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Cleveland, OH

I love the pretty things..... And I want to increase my collection.


  1. Thanks @mustangtony
  2. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris....
  3. Thanks Loumanal, I will try to get the shade, you're amazing!
  4. I am surprised!! It is a really nice car, I think mine's value is much lesser that the ebay one. But, we just paid 5 bucks for it.... I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
  5. You're right our cars look similar :)
  6. Thanks walksoftly for the love and your comment., this one not have any label as Made in Japan, where did you find, where did yours the legend? Thanks again!!!
  7. Hi Mikko... nice to see you!!!
  8. Thanks Bellin68, you always so kind :)
  9. I want one!!!
  10. They are gorgeous Agram.m
  11. I love the vase, it's so perfect!!!!
  12. Thanks mikko!!! How are you???
  13. Great painting!!!
  14. Thanks guys for the loves :)
  15. Thanks kindy
  16. Yes, Actually I haven't time to read ir..... but I hope to have time soon :) Thanks Rhonda!!!
  17. Thanks Bellin68, trgrubaugh and bratjdd Happy 2013
  18. For toothpicks???
  19. Impressive
  20. Thanks blunderbuss2 :)
  21. Thanks mustangtony!
  22. Thanks @DinoMan
  23. Thanks @vintageangel
  24. Thanks girl, my best wishes also for you and your dearest. Have a great life this year :)
  25. They look like Goebel, aren't they some stamp or signature???
  26. Sometimes happens... It's karma I think...... Such a lucky one!!!!
  27. Thanks Spirit..... 3 ;)
  28. Where did you find it?????
  29. wow!!!!
  30. More than amazing!!!!
  31. Old or new, this things are expensive. It's lovely.
  32. This is pretty, I found a 6 in and the bigger one. Unfortunately, my daughter broke the big one, the same day that I bough it :(! So, I just have the smaller, but I cannot wait to see it lit on!
  33. Awesome, what beautiful treasures you find!
  34. Such a curiosity!
  35. thanks for the loves guys!!!!
  36. Charming collection!!!
  37. Thanks mikko... I love my xmas tree also, I don't buy anything new for it, also the tree was found in garage and estate sales. Happy December!!!!!
  38. Thanks miike, but I don't have idea, in the movie "The Artist", it was a similar car, but it was a Rolls
  39. Thanks PhilDavid, I am thinking if keep it or not....... It's gorgeous, and it has the smell that only the time, ink and some hands can give...
  40. So Ugly that it results charming.... :)
  41. All of them are great, but the last one is stunning!!!! Thanks for sharing
  42. Mustangtony thanks for the love!!!
  43. Thanks Jezzer, Really appreciated it!!!!
  44. thanks mtoughguy, I couldn't find any clue about its age or even where it was made.
  45. Thanks for sharing, all of them are stunning!!!!
  46. I just love it, my father loved them, instead of rhymes of those kind of stuff, he sang me "Only you" and " Remember when". Nice times... ): + :)
  47. The elephant is great!!!
  48. Really interesting!
  49. I loved to play with one of them, when I was younger.
  50. Thanks pagecd, really useful!
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