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Pasadena, CA

Graphic Designer aka "jackielou"


  1. Around LA, we have a few eclectic musical stations on AM. One of the better ones just went HD. But there's always "talk radio" when desparate. I still have a few radios from the 40's. What I remember ...
  2. Wow! With that wonderful wood cabinet, it must have great sound!
  3. It's truly beautiful. I have a similar one (not pretty and shiny, though) that came from a hotel my great grandfather built in 1901. Does yours have a date?
  4. Macobabe13, please forgive for not acknowledging your lovely comment sooner. Sometimes, it just gets too busy to have any fun! I haven't been on line for a while. I will keep watching for your mother'...
  5. Thank you, JTeachout. It's always nice to hear compliments on cherished items!
  6. This is the type of toy I would have loved as a child and I find myself loving it as an adult! About what sizes is it?
  7. Thank you, officialfuel. Now, I know what to call it!
  8. Thank you for your comment, bahamaboy. Yes, the tank holds the kerosene. It would be nice if you have any pictures of your standing lamp--sounds interesting.
  9. I'm glad you did, too! Very informative.
  10. Thanks for your interest, geekasaurus. Great name.
  11. Thank you, Toyman. I never thought of an auto body place for help. I'll check it out. Are your dogs really part wolf? They must be huge.
  12. Tamia, thank you for your advice. I was afraid plastic wouldn't be good. I'll do something for it this weekend.
  13. Wow! No wonder it's your favorite; it's unbelievable.
  14. Thank you, Shawn186--I think it's gorgeous, too!
  15. Thank you, senor_trunk.
  16. Diana, thank you. Sorry, I was off a couple days. This heater is fully vented. Fumes are drawn up and out the fireplace. If installed correctly and not damaged, it should work fine for you. In Pasaden...
  17. Mekei, my brain is still not back to normal. This set has the word "JAPON" on the bottom.
  18. Mekei, should have answered you sooner but been under the weather. What markings should I look for. Right now, everything's in storage.
  19. SMD, I adore this type ot book. The innocense of the time, the charming illustrations--I could just surround myself with them. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Thank you--junkgirl, malta760, lookn4mydiamondntherough, officialfuel--it's good to know that you have visited this piece and have let me know you like it.
  21. Thank you, Lynn and fenton-hobnail. Your comments will certainly help me reseach this piece.
  22. Thanks, Tikiray.
  23. Has beautiful feeling! And it looks well preserved. I have had newspaper art/articles framed acid-free and it seems to stop and even reverse the aging process. Which means they can be kept forever!
  24. Very nice! Haven't seen anything like them. Do you know the approximate vintage year?
  25. AR8Jason, you must have some info on these guys?
  26. AR8Jason, do you know anything about this sort of thing?
  27. It's very pretty--I hope you find something real nice about it.
  28. P.S. Oh and I have an abundance of great keepsakes!
  29. Officialfuel, I had thought that I would grow old and die in that house; and leave it to the city as a museum or to the historical society or something like that. But, maybe my life wasn't meant to be...
  30. Tikiray, thank you!
  31. Officialfuel, the house is located in Anaheim, California. I tried very hard to find a "respectful" buyer (with the articles and ads in Cottages & Bungalows and even one in American Bungalow). But, th...
  32. Thank you, officialfuel. Aren't these wide curving boards that make up the top modeling great!
  33. Thank you, bellapicker. Now, I just have to find another place that will show it off as well!
  34. Thank you, James. I will check the sites out. So nice of you to help. (I try to spend time in the storage every week--going through things--but I'll find myself just staring instead. My grandmother's ...
  35. Thank you, James. How do I find out if it's a Larkin? How did you know from a web picture that it still had it's original mirror?
  36. Thank you, officialfuel. I was wondering how to title the piece. And, no..I'm enjoying these wonderful things through the pictures I've been posting on this website; they're the way they should be in ...
  37. Toyman, I'm confused. Stop by how? A website? An email? I'm not traveling from California to Tennesee.
  38. P.S. Are you a painter of pictures or houses--either could could get a person into decorating?
  39. Thank you. Toyman. I hope you' put up some of your quilts and rugs. I find everything so interesting.
  40. Thank you, John and officialfuel. I was hoping you guys would check the clock out. There's so much I have to know and you've been so helpful.
  41. What a lovely set--looks art deco. And, I love that shade of green. The set has simplicity and character. You are lucky to have it.
  42. What a graceful, delicate piece of art. I,d love to have it, too!
  43. Thank you, MaryKay7. My rocker is from the Portland Chair Company, Oregon (it happens to be stamped).
  44. Such an unusual and lovely color combination, just delightful!
  45. Toyman, very interesting to hear about you chair. I have a "fainting" couch that is leather and horse hair--I'll try to get it on for you. Also, I've put another picture on this page which shows the o...
  46. Thank you, pjo. It's so nice to get new websites. I will check it out. I'd love to attend the Arts & Crafts Shows but they're a little too far away for me.
  47. Thank you so much, AR8Jason. $300-$3000, quite a range! You are very kind to look at all those sites and be so helpful.
  48. Hi bellapicker. There's a spring mechanism you can see when the chair is turned over. It allows the chair to recline. There's also a button on the right arm that you push in. The foot rest pul...
  49. Ozmarty and Toyman, thank you for your info. There are no tags or markings, I just know it's an old original. It has not been restored.
  50. I love the simplicity of the swallows. But, are the mounts for holding them on a wall?
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