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I've been collecting things I like for about 30 years now. Mainly China, porcelain and studio pottery. Lately I've become interested in art glass mainly, I think, beI've been collecting things I like for about 30 years now. Mainly China, porcelain and studio pottery. Lately I've become interested in art glass mainly, I think, because I'm part of the 'baby boomer' generation and I remember endless glass animals around the house! I have very little knowledge I just know what I like! (Read more)


  1. Vinyl33rpm Ann-dios Vcal Fortapache Thank you for the loves - much appreciated
  2. dav2no1 thanks for your sound advice. I’ll try that. I purchased it and was told it wasn’t working, when I got it home it was ticking away and it keeps good time. Thanks again . Thank you Newfld for...
  3. Just looking at your adorable dog. Do you think it might be a basset hound? It’s just that I have a pet Bassett and the ears and short legs on your dog are the same as my pet ones! Please forgive my...
  4. I do love your brooch. I hope you don’t mind me saying that I think beautiful pieces like yours lift us out of the mundane just for a few moments ,may be ? Before we return to the ordinary with a smile.
  5. To. Vcal Gruff Leilani Vinil33rpm Thank you all for the ‘loves’ greatly appreciated. I appreciate the time taken to pause in a hectic day.
  6. Thanks to Vinyl33rpm Vcal For your ‘loves’ , much appreciated PhilDMorris for your comment - it certainly has ‘magic’ - but I still can’t give it a name! Perhaps I don’t need to!
  7. I don’t know either but it’s sparkly! Love it.
  8. Hi to DRAG kwqd Dav2no1 fortapache For their Loves and to Newfld for her comment. I thought it was some sort of bottle! Thanks to you all E
  9. I too have a shoal of these which I remain ambivalent about . I admire them and love them but think they have a certain charming ugliness !, Yours looks in fine condition like new quite a find. I too...
  10. Thanks Newfld your comment is much appreciated
  11. Thanks Newfld for the comment. I agree completely. I was looking for a letter ‘N’ in the backstamp and have failed to decipher what’s written but I’m pretty sure it’s not an N.
  12. Absolutely stunning - something to aspire to.
  13. Absolutely beautiful and for me, an answer to where my recent show and tell cat originated! Thank you.
  14. Jaw droppingly , breath takingly stunning!
  15. Simply beautiful
  16. Thanks for the love sherrilouu
  17. Freiheit thank you so much for the love
  18. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1384472429/ Found this don’t know if it’s of help. Not associated with me in any way. Found it via Google lens .
  19. I love it it’s so lifelike. I have Art Garfunkel in my head singing “is it a kind of a dream………….” Thanks Newfld for sharing such a lovely piece.
  20. Thank you to officialfuel for the love much appreciated
  21. Many thanks Deano, , vcal, kev123 and racer4four for the loves very kind and much appreciated
  22. Hello and thanks racer4four and seamrchinf1 for the love much appreciated
  23. Thank you racer4four and searching1. For the love much appreciated
  24. Amazing craftsmanship what a delight !
  25. Newfld and PhilDMorris thanks for commenting much appreciated also many thanks for the love Thanks also to kwqd, fortapache, dav2no1, racer4four and searching1 for the love greatly appreciated
  26. Many thanks to whenisraelbelieves, Dav2no1 and vetraio for the love much appreciated thanks again.
  27. GinaMZ, Newfld , whenisraelbelieves,Dav2no1, vetraio50 Huge thanks for the loves much appreciated. PhilDMorris and Newfld thanks for your kind comments and observations I do appreciate the time giv...
  28. Thanks to all that have loved this basket - oh how I loved it, it would really brighten my day just looking at it and then I chipped it while dusting it. I sold it because I felt so horrid seeing it d...
  29. I think I have found a relative of my cat! So similar in style and technique. Thanks so much for loving my Japanese three handled vessel from goodness knows how many years ago, because if you hadn’t...
  30. Hi and a big thank you to fortapache, BHIFOS, hot2cultcha,kwqd and Newfld for the love - very much appreciated by me!
  31. Whooops sorry Phil unintentionally forgot to say thanks for the comment I’m pleased to have introduced something of interest to you . I love he naïveté of these paperweights. I think the animals have ...
  32. Thanks to kwqd, PhilDMorris and fortapache for the love . Greatly appreciate the time taken feedback. PhilDMorris this link may interest you : https://www.pwts.co.uk/pages/Chinese%20older%20paperwei...
  33. Thanks to PhilDMorris for the love -much appreciated.
  34. Hi to sherrilou and thanks for the love much appreciated.
  35. Thanks for the love Newfld and your kind comments. I’d forgotten I had it until PhilDMorris resurrected it .
  36. Thanks very much to vcal for the love
  37. Wow all of today’s posts Newfld are crazily gorgeous. I have a severe attack of trifari envy . They are all so beautifully put together and so delicate. Congratulations on your beautiful collection !
  38. Thanks Newfld for the love - much appreciated.
  39. Thanks so much for the love Newfld - greatly appreciated
  40. Thanks Cisum for the love - much appreciated.
  41. Thanks to Newfld and fortapache for the love - greatly appreciated
  42. Hi PhilDMorris thanks for the encouraging comment I appreciate your observation. Deano thanks so much for more info . This is the really exciting bit for me, finding out where something originated , ...
  43. Hi PhilDMorris I do believe you’re correct my husband is putting up a glass shelf with under lighting and we’ll see how that works. I tried underlighting the blue cobalt one I had on show and tell -th...
  44. Hi kwqd thanks for the love and your comment. It’s a tiny mug like something you might give for a christening gift and it seems quite finely made. I agree it has the shape for a shaving mug but I thin...
  45. Thanks very much for the love from vinly33rpm, dav2no1 and fortapache. Much appreciated.
  46. Hi Deano and thanks so much for the info. Understanding more about a piece makes it so much more enjoyable for me. I really appreciate the time taken to share your knowledge.
  47. Thanks for the love Chevelleman69 much appreciated.
  48. Thanks s much PhilDMorris for resurrecting this one! I looked and almost pressed love before I realised it was mine! Thanks again for the love .
  49. Many thanks to Newfld and PhilDMorris for the love. Greatly appreciated .
  50. Thanks PhilDMorris for the comment. It’s kind of you to say the images are good. I feel a little frustrated that I couldn’t produce an image which does the technique justice. Thanks also for the love....
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