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I collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, bI collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, books, and any number of other things. (Read more)


  1. Thank you larksel, you cracked the case! Franz Tomschik... just pre WWII makes this piece extra special to me.
  2. Thanks again Craig, I edited the post to reflect the current excellent scholarship that you put forward. I suspect had it not been for WWII we would have a better understanding of Czech glass than we ...
  3. Above... Greek = Latin = English... Kevin, you pretty much nailed the obverse inscription :-)
  4. Hi Kevin... I believe the reverse inscription is as follows... DHMAPX[IKH] = TRIBVNICIA=Tribunician EXOYCIAC = POTESTATE=Power In other words, Tribune of the People
  5. Much appreciated kyratango.
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  7. Bob it is! (or Bob's your uncle ;-)
  8. Gracias kyratango!
  9. Gracias fixitjmc!!!
  10. Also best regards to fortapache & jscott0363!
  11. Thank you very much SpizyChicken... they were certainly at least as intelligent as humans living today. Happy you like it! - Cheers! - Bob
  12. Thanks again Kevin, text in article edited to remove the Greek alphabet characters that the website could not display. Ironic that there is a category for Ancient Greek Coins, but no way to correctly ...
  13. :-) Ivonne :-) racer4four :-) fortapache :-) JImam :-) LovelyPat :-) vetraio50 :-)
  14. Thank you Craig, I'm going to study that when I have some down time on Sunday!
  15. Appreciated Scott!
  16. Thanks czechglass5! - Yes, I'm wobbling over this, sort of sitting on the knife's edge. If only it didn't look SOOOO much like my other Rindskopf Pepita/Grenada items and shape so similar to other Rin...
  17. Also thanks to fortapache, jscott0363, vetraio50!!!
  18. Thank you most kindy Karen Phoebe Speed Racer 4 four!!! Cheers! - Billy Bob Bubba :-)
  19. Wow, love the question mark tail!
  20. My daughter (yes, she's an adult) would LOVE all of your rabbits... so cool!
  21. Thank you so much aura!
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  24. Thank you Roy & Valentino!!!
  25. Great story TubeAmp! Nice work by a contemporary artist too!!
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  33. Pooh Bear would approve!!!
  34. So here are close substitutes of latin letters instead... MAR IOYLI FILIPPOC KECAR / DHMARX EZ OYCIAC
  35. I see the webpage does not support the Greek letters that I pasted into my story :-(
  36. Thank you JImam my friend :-)
  37. Thank you for looking in eye4beauty!
  38. 24th Field Artillery Regiment... variant w/ 2 legs on mule.
  39. Philippine Scouts I believe... see photo in row 5 at right end...
  40. That's quite nice Malkey!
  41. About 99.9% likely copper with gold plating. You could take it to a shop that buys gold & they could test it, but would need to scratch part of the surface to do the test.
  42. Much appreciated Pat!
  43. Thank you again officialfuel!
  44. Thank you LovelyPat & officialfuel !!!
  46. It is stamped with the word "copy", so not a real 1854 gold coin... sorry :-(
  47. No sign of a signature?
  48. Thank you Michelle!!!
  49. Step mother & step son... they stand atop the same china cabinet together.
  50. Thank you Vintagefran!
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Hornsea Pottery Vase with three colours and simple decoration vintage retro 60s 70s era.