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Indiana and Florida

I'm a retired schoolteacher who now has time to research and document family heirlooms. I'm not necessarily a collector, just a gal who appreciates antiques for theI'm a retired schoolteacher who now has time to research and document family heirlooms. I'm not necessarily a collector, just a gal who appreciates antiques for their beauty and history. I've often thought---if an heirloom could talk, what a story it could tell! (Read more)


  1. Thanks so much, TallCakes! It looks to be the same pattern.
  2. Correction: The first Lake County Fair was in 1852, not ‘51. The property in my photo was purchased by the County in the late 1870s with the intention of using it for the Fair!
  3. TreasureTex, thank you. The photos were taken in or around Crown Point, IN. The photo of the girls on the pier was taken at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, IN. The grounds is still the s...
  4. Merry Christmas to you, toolate2!
  5. Thanks, toolate2, no apology necessary. I get on Collectors Weekly in spurts these days. There just aren't enough hours in the day!
  6. Thanks, toolate2!
  7. Thank you Sean68, and thanks, walksoftly, for the information and link. I believe you're right about the pier!
  8. You should be proud, musikchoo! I love old family photos.
  9. What lovely photos and a a great way to honor your grandmother.
  10. Can't believe it! I just happened to notice some print inside my grandpa's violin. He wrote on the inside: Calvin Burroughs, Fair Oaks, Indiana, 1928. I just posted a new photo showing the date. ...
  11. Hey Michael, you weren't by any chance at a Cracker Barrel off of I 65 at the Edinburgh exit on Tues. May 6th? If it wasn't you, then you have a clone out there. There were 3 guys on motorcycles and...
  12. Thank you, AzTom.
  13. Thank you, vetraio50, and best wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season!
  14. Thank you all for your comments and loves. Gar, if I only knew what happened to that car...... I love your previously posted car. I've haven't been on CW much lately and I miss it, especially looki...
  15. I believe your vase is cranberry Fenton glass, the opalescent hobnail pattern. Very pretty!
  16. You're welcome, Janis. Have a wonderful trip to Europe and let me know if you visit Stara Role!
  17. Adorable photos, Ted. They inspired me to post a couple of my own!
  18. Sorry I can't help you, basicamyl.
  19. Thank you, flowerrose!
  20. Thanks, scandinavian and walksoftly, for your information. I'll conclude that the Pope is a 1913 model and that the photo was taken around then!
  21. I see that you finished restoring the gas pump like the one in my grandfather's photo that I posted a number of months ago! Your pump looks great! I recently discovered that the pump could have been...
  22. Wow, Manikin knows her dolls and you know your photos, Scott. I'm continually amazed as to how much I learn on CW.
  23. Looked up Bovina on the map. For sure it's west Texas and must have been a desolate place to live in 1913! Thanks for sharing, Scott.
  24. Hey, antiquesareamazing, when I saw the name REED I thought you might be related to my husband. I found your Eugene on gr grandfather was George Reed (1680-1765) but my husband's an...
  25. Thanks so much for the information, minnierufus!
  26. Thanks so much, Lao!
  27. Thanks, packrat.
  28. Not sure.....will check when I get home. Thanks for the tip about B & H model.
  29. Thanks, scottscuff. The knob does turn on the lamp. I've looked over every inch of the lamp for markings, but no luck!
  30. Thanks, tlmbaran, love your dogs, too!
  31. Thank you very much, Flying Ace!
  32. Thanks, SMD, it is a wonderful piece of family history. Thanks for the information about the die cuts. I just assumed they were stickers, but it's obvious now that they were glued on!
  33. Thanks, lundy.
  34. You're right, scandinavian_pieces, it is very similar. Thank you so much! I'll continue to research capodimonte marks.
  35. I wonder if kids today even know who Roy Rogers was?! I guess those of us who know our RR Trivia date ourselves!
  36. I'm not going to hold my breath.
  37. Thanks, Bellin68!
  38. Great old bag, thriftman! Did you know that the design is a "Colonial Couple" pattern? The pattern is a commercial design put mainly on china, but also figurines, lamps, and art pottery. I research...
  39. I love my Nook and iPhone, but my husband is on your side. He also has to have the "real thing" in his hands. I do think it's a shame, however, that some high schools (and even elementary schools) ...
  40. Walksoftly, it's wonderful to have photos of your 3rd great grandparents! I have photos of my 2nd great grandparents and a canteen that belonged to my 3rd great grandfather, but no photo to go with t...
  41. I remember the '79 team. As to your last sentence: You and me both, stepback. As die-hard Cub fans, we must have patience and true grit. Do you think it will happen in our lifetime?
  42. I love all of your Christmas candy containers and thanks for adding the history lessons to go along with them!
  43. Thanks, Pop. I understood that the photo was your son and did my math and figured the photo was taken in the early 70s. I like your tradition of not putting in the Baby Jesus until Christmas mornin...
  44. Is that cute little blondie in front of the tree you, pop_abides? May I ask what year that photo was taken? Love your photos....and thanks for accepting my Christmas Past dare. :-)
  45. Thank you, Manikin! Yes, you're correct, that's a Molly'es doll. You can tell for sure by looking at the hands. As for the doll I'm holding, I know I had a Tiny Tears doll but I think it had short ...
  46. You were one excited kid back in 1958! Luv it! Being from the Chicago area, I know what you mean about waiting until spring. I have a summer birthday and I recall getting my bikes then! Thanks fo...
  47. Yes, Manikin, that's me in front of the tree. It's hard to tell the name of the baby doll I'm holding. Do you by any chance know the name of the doll in the second photo? It looks like a cloth doll ...
  48. Thank you so much, Manikin! I just did some quick research and I'm sure you are correct. I remember she was a walking doll. It also made sense that my mother would buy Sweet Sue dolls for both me a...
  49. Thank you also ThriftStoreAddict for you comments.
  50. Thank you, Scott.
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