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I love any thing that has a past, a story to tell. I have many collections and will continue to add new ones. My main focus is vintage costume jewelry and vintage faI love any thing that has a past, a story to tell. I have many collections and will continue to add new ones. My main focus is vintage costume jewelry and vintage fashion. Got to give CW a shout out and say thank you! I love what they have created for all of us who are regulars and for those that just drop by. Cant wait to see what we will find in the months to come! ps. I am not a snob, regardless of my profile pics LOL.. (Read more)


  1. I have the same one in Green, I think I like the yellow better:)
  2. This piece looks fairly new or at least made within the last 10 years. Napier is still producing jewelry for Department Stores like Khols, Herberger's etc. Lovely bracelet regardless of age.
  3. Somewhere in my paper mountain I know I have an add for Trifari, showing this necklace as well as matching earrings & bracelet. I think its signed on the back of the piece.
  4. Thanks Mani, as late as the 50's huh I was off. That's what makes this site so awesome! Thanks again:)
  5. Thanks mustang, always a pleasure, Nik
  6. Thank you China & Mikko for such a quick response & helpful links. Always a pleasure, Nik
  7. The copper one is my favorite but its unsigned. When I found it I thought Rebajes as well. Your right about the last one its Mexican signed Sterling but is not silver. Thanks for comments, likes & lov...
  8. I don't think they are custom made, but its obvious they have not been worn. What a great find! What size are they??? I love them.
  9. Awesome thanks for the link ks85. And thank you all for the loves:)
  10. Lovely Persian Lambs Wool or "Curly Lamb" coat. The collar looks like it is Mink. Hope its being worn:)
  11. This card is beautiful & haunting! The first thing that came to my mind is the families of today. To all the brave Men & Women, Mothers & Fathers, Sons & Daughters, Brothers & Sisters, Husbands & Wive...
  12. Try looking up "Punch & Judy" nodder.
  13. Hi Kathycat, thanks for the comment. Do you sketch designs? Love to see them if you do:) I love PR too, dedicated fan since the first season.
  14. Thank you Mikko,walksoftly & Kathycat for the loves. Kathycat could you piece together patterns just from the pictures?
  15. Thank you Kathycat, and thank you all for the likes & loves.
  16. Good choice SP, so that's two taken only two left! Who's going to join the ball.......LOL? Thanks for the comments, likes & loves.
  17. Love love love The Ink Spots! Don't get around much anymore is one of my favorite songs ever, but honestly I like them all. Great house work tunes.
  18. What a fantastic cover! I want that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Thanks sp, & everyone for all the loves. I've been super busy with a new job, no time for pickin:( As soon as I get a few days off I will try and get some pictures taken of the treasures from the hoar...
  20. Looks like a Czech piece, possibly Austria? Very pretty!
  21. Fab bracelet! But it has to be later then the 30's. The AB rhinestones found in the center strand were not created until the 50's. Reminds me of a Coro set I have seen in vintage magazine ads. Vintage...
  22. I can't tell you anything about this, but I know if I saw this I would have to buy it! I mean who wouldn't want this? It's so awesomely funny!
  23. I think mid 50's is a good estimate. It has a Space Age look to it. Do you have the hat? Or are you just curious as to the age of the photo?
  24. Thank you lannd its actually a bubble gum pink & white:)
  25. I would guess a hook & extender tail?
  26. These hit like a dream, & that's all I will say:)
  27. I agree Amber, very pretty. Though I have seen them appearing in antique stores & sometimes they have high prices, but I see them sit on the shelf & not sell.
  28. Still a cool piece & totally wearable, how big is it?
  29. Thanks AR8, I see these are asking prices & not completed listings. I was told by Mother that if I sold this it would be the last thing I ever sell..... lol. So even if I could score $460 I wouldn't, ...
  30. Thanks stef,amber,sp & mustang.
  31. Thank you for the loves.
  32. Awesome, thank you.
  33. Thanks for all the comments & loves:)
  34. Ha ha Jim, I figured the frame would be an after thought. Mustangtony I never thought of it being a mirror, perhaps it was it came w/glass though. Thanks for all the loves.
  35. Thank you for all the comments,likes & loves. AR8, I actually have a few pieces that I was going to use as replacements but when I tried to cut them down to size they shattered. I know I will find som...
  36. Are you sure this is a bracelet? Seems awfully small, or you have large hands. Is it solid all the way around or is it a cuff? I would have guessed a napkin ring.
  37. Love the fact you rescued these photo's, good for you. I would have started going through all the trash lol. I mean if this was garbage to them what else did they toss?
  38. Nice haul!!! I got basically zip this last weekend, this coming should be awesome tho.
  39. The cats in the bag are simply wonderful!!!!
  40. I have the black one! I will try to post a pick soon.
  41. It has worth as a wearable piece of jewelry. I don't think you need to ensure it, if it came up for sale on eBay I think it would bring around $40-$60 dollars. Boucher figural & rhinestone jewelry bri...
  42. I do too Bootson, but it kinda makes me feel bad at the same time. Like you said someone loved those items & it makes me think of all my stuff I love. Are my kids going to love my items when I go? Or ...
  43. Is that a calender next to the paperweight? What year is the Paris Underground book? Sounds like a good read. You should have come up north, I have never seen so many sales!!!! But I blew my entire wa...
  44. From the front it looks like Boucher. The back looks pretty crude for Boucher but maybe its just the pictures. The signature & the #'s look ok, without seeing it in person its hard to tell. Was the au...
  45. Well since it was something passed on to you I would say the pieces are priceless! But in reality if you were to go to an antique store & find this brooch it would likely cost around $18-$30. I think...
  46. Another fantastic site:)
  47. I look at the back of piece & can almost instantly tell. Check this site out great info on the ways to spot a piece. Plus the insanely beautiful eye candy:)
  48. Looks like A D&E (Juliana) made piece, always nice!
  49. Thanks forgottencotton, Bellin68.
  50. Snakes, Panthers, Insects all these figural pieces are desired by collectors. When a well made true aged piece comes around people get excited. I think yours were so popular because they remained tog...
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