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Port Townsend, WA

Have been collecting antique telephones since 1965, but I like all kinds of antiques and collectables, furniture, lamps, Coca-Cola, military uniforms, advertising.


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John Danner Revolving Book Case - Furniturein Furniture
C.P.O. Club Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Dinner Menu 1952 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Red, White, Blue Independent Telephone Sign - Telephonesin Telephones
Early Boat Tail Car - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Wall Intercom - Telephonesin Telephones
Mobil Gas Man Stand - Petrolianain Petroliana
Fairmont Creamery Company Sign - Signsin Signs
Wet Cel Battery Jar - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Telephone Operator 10.5 Pound Breast Plate and Harness - Telephonesin Telephones
American Cheese & Coca-Cola - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Does it look like the horse is holding a bomb in his mouth? Air force bomber squadron used flying horses as a motto. just saying
  2. Back then that phone was installed by California Water & Telephone Company, My grandparents had one like yours installed in there home in Sun City, CA
  3. Sorry to hear about Sears it was a great company. I have one 1918 catalog
  4. Nice item, wha'st the story on the lamp next to it?
  5. Nice dialer unit
  6. Look like a lineman test set
  7. Love those Corvette, I've had a 1959 and 1992
  8. When I was stationed Germany 1961, I bought a white 1949 VW Bug from another soldier for $200.00. drove it for two years and sold it to another soldier when I left Germany. Great car.
  9. Steve, i just picked up a bell paper weigh from Canada the has local & long distance on both sides
  10. Great job on the display, Have you been to the Barb wired Capitol of the world La Crosse, Kansas.
  11. Very colorful
  12. Murdock, Nice to hear there still relative out there from Fairmont Creamery Company. My grt, grt grandfather was Wallace Wheeler. His wife became Vice President after Wallace passed away in 1897. Tha...
  13. Covered Bridge Festival is going on this week in Parke County
  14. Check Ebay under 3rd Armored Division, I have seen this book several times in there auctions
  15. Thank you Swampdogg for your very nice comment
  16. Most service pins from Western Electric and Bell System have value. the 30 year pin and up are hard to come by. The highest service pin I have seen is a 45 year.
  17. All of the service pin were 10k gold, some where it is marked on the back or the edge.
  18. Beautiful blue color
  19. PhilDMorris, Yes I have seen other book cases by Danner, but not with this style top most are flat. Thanks for the love.
  20. Each diamond is five years of service, this person work for Southern Bell for forty years. The most I have seen is forty five years. This pin with the Bell Logo was first used in 1969 to 1984.
  21. Nice looking candlestick
  22. I think this fan was manufactured by A.C. Gilbert who made the erector sets?
  23. Great information pw-collector
  24. Thank you purvis
  25. Great piece of history
  26. It looks to be a Western Electric type 317 manufactured around 1916 up to 1930's. the value has dropped on these single box wall phones. selling on Ebay around 75.00 to 125.00. this phone looks in g...
  27. I remember visiting the Barbed Wire Capital of the World, in LaCrosse, KS interesting display. Thanks for posting
  28. Bell System started using this Bell Logo from 1939 until 1964.
  29. Thank you again Trey
  30. I like it Trey
  31. Thank you Coopergirl
  32. Do you know what pattern this is?
  33. nittygritty1962, I hope this helped you
  34. Thank you MacDaddyRico for your comment
  35. Thank you Trey
  36. Thank you McCoyNelson that has been my goal to have a museum
  37. Thank you Wandlessfairy
  38. Thank you mcheconi
  39. I had one of these candlesticks back in the 1970's and I was told it was made in Athens, Greece
  40. Nice set of signs
  41. Great looking telephone sign, not common
  42. I bought mine from Sears in 1996, was around 99.00 dollars. still have it on the sun pourch.
  43. Manufactured for the Bell System by American Telecommunication Corp. (ATC) from 1975 to when they changed over to touch call telephones in the 1980's
  44. Usually one star in the center means he had a combat jump. One star on the top of the parachute he is a senior parachutist.
  45. Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Fred had a nice smile.
  46. thank you katherinescollections, pre 1967
  47. You see this all the time someone has taken a Stromberg-Carlson candlestick and made a lamp out of it. to bad they drilled a hole through the top of the perch. They do make a nice lamp.
  48. Tell your daughter the wall phone looks great, what a nice restoration.
  49. I still have one of these little oil can, I believe it belonged to my grandfather.
  50. you can add a photo to your original by going to edited, I would like to see the finished project.
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