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I just found this site the other day and am TOTALY addicted! I didnt think I had much of a collection at first to really share,til I thought of all the wonderful thI just found this site the other day and am TOTALY addicted! I didnt think I had much of a collection at first to really share,til I thought of all the wonderful things I have inherited over the I will do my best to bring some new things to look at,and maybe help shed some light on some of yours.My Grandma used to say to me "you are never too old to learn".I whole heartedly agree.I want to soak up as much knowledge about antiques as I can from this site.See you around :) (Read more)


  1. Most of my best ones are not near as nice or large as yours,but the jar that i posted on here w/the agates in it are the most of my best. Then I have the other categorized and in separate jars,and lab...
  2. Not sure,and this is a long shot...(no pun intended) but to me it looks like an old gun safety/cock??? especially considering the size,and depending on what the white "grip strip" is made of.could it...
  3. Yes,I thought i detected "Sugar Quartz" amazing,I Love the combo's too,like Jasper agate and even chert agate.Just not as much as Lake Superior Agate of course,but deffinately unique in their own ways.
  4. K,Im just shaking my head at this point....just in awe!
  5. GIRL,you are so lucky!!!
  6. You are a "Rock Star" in my eye's! keep em coming,i could sare at these things for hours,so fascinated by them.Thanx again!
  7. I am speechless!! and soooooo stinkin jealous!! ;)
  8. Can I LOVE this 100 times over ;) How blessed you are to only have to travel a short distance and find these amazing "gems" by just walking in a field! Thanx for sharing.Truly a beautiful find. You ...
  9. marcobabe13,Im working on those close ups for you,right now there is some recent construction debri that is in the way.i will get those as soon as i can.thanx for the interest.
  10. I didnt even realize such a thing existed til today,but these are adorable ;)
  11. wow! so glamorous! Beautiful!
  12. Im guessing...a mixing handle/paddle? if its part of a paint and lacquer co. it would make sense.
  13. Love this! thanx for sharing
  14. Thanx Hedgewalker! and Vintagemad,I would LOVE to see your collection on here,yes I have more,but have only been collecting for about 5 yrs.(thats at a snails pace,w/ 1 or 2 weeks out of each year),s...
  15. Oh Shawnl86,Im so sorry to hear that! my hubby and i go up every chance we get!,this year it looks like what was supposed to be 3 trips up is gonna be 2,but im grateful for that at least. Hope you ge...
  16. thanx pickrknows,yeah ya gotta watch out for the Agate bug.when it bites,you get all tingly and are overcome w/an obsession the likes you may have never experienced before...
  17. Marcia,Im curious,do your #s on the bottom match up?? I thought it was odd that mine didnt. not sure if it really means anything or not,i was just wondering
  18. YEP! she was a special and amazing woman,thanx for the comment
  19. wow! thanx so much everyone! Im so excited that i actually have some Fenton
  20. by the way,is there any way to get an "edit photos" lead on here for rotating pics easier?? just wondering.
  21. Yay! thanx for sharing! I LOVE the Tiger's! love the game,Comerica,all of it! woohoohoo!
  22. ummm, definitely unique and unusual,however I got a good laugh out of it too,thanx ;)
  23. Stunning!
  24. wow! amazing collection!
  25. hmmmm,somewhere i have an old tin full of buttons that I think was passed from my g-ma to my mother then to me....I really need to locate that,and see what I actually have.These are beautiful by the w...
  26. Hi,this is Becky,I finally filled out a profile for this site so now you can find me on here. Cant wait to hear back from you,looking forward to it... and your quite welcome ;)
  27. Ah,the dirt is like petina on an old gun or knife.Dirt on the baseball IS the story,our imaginations fill in the lines of who,what,when,where and how.Very nice,thanx for sharing.
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