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Reykjavik, Iceland

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I´m an artist and designer and collector of beautiful things, vintage and antique. I am trying to identify some of the items I have that are unmarked, and hopefulI´m an artist and designer and collector of beautiful things, vintage and antique. I am trying to identify some of the items I have that are unmarked, and hopefully people can help me out here. I would appreciate it :-) I am also going to add here my collection already identified, when I find the time :) I just recently started to have some time to pay attention to my collection and that is so fun :-) (Read more)


  1. Still haven´t found anything about this box :)
  2. Anyone know anything about this little statue? :)
  3. Well, I found a piece who are very much a like my vase and they say it´s Loetz Loets crackle items that I ...
  4. Pons from Paris is a fiction character in a book lol. I have been reading a lot online about interesting stuff, but it seems to be rather difficult to get any info about this box. kerry10456........
  5. epson233........I post info here as soon as I know something for sure. But Marie Antoinette had a cousin called Pons who admired her porcelain. Her porcelain were imported from China. There ...
  6. Thank you for the love Lisa. epson233 and everybody who drops by, I have already found connection to Marie Antoinette and Lily
  7. epson233.......No I have not, thank you for pointing that out :)
  8. Thank you Leah......... very nice of you :)
  9. Thank you Bellin68 :)
  10. Beautiful! You have many wonderful pieces in your collection :)
  11. Anyone know anything about this piece? :)
  12. I removed the sentence: "What is it worth" lol.......... I am first and for most trying to identify my items that are unmarked :)
  13. Thank you epson233 :)
  14. I think he is talking about this piece:
  15. Thank you epson233. I didn´t see this message.
  16. Beautiful chairs! I have some old furniture. I like to mix old and new :)
  17. Made by Polish company called IKA, it is most likely out of business and it is not found online. I got these information through souvenir seller in Poland. This thimble is probably from 1990s.
  18. Most likely made 2001 :)
  19. Thank you so much! Very nice of you :)
  20. My condolences to you and your family. Very difficult when a young person like that is taken away.
  21. Thank you Kevin :) I´m from Iceland :) so you probably mean Icelandic items :) I have been very busy, but I love surfing around here :)
  22. Thank you :)
  23. rural_charms.............thank you too :-)
  24. Manikin..........Thank you so much! Very nice of you :-) I have been searching a lot but did not find any exactly like these. But again, thank you :-)
  25. Thank you very much TallCakes :-)
  26. Difficult to find bowl/ashtray like this :-) Anyone?
  27. Anyone? :-)
  28. I still have not found anything about this vase :-) Anyone?
  29. Hello. The pattern on the handles on your vase are similar to a pattern on an old vase that I have. You can see it if you click on my id :-)
  30. Thank you :-)
  31. Thank you :-) I hope someone can identify it for me :-)
  32. This could be Luminarc France, I´m not sure :-)
  33. Yes it would be very interesting to know what it is. It is similar to many Murano glass pieces I have seen online. So perhaps it is Italian :-)
  34. Thank you for stopping by :-) I´m also thinking this could be Italian. I hope somebody can help me find out what it is. The lady I got it from passed away many years ago and she had great collection...
  35. It´s beautiful! I collect green glass myself :-)
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