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vancouver, wa

ted and i enjoy restoring old furniture, trunks and using glassware to make birdbaths and ornamental yard designs -- he is a retired engineer and i am a retired chemted and i enjoy restoring old furniture, trunks and using glassware to make birdbaths and ornamental yard designs -- he is a retired engineer and i am a retired chemist -- we always say what one monkey doesn't know the other hopefully will -- so far few things have stumped us -- including gutting the pace motor home we use to travel during the summer months (Read more)


  1. hi danta -- yes we still have her - tv does not work but it is a beautiful piece of furniture -- ted & i have talked about removing the old tv out and placing a new tv in the magnavox -- but the recor...
  2. that is a beautiful trunk damon -- it was nice to visit with you on the phone -- what does the inside look like on this on -- again if ted & i can be of help you have the phone number -- trunkman on c...
  3. thanks BigD338 for loving our work -- ted and i have restored over twenty of them -- will give you a call
  4. nice keepsake
  5. gorgeous color
  6. absolutely love it!!! beautiful
  7. what a find -- you lucky person!! it is just out of this world
  8. have seen these used in charm bracelets
  9. thanks phil
  10. lakewood door handles used in kitchen
  11. yes scott and what i discovered when redoing my house after the fire 5 years ago and the pink rocker was that charles was also into hardware -- which i posted in furniture at the same time i posted th...
  12. i concur with scott -- a great book by charles locke eastlake is "hints on household taste in furniture, upholstery & other details" it is worth the read either through your local library or a purcha...
  13. glass just seems to mesmerize the soul -- beautiful vase -- thanks for sharing the info
  14. thanks scott -- i agree it is charles eastlake's style but who the actual furniture maker was i doubt we will ever know -- there was absolutely no labels or identification marks on either the frame or...
  15. thank you all for your nice comments -- again always wish the very best for the collectorsweekly group as we do the research -- which i love to do -- if i have any knowledge i try and share
  16. i did the needle point and these are quite common to find in antique stores -- happy holidays
  17. happy new year to you also vetraio
  18. yes i do also -- when i try and help those on the mystery items -- have a great day -- i miss you guys on cw -- happy new year -- ted and i are going to watch the ball drop -- really cold up here in t...
  19. ok i get it -- was blunderbuss making the commit -- ok he is really going to be confused on this one -- i just try and help people on the unsolved mysteries -- some time i am not so kind as i was just...
  20. i would say go to your local library -- there are books on galle i have several -- they will help you -- just check them out and learn learn learn
  21. these are still made today -- they are used my sewers such as myself -- they made great clipper to remove animal hair such as cats that get hairballs to clipping corns from your heals or feet -- sorry...
  22. you will not know until you get inside your chair how old it is -- will do a posting on a grandmother chair that my husband and i restored -- the guts of the chair will tell you -- particularly the th...
  23. hi again -- just did a posting on mine -- it has been appraised two years ago as an original for $7000 -- it is out the the factory in france -- hope this helps kid
  24. hi blunderbuss -- the metal work looks right -- the signature is different from mine -- also it looks like it has be rewire for the US -- will do a posting on mine if i have not already -- happy new y...
  25. very nice i love glassware if you search my site i think i have some listings on what i have done with some of my glassware in regards to yard birdbaths
  26. thank you newfld -- interesting on that glaze that florence used on the beach kids -- in natural day light they are a rich deep brown in other lighting they show purple -- it is like the optic glass t...
  27. you need to go into modeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fabulous eyes
  28. hope all is well toracat
  29. very nice comments on this one trunkman -- always bookmark the trunks that you do -- hope she will take this trunk and make her a beauty
  30. thanks bluderbuss2 -- you gave me a scold -- but i know i am busy and so are you -- place this telephone number in you book and give me a call 360-433-2805 -- yes i know that could be dangerous -- ...
  31. hi guys -- i am back -- the motorhome will go back to yachets oregon and that is when i am in my element to walk that beach -- to go from yachats to waldport oregon pending on the tides and what i fin...
  32. thank you freon -- but i would like feedback with words this will help me on the next step in restoring this bike -- she was in a fire and you can check my other listings
  33. blunderbuss -- give me feedback on the huffy bike i just up loaded and yes i always love your posting -- especially with the information that you provide
  34. always love the cameo glassware
  35. i love these -- it takes me back to my childhood when dad owned the mobil station in waldport oregon -- which is where we spend our summer months with the 35' pace arrrow motor home that ted and i hav...
  36. oh to visit the past -- perhaps we have the technology today but the past has the quality and pride of engineering -- guess it is our privilege to leave our footprints in both
  37. nice job on those handles -- will certainly bookmark you when we restore our trunks for the clients here in the nw
  38. gorgeous -- impecable taste -- now all you need to do is find some charms to tell the fabric of your life
  39. dad does or did some very fine work on this one -- meticulously done -- what a treasure for future generations to come
  40. very nice english charm bracelet -- my passion!!!!!
  41. always good to solve the mystery -- plus the rest of use get to increase our knowledge banks -- classy looking hat or lapel pin
  42. very nice cameo -- exceptional carving -- you have a treasure with this one!!!!!
  43. i believe this was a bucella needle point kit that was sold in the late 70s -- did one just like it for my guest room and hung it above the bed for decades -- mine had a pink frame insert around the i...
  44. i do believe it is definitely alexandrite and if someone cared enough to place it in a 18K gold setting it just might be the real mc coy --russia is known for thier natural alexandrites and also use t...
  45. beautiful pic of liz -- what a gal
  46. love the kois
  47. gorgeous
  48. impeccable taste as always phil -- beautiful postings
  49. love the ring -- have one similar -- i sure get a lot of nice comments when i wear mine -- love your cat -- looks like he is a tongue sucker also -- boog bear loves to sit on the floor by my chair and...
  50. beautiful color -- kinda looks swedish
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