opals my favourite! These are beautiful, vintage and wearable . I've never heard the expression 'triple whammy' but I think it could be coined for these.
  39. Turquoise so beautiful !
  40. Hi spirit bear thanks for that. I'm at a complete loss !
  41. Thanks so much I will post photo asap . I thought I'd asked for email upon comment but I hadn't. Sorry for not responding sooner really appreciate the comment.
  42. I have discovered this is Italian Glass from the 50s from the Cristalleria Fratelli Betti in the 1950's 60's .
  43. Hi Cairngorm10 Thanks so much for that information. I appreciate your time. I love the birds but I'm an entheusiast without any knowledge so it's great to find out about their origins. Thanks again ...
  44. Hi vintage lamp I sincerely appreciate your interest I'll let you know if I turn anything anything up
  45. Hi Ivan49 wow! Possibly 19th century it never fails to amaze me that something so small and delicate can have survived without too much damage until today. I bought this from a charity shop because I...
  46. Hi Ivan49 I've uploaded some photos. The only mark is the little blue one on the base of the Saucer. It's almost like it's made up of tiny blue dots. I've photographed the base of the cup I can't se...
  47. Hi Ivan 49 I will go and inspect it now! Thanks
  48. Hi vintage lamp - I think so too - thank you.
  49. Hi vintage lamp - thank you so much for the info - as soon as it's time for my coffee break I'll follow that up!
  50. Hi vintage lamp thank you! I love it too, if the 'mystery' is never solved I think I'll always treasure it.
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