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Love everything old!


  1. Gorgeous! I don't have any info though. Opal can crack if not kept moist so make sure if it is stored it is placed with a moist cotton ball. Don't put baby oil on it!
  2. It is beautiful!!! I would turn it into a little pendent if I were you.
  3. Thank you Lars! I appreciate the information!
  4. Thanks Bijoux! No, none of the charms pictured are mechanical. I have many that are. I haven't ever had them put on a bracelet, they are just sitting in my jewelry box. I love your Boxer! I have two a...
  5. They were not made the way they are now. They cracked at some point in time due to lightning or something like that.
  6. LOL "curse".... too funny, but I feel your pain! As far as fixing her, I haven't a clue. I would check around your area to see if there is someone that can repair her. If you don't want to spend the m...
  7. I saw that rabbit too, but it's not the same as mine. Mine has the exact same face as the one above.
  8. Found it! The tag says "Columbia Toy Products. Kansas City, Mo"
  9. I don't know if it has a tag or not. I'll hunt it down and look. I'll post back when I do.
  10. WOW! I have one that looks just like this but mine is in a bunny outfit. I have had it since I was a baby. It once played music but the winding key fell off. I've never seen another one until now! Is ...
  11. Post pictures so we can see it.
  12. Lion = sterling .925 Crown = Sheffield England TB & S = Thomas Bradbury & Sons (registered 1892) Unsure of the date of production of this piece as there isn't a date mark. Try researching TB&S, th...
  13. I'm wondering if this was a scent bottle. Maybe some cloth with perfume was placed in it and carried in a pocket or purse. Cities kinda stunk back then because of poor sanitation. Or maybe a pill bott...
  14. You're very welcome! I looked at the other pics, but still not sure what it is. I hope someone else can give you more info.
  15. The marks: 1st on the left, GNRH = George Nathan & Ridley Hayes 2nd from left, Lion = .925 sterling silver 3rd from left, shield w/ 3 "mushrooms = Chester, England 4th from left "B" = 1902 N...
  16. The info above is right on, of course. I have a set of these that we only use for Coke-floats. :)
  17. I have a few old bags too. I just use them for decoration though. :) Love yours!
  18. Tell you what.... just mail them to me and I'll keep them for you. :) lol
  19. LOL AR, too funny! But they are very similar! Me too Wise, they are perpetually happy. lol
  20. I had totally forgotten about these figures until you posted them! I had some when I was a kid. I had a Smurf birthday cake at some point in my childhood. Thanks for the memories!
  21. Posting it now. Ok, so I lied.... mine is a little bit different. lol
  22. ok, I'll post one tomorrow! If I don't forget lol. You can see him in my post of the book case I have.
  23. I have one JUST like this! My grandfather bought it overseas when he was in WWII.
  24. Post pictures of all the details you described above. It will be hard to identify or date the watch without seeing the works. You might want to take it to a watch repair person so they can open it for...
  25. See if his email address works leereynoldsburr@hotmail.com
  26. If I'm not mistaken this was used while staining surfaces to make it look like wood or to make it appear as if it is a certain type of wood. I'm pretty sure that is what it is. Hopefully someone else ...
  27. Gorgeous!!! You have a beautiful glass collection!
  28. Wow, what a blast from the past! Love it!!
  29. Open the back and post any serial numbers and pictures of the works. We can at least figure out when it was made. Beautiful watch!
  30. Murano made fish like this. Maybe that's who made yours. It's too cool, I'd keep it too if I were you.
  31. Thats the daddy-daughter relationship. The mother-daughter relationship is a whole other beast! lol
  32. LOL susan! Too funny! I have told my daughter the same thing and she says "I'm not having kids!" AR, if they took over the world everyone would have an iPhone and and iPad! lol
  33. LOL She's 14, if I gave her to you free of charge you'd return her within 24 hrs!
  34. Thanks for the "likes" and "loves" Shawn and James!
  35. Wow, the green one in the first link sold for $225! Not that I would ever sell mine, it was a gift from my daughter.
  36. Thanks for all the links AR. I compared them but I'm still wondering if they are associated with my vase. The faces are very different. I've seen quite a few different companies that have put applied ...
  37. lol yes, very unique..... the faces are almost scary, but since they are on a pink vase they can't be too freaky.
  38. Thanks for the "like" vintage! :)
  39. Thanks Cindy! I love it too, it's definitely funky. I have looked all over the web and can't find a maker. I hope someone knows too!
  40. I think its very cool!!! Now, ignore the above post and send it to me instead. heehee.
  41. You're very welcome! Glad I could help!
  42. Clowns totally freak me out.... but that is one cute clown!
  43. This vase was made by Rainbow. It's very pretty!!
  44. I have the same ashtray. I found it at a flea market for $2. I love a good deal! Love your blenko pieces!!
  45. 925 is the silver content of the overlay on the glass, which means it's sterling silver. They should shine up nicely. Very nice pieces!
  46. LOL too funny!
  47. Isolation of bacteriophage for staphylococcus aureus :)
  48. Viking, some day your great-grandchildren will be glad you held on to that paper. It truly is and always will be a piece of history, bickering notwithstanding! When I get my research published next ye...
  49. Forgot to add that the color of the pitcher is actually Mulberry which was only produced in 1958.
  50. The foil label on the pitcher was used by Blenko from 1930 to 1982, which would be what is expected considering when Husted and Nickerson worked for Blenko.
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