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Huge Moser custard UV glass insects vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
European September Morn in Vaseline glass - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tiffany Favrile Gobler, OR IS IT ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Legras fire poppy vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
English Thomas Gammon optical illusion jelly glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Intaglio amethyst perfume bottle stopper - Art Glassin Art Glass
Heinrich Hoffman Dragon Intaglio - Art Glassin Art Glass
Serpent handled bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Reijmyre Sweden artdeco vaseline lion head dish - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi Kevin, i loved reading this and the images, if you are ever to come over the big pond give me a shout and i will take you on a tour of THE oldest Cathedral in Britian, Durham Cathedral and Castle, ...
  2. Hi, thanks for that, it could be Jane Charles ? see here
  3. I have a feeling it should have a lid ?? such as a tall finial type, but i could be totaly wrong! it is stunning though
  4. I have a feeling it should have a lid ?? such as a tall finial type, but i could be totaly wrong! it is stunning though
  5. Hi, this is stunning, but the photo of the signature is a bit blurred could you possibly take another more clear one please
  6. Sorry forget Baccarat, senility crept in there, but Daum certainly did.
  7. Hi, this could be Hofbauer Glass they made a large series of glass cars, but then again so did Daum and Baccarat, have you looked closley for a signature ?
  8. Thanks for all the advice folks, i am always willing to learn, unfortunatley my long suffering husband has finally had enough and has insisted i choose my most treasured pieces and sell the rest!!!! w...
  9. This might help with Vaseline glass I have colected glass for over thirty years and have had many pieces of vaseline glass in various colours. I have an...
  10. Yes, i know Pamela we have met, and vaseline can be Green as it contains uranium
  11. Thank you !! Merry Christmas to you and a fruitful NewYear, i had the greatest Christmas present ever, a new grandson made an early appearance, 6lb 140z and called Frankie, that makes four grandchild...
  12. The Italians dyed, painted and enamelled almost everything, alabaster before it is polished can be porous, but it can also come in many different shades, some pieces are even mistaken for Malachite ? ...
  13. Try looking at Sklo Union, Czech art glass, even though it is pressed it is amongst the most recent collectable rage, if you google Sklo union glass there should be lots of information.
  14. Hi, it is definiteley Italian and is an Alabaster powder pot, google Italian Alabaster :-)
  15. Hi Vetraio50, your comments and advise are always welcome, and thnaks to all who love it. I have been looking at the plain uppercase signed one's again and i have to say a lot of them look to be drem...
  16. Thanks for putting a face to the name we have been discussing for so long now, and i agree Gabrielle was very beautiful. I would be interested to see Claude's paintings as Jules Henri clearly had a v...
  17. Hi Venon, sorry no it wasn't me, i have been in bed with the flu! :-( and my daughter is due to deliver a new baby any day now so very busy here.
  18. There is also information about one Jules Henri Venon in the Ellis Island record's showing he sailed from Le Harve on the ship Paris and arrived in New York on September 9th 1922. This information m...
  19. Hi, i think they are by Jules, but that is just my opinion. Also i found this, could this be our man Jules? notice his occupation
  20. Hi all, this post is not about the lion face plate, but on the is a catalogue page for early Reijmyre, i thought i would put it here for future referance http://www.glas-must...
  21. No, i don't think Mondrain, but thanks for the suggestion :-)
  22. Thanks, found one the other one must have gone :-(
  23. Hi Vetraio50, what side of the pond? cant seem to find them. Bye the way, have you seen my new piece?
  24. Hi, thanks for the love, yes i did google the name, that's why i am not sure it is by him, but you are right, it is stunning!!
  25. Update, i have just had an email saying this could be by Henri Navarre but i am not so sure??
  26. Hi, i agree with Mariehem, there are probably more pieces in the States than anywhere else, even less in England, but i suspect there are even more of Venon's designs that will come to light. There i...
  27. Vetraio 50 and Mariehem, I cannot thank you enough for all your information, but now another question come's to mind, what colour's did they come in? so far we have seen yours in clear and mind in Vas...
  28. Welcome Venon, i am so glad you found this forum, now maybe we will find some answer's to our questions ! I also think that maybe I should file this discussion into a permanent folder to my computer ...
  29. Hi, thank you for the information, i love glass and the research into the origin's of each piece i collect, any information is always appreciated. Thank You x
  30. Sorry!! forgot to add, on the Hoffman page you can click on any image for a larger view.
  31. Hi Lisa, I am sorry to hear you have had so much trouble :-( I am afraid someone in the past who had your piece did not know what they had, quite a few of Hoffman pieces have turned up with a laliqu...
  32. Hi, hand made Murano Tutti frutti dish, but i am not sure that it was made during ww11 as production ceased during that time?
  33. Hi, this is the dove of peace holding an olive branch, goe's right back to the story of Noah and the Ark, now used by many organizations :-)
  34. Hi, yes, you can love a piece of glass to much, and no, sorry, you can not have it. I had to let it go, so it is no longer mine and it breaks my heart, but i did have a good excuse for letting it go ...
  35. Hi vintagemad, post some pics please, as to mending her, it depends on the break and how much it will cost and if the piece is right. I would still like to see her :-)
  36. Hi, sorry i have been away for a while, could you please post a photo? Thank You and Kind Regards.
  37. Hi, what does the label say?
  38. I have handled hundreds of paperweight's and the colours in this weight and the shape of the "cog's" sugest to me that this is modern Chinese, but that is just my humble opinion.
  39. Hi, sorry to dissapoint you, but it is modern chinese and produced in the hundreds
  40. Hi, try looking at Empoli glass.
  41. Hi, this would have been one of a pair of mantle vases, that is why the back is plain. Looking at the thicker paint lining then infilled with paint to make the decoration i would say Bohemia, but tha...
  42. Hi, i think it is called loganberry by Imperial try this site
  43. Hi, these little vase's were tourist piece's from around the 1950's 60's you often find them with little painted gondolas and in different colours and sometimes they have little enamelled flowers, the...
  44. Hi Vetraio50, i think that there are so many world resepected knowlageable people looking into this design, i am sure the truth will come to light one day
  45. Second photo, first jug, looks like english Jacobean pattern.
  46. Nice vaseline glass lemon squeezer
  47. Hi Vetraio, you never cease to amaze me with your depth of knowledge, So, is the design Venon's and the glass Reijmyre, or is it all Reijmyre and venon just took the oportunity to patent the design? ...
  48. Thanks Vetraio for the information, i used to have a Robert Welch stainless steel handled Tazza, it was quite shallow with a plain ring foot, it dissapeared when my hubby decided to clear out the pant...
  49. There is a discussion about this dish elsewhere, and it seem's there might be some dispute about it's origins ?? watch this space for more info. I dont care where it comes from, i love it :-)
  50. Hi, i agree with you all, just because it is stapled does not mean it is worthless, i think it is beautiful. By the way, the candlesticks in the background, are they Wedgwood Sheringham? and if so a...
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