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Green Valley,AZ

My wife would be first to tell you I am a nut on collecting. I collect stamps(world wide),plates,ball point pens, toys,stuff toys,dvd movies,vintage postcards,vintagMy wife would be first to tell you I am a nut on collecting. I collect stamps(world wide),plates,ball point pens, toys,stuff toys,dvd movies,vintage postcards,vintage photos,books,art(oil,watercolor,drawings etc) (Read more)


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Shade Beneath a  Desert Tree - Fine Artin Fine Art
Shade Beneath a  Desert Tree - Fine Artin Fine Art
LE SALUT - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
no title - Figurinesin Figurines
no title - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Flexing the Toledo - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Navajo Jewelry - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Wood Ruler - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Doll's From Japan - Asianin Asian


  1. Thanks Militarist for the info. I got that ruler with a bunch of artist brushes at a yard sale. I now know the history of it thanks to you.
  2. Yohanna thank you for your comment,never thought about looking under the fur will check it out and see what it says. Thank you Militarist for your comment and will post the whole ruler tonight.Think ...
  3. Thank you AmphoraPottery, I thought they were so funny when I first found them those many years ago.I still kept them.
  4. By the way all I dumpster dive,find some cool stuff:)
  5. Thank you stefdesign for your comment.The two photo's on the right say something like to a Mr.Brown.Found those in a dumpster some years back lol. The woman in the cape,I met at a startrek convention...
  6. You have a very nice Squash Blossom necklace there.I would bet that each peace is habd made.I have one from my late mother. She bought it in WindowRock,AZ back in the 1970's it is called sandcast,very...
  7. Thank you BELLIN68 and I do love this painting.
  8. I seem to keep comeing back to this post. Lets see in 1949 I would have been 3 years old ,laughing. I missed out on that one ,But I do recall many years later of getting 10 WhiteCastle hamburgers for ...
  9. Thank you Manikin and stefdesign
  10. Thank you fhrjr2 I will tell her what you said,I never heard of that,I learn something new today again thanks for your comment.
  11. I might as well add this.My wife says I have been collecting garbage for 60 years,of all things a vinegar jar lid . Must be a curse or something to collect things lol.
  12. Thank you packrat-place, Now I know what it is and better yet what it went to.
  13. Thank you Manikin for your comment.So many of the artworks that I have found have very little history.I am finding more and more good folks on here will share information about an artwork or a peace w...
  14. Wow that is a trunk,do you have any idea how old it is? It reminds me of a treasure chest.I could see that in a home.
  15. Thank you very much Dean,I have learned something new.
  16. Thank you Dean, I thought most things have a mark of some kind,that tells where it is made.Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places.Also was think about the age of these vase.I would think vase like...
  17. I remember back in the day we use to carry a Rabbit's foot keychain and even today they still sell them. Yet this peace with the claw showing is ugly to some people.
  18. Thanks scottscuff,Voodoo also comes to mind,you can almost see someone sitting around a fire,holding this claw and makeing a potion lol
  19. Thank you too_much_stuff it figures I would get a painting that was mass produced.Something like the starving artists sales we have around the country even now.Well it cost me $1.00 so no big loss.
  20. I would say it is a Foo dog.What a great find,
  21. Thank you Luisa for your comment,yes the woman who owned this came from a family of immense wealth. Her family was apart of what they use to call the old money family's.The large homes the opulance of...
  22. Thank you so very much jwendell222.I researched this for so very long almost gave up.I would come close with the marks but they seem to never match up.You have done what I had not been able to find.Ma...
  23. Thank you scandinavafan_pieces it looks like it was never used for anything has no scraches or chips.
  24. Being a stamp collector these 50 years love seeing the writeing on the letters,as of course the stamps.
  25. Thank you vintagemad that fits in the era of this family as far as the years.A lot of young people have said it is ugly and that they would never wear it.Yes the pin does seem to be long on back,I bel...
  26. Ahhh yes that is a given ty any way,
  27. Thank you very much.The peace is something I do not collect,just have it because for me it is interesting.
  28. Will add more photo's soon,I have looked for marks have not found any. My Question is-Would you call it a vase?
  29. Thanks will do
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One of my bigger mysteries-An album I found in my great grandfathers dresser More "Save our Environment" 1960s Stamps


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