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swansea wales

I collect all sorts that catch my eye. My favourite things area is Scandinavian glass and Danish mid century


Wood treen 'acorn' 
Islamic copper pot with 'earrings' - Asianin Asian
Middle Eastern Dallah, coffee pot - Kitchenin Kitchen
Miniature pottery stylised cat - Animalsin Animals
Pottery ink well shape pot - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Lovely piece of Murano glass
  2. It is a John Held Jr cocktail shaker minus it's lid ...very lovely find! Lucky you!
  3. Apparently, they are mythical lions and their purpose is to symbolize and uphold prosperity, success, and guardianship
  4. What a beauty ....I'm sure it's more Art Nouveau than 20's. Lucky you !! Have a look at the link and by a happy bunny !!
  5. Poss A bohemian flash cut floral vase around 1900 ..Lovely
  6. Mid century Japanese ...Pretty things
  7. Or Tiwanaku, Bolivia?
  8. Or Mayan style?
  9. I really don't know much ...It looks Mexican or Aztec to me ...could be way, way out!
  10. It's lovely. On my screen there is something of light shine, which makes me think it's resin? I wonder if it is a repro of someone else's work?
  11. I had not heard of EDAG until now, had a Google about and found some similar pieces attributed to EDAG, also some very similar ones attributed to Chalet glass, which I have heard of. It's beautiful!
  12. I could be way off here, it reminds me of some mid century Vallauris fat lava jugs. I had one in shades of blue and black, with a very similar crackle glaze
  13. I was thinking hat pin holder too
  14. Mid century Japan maybe?
  15. Just a guess ...poss mid century Czech glass?
  16. Also, you have the opportunity to use four shots ..back and base images would be useful
  17. Whoops ...I meant Art Deco
  18. It's lovely and certainly in the Art Nouveau style, probably authentic. Could we see a base and bak shot please .. are there any marks on the base?
  19. Roycroftbooksfromme1 ...Thank you. I have looked many times, and found many similar. Most are posted as antique. I just wondered if I could get a bit more definitive with the time frame
  20. It is still a beautiful piece of mid century furniture !!
  21. I could weep looking at your sofa ..Try this
  22. Danish ... mid century modern, just so beautiful and stylish ....Lucky you. Will see what I can find
  23. I so love your chair ....just in case you had not guessed !!!
  24. FBIA porcelain is Chinese trademarked and was made largely in Taiwan I believe
  25. Newfld ... Thank you, I've got a copper pot somewhere bought at the same time, no idea what it is ..must take a pic and see if anyone else does!
  26. The blade is for slicing lemons, or whatever you chose, the pointy end is to pick up the fruit and the bottle opener is ..well just that. smart knife!
  27. Beautiful ...Love MCM. I believe they are walnut
  28. Found this on Google, pretty much the same .... Frank Reenskaug for Brahmin Mobler Danish Rocking Chair. Google it, you will be a happy bunny!!
  29. Lovely chair ...mid-century modern ..Danish maybe ...Beautiful!
  30. My best guess is that it is German around 1900 give or take a bit either way
  31. Are you certain there is no makers mark or stamp. I have a lovely piece which I could see no mark on ..about a year later I found the mark under the feet of the figurine. It was and is Heubach. go ov...
  32. Shame I cannot find anything like it
  33. Vynil33rpm ...Thank you so much!Clever folk around here!!
  34. Similar to Ole Wanscher, 1960s, Danish Two-Seat Sofa .. I just love it!!!!
  35. Rosewood frame?
  36. Looks mid century Danish to me ..But I'm sure you knew that!
  37. What is he made from?
  38. I think in the UK it would be called a Sussex chair ..It's lovely!
  39. I was wondering ..Taxco or Mexican silver?
  40. They look like Norcrest crying Kewpie dolls to me ... or Vintage Pair of Lego crying Kewpies ....Lovely
  42. Something similar
  43. No joy as such. Suggestions were walking cane handles, beer tap or wine bottle bung ...I don't think any of those are correct. No recognition of the mark either sadly. How annoying ..whatever they are...
  44. getthatmonkeyoutofme ...Thank you. I was pretty much sure it was an older piece ..thank you for giving me a pointer to go on with ..wonder what it is. Although inkwell shape, it seems big, even with a...
  45. The ski resort Schwemmalm is located in the Val d'Ultimo. St. Gertraud, Italian Tyrol. Looks like a maybe 50's souvenir
  46. Looks like an item purchased at one of the stores at Epcot. Sweet
  47. Will enquire elsewhere ...If I have any joy I will get back to you
  48. Looks like it may be a repro bronze Tang Dynasty horse. It would be much easier to see if it was photographed against a plain background with better images of the base!
  49. I agree with Dizzydave on the pie vent. The wear to the base would be right, that part being inside a hot pie
  50. On the images tab and the shopping tab
  51. See more


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